Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like [Official Video]

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  • Stream and download 'That's What I Like" off the new album "24K Magic" now:

    Directed by Bruno Mars and Jonathan Lia

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  • Runtime: 3:31
  • That's What I Like  Bruno Mars  24K Magic  New Music Video  Official Music Video  Warner Music Group  Atlantic Records  Elektra Records  Hooligans  R&B  pop  

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  • Matthew Sonsino
    Matthew Sonsino Minute ago

    good song, awful video

  • Yara
    Yara 6 minutes ago

    I'm just waiting for 1B...

  • Jeremy O'Connor
    Jeremy O'Connor 7 minutes ago +1

    That editing was amazing

  • MaxpleyHD
    MaxpleyHD 17 minutes ago

    like si lo les XD

  • Micaelly Tv
    Micaelly Tv 23 minutes ago

    Bruno ❤

  • Slayy Nyah
    Slayy Nyah 24 minutes ago

    My favorite song

  • Selena Morales
    Selena Morales 26 minutes ago


  • Sandy Klueter
    Sandy Klueter 31 minute ago

    F f day art rd t

  • Sandy Klueter
    Sandy Klueter 31 minute ago

    Boo ytysht

  • *BrendaArt *
    *BrendaArt * 37 minutes ago +1

    Alguien de LatinoAmerica?

  • bonifyjamaican
    bonifyjamaican 42 minutes ago

    i'm old and i'm hooked on this song "LUCKY FOR YOU THAT'S WHAT I LIKE"

  • Connie Grimes
    Connie Grimes 46 minutes ago


  • Dino
    Dino 46 minutes ago

    would've been better if it was made in one shot. That would've made him a choreographical genius!

  • stevnick gaming
    stevnick gaming 50 minutes ago

    Sorry to say this but he is this generation of Michael Jackson dont lie to your self

  • Teresa Lambert
    Teresa Lambert 54 minutes ago


  • Grasielly Boldim
    Grasielly Boldim 57 minutes ago


  • Tori Goldman
    Tori Goldman 59 minutes ago

    I love you

  • claudia borquez
    claudia borquez Hour ago

    bruno tube que cancelar la suscribcion

  • Chicopecas Sousa
    Chicopecas Sousa Hour ago +2

    Alguém do Brasil

  • AnimeX Anime
    AnimeX Anime Hour ago

    i hate when people ask for likes
    like if you agree (:

  • Aya Petersen
    Aya Petersen Hour ago

    elsker denne her sang

  • David Walls
    David Walls Hour ago

    no it aint

  • firoj saifi
    firoj saifi Hour ago

    Video is osm

  • Tio of Royale
    Tio of Royale Hour ago

    Nice music

  • Alicia Beltran
    Alicia Beltran Hour ago


  • Nicholas Jensen
    Nicholas Jensen Hour ago

    best song

  • summer Givens
    summer Givens Hour ago

    bro mars I love your music Bro mars

  • jack black
    jack black Hour ago +1

    julia you make me laugh you think your getting over I'm telling you your going to loose I promised you this you want to do me so dam wrong takeing credit for my lyerics ya you did the back ground music but know this you didn't write the lyerics. ps have a nice day julia remember my birth day nov12 you nov13 ok one love julia from the poor guy remember you called me poor and don't get catty ok.

  • Kavon Ross
    Kavon Ross Hour ago +1

    You should make videos about win i see you again

  • Rodrigo Francisco

    bacana dms!!

  • Constance Brown
    Constance Brown Hour ago

    I love this song! !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pignite3000
    Pignite3000 Hour ago

    500 likes and I will sing this in front of my town

  • Melanie Moore
    Melanie Moore Hour ago

    I wish I could dance like him

  • Aliaiyah Westmoreland

    I can't stop listening to this sond

  • Valeria Burga Carbajal

    a love bruno

  • Valeria Burga Carbajal


  • Marquis Dedeaux
    Marquis Dedeaux 2 hours ago

    I love it

  • Cassia Illumielle
    Cassia Illumielle 2 hours ago


  • Christopher Muchiri
    Christopher Muchiri 2 hours ago

    Could you remove the sex part

  • Bobbi Freeman
    Bobbi Freeman 2 hours ago

    Just posted a cover of this song, please check it out if you want to! :)

  • Infotainment Hub
    Infotainment Hub 2 hours ago +1

    The only people who Respect women/wamen can like this comment.

  • Ron Jones
    Ron Jones 2 hours ago


  • Rahmah Boghel
    Rahmah Boghel 2 hours ago

    Keren banget ya ampun 😘😘

  • Beth Rinkr
    Beth Rinkr 2 hours ago

    call me 4358257693

  • shawn pierce
    shawn pierce 2 hours ago

    yo are cool

  • Shafyk Kalil
    Shafyk Kalil 2 hours ago

    alguem do brasil?

  • ghostkilla
    ghostkilla 2 hours ago

    10 likes and i'll watch porn in front of my parents!

  • Kaleah Clark
    Kaleah Clark 3 hours ago

    Good song😃😃☺☺

  • itsjayden girl
    itsjayden girl 3 hours ago

    I present Bruno mars with the awesome song award lol

  • Adja Magatte Ndiaye
    Adja Magatte Ndiaye 3 hours ago

    je n'ai pas encore vue de français

  • Mananner
    Mananner 3 hours ago

    put the beginning at 1/4 speed ;)

  • Raimunda Lemos
    Raimunda Lemos 3 hours ago

    Hello maifles

  • Alexa Hernandez
    Alexa Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Vamos x 900 millonees😍

  • Mariliese Vermeulen
    Mariliese Vermeulen 3 hours ago


  • Rusu Alexandra
    Rusu Alexandra 3 hours ago


  • Anya Guillory
    Anya Guillory 3 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Maestro Prodigy
    Maestro Prodigy 3 hours ago

    What the fuck? I never knew this was him singing this song all this time I'm hella late...

  • phanuvath phann yuth
    phanuvath phann yuth 3 hours ago

    I'm the king 👑

  • brunox 11 pro caballero

    ¡ sos un genioooo!

  • phanuvath phann yuth
    phanuvath phann yuth 3 hours ago

    Can you change the language

  • German Pulgarin Martinez

    Emitió para el pago a acordar de las pruebas saber si puede contener información privilegiada o de mi parte

  • DWW25921 Llama Monster

    Are you actually from Mars?

  • Kenneth Deem
    Kenneth Deem 3 hours ago

    Every other second in the future that happens the more i like bruno mars

  • MacKenzie Shelton❤
    MacKenzie Shelton❤ 3 hours ago

    I love This song so much but its not my favorite song though😛

  • DUKE
    DUKE 3 hours ago

    How someone can hate Bruno mars

  • นู๋ฝน ลั่นล้า

    OK you good for you I ok

  • นู๋ฝน ลั่นล้า

    OK you good fansd

  • Cassandra Vieta
    Cassandra Vieta 3 hours ago

    I love Bruno mars songs 😋😋😋

  • Don't Read My Profile Picture

    I guess this is the new generation of :)

  • Alguém não tanto importante


  • k-pop lover
    k-pop lover 4 hours ago


  • k-pop lover
    k-pop lover 4 hours ago

    I SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!

  • mabblers
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  • ramram comcom
    ramram comcom 4 hours ago

    Aaahh, Bruno Mars..the no swearing, no sexually explicit lyrics not to forget NO auto tuned when singing....just pure genius talent..

  • Jenn Johnson
    Jenn Johnson 4 hours ago

    This is so fucking cool

  • david lukman
    david lukman 4 hours ago


  • Kai'janae Taylor
    Kai'janae Taylor 4 hours ago

    get your life

  • july disor
    july disor 4 hours ago


  • july disor
    july disor 4 hours ago


  • july disor
    july disor 4 hours ago

    this bruno mars is ? sagot please wala ako kasing sagot para dito<3

  • Karthikeyan Subbiah
    Karthikeyan Subbiah 4 hours ago

    creative moves...visual treat

  • Lost Fordays
    Lost Fordays 4 hours ago

    Idk why maybe im weird but the way he dances is so unique (not in a bad way tho. He dances way better than me duh)

  • Antionette Avery
    Antionette Avery 4 hours ago

    Ertsdx. Bgvhjkllo

  • Rönny kh
    Rönny kh 4 hours ago


  • Kaito Kun
    Kaito Kun 5 hours ago

    Lucky for you that's what I like🎵

  • Diana L
    Diana L 5 hours ago +1

    277K stupids unlike this amazing song

  • mel vas
    mel vas 5 hours ago

    Well sheesh in that case I like it more cuz when he gets out trust he'll be right back ✔️✔️✔️HA! Trust !!!! 🎶🎶🎵that's what I like THATS WHAT I LIKE 🎵🎵🎶

  • CazzoDK Lykke
    CazzoDK Lykke 5 hours ago

    Why did he buy his pants?

  • Bodied YT
    Bodied YT 5 hours ago +1

    2:58 now that's what I like

  • Zer0 christian
    Zer0 christian 5 hours ago

    U stole my dogies name u suck m9

  • Smriti Pant
    Smriti Pant 5 hours ago

    What a weird song.

  • Teresa  Di Gaetano
    Teresa Di Gaetano 5 hours ago

    Canzonix bambini

  • speedy02
    speedy02 5 hours ago +6

    Fire discovered on Mars cuz this tune is lit!

  • Nikkita Bomb!
    Nikkita Bomb! 6 hours ago

    Good music i love bruno mars <3

  • Emilia Venka
    Emilia Venka 6 hours ago

    He's a foot shorter than me, but goddamn I would ruin that fine Hawaiian ass.

  • tirrike
    tirrike 6 hours ago

    Don't press Read more

    Read more

  • Airrion Robinson-tyree

    I swear I'm tired of hearing this song everywhere I go

  • Jamian Nguyen
    Jamian Nguyen 6 hours ago

    OMG I thought pewdiepie had the most subs

  • Philipp Wenzel
    Philipp Wenzel 6 hours ago

    Cooles Lied

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