Protests in Charlottesville take a violent turn

  • Added:  5 days ago
  • Violent clashes have broken out between white nationalist protesters and police and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid joins CBSN from the protest.

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Comments: 26 544

  • Gaaga
    Gaaga Hour ago

    Liberal fascists and globalists don't need a white man as a species, he is able to think, so they want to destroy all the white, they filled Europe blacks and Arabs, they need the money and slaves, they waged war around the world, he is pushing the world to nuclear war with Russia and China

  • Gaaga
    Gaaga Hour ago

    Degradation, the liberal fascists are destroying history as ISIS they are birds of a feather, they don't want people thinking they need slaves and consumers, and the slaves may be ignorant and ignorant ! White people built this country and this civilization, but now white people are not needed, they know how to think, now was all about the money

  • Honest Comments
    Honest Comments Hour ago

    Disgusting communists. If they got shot or run over i dont really care

  • Linda J. S. Anderson
    Linda J. S. Anderson 2 hours ago

    Why are black lives matter even there? This should be between the one that have petitions and or papers to try keep our history here for us. It is not for black people. Martian Luther king stands they need to go see him and leave our fathers alone.

  • John Mikealson
    John Mikealson 2 hours ago


  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 3 hours ago

    like i said from both sides...

  • Bunne Rabb
    Bunne Rabb 4 hours ago

    Justice reporter? Oh, ffs. Come off it and just start reporting news again, will ya?

  • molly2 frodo2
    molly2 frodo2 4 hours ago

    I have seen in some youtube videos where the white nationalist protesters say that they are not racist. If you are not racist then why where you shouting You will not replace us and Jews will not replace us! Those sound like very racist chants to me.

  • Darkblood Birdsofprey
    Darkblood Birdsofprey 4 hours ago

    Stupid vs stupid. Yeah. I get it. America is going to fall over stupid people. Way to go. You're making North Korea look good.

  • Lion Phoenix
    Lion Phoenix 5 hours ago

    It would be my bad luck that someone in that neighborhood or area would call to get their AC fixed and I would get stuck in the middle of all that crap.
    I would be calling the customer "Hey sorry but it looks like you may not get your cooling fixed today."

  • Robert Sutton
    Robert Sutton 5 hours ago

    Democrats the party and the billionaires, news organizations, newspaper and others should be sued to give reparations to black people for slavery that caused the Civil War. A class action lawsuit should be brought by a law firm to give black people $1,000,000 each for their ancestors being slaves in the Democratic South. Start with a lawsuit of the Democratic Party and if they don't have enough money expand the lawsuit to include all the current and past Democratic party contributors. There are about 70,000,000 black people in the USA so the lawsuit total would be $70,000,000,000,000. (trillion). The law firm could be paid 35%. This is no joke someone should start it immediately that way black people would be happy.

  • Free Thought
    Free Thought 5 hours ago

    You're telling a one side story here. It would have been peaceful if the Antifa didn't start the violence. The police were first told to stand down and then could have created barriers between the groups. Instead, they forced the alt-right right into the Antifa group. The mayor and the governor are culpable as well as handled it very badly. You CBS are exacerbating the issues with your bias reporting. I condemn both groups for their views.

  • Leonardo Navarro
    Leonardo Navarro 5 hours ago

    hahahahahahahahahahaha thats why i will never go to the usa, you guys are the dumbest people in the world, i rather go to venezuela

  • Jesse Reyes
    Jesse Reyes 5 hours ago

    someone should just go to charlotte and just start shooting everyone black, white, white supremacist, blm activist whatever ....

  • C J
    C J 6 hours ago

    OOPS: 'Antifa' Protesters Vandalized Peace Monument They Thought Was a Confederate Statue. Antifa protesters marched on Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia this week, bent on destroying the "Confederate monument" they said was encouraging racism in their community. But it was only after they'd vandalized and spray-painted the statue that they realized it was a "peace monument" designed to encourage national healing in the wake of the Civil War.😳😆

  • Ronda Robinson
    Ronda Robinson 6 hours ago

    War in America again wtf

  • o valerio
    o valerio 6 hours ago

    Bravo Trump bravo

  • ErkosGaming
    ErkosGaming 7 hours ago

    Canada is just like: ahaha look at the US fighting with each other again.

  • Denika Kew
    Denika Kew 7 hours ago

    Trump encouraged this attack by his half-assed condemnation of the same attack in Charlottesville. Trump has blood on his hands by defending
    racists, nazis and domestic terrorism.

  • Manuel chava
    Manuel chava 7 hours ago

    trump just gave all the racist hope!stiring the melting pot:(

  • Tylenol
    Tylenol 7 hours ago +1

    This is something that will not harm people who know that the "real" people in this world see the soul of every human being. Love wins in the end. We all come from the same thing. Peace and love. I pray and hope we do not "fall" for this. ty

  • Otheranother
    Otheranother 7 hours ago

    notes of the event (borrowed): 1) Far right groups plan a protest in Charlottesville weeks before. Get official permission
    2) Just days before, the mayor of Charlottesville decides to retract the permission for the protest
    3) With help of the ACLU the organizers go to court and get the permission reinstated
    4) During the protest the police refuse the Far right protestors access to the park where they were supposed to hold a speech
    5) The police declare an unlawful assembly, something that was officially declared already at 10:00
    AM, before much had happened
    6) Less clear here, but apparently by denying them entrance, the
    Far-right groups had to go back through or very close to the
    left/far-left counter protestors. Police seems to be absent now even
    though having significant numbers (even heard there were more police
    than protestors)
    7) Fights ensue between far right and far left groups like we've seen at
    8) Far right guy decides to take revenge (or maybe he panicked, nobody
    really knows, but former is assumed) and drives a car into a crowd,
    killing one woman and wounding dozens of other people
    9) Apparently unrelated, but a police helicopter crashes nearby, killing
    the 2 occupants
    10) Media blames the far right for everything, (sometimes even
    implicitly for the 2 police officers in the helicopter crash). Portrays
    the far right as the only ones that engaged in violence
    11) Trump is asked to denounce the far right, he does I think upto 3
    times now, but also says violence happened on both sides
    12) Media goes into a frenzy.
    13) The far right protesers appeared to be heavily outnumbered.

    Things of note: There was a survivalist/militant group there called the
    Oathkeepers. They carried assault rifles and were in military uniforms.
    People cite them as proof the right came armed to the teeth, but these
    people are basically LARP-ers, believing that one day they will have to
    safe guard the American people when the US government becomes
    tyrannical. (or something like that)

  • Ken Williams
    Ken Williams 7 hours ago

    riot gear people, whose the director get him

  • J
    J 8 hours ago

    The problems that i am seeing here is Men. Men seem to be the real problem

  • Destiny Beck
    Destiny Beck 9 hours ago

    nothing like Nazis and Communist fighting over who is superior...... Good gracious, I hate all of you.

    THEGRUNGEMENACE 10 hours ago +1

    Damn.....Martin Luther King would be appalled at the way his people are acting, being that he's another one of your 'decent black people' that we're all proud of!  LOL!

  • grimgor07
    grimgor07 10 hours ago

    It's and I'll be flamed for what I'm going to say. It was predictable...
    Some "groups" wanted war against those "white male" people. They finally have their war....
    Just my opinion.

  • Sue Burgess
    Sue Burgess 10 hours ago

    There should have been rows of cops in military garb parked between these two groups too. Where were the cops?!!

  • KitchenSpeclol
    KitchenSpeclol 10 hours ago

    Tyrant, they yell so easily. I laugh, no tyrant ever gave back so much. And what do they know of the world these schoolboys. It takes strong men to rule. Trump is more hes a Prometheus, a friend to man. hes changing the world. before him their where trannies and political correctness. and after him, all will be possible. There will suddenly be a sense that if the world was ruled by one man, it would be better for all.

  • Sick of it all
    Sick of it all 11 hours ago

    PEACE is boring to the MSM. Peace doesn't sell newspapers or increase viewership. The MSM has been instrumental in pushing the two sides to violence. Wake up before it is too late.

    • Un-broken and victorious
      Un-broken and victorious 7 hours ago

      THANK YOU! The MSM GETS OFF on civil violence and wars! The MSM needs to be dismantled completely!

  • Nice-oscar
    Nice-oscar 12 hours ago

    Hahaha, It's freedom, it's democracy!! North Koreans must laughing their bones off,

  • pedberoguerrero
    pedberoguerrero 13 hours ago

    7 months people and to think we got 3 more years

  • Captain James Tiberious Kirk

    It pains me to see Gene Roddenbery's vision of the future was way far off, one day I hope to work together as a planet

    • Un-broken and victorious
      Un-broken and victorious 7 hours ago

      Sadly, i knew it was naive, Utopian nonsense from an early age. If only humans were better people........

  • Nationalist Legion
    Nationalist Legion 13 hours ago

    That's happening because leftists, lgbt guys and normies have the right of free speech xD

  • lightwaters
    lightwaters 13 hours ago

    Why do so many people have nothing better to do ?

  • Northern California Boxing Talk & News

    I don't see white supremacist's and protesters! I only see a bunch of idiots with nothing better to do! That goes for both sides!

  • Lukegotjellyfish
    Lukegotjellyfish 14 hours ago


  • hszjs ha z hsnjjdjhhdjkdjjhddjdjjConnors

    A ROYAL RUMBLE !!!,,,,😎🎩👑😡🔥🇺🇸🔥🔮👍

  • Akshay Gowda
    Akshay Gowda 15 hours ago

    those Alt Right dudes should have been left alone, they would have shouted some slogans and went home that night, nothing would have happened or mattered.

  • Carlos Murcia
    Carlos Murcia 15 hours ago

    We are a Critian nation under god if you dont like it get out!!!!

  • Daren Mags
    Daren Mags 16 hours ago

    people suck!

  • dymond lopez
    dymond lopez 16 hours ago +1

    This is how stupid Americans are.... 1st there were allowed to have a protest 2nd antifa and black lives matter group both which are violent groups show up with weapons to start problems... 3rd the mayor told the police to stand down and do nothing! several people get hurt... 4th everyone wants to blame trump but not the mayor.....

  • Disean Lewis
    Disean Lewis 16 hours ago

    Kim Jung un keep your missiles bro we gone do ourselves lol

  • JR William
    JR William 16 hours ago

    i want David Attenborough to narrate this

  • Davidgerman 1996
    Davidgerman 1996 17 hours ago


  • Der Mongo
    Der Mongo 17 hours ago

    2:46 straight headshot :D

  • Headshot Louie Bfm
    Headshot Louie Bfm 17 hours ago +1

    I wish they would all take each other out , and then all the normal people like me wouldnt have to deal with or listen to either side ....

  • anonymous
    anonymous 18 hours ago +2

    Antifa need to be eliminated

  • R 小白
    R 小白 18 hours ago +1

    extreme violent antifa

  • Commander Johnson
    Commander Johnson 18 hours ago

    Lying Jewish Press

    CLASSICALY CHARMING 19 hours ago

    I wonder who is supplying the shields and other parafinailia, bet it's George soros paying for both sides,

  • Shibal Nyun
    Shibal Nyun 21 hour ago

    I don't know why but I keep saying ANTIFA in a black lady accent. Like "ayanteefuh"

  • Izzack Gt
    Izzack Gt 23 hours ago +1

    why cant these adults act like us kids now yeh maybe we are a little freaky and like to do bad stuff sexually but when it comes to racism and fights us later generations are much more mature than later generations and this is a fact

  • James Moore
    James Moore 23 hours ago

    remember ferguson missouri?

  • tonylama
    tonylama 23 hours ago

    Everyone of these groups are acting foolish next thing you know theres going to be a bunch of pink vagina hats running around throwing tampons. The fall of spoiled, arrogant America

  • James Mcarton
    James Mcarton Day ago

    thats why we need a dictator in our lives

  • Moloko
    Moloko Day ago

    It was a difficult area for the police to police so they just didn't EH WHAT?

  • tonylama
    tonylama Day ago

    This is all a big set up to divide the people and its working.

  • Patrik calloc'h
    Patrik calloc'h Day ago

    on pourra noter facilement ( si on ne comprend pas toutes les paroles , on se concentre aisément sur les images ) l indigence de la vidéo proposée par une chaine de tv qui brasse des milliards , est cela , la société du spectacle ?

  • Corrie Jacobs
    Corrie Jacobs Day ago

    Why no arrest are made, FBI outnumbered and should be supported by the military

  • terry phidaheights

    america destroy all your cultural past erase it all you have been a very bad country lots of love great britain take no notice of these planks every country has its bad and good look at africa eating people and putting tyres full of petrol on peoples heads......

  • Croutonic
    Croutonic Day ago


  • Archie Richard
    Archie Richard Day ago

    Impeachment ?


    huh ?

  • Arsenticx21
    Arsenticx21 Day ago +1

    Whites need to breed with whites and have a lot of kids, it's the only way.

  • Gabriel Falkner
    Gabriel Falkner Day ago +1

    Whoa who could have predicted this? ABSOLUTELY NO ONE I PROMISE

  • Glyde Catucod
    Glyde Catucod Day ago

    I'm white but I have alot of black friends they are fun to be with and we respect each other whenever I accidently or purposely offend their colour they just laugh it off... Why can't other people be like that

  • R Lo
    R Lo Day ago

    We Cristians we Don't forget 9-11 Gob bless America

    OMEGA T Day ago +1

    Robert E. Lee was a traitor & the enemy of the United States of America. He was a sore LOSER, hence he does not deserve to be remembered. Period. Those who revere Robert E. Lee are losers just like him.

  • Treetrunk Joedoe

    Where are all the rich people when things like this is going on? and what are they doing? 😂

  • Raytaygirl Gaming
    Raytaygirl Gaming Day ago +1

    They're just statues and flags, leave em' alone!

  • TheP21TV
    TheP21TV Day ago +1


  • qasim ali
    qasim ali Day ago

    Humanity matters

  • Vitor Ramos
    Vitor Ramos Day ago

    While the mediterraneans have Julio Cesar, Augustus, Pompeu, the nordics dont have nothing; the first global empire was founded by portugueses, so...What do they think that they are superior?Look to the greeks, the egypts, while the british, germans have nothing

  • Yummy Goodness
    Yummy Goodness Day ago

    let's glorify black nationalism

  • suiterd62
    suiterd62 Day ago +1

    Kinda like Germany if the 1030's.Left and right extremist groups will raise the level of violence folks. Take care of your own. DRS

  • milliyetçi türkiye

    only money keep standing those multi national-cultural american country.that's why there is no feelings of belonging between of american people!

  • Lòrd Tachanka
    Lòrd Tachanka Day ago

    Maybe America should just ban protesting and anyone who does it no matter white or black will get shot on sight

    First amendment has turned south since it was made

    NBAGOATS Day ago

    I'll never understand white supremacists. being born any color or so called "race" is all by chance.; You didn't do anything special to earn your race, it was mere coincidence. You could've been born any other color, in any other country. These racist need to Get over themselves.

  • Thomas McDonald
    Thomas McDonald Day ago

    Did no one notice that the police and state troopers stood by and watched? It is clear that the cops are definitely on the white-supremacist side. No wonder people do not trust the cops and have no respect, not to mention smart people are afraid of the cops. I would prefer an encounter with a mugger to an encounter with a cop. If I was black I would absolutely fear living in Charlottesville. When you have the cops stand around watching people armed with automatic weapons attack counter-protesters, you have to wonder... were the police among the white-supremacists or were they simply afraid?

  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson Day ago

    I guess a number of Americans just don't get along.

  • Khoa Pham
    Khoa Pham Day ago

    I can see the tears running down the 4 founding fathers eyes they built this country the children destroy it.

  • Khoa Pham
    Khoa Pham Day ago

    there are whites on both side . Every body has the right of speech but , when people start hitting each other than you cant blame no one.

  • AnimeJT Shadow
    AnimeJT Shadow Day ago


  • Nyctophilia Stars

    It's not just white or black people

    *It's racist*

  • 007kingifrit
    007kingifrit Day ago

    WHITE PRIDE.....not white power, white people deserve rights and to have their complaints heard without being called raaaaaaaaaaaaaacist

    • George The Annon
      George The Annon Day ago

      I call the people at this rally racist because it was literally a white supremicist hate rally

  • charger2538
    charger2538 Day ago

    Liberals who play stupid games, get stupid prizes

  • connie greiner
    connie greiner Day ago

    Where is the "white privilege"? Even with the proper permit we are not allowed to practice the right to assemble and free speech.

    • George The Annon
      George The Annon Day ago

      Yes you are. Just as we have the right to assemble against your assembly. Also, the white privilege is hidden somewhere in all the swasticas and "white power" chants. Try to find it.

  • Major Buto
    Major Buto Day ago

    Civil war part 2? so since the banded our AR's in cali should we fight with spears and sheilds like they did in the Shaka zula era?

  • Sofia Osorio
    Sofia Osorio Day ago


  • Steve Davis
    Steve Davis Day ago

    America in run to Make it Great Again

  • Jack Rasmussen
    Jack Rasmussen Day ago

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!

  • 59Gretsch
    59Gretsch Day ago

    White peeps everywhere are realizing Constitutional Rights do not apply to them.

  • beingmyself000
    beingmyself000 Day ago

    Where was this filmed? Great actors



  • Adolf Oliver Busch

    This is what happens when a generation of "everybody" gets a trophy, grows up. A generation of "time out" vs getting spanked. You never learned right from wrong, you are the generation of 2 working parents who allowed a day care to instill values. A generation who has never had a struggle in your life. Like a dog that is never disciplined, your energy is destructive. You are nothing more than untrained puppies, destroying everything around you, cuz you weren't properly socialized or taught right from wrong at a young age. Your parents failed....first world problems.

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson Day ago

    How did this protest even get organized and started in the first place?? i mean did each of these groups call eachother and say meet me at the park?

  • Rick James
    Rick James Day ago

    NO POLICE!!!!! NO POLICE!!!!!!!!!!

  • hout hakker
    hout hakker Day ago

    Funny how they are slandering the right yet moments later you see the left side bashing ppl with clubs

  • Macy Smith
    Macy Smith Day ago


    • George The Annon
      George The Annon Day ago

      The anti-facists had just as much right to protest as the nazis.

    • George The Annon
      George The Annon Day ago

      Using all caps dosent make your claim valid. The nazis attacked first by plowing their car into a crowd of people.

  • Al Bundy
    Al Bundy Day ago

    You are all nuts.

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