Secret door found in forest.

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  • WW2HistoryHunter
    WW2HistoryHunter  5 months ago +22

    For all to see here is the follow up for this video

  • Wilmary Amadeo
    Wilmary Amadeo 13 days ago

    Alove you

  • Celena Wood
    Celena Wood 13 days ago

    "Holy Madonna" 😂😂

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  13 days ago

      he he , just my kind of being amazed i Guess. Thanks Celena

  • Junee Bibera
    Junee Bibera 15 days ago

    too much for talking..

  • Chris the ultimate gamer5516

    Maybe its slender mans underground house

  • E Irizarry
    E Irizarry Month ago

    great video!

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  27 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • your sausage ko
    your sausage ko Month ago

    u walk over a nother door in the vif

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  27 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Christopher Kirkland

    bet there nazi zombies with a nazi hitler zombies wearing a dress down there

  • Chris Babcock
    Chris Babcock Month ago

    I freaking love this guy lol

  • Mr Wiizard
    Mr Wiizard 2 months ago

    when you find the door is like if the show Lost was made with home camera footage...

  • Jesse Flaherty
    Jesse Flaherty 2 months ago

    So awesome!

  • SuperJorvik
    SuperJorvik 2 months ago

    come' on guys more likes please this guy is cool :)

    • SuperJorvik
      SuperJorvik 2 months ago

      No problem I came across your videos this last week.. I'm gonna watch all of the vids on your channel.. Myself and my 10 year old son are intrigued.:)

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  2 months ago

      Thanks for that

  • 廖华飞
    廖华飞 2 months ago

    我想知道 既然这里是二战战场遗迹 如果踩到地雷怎么办

    MELVIN FERNANDES 2 months ago

    Just open the door stop talking about it

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  2 months ago

      i did , just find the link in the discription for that video :) Thanks

  • Cristal DeMisfit
    Cristal DeMisfit 2 months ago

    vault 101?

  • D T
    D T 2 months ago

    Schweinfurt is a good spot

  • Derrell Woods
    Derrell Woods 2 months ago

    cartel underground tunnel

  • Malcolm Rodwell
    Malcolm Rodwell 2 months ago

    who would you call if you found something like this in the UK? I know that in the event of a Nazi invasion there were bunkers hidden all over Britain for resistance fighters.

  • ed ed
    ed ed 2 months ago

    it's a gas chamber which would off had water pipes but a so gas lol

  • TwistedHazel and her Sprouts

    6:56 kinda looked like the shell of s flare

  • A1 Sinces Day1
    A1 Sinces Day1 2 months ago +1

    who's watching this in bed

  • keemsta r
    keemsta r 2 months ago

    You sound like those bad guys in a movie

  • Meme Father
    Meme Father 3 months ago

    Did anyone notice he sounds like sheamus ? 😂

  • Water and Land Adventures

    Awesome find. I bet you were freaking out. I subscribed to your channel and I'm new on YouTube so check out my channel if you have time and subscribe if you don't mind. I hope you enjoy.

  • David Pate
    David Pate 3 months ago

    I know this is going to sound crazy but if you look in a part of this video there is a ghost on there I don't know I thought I was seeing things but I looked at it 3 or 4 times and I'm still looking at it and you can see a ghost it looks like a person coming from the ground or something it's kind of weird

    METALMAN4Wii 3 months ago

    That's where Hitler hid his gold dibs!

  • Ferris Van Beek
    Ferris Van Beek 3 months ago

    open it

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  3 months ago

      i did , just find the video in the description below :) Thanks

  • Play_Brothers
    Play_Brothers 3 months ago


  • Kuldip Rajput
    Kuldip Rajput 3 months ago

    please seen in this door

  • Dylbie Sparkes
    Dylbie Sparkes 3 months ago

    comment before the video starts.

    if you found a hidden bunker and didn't go down there, I'll be very disappointed. XD

  • JelloCrave
    JelloCrave 3 months ago

    Runescape IRL or LOST?

  • chrisbayridge1
    chrisbayridge1 4 months ago

    is there any danger of coming across unexploded Ordnance?

  • ByGraceIGo
    ByGraceIGo 4 months ago

    Acckkk...I have to go 12 minutes in to see you find the door and now it won't open...OKAY...I see you have another video!! I'd be a little scared too, especially if I was alone.

  • Jorji Costava
    Jorji Costava 4 months ago +1

    P I M B A
    Q U A L I D A D E

  • Roblox Armies
    Roblox Armies 4 months ago

    Don't go down there, Don't go down there, Don't got down there, I am warning you, Don't go down there.

    • Roblox Armies
      Roblox Armies 4 months ago


    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  4 months ago

      I did , i did , i did , :) Just watch that video .

  • Joe Killer
    Joe Killer 4 months ago

    holy Madonna lol yes she is

  • Michelle P
    Michelle P 4 months ago

    "Holy Madonna" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bloodflame
    Bloodflame 4 months ago

    Du bist einfach deutsch

  • BrekekerGD
    BrekekerGD 4 months ago

    Earned a sub!

  • Luc Kas
    Luc Kas 4 months ago


  • J Huddleston
    J Huddleston 4 months ago

    when are you coming back to this. i would love to see whats inside.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  4 months ago

      i did long time ago and there is even a link to that video in the description here :) Thanks for watching.

  • Ape 22
    Ape 22 4 months ago

    Cool video!

  • E,J Ariza
    E,J Ariza 4 months ago


    • E,J Ariza
      E,J Ariza 4 months ago

      common expression of filipinos when they are disappointed from excitement

      sorry for that.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  4 months ago


  • Johannes Nielsen
    Johannes Nielsen 5 months ago

    What Metal detector do you use?

    • Johannes Nielsen
      Johannes Nielsen 5 months ago

      WW2HistoryHunter thanks I love the video please keep them coming, I am getting a Metal detector and I am not sure where to start

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  5 months ago

      i have several. Fisher , Macro racer etc. Thanks for watching

  • Rian akbar
    Rian akbar 5 months ago

    Amerika serikat is A mader faker !

  • Konte Vladyslav
    Konte Vladyslav 5 months ago

    даже люк не поднял еблан гребаный

  • taksirenkijore
    taksirenkijore 5 months ago

    Where were you doing this digging?

  • Trey Whitten
    Trey Whitten 5 months ago

    at 12:47 ,i think they make a pill for that

  • Joel Tello
    Joel Tello 5 months ago

    This was a waste of my time

  • Aj Jj
    Aj Jj 5 months ago


  • gsxr 1000
    gsxr 1000 5 months ago

    its a fucking manhole

  • royston vaz
    royston vaz 5 months ago

    Dont waste time buddy....and dont keep repeating same things...

  • Mike Petitpas
    Mike Petitpas 5 months ago

    oh my God I can't believe you couldn't open it I wish you would have

  • larix 000
    larix 000 5 months ago

    Imma believe this guy because he seems like a nice guy so many things r fake on youtube like 80% off the stuff.

  • 376 G
    376 G 5 months ago

    my god the day you find a Mina. 😩😷😷 aren't you scared?

  • 1ramus1
    1ramus1 5 months ago

    talking to much

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  5 months ago

      to much , to little , nothing at all,,,,,,Thanks for watching.

  • Kristoffer Fredrikson
    Kristoffer Fredrikson 5 months ago

    If you open The bunker. record it and load it up to yt cuz i wanna se soooooo bad

  • SupaFabs
    SupaFabs 5 months ago

    bist du Deutsch?

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  5 months ago

      I know the question and i gave you my answer. Locations are not revealed of course and i think you can figure out why for yourself :) Thanks

    • SupaFabs
      SupaFabs 5 months ago

      My question was: "Are u German?"
      In which region have u found all of this?

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  5 months ago

      A little bit of a lot you could say :) Danke

  • Zack Gibson
    Zack Gibson 5 months ago

    i once found a bullet it was used in the civil war

  • Ryan Wayman
    Ryan Wayman 5 months ago

    I once found a white flag I googled it and the French used them as weapons in the world wars

  • D
    D 5 months ago


  • Frédéric Belkheir
    Frédéric Belkheir 5 months ago

    sérieux ??? mon seul but de regarder cet vidéo était de voir se qu'il y avait sous cet trappe !! déçu ...

    • Frédéric Belkheir
      Frédéric Belkheir 5 months ago

      WW2HistoryHunter je me sent un peu idiot. merci de m'avoir répondu. je mets un pouce bleu ;)

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  5 months ago

      Vous pouvez voir un lien sous le film ici où vous pouvez voir quand je l’ouvre :)

  • April Paine
    April Paine 5 months ago

    "Mind your own business" : ZELDA

  • Mondo Madness
    Mondo Madness 5 months ago

    don't opent it. maybe this down there zombies or something

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  5 months ago

      i did open it and there is a link for that video in the descr. Thanks

  • Joriz Hans
    Joriz Hans 5 months ago +1

    please open it

  • Tamia Sanders
    Tamia Sanders 5 months ago

    really irritated that he didn't open it😑

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  5 months ago

      i did Tamia , just look at the link in the description for that video :) Thanks for watching.

  • Marjorie kelley
    Marjorie kelley 5 months ago

    your sound like my

  • Clarissa Caram
    Clarissa Caram 5 months ago

    papa ka

  • blueberry Nico
    blueberry Nico 6 months ago

    I'm sure he would of been able to open it

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  6 months ago

      i did , just look in the description to find the link to that video showing that :) Thanks for watching.

  • Mateusz Filipek
    Mateusz Filipek 6 months ago

    Desmond is there! :D

    JAMARI MITCHELL 6 months ago

    ya dum

  • Martin West
    Martin West 6 months ago

    Holy Madonna

  • skallisippe
    skallisippe 6 months ago

    Was ist da drin????? neugierig bin.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  6 months ago

      Watch my link to the second video and you will find out :)

  • The pro Gamers
    The pro Gamers 6 months ago

    You acted like you no every thing

  • lewis johnson
    lewis johnson 6 months ago

    i think there is dead bodies in that bunker

  • Michael Escoto
    Michael Escoto 6 months ago +10

    ya...did u go back and open it???

  • Jessie Fabria
    Jessie Fabria 6 months ago

    wow call national geographic channel the history of ww2 congrats you the door go in there maybe inside the treasure or guns

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  6 months ago

      ehh , nope , i just called my mom and she said dont og in there :) Thanks

  • bigdobba4
    bigdobba4 6 months ago

    Great videos, just subscribed

  • oh really
    oh really 6 months ago

    You found das root lol

  • Sumit Rohom
    Sumit Rohom 6 months ago

    why you are not entering

  • Aventurera
    Aventurera 6 months ago +1

    dude y u didnt go in there?

  • Michael Cook
    Michael Cook 6 months ago

    bro u didnt even open it

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  6 months ago

      watch my video where i do and you will see what is Down there.....Thanks for watching.

  • odinn62
    odinn62 6 months ago

    just subscribed because of lars recommendation

  • Courtney Lazo
    Courtney Lazo 7 months ago

    oh I didn't seem this

  • Courtney Lazo
    Courtney Lazo 7 months ago

    they took pictures before the camera died

  • Vincent Video
    Vincent Video 7 months ago

    best finding ever

  • Patrick Zemaitis
    Patrick Zemaitis 7 months ago

    holy maddonna wtf

  • Michael Embry
    Michael Embry 7 months ago

    Well? What was in it?

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  7 months ago

      you can watch one of my videos to find out i you like. Thanks.

  • KaosReigns
    KaosReigns 7 months ago +4

    you're set if there's another war

  • Mark macwan
    Mark macwan 7 months ago

    nuke that door if u have to but open it, I am dying to see what inside😢😭

  • KyLe BachMann
    KyLe BachMann 7 months ago +1

    this door was on Hunting Hitler Season 2 EP 9

  • Freja Keen
    Freja Keen 7 months ago +1

    Im dying right now please open it!

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  7 months ago

      Glad you liked it and thanks for taking time to watch.

  • buttercup the amsing
    buttercup the amsing 7 months ago

    under ground bunker

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  7 months ago

      Glad you liked it and thanks for taking time to watch.

  • Vojta Šimon
    Vojta Šimon 7 months ago

    opět doors

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  7 months ago

      Glad you liked it and thanks for taking time to watch.

  • Doggo Boy
    Doggo Boy 7 months ago +1

    I like your channel so I sub. Keep up the good work

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter  7 months ago

      Glad you liked it and thanks for taking time to watch.

  • aura 0
    aura 0 7 months ago

    reminds me of the movie lovely bones

  • Free American Badass
    Free American Badass 8 months ago

    It was sort of disappointing that you didn't open the door

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas 8 months ago

    you find some crazy shit lol

    THE GAMING PINEAPPLE 8 months ago

    Did y'all hear him say "Holy Madonna"

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