10 MINUTES OF PURE RALLY (Crash, saves...)

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  • 5PR1NK5 89
    5PR1NK5 89 6 hours ago

    This is why motor sport is a sport that requires two balls! ;) Did anyone else feel sorry for the person probably just relaxing, taking a shit in their downstairs bathroom only to be showered with glass at 6:24 ! :D

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 6 hours ago

    It's official. A ford instantly makes you Ken Block.

  • Lagunacool
    Lagunacool 4 days ago

    Perfect execution of a four wheel drift at 9:10

  • Grassy
    Grassy 6 days ago

    i cant believe people watching this are so close to the track around corners.. i mean that bush wont stop a car from hitting you.

  • Christmas Tux
    Christmas Tux 6 days ago

    2:03 guy eats pole

  • KillerShaws
    KillerShaws 7 days ago

    Rally truly is the rugby of the motorsport world

  • Daytona Williams
    Daytona Williams 12 days ago

    1:53 mega hang time insane

  • SilverXWolf
    SilverXWolf 13 days ago

    2:00 knocks the electric pole down lmao

  • skullfreak102
    skullfreak102 13 days ago

    Man how do they do it? Looks impossible to me XD

  • Tyler Gibson
    Tyler Gibson 14 days ago

    This was the most unpredictable rally video I have seen yet. Great man!

  • Aric Roy
    Aric Roy 14 days ago

    The last guy is a fucking retard

  • Alfa Niner
    Alfa Niner 15 days ago

    2:14 Ohh man I didnt know danica patrick wanted to try to rally! haha

  • Simon B.
    Simon B. 18 days ago


  • YOVIEJA 99
    YOVIEJA 99 18 days ago

    1:43 wow!!!

  • MezzoForte4
    MezzoForte4 20 days ago

    The amount of air time on these jumps is making me retarded. It's fucking insane.

  • Colby Gill
    Colby Gill 20 days ago

    That Ferrari at the end 😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

  • Anjan Kumar
    Anjan Kumar 21 day ago

    @2:51 awesome :)

  • Kamrul Ahsan
    Kamrul Ahsan 21 day ago

    0:16 - 0:25 Sums up my life

  • god
    god 22 days ago

    Never. Lift.

  • Cristian Ballesteros

    These drivers have mad car control skills!!!

  • David Poole
    David Poole 23 days ago

    Rally drivers. The most talented bunch of psychos this side of the nut house

  • Hayden Kindig
    Hayden Kindig 24 days ago

    Don't get me wrong rally racing is freaking awesome but the YouTube channel name Rally Life is not bad just makes it seem like you're saying rally life is not good but not bad. Love you're channel though.

  • Julien Tardan
    Julien Tardan 24 days ago

    the beginning of this video is legendary level.

  • Orrekorre
    Orrekorre 24 days ago

    What model is that small citroen at 7:14 ?

  • Destruction Daily
    Destruction Daily 24 days ago

    "ja nie umie pływać kurwa" ahahahaha

  • Grand duchy of Lithuania

    rally > all other motorsports

  • ryancustard13
    ryancustard13 26 days ago

    What happened to the video you just uploaded? I was half way through watching it then it got removed :(

    • ryancustard13
      ryancustard13 26 days ago

      Rally life is not bad Ah cool, no worries! Thanks for all of these videos, always look forward to watching them.

    • Rally life is not bad
      Rally life is not bad 26 days ago

      i'm sorry :( im re-uploading

  • Kelly Schittenhelm
    Kelly Schittenhelm 26 days ago

    3:50. he just say f***? 😎😎

  • Kelly Schittenhelm
    Kelly Schittenhelm 26 days ago

    thats me " its OK, go go"

  • vector6977
    vector6977 26 days ago

    1:45 Sounds like a Pod racer.

  • Mike D
    Mike D 27 days ago

    - Get the fuck outta here! Quick!
    - I can't swim kurwa!

  • Cameron Newton
    Cameron Newton 27 days ago

    thats my video

  • Kezbanimator El Nacho

    these racers are insane. they gotta be on drugs i swear....

  • Jonathon Jackson
    Jonathon Jackson 28 days ago

    Idk who's crazier.. rally car drivers or rally car spectators

  • Alvaro Rodriguez
    Alvaro Rodriguez 29 days ago

    only saves and crashes is not rally life

  • Arkadiusz Siepiela
    Arkadiusz Siepiela 1 month ago

    3:40 "spierdalamy kurwa,ja nie umiem pływać" xD

  • Dilma_Supreme
    Dilma_Supreme 1 month ago

    at 4.40 he should of just hit them.

  • Mad Gamer123
    Mad Gamer123 1 month ago

    Why is this on my recommend

  • Taha Mustafa
    Taha Mustafa 1 month ago

    when iam late 1:48

  • Tibar
    Tibar 1 month ago

    the last one :D

  • Xastus
    Xastus 1 month ago

    4:08 oi estonian guys

  • Davide Castagno
    Davide Castagno 1 month ago


  • Joanna Conway
    Joanna Conway 1 month ago

    you suke

  • oleskoollover
    oleskoollover 1 month ago

    Dude you are a natural! Best rally video I've seen. And I've seen many. KuDos!!

  • Ingrid
    Ingrid 1 month ago

    Police car: oh we got speed runner here

    • Ingrid
      Ingrid 1 month ago

      Other car: you can never catch me!!!!!

  • Krupa
    Krupa 1 month ago

    Driver: "Spierdalamy!" we're getting the fuck out of here!

    Co Driver: "Ja nie umien plywac kurwa!!" i dont know how to fucking swim!

  • Pugg Mugg
    Pugg Mugg 1 month ago

    disliked and reported for click bait as it was actually 10:05

  • Trzcina
    Trzcina 1 month ago

    -Ja nie umiem pływać kurwa.

  • nitroboy2
    nitroboy2 1 month ago

    hands down best rally video's on youtube !

  • Toddbrains gaming
    Toddbrains gaming 1 month ago

    I would take pride in a Ford Focus or fiesta rally car throwing dirt at me

  • Kauan Oliveira
    Kauan Oliveira 1 month ago


  • GromKuba
    GromKuba 1 month ago

    Polish races?

  • Popó mais que Vencedor


  • Noah Wainwright
    Noah Wainwright 1 month ago

    3:10 I was like finally a bmw what took so long.... and then it rolled...

  • RedFishPlayz
    RedFishPlayz 1 month ago

    Most of them are drifts

  • John Björlin
    John Björlin 1 month ago

    1:49 holy fuck! :D Awesome!

  • Stefan
    Stefan 1 month ago

    1:52 o kuuuuuuuurwaa ;) tak samo bym zareagował

  • Abra Almnfi
    Abra Almnfi 1 month ago

    عجينه البقلوه

  • Magix
    Magix 1 month ago

    Somebody crashes and totals their car, crowd: oh shit
    Someone taps a lamppost, crowd: *HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!*

  • Birdland 1
    Birdland 1 1 month ago

    good compil!

  • Alex R
    Alex R 1 month ago

    4:04 is there a full video for that one?

  • Kyle Tucker
    Kyle Tucker 1 month ago

    1:56 just a tap

  • mightyO787
    mightyO787 1 month ago

    crashes... a.k.a. drifting

  • Marcelo Bustamante
    Marcelo Bustamante 1 month ago

    amazing :3

  • Mycetes
    Mycetes 1 month ago

    8:38 highlight

  • Геннадий Капуста

    1.44 шикарное прохождение!!!

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 1 month ago

    1:50 woowwwwwwe amazing ford focus

  • laura medina mirs
    laura medina mirs 1 month ago


  • tom's video hole
    tom's video hole 1 month ago

    6:40 jesus christ

  • _ S-K-Y _
    _ S-K-Y _ 2 months ago


  • razoraresharp
    razoraresharp 2 months ago

    8:37 Mad skills or pure luck?

    ABHI CHANDRIKA 2 months ago

    he did it is wiwi I kept my house so kakinada eke ke will be jw just do no air own hey you ej I eye with I I will Ike i should iekeeeie the function to ride my daughter to you can watch the match see o I will chat on bathroom

    ABHI CHANDRIKA 2 months ago

    he did it is wiwi I kept my house so kakinada eke ke will be jw just do no air own hey you ej I eye with I I will Ike i should iekeeeie the function to ride my daughter to you can watch the match see o I will chat on bathroom

  • Dabeast
    Dabeast 2 months ago

    6:02 rip that car on the hill :D

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee 2 months ago

    The car carried straight on. The road however, curved sharply round to the right

  • areyou for real
    areyou for real 2 months ago

    it is so badass when the car comes zooming over the hill

  • Go4Fun l
    Go4Fun l 2 months ago

    Hello people please share my love motor sport channel, thank you very much!! ;) you may like it :)

  • Mayoor Patil
    Mayoor Patil 2 months ago

    how many deaths happen in a rally? And why countries don't ban these events?

  • Kim Capture
    Kim Capture 2 months ago

    I wonder what co-drivers say to drivers when they fuck the car up.

  • Rey Andika
    Rey Andika 2 months ago

    hebatt hebatt hehe

  • mikey payesko
    mikey payesko 2 months ago

    whoever the fuck is in that fiesta noes how to fucking drive

  • FlaminSkull
    FlaminSkull 2 months ago

    0:56 he's engine fell out XD

  • HateGovernment
    HateGovernment 2 months ago

    Big deal. I once rode in a New York taxi.

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 2 months ago

    As someone who just started playing Rally Dirt, thought I'd check out the real thing.

    Amazing drivers, but not sure which would be more scary...being the driver or navigator.

    Driver driving to what the navigator says, but at top speed with complete faith. Navigator telling the driver what's coming, but it they are a millisecond off it could be disaster and they have 0 control over the actual driving. Both MUST trust each other 100% and be committed to it.

    I'm shocked that spectators (people or vehicles) aren't hit more often, too.

  • tony bauer
    tony bauer 2 months ago

    8:23 the guy brought his wife, yea that well work out perfect!

  • Renesiss
    Renesiss 2 months ago

    3:38 "Get the fuck out of here. I can't fucking swim"

  • Andris Nijiforovs
    Andris Nijiforovs 2 months ago


  • Ritchie Sablosky
    Ritchie Sablosky 2 months ago

    6:55 RIP headphone users lol

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee 2 months ago

    When I seen the tittle of this video I just laughed and thought that's got to be the best tittle i have ever seen.

  • beechcraftboy36
    beechcraftboy36 2 months ago

    First all those Subaru wrx owners out there, this is what that car is for. Not Rev bombing crowds! Jk, you can do whatever you want with those! 😂😂

  • Adam
    Adam 2 months ago

    The last one was just plain horrible lol

  • Oscar Lopez
    Oscar Lopez 2 months ago

    Ok estabien

  • Raghu Gajula
    Raghu Gajula 2 months ago


  • Igor Pavlov
    Igor Pavlov 2 months ago

    i'd love to see the first one from outside the car!

  • tunaste
    tunaste 2 months ago

    2:00 I agree that's a great save but now my farm doesn't have power.

  • Jaspergamingnl
    Jaspergamingnl 2 months ago

    6:56 R.I.P. headphone users

  • ConroY
    ConroY 2 months ago

    3:10 I don't really see how that's a "save"!

  • drillobite
    drillobite 2 months ago

    6:40 ... :O!!

  • Daan Vreugdenhil
    Daan Vreugdenhil 2 months ago

    0:43: Yeehaa!! Reminds me to a pair of 'good Ol' boys'...

  • Guangyong Fu
    Guangyong Fu 2 months ago


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