Mitt Romney: Nobody Dies from Lack of Health Insurance

  • Added:  4 years ago
  • --Mitt Romney doubles down on the claim that "We don't have people who die because they don't have insurance."

    --On the Bonus Show: Selling drugs on Facebook, NYC soda ban lawsuit, cocaine for votes, more.

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  • Runtime: 3:13
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Comments: 79

  • Peyton Williams
    Peyton Williams 4 years ago +1

    Look up Romney in the dictionairy:

    ROMNEY: a family of rich republicans who have no experience to be a politician.

  • Chiefly Chieftain
    Chiefly Chieftain 4 years ago +1

    "Show Me" the statistics of people who die from lack of health insurance. Most hospitals will take them with or without insurance. I, as a taxpayer will pay for them.

    • E H
      E H 3 months ago

      With no health insurance you don't get any preventative care. No cancer screenings, chronic conditions are left long term with no care, and going to the er without insurance is going to bankruptcy you easy. What if you, like me, were born with a heart condition and need medication for the rest of your life? What are you supposed to do without health insurance... Answer is you are fucked and end up in the er in an emergency situation that all could gave been avoided with proper ongoing care.

  • Frost Organa
    Frost Organa 4 years ago

    It's just common sense people die from lack of health insurance.
    People go to doctors for routine checkups to make sure everything is working okay.
    Just like we take automobiles in for routine maintenance to make sure they run smoothly.

    This is a silly statement from a person who obviously never had to deal with lack of insurance....or pretty much anything.

  • Nora Golay
    Nora Golay 4 years ago

    Stupid video!

  • Nora Golay
    Nora Golay 4 years ago

    Stupid little boys!

  • FoodSheila
    FoodSheila 4 years ago

    So glad this bigot was fired.


    His faggot face

  • niceguy60
    niceguy60 4 years ago

    I don't have health insurance , however I can go to the best hospitals in any European country including the U.K and get treatment or prescription drugs for free
    I went several times to the hospital no one ever asked me for my wallet or if I had insurance , I never seen a medical bill in my life
    I could have health insurance however most people in here see it as a waste of money when they can get it for free


    Did I mention David Pakman is gay?

  • R U POed
    R U POed 4 years ago

    He was nicknamed 'Seamus' by fellow Governors because of his ability to emotionally detach himself from an issue he's looking to solve; Seamus was the dog in a 'air tight' kennel on the roof of the car in 1983 family trip. Goodtimes

  • Shadowsafter
    Shadowsafter 4 years ago

    I live in a country whose batshit crazy right wingers are still to the left even of Obama, and if you were to ask our population about America's health system our attitude to you is this: Take personal responsibility, but not in the way your cunthole politicians say.
    Take personal responsibility by actually making change happen. Most of the world has or wants universal healthcare, the US system really is unique and belongs totally to big business. You as a people need to take responsibility.

  • morning morality
    morning morality 4 years ago

    that president would be better for the job because they know what it is like to be president they are not groomed to look handsome or have people write their speeches for them. hopefully this will happen one day and it would be better if they were a 3rd party

  • morning morality
    morning morality 4 years ago

    yer look at Ryan he showed up a restaurant uninvited and then started to clean one tray that was already cleaned while posing for pictures lucky enough someone video taped him on a phone to prove he did not do anything. this is why the moment Obama wins i'm going to look up these guys and laugh at their shocked faces.
    anyway America needs a president who actually went through what everyone goes through. poor health,learning disabilities, discrimination or poverty

  • Jed Holdbrook
    Jed Holdbrook 4 years ago

    What I really don't understand, is why so many of you Americans don't like the idea of a national health service. Do the rich among you (e.g Romney) care so little about your fellow man that you would happily see them go through life unable to receive even some of the more simple medical treatments, because you can pay for private health care?

    Also some people knocking off Obama, saying he hasn't done a lot of what he said he would.
    There's not enough time/too much opposition for him to do so.

  • Birdmachine
    Birdmachine 4 years ago

    What's the difference with the insane wait times that Obamacare would create? What about being denied treatment because it's too expensive for the government to pay for? What about medicine and supplies being spread thin?

    Sounds like you just don't get it.

  • Maryanne Edwards
    Maryanne Edwards 4 years ago

    Mitt Romney just wants people to think they dont so they won't worry about anything.

  • Anubis2445
    Anubis2445 4 years ago

    too late. i already voted obama

  • Jake Mank
    Jake Mank 4 years ago

    Mitch Robme

  • thepokekid01
    thepokekid01 4 years ago

    No... I think what he's really arguing is everyone should be doctors, and not just a doctor, every kind of doctor! See, THAT makes more sense, thank you jag for your genius!

  • wrestlethat3
    wrestlethat3 4 years ago

    Can anyone believe how dumb white women are ,funny thing though they fell for Mitt Romney talking about Abortion ,while Ryan and the others are talking about having them arrested if they try to kill thier baby ,regaurdless if they were rapped or not ,how dumb are these white women ,I thought they were supposed to be smart and tough ,well I see dumb ass all them ,and if Romney does get to be our president ,and your daughter kills her baby and get arrested for it ,then she should blame you for it

  • kandysman86
    kandysman86 4 years ago

    Mclown69,I couldn't have said it better myself. Romney Is clueless and self centered

  • Phalinex
    Phalinex 4 years ago

    If you were smart you would know that you're a brain dead, wooden headed moron.

  • Dan MCV
    Dan MCV 4 years ago

    I hope you don't have any congenital heart defects.

  • Dan MCV
    Dan MCV 4 years ago

    Break your leg and set it yourself. Go ahead. Do it.

  • MClown69
    MClown69 4 years ago

    So take Ann off your insurance and lets see how long it takes for her MS to flair up and how easy it is for her to just go to the ER instead! Mitt is a fucking disgrace and so is anyone who votes for his phony ass.

  • toni wells
    toni wells 4 years ago

    they are just going to make excuses for him flip-flopping like oh everyone changes their mind.

  • ReliableInsider
    ReliableInsider 4 years ago

    I think Romney makes the cynical calculation that people who know he's lying will overlook it and that people who don't realize he's lying will be fooled and that's a net win for him.

    It will continue until people have the courage of their convictions to vote against him for lying to us.

  • Dan MCV
    Dan MCV 4 years ago

    Yeah, people should learn to take care of themselves. You give yourself a double bypass surgery. Go ahead.

  • Michele
    Michele 4 years ago

    I've had a friend suggest that to me, too. Right now, I am trying to get into a local clinic that lets certain patients pay on a sliding scale. Lots of red tape, though, before I actually get my meds. Thanks for the concern and understanding.

  • lee n.
    lee n. 4 years ago

    I had two friends die because they didn't have insurance. That's not uncommon in the USA where insurance is costly and had to get if you're not middle class or above.

  • synapse131
    synapse131 4 years ago

    It amazes me how completely obsessed you conservatives are with homosexuality. Somehow me thinks the man doth protesteth too much. Enjoy your fantasies of getting ass raped by Bubba and leave the politics to the grownups.

  • synapse131
    synapse131 4 years ago

    Bipolar disorder is one of the most pernicious, difficult to deal with, and life destroying illnesses on the face of the planet. Have you checked into Social Security and Medicaid? Might be worth it for you. I wish you luck and hope you are able to get the assistance that you should be able to. Good travels.

  • Phalinex
    Phalinex 4 years ago

    You anti-government extremists are for the most part, a bunch of clueless punks. You think that you have it all figured out because nothing has to make sense in the simple mind of a teabagging anti-government republican.

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts 4 years ago

    Are you seriously arguing that the uninsured don't see doctors because they are "Afraid" rather than the simple act that THEY CAN'T AFFORD INANSELY EXPENSIVE MEDICAL PROCEDURES OUT OF POCKET?!

  • Phalinex
    Phalinex 4 years ago

    Democrats aren't satisfied with a system that allows Americans to die for lack of access to medical care. This is and will remain a civilized society as long as Democrats manage the government. Republicans are too self absorbed to support a society. All they can comprehend is taking from society then running back to their cave to protect their find. Move to Africa if you want to live like an animal.

  • morning morality
    morning morality 4 years ago

    remember he did say he did not like these people who claim this insurance thing helps them live

  • morning morality
    morning morality 4 years ago

    Obama should win if he is ready this time Romney said so much bull over the months that Obama got cocky but when Romney said all those lies in such a sort time Obama was just so confused he did not know how to come back. there is a word for what Romney did i forget it but it means using so much bullshit in a sort time that the other debater won't know how to respond

  • David Markwort
    David Markwort 4 years ago

    Wir sind Alle versichert, ob Du willst oder nicht, nur selbstständige müssen sich privat versichern. Sogar Obdachlosen haben ein Recht auf ein Arzt oder Krankenhausplatz.

  • theguitarczar
    theguitarczar 4 years ago

    I's because Mitt Romney is morally bankrupt!

  • Phalinex
    Phalinex 4 years ago

    You're just another full of shit teabagger or paultard or some other clueless dolt. You don't use S.S. or medicare at the moment, so why should anyone else be taken care of. Be careful what you wish for others, you could get your wishes back for yourself. When you're laying in your bed afraid to see a doctor for fear of the cost, it will be too late. Your republican animals will turn away and let you die.

  • leah cox
    leah cox 4 years ago

    cant stand the Rominee!

  • frictionRx5
    frictionRx5 4 years ago

    lolz healthcare and health insurance is NOT a right
    go find some leftwing loon doctor, I'm sure he or she will treat you for free

  • IamSpacedad
    IamSpacedad 4 years ago

    Having a relative who died from lack of health insurance and had to decide between her life and putting her family in debt for 10 years, I am personally offended by Romney's callous ignorance.

  • Alex Vegas
    Alex Vegas 4 years ago

    Arguing semantics there somewhat, no? It's not the 'cause' of the deaths in question, but it's the reason the deaths were not prevented.

  • 2Majesties
    2Majesties 4 years ago

    So what? Your parent(s) didn't have a profit motive raising you in your family; families are a collectivist institution in which food, shelter, clothing and extras are shared relatively equally. You got what you needed just for being alive, just for being in that family. Not all activities need a profit motive, to state the OBVIOUS.

  • Savvas Michael
    Savvas Michael 4 years ago

    Screw Fox News ; Packman is da man

  • Desiderio Villalobos
    Desiderio Villalobos 4 years ago

    can somebody explain to me how Obamacare will reduce the debt over a 10 year period? and what will happen to insurance premiums. I'm not against Obamacare i'm just curious about how this is happening.

  • David Markwort
    David Markwort 4 years ago

    He is the most moronic person that I have ever seen alive today. He has no idea what life is all about. Death and illness always come together when you have no health insurance like we have here in Europe

  • Chris LeDoux
    Chris LeDoux 4 years ago

    Well they are rich so doctors still make house calls for the Romneys.

  • grubby kowalski
    grubby kowalski 4 years ago

    Can Romney imagine the descent from struggling middle class to abject poverty as caused by a typical health crisis?

    Didn't think so.

    I'm a stroke and cancer survivor. I KNOW what it's like.

    I'm now old enough for Medicare, & I'm slowwwwly catching up with my medical debt.. And I'm pleased to know I'm "grandfathered in" so Mitt won't be monkeying with my coverage.

    But I wouldnt wish what happened to me ten years ago to happen to anyone. I'm glad Pres Obama has taken steps to prevent it.

  • Michele
    Michele 4 years ago

    Nobody dies from lack of health insurance? Tell that to people who've lost mentally ill (depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenic) family members to suicide because they couldn't pay for necessary medications. I'm bipolar, uninsured & unmedicated, extremely stressed from not getting hired by anyone (which only exacerbates my condition), and fight a raging depression & paranoia that makes me want to commit suicide. Every day is a horrible struggle for people like me to keep living in hell.

  • fanagot
    fanagot 4 years ago

    Romney Tells Floridians: 'I'm Also Unemployed'

  • l0gically
    l0gically 4 years ago

    > GuvCorp's death panel division.

    Death panels are death panels. What difference does it make if it belongs to an insurance company or the the government? The end result is exactly the same.

  • l0gically
    l0gically 4 years ago


  • l0gically
    l0gically 4 years ago

    Because Rmoney is a few degrees shittier. I have no question that Rmoney would do the exact same kinds of things Obama has done (except in favor of the 1%), and then some.

  • funkrafty
    funkrafty 4 years ago

    Republican philosophy actually makes sense from an evolution/survival of the fittest point of view - if you are strong and rich pay us and we'll pamper you with wellness visits, if you are poor or weak you need to die instead of burdening the earth.

  • l0gically
    l0gically 4 years ago

    > Nobody has died from lack of health insurance.

    Flat out ignorance. The day that "lack of health insurance" becomes a medical condition sanctioned by the AMA, you can look for it being listed by coroners as the cause of death. Surely you can see the absurdity.

    > which is the assignments of the rights to life and liberty to GuvCorp.

    As opposed to...InsuranceCorp?

  • l0gically
    l0gically 4 years ago

    Maybe another question that clown can answer is why so many people wind up in bankruptcy because of medically-related costs they can't afford.

  • l0gically
    l0gically 4 years ago

    Rmoney is going to have a very hard time explaining how a 24 year-old man went into the emergency room for a tooth ache, and being forced to choose between some pain killer, and an antibiotic, he chose the pain killer (based on what he could pay for). He died not long after because the pain was caused by an infection that spread to his brain and killed him.

  • somersetdc
    somersetdc 4 years ago

    Don't you have a militia meeting to attend or some other event as equally simple-minded and faux patriotic?

  • funkrafty
    funkrafty 4 years ago

    45000/year die due to lack of insurance

  • somersetdc
    somersetdc 4 years ago

    Mitt Romney has no idea of the misery of poor Americans. Further he has no empathy for the middle class whose life styles continues to be eroded by frauds and opportunists like himself. Instead, like the rest of Republicans, he is the real purveyor of class warfare. He pits Americans against each other fighting for the crumbs the elite deign to give us. Disgraceful!

  • Sandy Rene'
    Sandy Rene' 4 years ago

    Romney is as full of shit as a sky scraper full of horse manure.

  • Phalinex
    Phalinex 4 years ago

    Thousands of people die every year for lack of health care insurance. Emergency rooms only treat emergencies. Then the bill collectors follow right behind. Many people don't seek care because they don't want to loose everything they have, and die on the street, as republicans advocate.


    I will pay people to not support the David Dick Sucking show


    The guy with the head phones couldn't form a thought if his faggot life depended on it


    Liberal Faggots... You guys like democrats just because they support faggot/gay marriage

  • screeningmimi
    screeningmimi 4 years ago

    It's just astonishing that anyone can be that isolated and ignorant of how most of us live!
    If he had EVER stopped in at an E.R. he'd know better - it would however, provide him a large captive audience.

    MNICY 4 years ago

    Also, going to the emergency room when you are about to die is much more expensive than catching whatever it is before it gets very bad since then it is easier to treat.

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones 4 years ago

    It is sad, but if Obama does not do well in the debate, this vile creature will be president.

  • Saucypants1000
    Saucypants1000 4 years ago

    No what he meant was nobody who lives in the Hamptons dies from lack of healthcare

  • grev
    grev 4 years ago

    obama and romney both agree on issues like supporting the FED and IRS. they also want to peruse the wars in the middle east. they both also support the banks and wall street. they both will try their hardest to bail out the banks if they fail again.

  • grev
    grev 4 years ago

    i don't need to tell you these facts. you can easily research it for yourself. but you won't. :) here's two examples off the top of my head, you fucking moron. i'll say this now before you assume a bunch of bullshit. bush is a piece of shit too. i do not support him at all.
    1, since obama, we are bombing and intervening with more nations in the middle east than bush.
    2, there has been more than twice as much raids against medical marijuana dispensaries while obama has been in office than bush.

  • fireincarnation2
    fireincarnation2 4 years ago

    Chronic conditions aren't covered at emergency rooms, you're absolutely right. So they will stop a heart attack, but my friend was SOL when she had chronic diabetes and needed medical care.

  • Nick Jermichalesactionjackson

    ....facts? nope

  • grev
    grev 4 years ago

    you know, obama's a piece of shit too. you guys seem to have a hard on over just romney. why?

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts 4 years ago

    And yet the fact check organizations will give him a "half true" rating because technically it is disease, accidents, homicide etc, that is responsible for the death of the uninsured...

  • ecwaufisxtreme
    ecwaufisxtreme 4 years ago

    Mittens is TRULY Sarah Palin's DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY! Palin is VASTLY SUPERIOR to this ass-clown in every single way! Palin WILL EXPOSE his PUSSY for the whole world to see! Palin WILL BRING REAL CHANGE to this country while Mittens will continue the status quo of Obozo and Dubya!

  • CosmosPrivateer
    CosmosPrivateer 4 years ago


  • CosmosPrivateer
    CosmosPrivateer 4 years ago


  • My Name Is Treg
    My Name Is Treg 4 years ago

    Another video saved from a "FIRST" comment. What can I say, I'm a superhero.

  • Dread Naught
    Dread Naught 4 years ago

    Love ya bro. Good on ya.

  • My Name Is Treg
    My Name Is Treg 4 years ago

    I'd say first...but i'm not a douche.

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