Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 SPOILERS Movie Review

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  • Marvel Stop Motion Studios

    I love this movie but the first was the best

  • Elad Lazin
    Elad Lazin 5 days ago

    The magic of the first movie has faded

  • Humberto Lozano
    Humberto Lozano 6 days ago

    GRACE!!! As a fellow devoted BTT viewer, I had to comeback & see this VIDEO. But my serious Q... I too am a fellow RHOBH watcher, & agree with the Drax/LVP comparison, but my question is: PLEASE TELL ME ERIKA JAYNE IS YOUR FAVORITE TOO!?!?! Lol
    Im serious! I take my housewives serious. No shame Grace. Thanks for the content!

  • Liam Doc
    Liam Doc 7 days ago

    I'm kind of surprised that i liked nebula and gamora the most in this movie, and just couldn't stand star-lord. It just felt like they'd locked chris pratt in a white room and asked him to pretend to act to the walls. Ah well, sucks too because i loved the first one.

  • Thomas Mann
    Thomas Mann 9 days ago

    Not a single word about Mary Poppins....! :P

  • Marcos Rivera
    Marcos Rivera 9 days ago

    Love isnt real Chris and Anna split up 😖😣

  • HippieHendrix xx
    HippieHendrix xx 11 days ago

    mantis is Canadian

  • MrMpa31
    MrMpa31 12 days ago

    I really really didnt like this movie. Shallow story written to compliment the set pieces instead of set pieces made to compliment the story. A complete mess. Too much focus on packing in as many jokes as possible while ignoring plot and story. And StarLord lost all the charisma and fun that he had in the first movie. Easily the worst movie in the MCU

  • Mark Murex
    Mark Murex 23 days ago

    Yep- great stuff beyond the guardians themselves. Peter Quill was the best out of all of them, and I didn't much care for Mantis. Drax was just bad, Rocket wasn't funny to me, Gamora was meh, and Groot was annoying. Nebula was pretty good, and Yondu was awesome.

  • Sir Ivn
    Sir Ivn Month ago

    to me this movie was boring and uninteresting...lame

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    "one is sexy, one is cute"
    exepct for Grace, which is both ❤❤❤

  • willson 0224
    willson 0224 Month ago


  • Ronnie Nimer
    Ronnie Nimer 2 months ago

    to be honest it the emotional moments were poorly made and were very cringy

  • Michael Mele
    Michael Mele 2 months ago

    The first half of this movie was horrible, but the second half was gold. So I don't really know how to rate this movie lol.

  • Lucas Kambeitz
    Lucas Kambeitz 2 months ago

    I've met Michael Rooker. Really nice guy.

  • The Flickster
    The Flickster 2 months ago

    I feel Grace can be a good film critic or reviewer when she talks about a movie being a movie, when she connects the movie to reality like for instance the Baby Groot scene with Yondu and Rocket, sure it may not be accurate to reality but it was very entertaining to watch, that is where I feel her reviews start to anger or disagree with a lot of people, she can be a great reviewer but when she talks about the things she dislikes she needs to try to talk about them in a way people will understand and not be angry at her for. 🙂 I saw the movie for the first time very recently and I agree with most of the things she's saying except when talking about the original guardians, I hope Grace and everybody else has a fantastical day *hooked on a feeling plays in the background* *baby Groot dances*

  • Peter Berkhout
    Peter Berkhout 2 months ago

    hi Grace, just a thing, Kurt Russel was supposedly just make-up, no cg :) look it up, its amazing !

  • tgushiniere
    tgushiniere 2 months ago

    Nice Spoiler review Grace. I think the end credits were fine, to me Guardians is the cosmic arm and kind of stand alone like Dr. Strange. The credits set up Vol 3, we may see Stakar and the Ravagers team up with the Guardians, and we will definitely see Adam Warlock. The end credit sequences for the Avengers and Iron Man 3 didn't really connect either.

  • JetFrostGaming
    JetFrostGaming 2 months ago

    Lowercase G for god? I don't get it

  • Carlosmansolrac 077
    Carlosmansolrac 077 2 months ago

    I cried when Rocket said "I can only Afford to loose one friend today"😭😭😭😭

  • J. B.
    J. B. 2 months ago

    Got = Logan & Dark Knight. that's just no

  • crapstirrer
    crapstirrer 2 months ago

    Absolutely. GotG2 would've been perfect to tie to Thor Ragnarok and Captain Marvel.

    Also, I was wondering if use of the term Celestial was purposefully referring to Galactus.

  • TheFuzzyElf
    TheFuzzyElf 2 months ago

    No Grace! Draw was great!! This movie was better than the first!!!

  • TheFuzzyElf
    TheFuzzyElf 2 months ago

    I loved the Sovereigns!!!

  • Dark Knight Genesis
    Dark Knight Genesis 2 months ago

    For me it was way better than the first movie.

  • Torus Brusk
    Torus Brusk 2 months ago

    9:34 there was no end credit scene for the first Guardians, so sadly, why would there be for the second?

  • Torus Brusk
    Torus Brusk 2 months ago

    8:00 you don't need powers to be a superhero. I don't care if you're fighting Thanos, it's still a fact. Peter's got guns with that wit too Grace. Look at Black Widow or Hawkeye!!

  • Brianna Brickey
    Brianna Brickey 2 months ago

    I hope Peter gets some of his powers back in the third sequel too. It seemed like Star Lord and Gamora were the only Guardians with storylines, I liked how she made amends with her sister

  • Christian Figueroa
    Christian Figueroa 2 months ago

    I felt like Chris prays performance looked phoned in. I love the guy, but i didn't find any of his emoting believable

  • C Mansfield
    C Mansfield 2 months ago +1

    I cried so hard in the movie theaters😭😭

  • Emilio Hernandez
    Emilio Hernandez 2 months ago

    She brings up some valid points, but I just feel this is a little overly critical:/
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions though
    I thought it was awesome

  • Muhammad Raheel Khan
    Muhammad Raheel Khan 2 months ago

    Baby groot is cute

  • BuringTARDIS Manual
    BuringTARDIS Manual 2 months ago

    I feel like that scene with Baby Groot not know what he was suppose to get was a comparative rip off Avatar the last airbender with that scene with Momo.

  • GeminiJoule
    GeminiJoule 2 months ago

    I disagree with your opinion on Drax, but I'm totally with you on that unpopularnopinion on baby groot. His scenes being dumb were way too long and grating :/

  • Jay Kelley
    Jay Kelley 2 months ago

    Ive seen it twice since it came out.....and its waaay better than the first one. Maybe my expectations was low. Its a great comedy with great character moments.

  • Jordan Solo
    Jordan Solo 2 months ago

    Everyone's upset at the death of Yondu and other things, am I the only person upset about the poor Walkman's death? :(

  • Brendan McCartney
    Brendan McCartney 2 months ago

    Peter lost his immortality but not his celestial heritage -- from my understanding, Ego and the planet were one, so Ego only derived his matter-shaping powers from the planet's core. Without that core, Peter cannot use the same powers, but he is definitely still more powerful than a human, and would still be able to hold an infinity stone in the same way he did during the first movie. (I think)

  • Zonko Videos
    Zonko Videos 2 months ago

    I actually did my own review tonight I was in the middle as well I felt Drax behavior was really nasty where as in the first one he, David Batista played someone that was reminiscent of high functioning Asperger or autism and in this one he didn't do such a great job

  • Manual Batt
    Manual Batt 2 months ago

    I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ... in the nut shell ... glad i saw it for free

  • Ron P
    Ron P 2 months ago

    Funny that you missed that the Stallone character was to Yondu as Yondu was to Peter in the father theme. Also a little weird that you saw Mantis as oriental? Was the stereotype you refer to in the movie ... or was that you?

  • Dillon Khan
    Dillon Khan 2 months ago

    R.I.P yondu

  • Stealth LIEOS
    Stealth LIEOS 2 months ago

    He(Ego) may have been your(Peter's) father, boy. But he wasn't your daddy...
    I'm sorry I didn't do nothing right, I'm damn lucky you're my boy.

  • Fletcher Clark
    Fletcher Clark 2 months ago


  • MrSuckeragi
    MrSuckeragi 2 months ago

    I had no idea who the heck the ravagers were. that first stallone scene had me so confused. made no sense.

  • Roman Natale
    Roman Natale 2 months ago +1

    The movie was meh. There were some really bad parts and really good parts. The music was extremely overused and Ego's intentions didn't really make sense on first viewing. Plus, the pacing and the editing was absolutely terrible. Some of the worst I've seen in any MCU movie. I give it a 6.5/10

  • Mariela Colon
    Mariela Colon 2 months ago

    Wow, you didn't like Drax's humor or baby groot, for real?

  • Julia Guerrero
    Julia Guerrero 2 months ago

    I agree with grace I liked this movie more than the first one but I loved every part of the movie

  • Logan Moore
    Logan Moore 2 months ago

    Mantis is very cute

  • DemiRonin
    DemiRonin 2 months ago

    Your reviews are always the MOST thorough and thoughtful on ALL of youtube!! You da best Grace!!

  • FrankLightheart
    FrankLightheart 2 months ago

    What'd you think?
    A Ravagers movie staring Sylvester Stallone? Eh? Maybe?

  • Vikingr Beerdserkr
    Vikingr Beerdserkr 3 months ago

    Rocket and groot were also far better here than in the first film and I loved the first film.

  • Vikingr Beerdserkr
    Vikingr Beerdserkr 3 months ago

    Drax is my favourite character In both movies, I completely disagree with you here. I almost hate you now.

  • Killerwhale 6011
    Killerwhale 6011 3 months ago +1


  • aezif dhom
    aezif dhom 3 months ago

    why ZUNE?

  • Kevin Leung
    Kevin Leung 3 months ago

    I bet Peter's role in Infinity War is going to be more about being a leader rather than being a god. Someone is going to need to heal the fractures between the IM and Cap factions of the Avengers, and who better than someone who has literally gotten over their own EGO to be part of the team.

  • Mitchell Wilson
    Mitchell Wilson 3 months ago

    drax was great in the movie he hides his emotion .... but he loves his team he was great

  • Nerd Awesomeness
    Nerd Awesomeness 3 months ago

    Yondu ain't the daddy. he's Mary poppins y'all

  • Katie Herzig
    Katie Herzig 3 months ago

    I feel like I'm the only person on the planet that didn't really like this movie. I loved Michael Rooker's performance, but was extremely bummed when they played into that redemption trope for his character. Don't get me wrong, the funeral was beautiful, but I would have held off killing him for another movie. I also hated Drax in this movie. And that pissed me off because he was my favorite in the first one. Rocket was just being an annoying asshole the whole time, and yeah I get it, he was doing that intentionally but I was over it. Baby Groot was adorable and there wasn't too much which made me happy. Kurt Russell was great and I'd like to see more serious acting from Chris Pratt in the future because that impressed me. Karen Gillan is amazing, but I almost cringe any time Nebula's on screen. Mantis was cute. There was just something about this movie that didn't grab me. I could just be MCU'd out at this point. Hopefully after Infinity War they're open to switching up the formula. At least a little bit.

  • Da Decider
    Da Decider 3 months ago

    This movie was a disappointment and a waste of solid marvel characters. There were too many characters jammed into the movie. Ego,  The Living Plant is bored and seeks out other living being in the universe and decides to make everything a part of him..??? What? Huh? Seems like they were making this stuff up as they were filming....the comic book orgin of Quill father is a much better storyline that they could have development for future movies.

  • himura kenshiro
    himura kenshiro 3 months ago

    i believe you are confusing giving up the "Light" ( the thing that Ego said is inside the planets core whit his brain that allows him to manipulate matter the way he could ) whit giving up his half celestial DNA . he is still half celestial he just cant control the light thats inside of the ego because he blew it up , i wouldn't be surprised if he still was able to hold the infinity gem for prolonged periods of time whit out dying . which BTW something he could bring is the fact that Ego sort of showed him how to manipulate energies whit his mind so he could perhaps do the same things he did whit the light when using an infinity stone .

  • Karla T
    Karla T 3 months ago

    "Im Mary Poppins ya'll"

  • Lady Pandora
    Lady Pandora 3 months ago

    I thought the first Guardians film was just okay. Loved the idea and characters but it just didn't do it for me. Even though the second movie's plot was a bit on crack - in my opinion lol - I LOVED it. I thought it was hilarious and then sad and epic and just everything I wished the first one had been. I actually want to see it again !!

  • Pro Compy
    Pro Compy 3 months ago

    Just saw the movie, it was really good! 9/10.

  • Phil V
    Phil V 3 months ago

    I did not think this film was a good as the first one. It had a few good jokes and the fight scene with Rocket Raccoon fighting the Ravengers in the woods was cool as hell, but other than that it didn't do anything for me. To me the best parts were just the cameos of the obscure characters like Star Hawk and Martinex. And Nebula going bat shit crazy was funny as it reminded me of Jake Blue's ex-girlfriend Carrie Fischer from the Blues Brothers constantly showing up and shooting missiles at them. Hell I think Jeff Goldbloom dancing in the credits was probably the best part and it had nothing to do with the film. It seemed like whenever there was a dramatic scene it spoiled the fun.

  • Alan Robinson
    Alan Robinson 3 months ago

    I am going to have to disagree a little with your opinions about the core characters in Guardians because I feel they finally fleshed out the characters and put them on a path to greater things.I saw this movie in IMAX 3-D and was blown away (plus a friend of mines daughter played one of the cyborg females in that scene from the early part of the movie,the one who is on screen for 3-5 seconds at the beginning of the scene with pink hair is her) and I think the music was on point all the way through the movie.....especially that final fight scene with Fleetwood Mac's The Chain playing was,to me,one of the best scenes in a movie in a long,long time.

  • Kip Orr
    Kip Orr 3 months ago

    I thought it was ok. Not just another Marvel movie, though. Better than most. I'm Mary Poppins Y'all is so good.

  • Nathan Sanchez
    Nathan Sanchez 3 months ago

    I honestly disagree. It's that not all people have the same taste like for example I honestly liked the guardians performance in the movie, especially with drax and the rest of the group. But I as well agree on I didn't like the romance but that's cause it's not my taste in movies.

  • carlos suarez
    carlos suarez 3 months ago

    HI Grace I think he is still half celestial ...he's just not longer able to use EGO's energy, but i think he will able to learn to create his own

  • Ethan P
    Ethan P 3 months ago

    With the end credit teases, Guardians of the Galaxy has always been a little more separate from the rest of the MCU. The original's credit scene didn't even tease at anything, just showed Howard the Duck! The only cameo I could see happening is the Agents of SHIELD investigating the blue goop of Ego, but unfortunately Marvel Studios and Marvel TV don't get along, so that won't be happening any time soon.

  • Ethan P
    Ethan P 3 months ago

    I think Peter will still have some celestial power. Ego was probably coaxing it out of him in some way and without him there, Peter just doesn't have very good control over it. Just because his father died doesn't mean he wasn't his genetic father.

  • str8dominican
    str8dominican 3 months ago

    Dave Bautista was born for this role. Mantis is not an Asian character, shes an alien. Groot was oblivious as an adult, imagine him as a baby. Finally the Gamora and Peter doesn't get played up at all. There's maybe 5 mins of that in entire movie. You're so wrong. The overall consensus is that this movie is as good as the first, if not just barely below it. There is no division, it's just you.

  • Gilbert Ortega
    Gilbert Ortega 3 months ago

    I think starlord still has some celestial energy in him and we might see a kickass scene in infinity war involving thanos and peter...because the celestial energy might be in Peters DNA...egos human form had to return to the planet because he was a avatar and needed to be recharged but I think Peters power is different

  • Casey H
    Casey H 3 months ago

    22:50 totally missed who groot is as an adult, not just as a baby. He was pretty simple in his adult form (e.g. Innocently retrieving the battery in the prison when they didn't actually want it yet) so it makes sense that in his infant form he would be even more clueless.

  • Em E.
    Em E. 3 months ago

    My friends and I really LOVED GTG2. Drax was hilarious-- we didn't perceive him as cruel at all. We enjoyed the Peter and Gamora story line, as well as everyone else's story line. You're strange, Grace.

  • Hendrik Riepma
    Hendrik Riepma 3 months ago

    Drax and Mantis are one of the best duos in movies I ever saw...and they interpreted their parts perfectly ... remember, they are aliens, of course they are going to act awkward from a human perceptive ... probably you don't like science fiction, so you don't understand that kind of thinks

  • Carver Hamilton
    Carver Hamilton 3 months ago

    yondu was amazing

  • Zero2k0
    Zero2k0 3 months ago

    Man, I almost cried at the end of this movie and that doesn't happen often. Yondou was so awesome in this film. The way they did the fatherhood thing had me choking up.

  • Aisha Lee
    Aisha Lee 3 months ago

    Ragnarak is next

  • lexleo1520
    lexleo1520 3 months ago

    the visual effects for Dr. Manhattan didn't work???!?!? What?

  • StickySprite
    StickySprite 3 months ago

    did anyone else catch the magic user at the end? the red alien using the orange alchemy glyphs

  • Todd Cercone
    Todd Cercone 3 months ago +1

    I gave it another shot, but she is UNWATCHABLE.

  • L.A.B ART
    L.A.B ART 3 months ago

    Drax was a Savage what are you talking about Grace? His comedy was on point although his laugh felt forced .

  • G Eazy
    G Eazy 3 months ago

    you have to many subscribes not to jazz up your presentation fix it

  • SamuraiNinjaKoriin
    SamuraiNinjaKoriin 3 months ago

    I'm sure he will be able to hold an infinity stone still. He may not have access to the power or the immortality, but your genetics don't change just because your dad dies/power source explodes. No matter what Ego said, Peter can never be fully human because his father wasn't human. Those genes are still there even if he can't manipulate them anymore

  • Bill Archer
    Bill Archer 3 months ago

    Just saw GOTG2.. LOVED it !!!. Yondu and Nebula were the suprise hits.

  • Zone 9
    Zone 9 3 months ago

    Yondu's death ruined the movie for me.. *cries*.. *cries alot*.. he was always my favorite :'( :'( I went to the theater just for him.. and was so disappointed at the end. Please tell me he is coming back.

  • Kyle Ocallaghan
    Kyle Ocallaghan 3 months ago +1

    Honestly drax and baby groom were my favourite guardians this time around

    • Kyle Ocallaghan
      Kyle Ocallaghan 3 months ago

      I think you read too much into the movie grace. It was just meant to be fun. There was no need to bring up what ethnicity mantis was. She is an alien not an Asian. She came from a completely different planet. And I actually saw nothing wrong with the first half of the movie

  • aditi jaiswal
    aditi jaiswal 3 months ago

    This franchise is not for you grace

  • Mallory Elder
    Mallory Elder 3 months ago

    I'm not going to lie, this movie disappointed me a lot. I loved the first movie and I appreciate that this one tried to do more but everything just fell so flat to me. Barely anything felt earned, and a lot of it felt so cheesy and on the nose I actually couldn't believe what I was watching. There were a few lines that I truly could not believe made it in the movie they were so bad. The third act was better but again it didn't feel entirely earned. It did get a few laughs out of me and there were some aspects I enjoyed, but man, as Grace said, if you liked the first film.... this one is a let down.

  • Missile87redefined
    Missile87redefined 3 months ago


  • Kyle Saritelli
    Kyle Saritelli 3 months ago

    Rooker definitely stuck out in this movie and I was so sad when Yondu we died. And of course nobody can ignore the best line of the movie... I'm Mary Poppins ya'll! Gunn's comments elude to the fact that he knew where Yondu's story was going to go when he was making part 1, which means that he knew during the first film that Yondu was going to be Peter's daddy.

  • Flareboxx
    Flareboxx 3 months ago

    I thought Baby Groot bringing back the wrong items was the funniest part of the entire movie personally. I hated Drax in the first movie but thought he was hilarious in this movie. Usually I agree with your thoughts, but not this time :)

  • RedShoes201
    RedShoes201 3 months ago

    About your comment on lack of relevant after credits scene.
    There was a huge foreshadowing for the future of marvel - they basically kicked off Adam Warlock who has been confirmed to be a huge piece of the future of the MCU (after infinity war is done)
    They have nothing to do with the avengers currently so to shoehorn any future earth based marvel films in would make zero sense

  • Pre Retcon Beyonder
    Pre Retcon Beyonder 3 months ago

    the movie was really okay,i would gave it 5/10

  • JoeLouis628
    JoeLouis628 3 months ago

    Dave Bautista was the best thing in this, Grace is talking shit

  • KallenSC
    KallenSC 3 months ago

    Yes Music was ...meh... Soveregins were pretty lame too, but rest of movie was great!

  • Mats Martensson
    Mats Martensson 3 months ago

    I reckon Peter Quill is still half Celestial and therefore able to wield some of the Infinity Stones, he just isn't linked to Ego and therefore not immortal. Also I like to think all five of them were slightly altered by using the purple one.

    My personal theory about Ego admitting what he'd done to Peter was Ego's human avatar (who couldn't sleep without Mantis' help) subconsciously sabotaging Ego the Celestial's corruption of Peter.

    That's just me though.

    '(sigh) We humans are a stupid egotistical self-deluded species'

  • Alexander Rock
    Alexander Rock 3 months ago

    My favorite part of the whole movie was definitely the fatherhood aspect. I personally don't know my father, so when Michael Rooker said that line.. I started to tear up man. This was a good movie to me 👌🏽

  • KNZ Sfinx
    KNZ Sfinx 3 months ago

    come to think about it. Grace, Peter is still half celestial, he just doesn't have the power to Shape things (maybe one way to explain it).

  • Magnus K Larsson
    Magnus K Larsson 3 months ago +1

    I actually loved Drax, Gracie. Really sorry to disagree with you to THIS extent. :) Granted, Ego & Yondu were the best but Drax & Rocket weren't far behind. The whole movie is very good, though, really exceeded my expectations. Sorry i never got to see it in 3D!! :)

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