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  • Runtime: 4:12
  • Rap  The Weeknd  DS2  Freebandz  Jumpman  #WATTBA  Low Life  Draco  EVOL  Pluto  SNL  What A Time to be Alive  Future Album  Used To This  Honest  Future  Move That Dope  Tony Montana  Epic/Freebandz/A1  Drake  

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  • Phil Mitchell
    Phil Mitchell 7 hours ago

    WTF is he even saying!

  • Jarris2
    Jarris2 13 hours ago

    brought to you by autotune.

  • kodey Taylor
    kodey Taylor 14 hours ago +1

    Future got enough money to give the judge so he won't go to jail

  • Bryan Rivera
    Bryan Rivera 20 hours ago

    This vid make me hate future

  • NinjaArthur
    NinjaArthur 23 hours ago

    You ain't ever ever get your beach bag

  • Joshua James
    Joshua James Day ago

    Took a nigga bitch today😂😂💯


    future you are the best rapper in history topoc vs futre that will be a tie

  • Abu Savage
    Abu Savage Day ago

    Can I have her back yet?

  • Mr.DaMan 322
    Mr.DaMan 322 Day ago

    i never got my bitch back whyyy

  • Everything4405
    Everything4405 2 days ago

    2:23 I'd be like wait wait wait if u gone choke me to dead just sit on my face and smother me😆

  • Everything4405
    Everything4405 2 days ago

    0:36 his face and how he threw them flowers😂😂

  • Irmak Kucuker
    Irmak Kucuker 2 days ago

    Same with rich se$

  • Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A


  • Stephen Harewood
    Stephen Harewood 2 days ago

    That abandon building is a trap

  • John Who.knows.his.stuff

    I can proudly say, This is why we'll never have a female president. This video proves how untrustworthy women are. Smh...

  • Veronica Rocha
    Veronica Rocha 3 days ago

    that's lit

  • Jaige Smith
    Jaige Smith 3 days ago +1

    Kids couple goals lol😂😘

  • i love bleach ;D
    i love bleach ;D 3 days ago

    fucking future girl cant kill wtf future cmon (GIRLS ARE GONNA GET TRIGGERD)

  • the_true_HaZeD geometry dash and more

    Lil uzi is HIM?????DO THEY HAVE BEEF

  • Joey Jones
    Joey Jones 4 days ago

    Good song

  • shark water splash
    shark water splash 5 days ago

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    You better not raise your voice at me
    You know I got a pimp degree


    Draco season with the bookbag
    Rat tat, got a little kick back
    Hundreds on hundreds got a good batch
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back

    Lamborgini doors but I never stop
    Fuck around got a nigga pissed off
    Nice little thot got stiff arm
    Did the Heisman on the hoe got the stiff arm

    Fuck up that body like Tyson or Holyfield wo wo wo wo wo
    A couple of pills and I got my soda filled wo wo wo wo wo

    Break out a sweat I go head over heels for these meals wo wo wo wo wo wo
    She thinks she the one but to me she ain't nothing but a thrill wo wo wo wo wo

    I've been drippin like a god with her
    I been dodging all the fly what else
    I been fillin up garages what else
    I gave her a French menage what else

    Close your eyes eyes eyes
    I'm about to slide slide slide
    Wonder why why why
    I stay in the sky sky sky

    Pink molly let me dance with her
    Freestylin let me dance with her

    Sky Dweller it was sentimental
    Rose gold it was sentimental

    Draco season with the bookbag
    Rat tat, got a little kick back
    Hundreds on hundreds got a good batch
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back

    Fuck up my bitch by the change
    Brought me from trap house to stage
    I wanna jump in the air
    You know the love ain't fair

    You killin then show us the proof
    I already got the juice
    Chain different colors like fruits
    I like to hang out the roof

    I got to train my bitches
    I'm putting chains on my bitches
    I'll put some chain on some snitches
    I'm focused im back on my mission

    Flex on a nigga no apologies
    Matter how white done gotta me
    Playing hockey with the ice in the major league
    Thirty five bitches at the Saint Reg

    Fall back shooter like KD
    Back in the kitchen with the curry
    Pourin' up zan can't hurt me
    Pineapple drink lookin' syruppy

    Fifty six night I was 30
    Stirofoam cups and patient
    Heard you been talkin' bout the kid
    Knowing damn well that's a flagrant

    I cancel two bitches
    I got me some new bitches
    Come check out how I'm living
    I got me some new drippin'
    I got me some new dripp
    Ain't got nothing to do with it
    I'll give my bitch to you
    If that what she mean to you

    Draco season with the bookbag
    Rat tat, got a little kick back
    Hundreds on hundreds got a good batch
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back

    Draco season with the bookbag
    Rat tat, got a little kick back
    Hundreds on hundreds got a good batch
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back
    You ain't never ever get you bitch back

    Yeah I cruising in the deep
    I'm twisted up I got geek
    Misbehaving with ya freak
    Can't tell she got teeth

    I was in her mouth like veneers
    Start comparing my career
    'Cause I was flooding through the crib
    Business furniture for real

    I bought a Fendi couch for my kids
    They just want to plug a nigga wig
    Charge a half a mill for the gig
    Middle fingers up fuck the pig
    Diamonds fallin' off my let me jig
    Never falling off and never quit
    I retired cookin' up a brick
    Certified nigga hot to six

    Who was rapping diamonds in the zone
    I was chargin 10 for the strong
    Keep on goin in on this song
    Keep an F&N at your home
    Lesson learned and we moving on
    I got firm niggas, Al Capone
    Got my Chi niggas on the horn
    Downtown Atlanta I was born

  • cool games
    cool games 5 days ago


  • Blisken Gd
    Blisken Gd 6 days ago

    Always play this song if ur trying to become a savage

  • Lamont Woods
    Lamont Woods 6 days ago

    This song gets me live AF

  • emrovsky
    emrovsky 6 days ago

    In the unlikely event when i start to understand what future says is the day he is an average singer.

  • John Higgs
    John Higgs 6 days ago

    You can have that bitch😆

  • chris degrijze
    chris degrijze 7 days ago

    Day 315 I still haven't gotten my bitch back

  • Kage Hurst
    Kage Hurst 7 days ago

    Where is the comment with the lyrics?

  • Black Pat
    Black Pat 7 days ago

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    "Floppy Draco" by Patrick Turner appsto.re/us/jx5Llb.i

    It's in the google store too

  • Alex Grivas
    Alex Grivas 7 days ago

    Why would she dump him?? He has an 86

  • WDC
    WDC 7 days ago

    Don't understand what the Fock he's saying

  • Kevin Escobedo
    Kevin Escobedo 7 days ago

    I'm Mexican but I will smash the girl😍😍😂🤣

  • Buster Huneycutt
    Buster Huneycutt 8 days ago

    why is the broke nigga on a cell phone but future ina payphone lolllll

  • YvngJohnson
    YvngJohnson 8 days ago +1

    Future never got Ciara back😂😂

  • Kenny Raymond
    Kenny Raymond 8 days ago

    his face should be a meme, lol.

  • Victor Romo
    Victor Romo 8 days ago

    i feel like Russell Wilson should've sang this song to furure

  • Ayee Minaa
    Ayee Minaa 8 days ago

    y u so mean u made him miserable chill

    PHANTOM KID 8 days ago +1

    You will never eva get ya bitch back

  • Maur Loveless
    Maur Loveless 9 days ago

    Duck killed this beat

  • Daniel Obrien
    Daniel Obrien 9 days ago

    Anybody who likes this has serious problems man

  • Nehemiah Jones
    Nehemiah Jones 9 days ago

    all them women bad in this videos

  • jesse cloke
    jesse cloke 10 days ago

    if someone seriously sang like dat dc who he was turn around and b like we leaving this party just got boring azf

  • Ann Luttrell
    Ann Luttrell 10 days ago

    I love your music

  • vasilis vasil
    vasilis vasil 10 days ago

    0:38 why is that kid reminding me of Kevin Gates for no reason

  • Alvion Norris
    Alvion Norris 10 days ago


  • Marco Buonamassa
    Marco Buonamassa 11 days ago

    Beautiful song 😍😍😍

  • Chenenyon Gardiner
    Chenenyon Gardiner 11 days ago

    What a trash video. Especially because you see girls like this curve wholesome dudes to glorify these trappers in real life.

  • K A L I 4 N I A
    K A L I 4 N I A 11 days ago

    0:50 yo wait is that a Toyota Corolla GTS???? wtf go with him he's a real nigga.

  • aysiah tatiyana
    aysiah tatiyana 12 days ago

    I'll see you on the 20th🔥🔥🔥

  • cristina Rogers
    cristina Rogers 12 days ago

    I sneezed

  • Leon Jackson
    Leon Jackson 12 days ago


  • T Lovely
    T Lovely 12 days ago

    You never ever get your man back

  • 400 Block
    400 Block 12 days ago

    She a gold digger

  • Justin Everett
    Justin Everett 12 days ago

    bitches aint shyt but hoes and tricks.

  • TheGamerHead
    TheGamerHead 13 days ago

    That music intro doe😂😂

  • Shayne J. Müfrad
    Shayne J. Müfrad 13 days ago

    You don’t know how to get beach bag

  • DimiFTW
    DimiFTW 13 days ago +2

    When Future dies, we will call him Past :)

  • Nayvadius 'Future' Wilburn

    You better not raise your voice at me, you know I got a pimp degree, Pluto. For more music like this, search up 'PU$$Y MONEY WEED - Vin-S feat. Mickey da B (Official Music Video)'

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo 14 days ago

    This song actually has bars but wish he spoke a bit more clearly.

  • PK LaSure
    PK LaSure 14 days ago +1

    u aint never get ur fish back

  • grapezzzz19
    grapezzzz19 14 days ago

    so the whole story of the song is:
    this kid gets pissed probably his girlfriend broke up with him and like 10 years in the future the guy pays the parking meter then some mysterious dude comes out of an abandoned building and the girl is like "yeah ill just go with him he smells like gasoline or whatever" then she dresses like cat woman and strokes a mac10 and zippers up while the camera zooms into her tasty cleavage. Some dude working in an abandoned building gets a phone call while the cat women gang come in with guns and shit and take a fuck ton of cash. Then the guy who walked out of the building calls a payphone, while one of the cat girls takes a little inhale of a cigar and shoots the fucking camera man, and then batman comes in with an AK47 while 3 guys get assassinated. Then a girl wastes bullets and showing off her amazing cleavage, then starts licking the weapon and 2 guys get shot. 1 more guy gets mollied (molotov'd) the police come and theirs mcdonalds all over the floor. They poor money in a casket for some reason and the video ends.

    MAYBACH WOO 14 days ago

    You can have that Bitch she doesn't Cook or Clean anyway😆

  • Plasma
    Plasma 14 days ago +1

    She left him to be a hoe.

  • david patterson
    david patterson 15 days ago

    this is basically a video of female savages

  • Alonzo Harris
    Alonzo Harris 15 days ago

    my nigga futures hoes are always next level ,

  • Brian Mugure
    Brian Mugure 15 days ago

    ţђāţş my māŋ ţђįş vįdŗo įţ şįçķ
    į męāŋ įţş dope

  • 50Shot DiddyBop
    50Shot DiddyBop 15 days ago

    Young Lil Jay shooting dat choppa in the beginning lol Free #00

  • xNikki :D
    xNikki :D 16 days ago

    the arcade kid crying kid kinda made me sad..p

  • xNikki :D
    xNikki :D 16 days ago

    the arcade kid crying kid kinda made me sad..

  • Think Digital
    Think Digital 16 days ago

    pull up in a book bag

  • Extreme Kid
    Extreme Kid 16 days ago

    That kid at the beginning :-(

  • Ari Marie
    Ari Marie 16 days ago

    I thought this was going to be about Draco Malfoy 😢

  • Kristijan Bzdušok
    Kristijan Bzdušok 16 days ago

    I wish i was killed like that 2:16

  • Hero
    Hero 16 days ago

    Liberals be hatin the guns

  • Chloe Procknow
    Chloe Procknow 17 days ago

    Careful, his father will here about this.

    KTRAIN 17 days ago

    that moment you have the same shoes as the kid who got rejected

  • J0Mamma Really?
    J0Mamma Really? 17 days ago

    Wait 1:00 is that a AE86 those fuckers go for a fortune wish I could afford one.

  • Kasey Da Gamer
    Kasey Da Gamer 17 days ago

    You ain't ever get your beach bag from ikea for spending $30

  • help me reach 30,000 with no vids

    0:40 "BEACH BAG"

  • Ed Gar
    Ed Gar 18 days ago

    lmao thought future was about to say fuck outta my car thottie

  • DJ lololol
    DJ lololol 18 days ago

    those girls look hot ass fuck

  • Luis Mojica
    Luis Mojica 18 days ago

    future is the best

  • Charlotte Fuller
    Charlotte Fuller 18 days ago

    when can i get. my bitch back fuck

    BLEACH BOI 19 days ago

    Omg it was an trueno holy shit y would u ever blow that legend up

  • Super Music Man
    Super Music Man 19 days ago

    Look up what futures really saying

  • Deonte Canada
    Deonte Canada 19 days ago

    Russell Wilson to Future : "You will never ever get yo bitch back" 😂

  • Alessia Kelly
    Alessia Kelly 20 days ago

    it is my favorite song 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Alessia Kelly
    Alessia Kelly 20 days ago

    i like the song

  • Dscott003
    Dscott003 20 days ago


  • zecheriah vassar
    zecheriah vassar 20 days ago

    this song makes me want to violently pound on a table

  • Eli Ramirez
    Eli Ramirez 20 days ago

    Sure fall for that kid and make that kid cry

  • Patrick Coronado
    Patrick Coronado 21 day ago

    Booty shake

  • Fock Gxogle
    Fock Gxogle 21 day ago

    I really need that beach bag back future, thx!

  • Kingfrost313
    Kingfrost313 21 day ago +1

    "You ain't never ever gonna get your beach bag"

  • ekxotic pineapple
    ekxotic pineapple 21 day ago

    Alright that begging tho

  • legogoldawardman
    legogoldawardman 21 day ago

    i want my beach bag

  • JoonWon Chung
    JoonWon Chung 21 day ago

    0:39 basically the ending of all my proposals

  • STAR
    STAR 21 day ago

    Are these girls all dumb enough to leave finger prints behind?.. lmao

  • Syf z pokoju
    Syf z pokoju 21 day ago

    ľm Draco
    Draco Malfoy

  • Johnathan Sanford
    Johnathan Sanford 22 days ago

    uh what???

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