7 Next Steps in Human Evolution - What will humans look like in the distant future?

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    A look at the future evolution of humans and what they may look like in 5,000, 10,000 or even 100,000 years, assuming humans still exist that far in the future. Will humans evolve into superhumans or into Vogons? This list will outline seven major changes we can expect to see over the next hundred thousand years – if civilization continues along the same path it treads today.

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  • southsidesman
    southsidesman 3 minutes ago


  • southsidesman
    southsidesman 9 minutes ago

    WHO THE FREAK WANTS TO BE 115 FEET TALL?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Antonio
    James Antonio 40 minutes ago

    Goblins will do the dirty work, lmao!

  • James Antonio
    James Antonio 44 minutes ago

    humans will deplete all natural resources and live off the sun, woe to the pale skin.

  • James Antonio
    James Antonio 51 minute ago

    White people will become pig like creatures due to the consumption of pork. "you are what you eat"

  • ThatMusic Freak00
    ThatMusic Freak00 4 hours ago

    I can't watch this anymore... I'm to scared.

  • RKD Ram
    RKD Ram 7 hours ago

    Humans evolve for suttable things, we got to where we are because of survival

  • RKD Ram
    RKD Ram 7 hours ago

    We need toes for balance lol

  • Wobbly
    Wobbly 7 hours ago

    We won't evolve. Humans are sheltered so natural selection doesn't occur. Idiot...

  • Lionberth
    Lionberth 7 hours ago

    LMAO THIS IS BULLSHIT . ITS AMAZING TO SEE IN THE COMMENTS HOW ALL THE SHEEPLE BUY THIS EVOLUTION BULLSHIT. TO MY AWAKEN FELLOWS, ISNT IT FRUSTRATING? Just to see how many sheeple fall for this shit. When it has never ever been proven, here's where the "Alien" Deception comes to play. Wake up sheeple look up " Evolution is A Freemasonic Deception"
    God is more Real than u could ever be...

  • Sätz XèÑé
    Sätz XèÑé 8 hours ago

    No slim evolution. Infact humans will evolve ripped and muscular in 50,000 years. Hair will fall off men's head. We all will get sixth finger in hands and our toes remains the same only with 3 or 4 fingers not less. Head will get elongated and eyes will get biger and capable of viewing things which are currently invisible. Skin tone will not be an issue.

  • Alaa Zingi
    Alaa Zingi 9 hours ago

    What if demons were real and had war against us

  • Alaa Zingi
    Alaa Zingi 9 hours ago

    What if tw travel was possible

  • Alaa Zingi
    Alaa Zingi 9 hours ago

    What if fairy tales were all real

  • William Thomas
    William Thomas 11 hours ago

    We gonna be big blobs of energy

  • Marmalade 891
    Marmalade 891 13 hours ago

    well could we ever get tails is it possible? <:[

  • Syper_RBLX
    Syper_RBLX 14 hours ago

    We need to be level 5000 to evolve
    While magikarp needs level 10000 to evolve

  • J Unicorn
    J Unicorn 16 hours ago

    This is basically me, have I evolved already? Lmao

  • E C762
    E C762 16 hours ago

    Fuck you 1488 bitches

  • Brianna Brodie
    Brianna Brodie 16 hours ago

    9:32 Tag urself I'm the goblin

  • Eric Harris
    Eric Harris 22 hours ago

    2017: Did you assume my gender?
    102,017: Did you just assume my species?

  • Chris Cullen
    Chris Cullen 1 day ago

    I look like that guy now. Does that mean I'm ahead of my time ?

  • Uriah Dudai
    Uriah Dudai 1 day ago

    What if anime was created resembling future humans, I mean look at those eyes lel

  • KingFury
    KingFury 1 day ago

    If i wind up like that fucking creature in the thumbnail then i dont even fucking know what the hell happened to society... *cough jake paul *cough

  • Jie Zeng
    Jie Zeng 1 day ago

    2:00 ewwww, that one toed foot looked kinda disgusting...

  • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller 1 day ago

    evolution is a lie to hide god your creator, so you wont seek his son. or ever believe in your devine being. jesus loves you and so do i

  • Juanita Balanza
    Juanita Balanza 1 day ago

    Fatter boneless

  • Juanita Balanza
    Juanita Balanza 1 day ago

    No no the brain will become smaller

  • Mune Mune
    Mune Mune 1 day ago

    You just described an alien.

  • Matthew Reese
    Matthew Reese 1 day ago

    Ima be dead by 2100 :/ there is no proof this video is legit

  • miitula kana
    miitula kana 1 day ago

    😨 looks like a aliens 😨

  • miitula kana
    miitula kana 1 day ago

    so... we'll see 100 000 years later😞

  • Ryan Hogan
    Ryan Hogan 1 day ago

    wait since im blue eyed does that make me a mutant

  • Laura Jordan
    Laura Jordan 1 day ago

    3:02 creepy

  • Gary Ryan
    Gary Ryan 1 day ago +1

    i came here for a laugh, lol

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson 1 day ago

    I imagine if humans evolved into so called like animal hunters we would eather be up right and fast runners able to grab prey or at least have claws to grip it or we would have a major spinal structur leading us to be in a more hunched over perspective with possible tails? I think but I would think sharp tasty and a longer skull able to tear meat and long arms and legs each with claws and fur or hair on us so more of a man wolf I guess?

  • autisti nisti
    autisti nisti 1 day ago

    If some one have been founded giant skeletons its pretty sure (thid is what i think) abaut they are just skeletons of future humans and world just reset himself all of the time this world can be a second its just my theory :)

  • Frank Mueller
    Frank Mueller 1 day ago

    I can go along with (though with hesitancy on some of them) these hypothesis', all that is except the kast one; Race. Race is more than social construct, because it is the result of different groups living under varying Survival regimines over hundreds, if not thousands of generations. If mankind remains Earthbound and globally conected, then yes, we will intermix and live underrhe same natural selection regimine and over time become one "Race". However, if mankind has another civilizational collapse, as in the 3rd & 4th centuries, and we are again separated geographically, or if we instead reach the heightd to which we seem to aspire, the planets, and then the Stars, human groups with find themselves separated into groups divided by natural selectors of a magnitude never before seen. Ifman becomes an interstellar species, oir races will
    fracture into a thousand thousand groups so diverse that we may indeed become different species. Some will adapt to high or low gravity, others to breath different atmospheres. Who knows how different we will become from one another. Hell, some of the great minds of today are already talking of merging man and machine. What 'Race' is that?

  • Clint Schildhauer
    Clint Schildhauer 1 day ago

    Why do aliens hide so much? Whats the problem?

  • Avakado Bear
    Avakado Bear 1 day ago

    So we will basically be the standard alien figure

  • Lux The Dopestar
    Lux The Dopestar 1 day ago

    you expect people to believe that if youre a balding male, youre more evolved?

  • AkaRed
    AkaRed 1 day ago

    Bigger eyes, foreheads and brains, longer fingers, smaller lips, slender bodies, possibility of colonizing other planets.
    These aliens could very well be our future descendants, coming back and studying us. That's very interesting.
    For some reason, Childhood's End and Arrival came to my mind.

  • Potato
    Potato 1 day ago

    If people watch this thousands of years in the future they will just think that we're ugly lol 😎

  • michel riviere
    michel riviere 2 days ago

    tu dis que l'espèce se divisera en deux classes d'humains, d'un côté ceux qui domineront et qui seront grands et beaux, de l'autre côté des humains subalternes, petits et laids. C'est une ânerie, parce que les seuls esclaves qu'il y aura dans le futur seront des machines robots.
    Tu dates le pouce opposable à l'homo habilis: encore une ânerie: les singes ont déjà le pouce opposable..

  • Сергий Тихомиров

    So, we will all turn into Vortigaunts.

  • Friendly Noodle
    Friendly Noodle 2 days ago

    Arent i glad im living in this time

  • Stavros Chaniotis
    Stavros Chaniotis 2 days ago

    Those references though...

  • Nicolas Jackson
    Nicolas Jackson 2 days ago

    the one about there being one race in the future i find to be totally ridiculas because you havent taken into account the importance of culture and language when choosing a mate, a man from peru is much much more likely to have a wife who speaks spanish and comes from latin america if not peru and a white woman from america is much more likely to have kids with another white american man than a man from somalia who has many values and beliefs that are antithetical to an american womans values and beliefs even if there is a big influx of somalians the number of mixed children will be low somalians who speak somali and share the same religion and culture are much much more likely to have kids with a somali than not

  • Neiluss byla
    Neiluss byla 2 days ago

    This whole video is just a depiction of the stereotypical Alien

  • Neiluss byla
    Neiluss byla 2 days ago

    Losing muscle mass? But the perfect body in today's world is muscular and a lot of humans work out, so the use for muscles is even more frequent some times as it's so easy to use machinery to achieve the perfect body. Idk about that one. Women usually idealise a man who's stronger.

  • Sp1ke 6504
    Sp1ke 6504 2 days ago

    Future humans will see this video and laugh at it.

  • Glitch in the system

    This video is not correct we Do not look like this will some of them are hands, heights and skin color and robotic arms and Mars didn't became a planet and you increase your dick by jerking off

  • Amy Mcphee
    Amy Mcphee 2 days ago

    not too sure about this seems too me everyone is getting fatter😂

  • Amy Mcphee
    Amy Mcphee 2 days ago

    not too sure about this seems too me everyone is getting fatter😂

  • Dalton Miller
    Dalton Miller 2 days ago

    What if aliens are just our future selves, traveling through time and watching us evolve into them, waiting for us to become intelligently and emotionally ready for them to come down and tell us that we need to stop the consumption of processed material and chemically altered GMOs, we need to stop altering DNA and creating mutations in other species and ourselves, we need to stop hating each other, for one day we may all look alike, we need to stop polluting our planet with chemicals that we will soon breathe, we must stop passing on our defective genes, for soon all of humanity will be weak, and most of all, we must contact our future descendants so that they may tell us why they're *really* here.
    Cuz I honestly have no clue. lol

  • ThePainkiller347
    ThePainkiller347 2 days ago

    What the shit I have just seen? Enough youtube for today, my brain must have decreased size already.

  • Kimmie Lame
    Kimmie Lame 2 days ago

    Did we evolve from apes wow... Hold on there's still apes around

  • BogdanSrb
    BogdanSrb 2 days ago

    we may be a simluation of a simulation in a simulation of a si.ulation in a simulation of a simulation....(endless simulations) the possibilites are endless,if we are a simulation,theres a chance the ones who are simulating us are too

  • Carl T
    Carl T 2 days ago

    We didn't evolve. We were intelligently designed.

  • Kittybell 128
    Kittybell 128 2 days ago

    Ok y'all if evolution is real then who made the first living thing? Can't be dirt or something like that... yall god made us thousands of years ago and they looked exactly like us! But I have heard people might get taller as the years go by

  • Ash Dark
    Ash Dark 2 days ago

    Imagine you opened you're front door and said "what a great day" while looking up and then looking down you saw one off these things and it ran away a truck driver bumped it and it crashed,and it exploded and you see 20 of those creatures run out you caught that on video and you show it to you're best friend and he transforms into that creature.

  • Aaron Mendoza
    Aaron Mendoza 2 days ago

    I just wanna say a few things. Charles Darwin is rolling in his grave right now. Evolution is based on survival of the fittest meaning that we need Prole to die in order to evolve. That way the weak genetic coda is ruled out and we get stronger humans when we mate cuz now there's less weak DNA

  • István Sipos
    István Sipos 2 days ago

    evolution does not work that way. it is the survival of the fittest, meaning that a more fit individual, better adapted to the environment, will produce more offsprings than the less fit ones. with many changes mentioned in this video, this won't be the case. If my fingers are a bit longer than yours, my evoulutionary success (the number of my offsprings reaching reproductive age) won't be higher than yours. And success does not necessarily mean more offsprings. Top athletes, brilliant inventors, succcessful politicians, e.t.c usually don't have more children than the average dudes. I wont have more babies just because I can use a keyboard a tiny bit faster. Nature is cruel, un-white polar bears f.e. would be pretty much doomed. To survive there, they have too be white, they evolved to be white, all the other colours have been eliminated from the gene pool. Our artificial environment is different, it provides us many ways to be succesfull. Even if my extra long fingers give me an edge in typing, my children will probably do something completely different for a living, so the tiny edge inherited from me wont help them at all. And their chance to have their own babies won't be any smaller if they somehow don't inherit my longer fingers. This way, the evolution of longer and longer fingers can never happen. It would require many generations, each benefiting from those longer and longer fingers, spreading the gene of longfingeredness. But the spreading of genes is only possible if individulas with the gene produce more offsprings than those lacking the gene, which (as mentioned above) is not the case in an artificial environment.

  • Bick Leigh
    Bick Leigh 2 days ago

    WTF are "teeths" ( 4:48 ) . With education producing gems like that, I would suggest we are devolving... rapidly. For f*cks sake get a proper education or a better proof reader.

  • Michael Hartmann
    Michael Hartmann 2 days ago

    Put more effort in your videos

  • Osiel Salazar
    Osiel Salazar 2 days ago

    oh shit were turning into aliens

  • Zane Powell
    Zane Powell 2 days ago

    I don't think our eyes will get bigger bacuase of computers. Computers will be obsolete before that happens

  • Stultus
    Stultus 2 days ago

    If humans end up looking like these freaks of nature we don't deserve to exist.

  • Silver060
    Silver060 2 days ago

    You idiot, you have no idea how evolution works.

  • PS Clan It's Trxds Zabair

    I hope this is fake

  • Shane Thompson
    Shane Thompson 3 days ago

    Really interesting but I'd prefer if this video was narrated. Not that i dont mind doing some reading. I just usually watch youtube while im doing stuff like study or house work

  • ZFlyingVLover
    ZFlyingVLover 3 days ago

    Yeah. The 'elite' will be machines and the goblins will be humans

  • Fook You
    Fook You 3 days ago

    big foreheads, big eyes, slim bodies, so you're telling me we're gonna start looking like aliens?

  • Emily Weibley
    Emily Weibley 3 days ago

    2:55 Snapchat filter XD

  • z3rockz
    z3rockz 3 days ago

    In the near future, all humans are dead. Questions?

  • Alba Hernández
    Alba Hernández 3 days ago

    Dude... that's not how evolution works.

  • Chloe Potato
    Chloe Potato 3 days ago

    The thumbnail was Graham, the human MADE to survive car crashes

  • Mike Xiong
    Mike Xiong 3 days ago

    So you telling me the reason I'm short is because of food shortage??? Welp that solves it and why do we look like Roger from American dad

  • Gold Automaton
    Gold Automaton 3 days ago

    haha wtf cant even predict the weather for tomorrow morning

  • Mr.harry pickle
    Mr.harry pickle 3 days ago


  • Lordonrav1
    Lordonrav1 3 days ago

    lol the aliens are humans theory has been done already u have anything more concrete.

  • Swifigames
    Swifigames 3 days ago

    So let me get this straight...
    There is a rather large group of people who conclude that aliens are actually humans from the future, we just look interestingly different.
    And after watching this video on the 7 Next Steps in Human Evolution how far fetched could that truly be?
    Imagine the entirety of the space-time grid is like a series of Polaroids. You can flip back through the images which have become etched onto the fabric of space itself from exotic chemical reactions as we fly 67,000 mph through the space grid, allowing us to revisit past memories simply by retracing our steps (course) in space.

  • It's Raid
    It's Raid 4 days ago

    Humans are going to turn into dirt in the future....

  • Abdulrazzaq Bakeer
    Abdulrazzaq Bakeer 4 days ago

    thats bullshit

  • Hamsty Gaming
    Hamsty Gaming 4 days ago

    So the whole point of this video is that how the human race is changing into some weird alien type thing.

  • WarFare XD
    WarFare XD 4 days ago

    So basically,Slenderman is not a demon,but a human from the future?

  • Koettnylle
    Koettnylle 4 days ago

    I call broscience

  • canal simple sin nombre random chanel

    Damn, the future is awfull...

  • Beep Beep I'm A Sheep


  • Arduenn Schwartzman
    Arduenn Schwartzman 4 days ago

    Speculative and ridiculous assertions by someone who did not pay attention in biology class

  • Archaic
    Archaic 4 days ago

    no hair OMG
    more height YES! YES! YES!

    NO SIX PACK/ MUSCLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL WTF DONT WANT TO EVEOLVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Giglepie Zon0
    Giglepie Zon0 4 days ago

    I hope I don't turn in to this shitty race. I what to be tall, maskulent, and have a head of long thick hair.

  • Grammar Pepe
    Grammar Pepe 4 days ago

    When we depict aliens we think of ourselves but evolved.

  • Jaye Batista
    Jaye Batista 4 days ago

    We're turning into Alien Greys!!!! 🤔

  • Bleu Cat
    Bleu Cat 4 days ago

    Are we gonna turn into little South Park aliens in 1000s of years from now???

  • Louis Molina
    Louis Molina 4 days ago

    Name of the song?

  • danny luttrell
    danny luttrell 4 days ago

    We already know what Human will look like in the future. Go to New York City look at the people there they look like no Human Species you ever seen. They mix races so much there its impossible know what they are.

  • Planetary rasengan barrage!

    Honestly I thought we would fat asf and use magnetism to keep chairs floating around for us so we would have to move.(wall E)

  • Planetary rasengan barrage!

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  • Bishop Havel
    Bishop Havel 4 days ago

    song name??
    can't find it anywhere and I searched the name in description, but no dice

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