★ Police VS Moto - Police CHASE Motorcycle Cops Riding WHEELIES - Compilation

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  • pelle olhin
    pelle olhin 14 days ago

    what is the name of the song at 6:05 ?

  • Frédéric LEFRANCQ
    Frédéric LEFRANCQ 19 days ago

    Stuntriding is just for motherfuckers ....

  • nlo114
    nlo114 Month ago

    Cupid Stunts.

  • Atlantics
    Atlantics Month ago

    Lets say it together! ACAB

  • flash security
    flash security Month ago

    2:08 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shouib Khan
    Shouib Khan Month ago


    ARCHERY61 Month ago

    Stunt driving is not a crime infringement on our freedom is

  • Erika Design
    Erika Design Month ago

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  • Sniper Systems Inc
    Sniper Systems Inc Month ago

    Pigs running them over hope they die

  • Geralda Silva
    Geralda Silva Month ago +1

    os cara é lokkooo kkkkk ✌✌✌

  • Les Ramirez
    Les Ramirez Month ago

    Lol the guy on the scooter 🛵 was like where are my torques ??

  • Jaap Van Den Berg
    Jaap Van Den Berg Month ago

    jullie geven je eigen ras een hele slechte naam!!!

  • fucker 250
    fucker 250 Month ago

    Fuck Israel

  • Naufal Hana
    Naufal Hana Month ago

    mampus lo

  • Grizz
    Grizz 2 months ago

    Lol, stunting on public roads most definitely is a crime. And this is coming from someone who rides every day-weather permitting.

  • TheLimalha
    TheLimalha 2 months ago

    jail to all those stupid guys !!!!!!!!!!

  • mark faith
    mark faith 2 months ago

    Running over stunt riders is not illegal either. CRASH AND DIE

  • Fernando Wolff
    Fernando Wolff 2 months ago

    policías hijos de putas

  • Zeeshan Sumbad
    Zeeshan Sumbad 2 months ago

    which bike or filter sound is that on 9:5

  • chase k
    chase k 2 months ago

    i will pay someone for the song at 5:55

  • Ayodeji Ogunode
    Ayodeji Ogunode 2 months ago

    "He didn't hit the highway" had me rolling. Really? hahahahahaha

  • Michel P
    Michel P 3 months ago


  • kenn villegas
    kenn villegas 3 months ago +1

    Maybe the dislikers are the cops

  • Andreas Hosang
    Andreas Hosang 3 months ago


  • Nor Lela
    Nor Lela 3 months ago


  • Nor Lela
    Nor Lela 3 months ago


  • giacomo agazzi
    giacomo agazzi 3 months ago

    to all of you in the chat, please: FLAG THIS VIDEO, if not THIS WHOLE CHANNEL

  • giacomo agazzi
    giacomo agazzi 3 months ago

    aand in the end... the absolute WRONG advice... Stunt riding on public roads IS a crime... Idiots. Why does this channel still exist?! as a Motorcyclist I hope someone puts you down, just because of that message and all this glorification of dangerous situations and committing crimes in general. consider yourself flagged as minimum, you're welcome

  • Patrizio Deka
    Patrizio Deka 3 months ago

    4:00 High quality speed chase! So intense!

  • capespring
    capespring 3 months ago

    3:26 chasing the pizza guy in GTA Vice City except this time you don't murder him

  • matt foley666
    matt foley666 3 months ago

    I'm sorry I let my 2 babies down...nigga plz

  • rocco
    rocco 3 months ago +1

    fuckin niggers

  • Personne
    Personne 4 months ago

    nan mais a un moment faut arrêter... je veut bien des mecs qui vivent leur passion : le stunt mais faut pas chercher la merde avec les flics

  • april pohlman
    april pohlman 4 months ago

    We gonna stand on the seat,run ery stop sign,get hit by a truck then sew the truck driver,we gangsta

  • Stefanos Galouzis
    Stefanos Galouzis 4 months ago


  • andermaite eh
    andermaite eh 4 months ago


  • Socialist Hater
    Socialist Hater 4 months ago

    can't stand these large groups of thugs riding at 6.00 mins just think as usual they can do what the fck they like

  • sporto100
    sporto100 4 months ago

    same 4 vids just played over and over.  waste of time

  • philippe herman
    philippe herman 4 months ago

    de politie stond erbij en keek ernaar

  • Alexander Grover
    Alexander Grover 4 months ago

    Song at 5:55 PLEASE!!!

  • les yeux a tk78
    les yeux a tk78 4 months ago


  • floky rode
    floky rode 4 months ago


  • DrOcadiz
    DrOcadiz 4 months ago

    Stuntriding actually IT IS A CRIME you idiot!

  • seattwa
    seattwa 4 months ago

    I'm sorry I disappointed my family by acting like a dick head. This is why police cruisers carry shotguns.

  • Макс Мотов
    Макс Мотов 4 months ago

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  • Vale Rossi
    Vale Rossi 4 months ago

    la policía en todo el mundo entero son unas perros hijos de puta

  • Hasan Huseyin ALBOSTAN
    Hasan Huseyin ALBOSTAN 5 months ago


  • Fanch_prk Prk
    Fanch_prk Prk 5 months ago

    musique à 6min43

  • Michael Batista
    Michael Batista 5 months ago


  • DMM
    DMM 5 months ago

    Come on my channel)) Bikers are all here!)

  • rai yesh
    rai yesh 5 months ago

    rider are those who do stunt but never gets caught to police which I ever do everyday.

  • Jean-Claude Thomias
    Jean-Claude Thomias 5 months ago

    cool avec le monde extérieur.

  • Ton Pere Le Chauve
    Ton Pere Le Chauve 5 months ago


  • ashley
    ashley 5 months ago


  • Diego Latour
    Diego Latour 5 months ago

    Cops fakiou

  • Will C.
    Will C. 5 months ago

    good editing

  • Viết's Hạnh's
    Viết's Hạnh's 5 months ago

    i like biker môt

  • Ludovik Taristass
    Ludovik Taristass 5 months ago


  • mark francis
    mark francis 5 months ago

    crotch rocket pole smokers give real bikers a bad rep

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    vivian tham 6 months ago

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  • Mo Jo
    Mo Jo 6 months ago

    Complete arse holes

  • Wesh Gros
    Wesh Gros 6 months ago


  • عبيد الرفيعي

    What is the name of the song originally called

  • Yanis Plouzennec
    Yanis Plouzennec 6 months ago


  • Kleiner Skater
    Kleiner Skater 6 months ago


  • Top 5
    Top 5 6 months ago


  • Chris M.h
    Chris M.h 6 months ago


  • Zarlox
    Zarlox 6 months ago


  • Louis Colin
    Louis Colin 6 months ago

    Vener voir ma chaine

  • manaci manaci
    manaci manaci 6 months ago

    top quand c'est fait dans les régles

  • Yassine Tidjani
    Yassine Tidjani 6 months ago


  • Zasher ヅ
    Zasher ヅ 6 months ago


  • first Gaming
    first Gaming 6 months ago


  • Mamadoux Keita
    Mamadoux Keita 6 months ago


  • Quentcraft91 Astcraft91


  • Le Guitariste Rocker
    Le Guitariste Rocker 6 months ago


  • Tony Hodey
    Tony Hodey 6 months ago


  • Bruce Knight
    Bruce Knight 6 months ago


  • X_ Foxy
    X_ Foxy 6 months ago


  • tanguy Le gamer
    tanguy Le gamer 7 months ago

    Ltd thug life

  • les trones de fer
    les trones de fer 7 months ago

    X CV xcwjhjwb visiter

  • David Coronel
    David Coronel 7 months ago

    Buen video

  • Love kills
    Love kills 7 months ago +3

    fuck black people not helmet!!!!! fuck

  • Solidsince76
    Solidsince76 7 months ago +3

    6:57 maddest cunt ever lol.. where is this?

  • math 972
    math 972 7 months ago


  • Vas sjous
    Vas sjous 7 months ago

    he didnt hit the highway ..haha stupid american

  • Gregory Fer
    Gregory Fer 7 months ago

    ahahah the last guy killed it

  • Bandit Bamskiy 116
    Bandit Bamskiy 116 7 months ago

    Fack Traump

  • SuperTiPapoute
    SuperTiPapoute 7 months ago

    Kill the bikers !

  • Eric Leboit
    Eric Leboit 7 months ago


  • Jose L. Ponce
    Jose L. Ponce 7 months ago


  • Bertrand Luc
    Bertrand Luc 7 months ago

    hi,with trump you can't playing :(

  • RaseGameplays
    RaseGameplays 7 months ago


  • Épouvantail en crampons

    its a "bitchclick! in French une "pute á click! , its a fuking montage about the picture. Copsbikers will never do that. stupid

  • Thomas Bouin
    Thomas Bouin 7 months ago


  • Rio Indra Laksmana
    Rio Indra Laksmana 7 months ago

    polisi ikuk

    TOP SKYZ 7 months ago


  • Ian Millar
    Ian Millar 7 months ago +3

    Stunt riding on a road is. I'm a biker and have enjoyed riding for thirty five years. These wankers ruin it for everyone else, Just ram them all, more air for us law o-biding citizens.

  • Cyprien d'Ardhuy
    Cyprien d'Ardhuy 7 months ago

    who sing at 6:54?

  • bruce kazakos
    bruce kazakos 8 months ago

    Like the song says. Got the coppers on my tail just for me an A.P.B. The sirens spinnin,Though it`s me who`s winnin,they`re after me.

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