Bill Maher Loses His Cool with Piers Morgan - Feb 10, 2017 | RealTime

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  • Bill Maher and Piers Morgan exchange jabs during heated debate over Donald Trump. This occurred on Fridays episode (ep 414) of Real Time with Bill Maher. Who do you think won during this rather contentious argument? Bill or Morgan?
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  • You Are Wrong
    You Are Wrong 9 minutes ago

    Lol at this guy's jacket. Also, who would have thought I'd ever think Piers Morgan would be the sane one.

  • Jillian Michelle
    Jillian Michelle 1 hour ago

    "You're wrong. My charts say you're wrong"

  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 hours ago

    Bill Maher:'you're so.. British' after Piers says everyone needs to calm down and take a chill pill, nice bit of casual racism mate.

  • Rainbow Go Go Boots
    Rainbow Go Go Boots 6 hours ago

    Please please do not call that British

  • James Musk
    James Musk 11 hours ago

    Piers Morgan is a blown up hypocritical dirtbag who embarrasses the English 😠😆

  • Andrey Romanyuk
    Andrey Romanyuk 11 hours ago

    Wtf. People like Bill Maher incourage war and comotion. Wouldn't you want the two biggest world powers who already run the world (Russia and U.S.A) working together?! Soooooo much can be accomplished.

  • Andrew Gutierrez
    Andrew Gutierrez 12 hours ago

    If you think violent crime is at the lowest go take a walk around Chicago and give me a call when you come back if you do.....

  • Daniel's Speed and Performance

    Billy boy you're are Beyond delusional if anything psychotic. Billy you need to be placed in a mental institution with some serious serious psychological help. May God have mercy on your soul.

  • Kelly0518able
    Kelly0518able 1 day ago

    OMG! Putin is a brutal leader?!?! Seriously?!? Sharing with Russia?!? The Dems are winning?!?! Bitch are you outta your FRIKKIN mind?!?!

  • Colin Keiser
    Colin Keiser 1 day ago

    this is rare for me, I agree with Piers Morgan, it's also rare for him to make sense

  • Swagster Pro99
    Swagster Pro99 1 day ago +1

    I'm usually not a fan of piers but in this video he's dead on the money. Bills so desperate to hate on trump (which yes he probably still deserves) that he fails to realise he's not helping the situation by refusing to acknowledge the many flaws of many of these left extremists and people making comments like it's time to revolt isn't helping.

  • Juan Tarrats
    Juan Tarrats 1 day ago

    Trunmp is not perfect , but rather him in office than Hilary . I think she would have gotten us into a war with Russians as soon as she got elected just to prove she's as strong as a Male president. U may not like what I am saying but u know it's true. Peace all

  • Ryan Lundgren
    Ryan Lundgren 1 day ago

    Never thought I would say this but thank you so much pierce Morgan for saying the truth!

  • ShadowSlasher61
    ShadowSlasher61 1 day ago

    Is Bill functionally retarded to not listen to what Piers said XD

  • Condused
    Condused 2 days ago

    There needs to be more debating in this country. Every high schooler should be being taught it.

  • King Kali
    King Kali 2 days ago

    She was getting ignored like a mf

  • Brad Vaughn
    Brad Vaughn 2 days ago

    Has any one noticed Bill Marr , sounds a lot like Tom Bergeron on AFV!

  • Landon Warsmith
    Landon Warsmith 2 days ago

    Trump sucks at talking and you kids are all flipping out like children. Its not a big deal, at least his policys are good. Who cares how he talks

  • Marc R
    Marc R 3 days ago

    When Piers Morgan makes you look like an incoherent lunatic it's about as low as you can get. #rockbottom

  • TheNitroG1
    TheNitroG1 3 days ago

    how the hell did i end up agreeing with piers morgan...

  • oldguy85308
    oldguy85308 3 days ago

    No Bill. It only weens that YOU are a AseA! Weans You a suck it!

  • rb9888
    rb9888 3 days ago

    no principles? what an idiot. republicans can't agree with chomsky when he's right?
    maher is a complete moron..

  • We Are Saints
    We Are Saints 4 days ago

    Fuckin elitists

  • Mattersonify
    Mattersonify 4 days ago

    Fuck Piers! And fuck that gangly hunger games looking douche!

  • David Martin
    David Martin 5 days ago

    Bill Maher is a narcissistic moron, biased and deluded

  • Johan Van Der Heide
    Johan Van Der Heide 5 days ago

    Look at them all go at Piers like oh no he disagrees with us! Get him! xD Not that i like piers tho.. I guess he just had a great day or something.

  • TheaterPup
    TheaterPup 5 days ago

    Piers Morgan or Bill Maher....What a choice...

  • TheaterPup
    TheaterPup 5 days ago

    Miss you, Fredo!

  • kevin charbonneau
    kevin charbonneau 6 days ago

    double speak: you ask "why?"
    we answer: "why not?"...the "truth" is very clear to us..

  • Vancrooner
    Vancrooner 6 days ago

    Bill Maher is so full of shit. Piers points out an evil war with millions of lives lost and Bill freaks because he can"t handle truth up against his sick agenda to take down Trump with generalities of nothingness. Who is paying him under the table for his bullshit?

  • David Gee
    David Gee 6 days ago

    It is not working! U ppl are idiots with the idiots below. Now WE resist U!!

  • OldskolFan
    OldskolFan 7 days ago

    The idiots that agree with Piers! "Oh 4 Fuc's sake!" Must be Trump supporters!

  • Adrian Barnard
    Adrian Barnard 8 days ago

    nobody sane wants a Bush back in the Whitehouse. He bombed the Twin towers

  • Greatnewhope
    Greatnewhope 8 days ago

    I generally thing Piers Morgan is a wanker, but I have to say that in this clip I agree with most of what he said. As much as it was hard to hear, the points he was making were not incorrect.

  • Chris Autumn
    Chris Autumn 8 days ago

    Wtf!? Can anybody let the woman say one sentence without interrupting her?

  • snowflakesafespace
    snowflakesafespace 9 days ago

    I'm a trump supporter and that was hilarious.

  • Mr Tubes
    Mr Tubes 9 days ago

    Bill Maher is a pretentious narrow-minded moron who can never entertain himself ever being wrong about anything.

  • worldcitizenB
    worldcitizenB 9 days ago

    No wonder even the British don't like Piers Morgan!

  • mosipd
    mosipd 9 days ago

    The world truly has turned upside down when I find myself agreeing with Piers Morgan. Bill Maher is a hardliner that only views these issues in terms of I'm either right or wrong, and we all know he can't be wrong. So it's not about viewing it rationally or looking at the sensible, it's about the perception of being right and not losing face.

  • thomas the meme
    thomas the meme 9 days ago

    I think this is the first thing I have ever agreed with Piers Morgan on, and disagreed with Bill Maher on.

    I think I might have brain AIDS. Either that or Piers passed his on to Bill and somehow was miraculously cured.

  • John Magne Trane
    John Magne Trane 9 days ago

    Oh god this is snarky.

  • Trey Mackey
    Trey Mackey 9 days ago

    Is it still working??

  • PurpleReign
    PurpleReign 9 days ago

    I love Waters up there just trolling to the max.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 days ago

    Fun Fact, did you know that "Ghoul" is an arabic word?

  • Bill Al
    Bill Al 10 days ago

    Piers is right. These liberals don't understand that "we're not Trump" is not a message that is winning. Look at the last four special elections. They can get as mad and high and mighty as they want BUT unless the Democrats get a message that appeals to the average middle, working and lower classes other than 1) We're not Trump and 2) Russia, Russia, Russia - they are going to continue to lose and 2018 will see them further shrink their numbers in Congress and the states. I'm referring to the Rust Belt, the midwest, the plain states and the rockies. The sourh is hopelessly Republican.

  • Matthew Arsenault
    Matthew Arsenault 10 days ago

    I love Bill Maher but the British guys making more sense today

  • James Emery
    James Emery 10 days ago

    Piers Moron.. What an idiot

  • Joshua Chandler
    Joshua Chandler 10 days ago

    I generally agree with Bill and I really don't like Piers.
    But this time Piers makes a lot of sense and Bill (along with the otters) come across as being hysterical.
    Dear God in what world is Piers Morgan the voice of reason?

  • Wally Gator
    Wally Gator 10 days ago

    Are you kidding?, the entire MSM, along with every late show has been putting up crazy shit for the last year. Why is it that lefties always piss and moan about the same shit they do, all the time. Let's face it, if you're an ideologue, chances are you're somewhat crazy to begin with, and Bill Maher is most definitely a leftwing ideologue, whose best characteristic is getting laughs with sarcasm, but it's very ineffective when it comes to changing people's minds. If you want to live in a bubble in which anyone who's not a leftwinger is somehow stupid, go for it, but there's a lot of people who think that's just as stupid.

    You leftwingers just need to relax and give someone else a turn. Half the country is sick to their back teeth of being under the thumb of stupid liberals for the last 8 years or more. Conservatives don't want to rule over you, we just want the constant barrage of idiocy to stop.

  • Nice Going
    Nice Going 10 days ago

    It's like watching the class retard and the homeless man across the street from school try to have a political argument

  • Frankie Rosado
    Frankie Rosado 10 days ago

    Please forgive Bill Maher, He sucked a black cock and never went back. Another very ANGRY NON RELIGIOUS JEW.

  • 216trixie
    216trixie 10 days ago

    'Look at the last 2 yrs Bill'. That's not how you read a graph. This is the reason so many of you are duped into thinking climate change isn't real or important. lol

  • 216trixie
    216trixie 10 days ago

    Wow. I must have fallen into the far -right pool of the internet. Maher was the loser here?? Lol. Morgan is an idiot.

  • iducatifan1
    iducatifan1 10 days ago

    Bill maher is behaving like a petulant child

  • iducatifan1
    iducatifan1 10 days ago

    I hate Piers but I agree with him.

  • Neelima Pradhan
    Neelima Pradhan 10 days ago

    Pierce Morgan = George Carline

  • Vladimir Isokov
    Vladimir Isokov 11 days ago

    I never thought that I would agree with Piers Morgan.

    The democrats cannot behave like children and expect to be viewed as superior or even more mature than Trump supporters, who in the hypothetical scenario that Trump lost would have behaved in a childish way (which we will never know if that prediction is true unless he loses in 2020.)

    The black lady is wrong, the Democrat's victory in the Supreme Court over one Executive Order is in no way indicative that hysteria is working.

    If hysteria is working, then please explain to me why Democrats have lost hundreds of public office elections at the local, state and national levels. If it is working, please explain why intellectuals such as Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, and dare I say it Maher himself who is not an intellectual, all denounce the regressive left and their child-like behavior.

    Sam Harris while on the Rubin Report, even questioned whether he can still consider himself left-wing now, not because of a change in his opinions or values, but because of the debate over whether the left really supports and defends the values of free speech and freedom of opinion.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 11 days ago

    Piers is an idiot.. but hes right on this one

  • Diamond Mind
    Diamond Mind 11 days ago

    Piers is a twat.

  • Manharjot Singh
    Manharjot Singh 11 days ago +1

    Wow, I really dislike Piers Morgan, but this video actually gives me a new found respect for him. Kudos to him for cutting through the bullshit. Every party needs more introspective voices to drown out the hysteria media/politics has become.

  • The Carstard
    The Carstard 11 days ago

    Yeah, I hate Piers; but Maher is just angry he went off the pro Democratic script. Piers in the right here, for once.

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris 12 days ago

    Why do I feel myself agreeing with Piers?

  • Ryan Kelley
    Ryan Kelley 12 days ago

    Piers Morgan sounds like a Republican because he's trying to have a logical debate? You're right, he must be a Republican.

    I used to respect Maher, but now he's becoming the same anti-religion, feminist, beta-male, irrational, populist. The type that has ruined the democrats. All he is, to me, is another person trying to ruin free speech, separate our society even further with constant outrage and victimization, shutdown logical dialogue, playing to the masses by tossing them anything they want. Justifying victimization, creating .a tangled web of laws to arbitrarily force equality at the expense of equity. Just like every bait-and-switch socialist country, you give the government too much power and you create a miserable, equally poor 99%, with all the wealth trapped in the corrupt ruling class; human rights abuses and despotism. Socialism enacted by leftist populists:

    Socialist Hungary
    and so on and so on...All of the places nobody in their right mind wants to live.

    Free markets and less laws: 1992 USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, modern Germany, Austria, Luxembourg. Essentially all of the places everyone wants to live...

  • Irishhaf
    Irishhaf 12 days ago

    How crazy do you have to be to have Piers Morgan come off as reasonable and calm.

  • Phillythekid86
    Phillythekid86 12 days ago

    What is this, strawman tennis? Well, if that was an olympic discipline, Piers Morgan would be my pick for gold medalist from what I've seen from him. What a dishonest regressive bag of cunt.

  • Ted Heavy
    Ted Heavy 12 days ago

    so-called judge because he was trying to limit the powers the president was given by the congress and obama did the same thing and they did nothing. He was saying you would blame the judge and the court if one of the refugees the judge by ruling allowed in blew someone up how are either of those things crazy. The first two and you are wrong I refuse to watch this drivel.

  • MyOtherNewName
    MyOtherNewName 12 days ago

    You go Piers! Bill is a one sided idiot

  • Harsh Bhavsar
    Harsh Bhavsar 12 days ago

    when did piers morgan gained all this wisdom?

  • British Patriot
    British Patriot 12 days ago

    Putin is not a brutal dictator....

  • Serpathy
    Serpathy 12 days ago

    Yes it does look like a tiny little blip but if you compare the change from '14 to '15 it looks like ~10ish percent increase. Violent crime rates are down in '15 compared to the last 20 years, but compared to its previous year it is definitely a spike. Piers is right about spike, and I would even agree that there could be a trend for the next few years or maybe even for the next decade, but someone explain to me why Jeff thinks there's going to be a PERMANENT trend.

  • The SitRep
    The SitRep 12 days ago

    "it's working"

    Watching this after CNN caught in lies for ratings about Russia, courts decided Trump has power over who enters the country, Comey politically hung himself during the hearings, democrats still thinking we're in the Cold War, Antifa getting their asses kicked for trying to silence free speech and trying to spread communism (which their group is illegal by the way. It's been outlawed that no group is to be formed to overthrow the government nor form a communist party. Which Antifa is now completely stripped of all rights). Continuing on, protestors getting runned over for blocking the roads because their feelings are hurt and much much more!

    Can't wait for 2020.

  • The SitRep
    The SitRep 12 days ago

    I hate Peirce Morgan but he's right on this one.

  • You T
    You T 12 days ago

    Every American talk show has everyone shouting over the other to be heard loudest

  • Hitch Slap
    Hitch Slap 12 days ago

    As a Aresenal fan im far from Morgans biggest fan, but every single point he made here was spot on...

  • KSengage86
    KSengage86 12 days ago

    Pretty much all I got from this is "OMG Russians!!!!1 End of the world!" This country seems to be frighteningly heading towards another cold war, and the hopeless DNC can't see the irony in that the fact that they have now made an enemy of the the Russians, which were once the enemy of the Republicans during that time. And then they wonder why they're losing elections... As if we needed any more evidence than the Democrats are the new Republicans.

  • That 773guy
    That 773guy 12 days ago

    "Look at the chart, Look at the chart". Let me tell you something about that chart. It's bullshit. Here in Chicago people are dying more and more every year. Over 100 people shot during July 4th weekend alone.

  • William Angel
    William Angel 13 days ago

    this English liberal coward it keeps defending the enemy the Islam people instead of Defending his country and defending democracy like the United States

  • Joseph Sanders
    Joseph Sanders 13 days ago

    i agree 100% with Piers Morgan. I love Maher and am anti-Trump, but Piers is right on much of what he says

  • CrackIsNotWack13.666
    CrackIsNotWack13.666 13 days ago

    Don't be fooled john waters is no author.

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 13 days ago

    Just because crime has majorly declined since the early 70's, doesn't mean there aren't spikes from year to year, as Piers pointed out. Maher's own chart indicates  a spike between both 2014 and 2015. I am a part of the extreme left as can be before it it became popular, but I despise this PC bullshit and how Maher acts. John Oliver ftw

  • David Gee
    David Gee 13 days ago

    Morgan is correct, the rest of u are idiots.

  • David Gee
    David Gee 13 days ago

    Its called honesty. Try it. U'll like it.

  • lyricleaf
    lyricleaf 13 days ago +3

    I hate to say it but Peirs Morgan is right on this one

  • Kopie
    Kopie 13 days ago

    Everytime Piers Morgan speaks, a bird falls out from the sky. That's how toxic his breath is.

  • Chris Henk
    Chris Henk 14 days ago

    I'm dumb founded. Piers Morgan is making a rational argument without bullying insisting on bring up the nuance of the situation. I really cannot understate how confusing this is for me. It's not just that he's right, it's that he's arguing it the right way which is so unlike him

  • XDXK_Silencer
    XDXK_Silencer 14 days ago +1

    For one I agree with Piers Morgan

  • saving1catatatime
    saving1catatatime 14 days ago

    so now that you see that the democrats still having no message means they are still losing - now do you think they should do something besides just cry about Trump? no environmental message, won't get behind single payer, zero economic message, no plan to repair infrastructure and still war mongering. maybe it is time to make a stand on the issues that matter? no. they literally are considering making their slogan "have you seen the other guys?" I can't say I am rooting for them to win because they keep moving farther and farther right. they only care about their money

  • Aaron Maxwell
    Aaron Maxwell 14 days ago

    americans complain about every president they have. lol. try living in a 3rd world country for 1 year after living in the free united states where people's biggest complaints are their internet speed or not having a trader joe's in walking distance, then see how quick you want to come back to usa after living there. americans always complain, whether trump or hillary had been elected, either way the opportunities we have in usa are amazing and the things we are entitled to are a blessing and something americans built through history that should be appreciated, but a lot of americans can't because they have not ever travelled or seen a 3rd world country and how bad things could really be, just surviving and trying to find food.

  • Andy Gonzalez
    Andy Gonzalez 15 days ago

    as much as Piers is annoying, he was right on on most things on here especially about the Illegal Iraq War Bush started.

  • vicmv5280
    vicmv5280 15 days ago

    Maher is a dumb shit.

  • Tom Snyder
    Tom Snyder 15 days ago

    Police shootings are up the last couple years. Democrat controlled Chicago is a mess. . . it looks like, tho, because of Trump, there probably will be fewer illegal alien violent crimes. let's see. . .

    • Tom Snyder
      Tom Snyder 15 days ago

      Murders of police officers. . . instigated by Black Lives Matter, Barry Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. . .

  • Tom Snyder
    Tom Snyder 15 days ago

    That's not why they threw Maher off ABC. Maher is delusional himself

  • SpiritWolf2K
    SpiritWolf2K 15 days ago

    How is it that America Democratically voted Trump into presidency yet it seems like 90% of America hates him. Where was all this backlash back when he was doing the Apprentice, surely if he was so crazy, a sexist, racist misogynist this would of been made public already. I don't really keep up with the US politics but I feel like the Media has such a big part in the whole war on trump. Both candidates where crazy but Hillary was literally the devil in disguise, whilst Trump was just the guy that no one really likes but says what we are all thinking but also says stupid shit

  • TheLydia1011
    TheLydia1011 15 days ago

    Piers Morgan is Irish . He changed his name from O'Meara to Morgan when after his father died his mother married an Englishman and he was adopted by Morgan. A fake englishman.!!!!!

  • Piggasauros
    Piggasauros 15 days ago

    "republicans have no principles" says the guy whose party started riots because they didn't understand how the electoral college works.

  • King James
    King James 15 days ago

    nobody likes piers but he has a stronger argument here

  • Melena Hedwig
    Melena Hedwig 16 days ago

    Does Bill Maher believe that if you put something on a chart, it automatically makes it 100% true? Anyone can open Excel and make a chart. It takes less than 5 minutes. Yelling "LOOK AT THE CHART" like a lunatic isn't enough to convince me of anything. I won't believe any spiffy looking chart in the media or online unless I fact-check all the figures myself.

  • Owen eldridge
    Owen eldridge 16 days ago

    Give home time. And if he doesn't?

  • Shaun Davo
    Shaun Davo 16 days ago

    bill maher what a stupid pussy.... these comedians that make jokes about things they dont understand....pussy

  • Frankie Green
    Frankie Green 16 days ago

    Awesome show though

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