Galaxy S8 vs 7 Plus vs LG G6 vs Pixel vs 3T SPEED Test!

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  • JesseFernandesTV
    JesseFernandesTV 2 hours ago

    At the end of the day the android takes the win aside from speed it's just a lot better and the iPhone is just lazy

  • oplix
    oplix 5 hours ago

    i have a debloated exynos s8 which is much much faster on sequential read speeds around 800mbps. would probably give the iphone a run for its money here. it scores 2k+ single core and 6800 multicore in latest geekbench 4. 175k in antutu

  • TheMeganano
    TheMeganano 23 hours ago

    This is an unfair comparison unless you disable memory encryption on the Android phones. Apple only encrypts user data, not all data, nor does it compact and compile app data and some of those apps you launched still use the old Android compiler which is like ages slower than the new one.

  • Subrahmanya Eswar
    Subrahmanya Eswar 2 days ago

    I like LG G6. About all remaining mobiles G6 is simply superb

  • Flossy
    Flossy 3 days ago

    Just remember.
    Iphone 7 is a 2016 phone
    Iphone 8 will fuck each and every phone out there.
    Hell, even 2018 android flagships will get fucked, no vaseline

  • Yusef dy
    Yusef dy 3 days ago

    My bday

  • Yahel Sönning
    Yahel Sönning 3 days ago +1

    Im the only they see that the IPhone is a 7+
    When you test the Galaxy S8+ vs IPhone 7+ = Win Galaxy
    But all Phones are normal editions but the IPhone is a +.

  • Yahel Sönning
    Yahel Sönning 3 days ago +1

    Galaxy start x2 so fast IPhone that Video is Fake 😠

  • Jerry Wehlann
    Jerry Wehlann 4 days ago

    The g6 came out before s8

  • White Dog
    White Dog 4 days ago +1

    that moment when iphone win as always and all stupid bitch android users saiyng that speed doesnt matter.. yeah because you never will know what is speed on lagdroids

  • Imtiaz Taibi
    Imtiaz Taibi 4 days ago

    Which fucking asshole opens that many apps in 10 minutes anyway? Pointless video

  • Anthony J
    Anthony J 4 days ago

    No need to watch S8 will win everytime no doubt it's factually by far the best phone yet.

  • Takashi Komuro
    Takashi Komuro 4 days ago

    You shoul've used the iPhone 7, not the Plus version. Even the S8 has got a Plus version and I think it's a lot faster

  • FADE 1312
    FADE 1312 4 days ago

    Who agree..mi 6 vs iphone 7 plus.. Antutu benchmark score the mi 6 is more score than iphone 7 plus

  • Justus Franzen
    Justus Franzen 4 days ago

    Iphone 7 plus👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 5 days ago

    pixel's lagging tho

  • Chase Duggan
    Chase Duggan 5 days ago

    why did he use a 7 plus? should have used the regular 7. kind of unfair comparison.

  • Aquilashago Shago
    Aquilashago Shago 5 days ago

    Your g6 is 100 % broken .... My g5 do better resault ....

  • Alexis Núñez
    Alexis Núñez 5 days ago

    The iphone 7 is slower than the 7 plus. Should have used the 7 on this test.

  • ALI Jamal
    ALI Jamal 5 days ago

    In all tests that i watched the galaxy s8/plus crushed his opponents and you saying iphone 7 plus is faster!!! Stupid video and you know it

  • ziemlich verwirrt
    ziemlich verwirrt 5 days ago

    But if you don't live in america then the s8 is faster than in the one in the video. Keep that im mind

  • Bacodes5
    Bacodes5 5 days ago

    Where are the huaweis?

  • Xhemil Qunaj
    Xhemil Qunaj 5 days ago +2

    Who else is watching from their IPhone 7 Plus?!.

  • Maroun Stephan
    Maroun Stephan 5 days ago

    go try to make better video you stuped

  • Patryk Janowski
    Patryk Janowski 5 days ago

    Buuullllshit! My G6 turns on like a blizzard!

  • Riley Pettiford
    Riley Pettiford 6 days ago

    apple's hardware is shit but their os is pretty neat

  • Jonathan Arroyo
    Jonathan Arroyo 6 days ago

    Who do u think will believe in uour review..u are an apple avif fan....u look so unfair with the other phones..

  • ElJman85
    ElJman85 6 days ago

    I have the LG G6 and haven't had any problems with it. No lag what so ever.

  • Murtaza Ayyaz
    Murtaza Ayyaz 7 days ago +1

    wow the iphone destroys all the fuck androids thats the spirit apple had done it

    • NitricWarrior
      NitricWarrior 6 days ago

      Well considering this channel has apple bias even though every other person would rather have the s8 then the i7 but pssh that just everyone pinion vs this shity youtubers opinion lol and if he compared the i7+ with the s8+ which is better than the s8 s8+ would smack the i7 out of the water.

  • SamsungandLG Lover2017

    Honestly as a huge Samsung and LG fan, ik iphone will win in speed and some other things, but its just not my preference

  • Levon Titanian
    Levon Titanian 7 days ago

    And where is Xiaomi?
    To the top please!

  • Ali Almahmoud
    Ali Almahmoud 7 days ago

    i have to say the a10 fusion chip is amazing BUT s8 is better in evry other way

  • Tyrese Mitchell
    Tyrese Mitchell 8 days ago

    Storage takes a big roll in performance

  • DigitaL ReaperZ
    DigitaL ReaperZ 8 days ago

    If the s8 had exynos

    The s8 and iPhone 7 would have the same speed

  • Junior Fred
    Junior Fred 8 days ago

    i realy love samsung buut am a sttident am far from ownin my own smart phone ..wwen is the nexy give away ..i lool forward to wining

  • nava.
    nava. 8 days ago

    Watching on S8 ;)

  • Damn Savageness k
    Damn Savageness k 9 days ago

    lets just take it that none of the phone wins. As long as it is useable then its ok

  • shane cowart
    shane cowart 9 days ago

    Love how impressive the iPhone always is, and always with less RAM?

  • shane cowart
    shane cowart 9 days ago

    "Between two phones"*
    "Between a phone" makes no sense.

  • paulARTS
    paulARTS 9 days ago

    Lg g6 is slower because its more recent and the animations are slower and not that well optimized, in the render u can see its real power

  • Josiah Rodriguez
    Josiah Rodriguez 10 days ago

    galxy is the best

  • Juissi MH
    Juissi MH 10 days ago +1

    Galaxy S8 Is Best better than all phones

    QUEEN EXOL 10 days ago +1

    Im watching this on my 7+ lmao rip

  • Flame
    Flame 11 days ago +1

    lg g6 is best

  • moddedimlose
    moddedimlose 12 days ago

    1:09 - Curved screen display? No. They released it after Galaxy S8? Also incorrect. That was a weird mistake

  • ruthagood
    ruthagood 12 days ago

    look how simple and classic g6 is!

  • Mohamed Aslam
    Mohamed Aslam 12 days ago

    this guy cheating something second cut

  • martin chin choy leong

    IPhone are not friendly on human....galaxy s8 are running window hp

  • Prabhjot Lidhar Singh
    Prabhjot Lidhar Singh 13 days ago

    Use the exeynos and 6gb ram version of the s8

  • EldoGamerPvP
    EldoGamerPvP 13 days ago

    Iphone sucks

  • Aaron Penyami
    Aaron Penyami 14 days ago +1

    i'm switching from iPhone 5 to SE

  • lan hoang
    lan hoang 15 days ago

    #1 iphone 7 plus 😮😮😮

  • Dr Mundo
    Dr Mundo 15 days ago

    apple just needs a sd card reader and I would hop back into the bandwagon again but for now im gonna stick to my android for the practicality

  • Umangpreet Arora
    Umangpreet Arora 16 days ago

    Iphone is iphone.

  • Rafaelia Stavrinidou
    Rafaelia Stavrinidou 16 days ago +1

    Who else is watching on samsung galaxy s8 plus?

  • Arris
    Arris 16 days ago

    IPhone still sucks shit

  • airhead0523
    airhead0523 16 days ago

    I got my G6 for only 500 from T-Mobile

  • Walt dco
    Walt dco 16 days ago +1

    It's a bit of a challenge to accurately compare which phone is the fastest, when considering the phones' screen resolutions. A phone with a higher resolution has to render more pixels per square inch as oppose to a phone with a lower resolution.

    • Walt dco
      Walt dco 6 days ago

      Looks Theory When I made this post, I was referring to the CPU. I should've stated that from the start. But this comparison is also irrelevant. Running that many apps at once isn't realistic for day to day users. In the end, it's all about optimization. You can have the fastest phone to date yet run slow and laggy apps which is frustrating as hell.

    • Looks Theory
      Looks Theory 6 days ago

      That's irrelevant. You're comparing how they actually function as a whole, it doesn't matter if one OS is better than the other or one has a higher screen resolution, since you can't change them. It's about the whole picture.

      If you were testing the CPU itself then yes, variables become important (such as the operating system and screen resolution), but in this case he's comparing the overall speed.

  • Ascicouz
    Ascicouz 16 days ago

    why no P10 plus

  • Always strong
    Always strong 16 days ago

    Amazing video

  • Michael Fuckface
    Michael Fuckface 16 days ago

    as an avid android user, Apple did good this time around. I still hate iOS, though.

  • Tracy B. Hills
    Tracy B. Hills 17 days ago

    iPhone is the best

  • Owen Paternoster
    Owen Paternoster 17 days ago

    Both apple and samsung have amazing phones, its just what you like. But to be honest apple needs to upgrade their hardware... I mean samsung has had oled displays since s7 and smaller bezels, but samsung also has to get a little bit better software. So it's just what youre willing to sacrifice when getting the phone. me personally iphones pretty boring and no customization so i will take some ok software for out of this world hardware features aka S8+.

  • lokesh rahul
    lokesh rahul 17 days ago

    One plus 3t is not a budget phone , I worked my ass off to get that bitch , it's really amazing .

  • weskyl
    weskyl 17 days ago

    Watching this on a Google Pixel 😊

  • nileshtherock
    nileshtherock 17 days ago

    Well Xperia XZ premium is the fastest

  • Saurabh Kumar
    Saurabh Kumar 17 days ago

    first turn off the animations on the android phones...then they may fuck iphone

  • CyberspaceWanderer
    CyberspaceWanderer 19 days ago +1

    The LG G6 is at around 400-450$ now, which makes it a compelling device for its price (the H870 DS version comes with duel camera, duel sims and Hi-fi DACs)

  • Aadil SHAIKH
    Aadil SHAIKH 19 days ago

    Same here

  • Presley Chan
    Presley Chan 20 days ago

    If the Operating systems were politicians Android would value freedom and iOS would rule with an iron fist. iOS is more efficient, however it doesn't allow it's users to have complete control over their device. Even simple things like putting the apps in whatever area you want, placing some widgets or adding an icon pack is impossible unless you jailbreak it. Even then you can't do some of the things you can do with an unrooted android phone.

  • Dennis Mangahas
    Dennis Mangahas 20 days ago

    lg g6 is not so good at gaming but in real world it doesnt mater

  • Dennis Mangahas
    Dennis Mangahas 20 days ago

    lg g6 and s8 is almost have the same look but the s8 is more bigger and have a curved edge.......but i like lg g6

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 21 day ago +1

    Well the A10 Fusion Chip is amazing. Least RAM out of all of them but delivers the most

    CHRISTIAN GRONBERG 22 days ago

    I love the the 7plus

    CHRISTIAN GRONBERG 22 days ago

    And everything else

    CHRISTIAN GRONBERG 22 days ago

    iPhone crushed the speed race

  • Prasil Pun
    Prasil Pun 22 days ago

    Can someone pls tell me why people get a new phone after 2 year contract. Why can't u just keep the phone

  • Paul Many Maga
    Paul Many Maga 22 days ago

    i Diffinitely choose Samsung S8
    it has full Package, all I want ,all I need, is inside the phone specs and whatsoever!

  • Hacker Black
    Hacker Black 22 days ago

    WOW iphone 7 😱😱😱

  • Rambo Sparks
    Rambo Sparks 22 days ago

    S8. Cooooooming for youuuu

  • mathias pailloux
    mathias pailloux 22 days ago +1

    And where is the Huawei P10 ?

  • Coolpick
    Coolpick 23 days ago

    _iPhone comes first in everything_
    _Youtuber's name is "EverythingApplePro"_

    *_seems legit_*

  • Beansprout #
    Beansprout # 23 days ago

    phone olympics

  • Mark of Excellence
    Mark of Excellence 23 days ago

    You have a lot of hands....

  • alina zangur
    alina zangur 23 days ago

    I dont really look at phone speeds cause i dont know whatS happening behind the verification of app's before starting them. Android phones are full of apps from the start, on iphone are like 10 and u can use 2-3 without internet connection. I have the 7s+ and the s8+. Iphone it's more office like and android is more playable. Like every time iphone will slow down more and more when 8 comes up and after 1 year from now will not stay on the same table with the others. Even in standby android is running an enormous amont of data, we can see that in ram usage, the simple way. I my iphone the basic o.s it's doing almost nothing, apps are bigger and precocked like ios sees a movie and android makes it. On a gaming pc, a game loads dx, redist, lot of engines but a console, u plug the cd or just start and load fast. The most reliable and energy friendly it's a win phone. I just looked to a friends nikia 1520, it's old but fast.

  • lombax
    lombax 23 days ago

    one plus 5??

  • SupraLP
    SupraLP 23 days ago

    Can you try quadrant standard as benchmark? Its very old, but i think its not payed by some companies

  • Anonymous browsing
    Anonymous browsing 24 days ago

    Who's watching this on one of these 5 phones?
    Mines the GALAXY S8

  • mrdnis dnis
    mrdnis dnis 24 days ago +1

    xz premium beat iphone 7 plus...

  • P4ci
    P4ci 25 days ago


  • Philip H.
    Philip H. 25 days ago

    The LG G6 got release earlier than the S8 so idek what you're saying.

  • Eating with jazper
    Eating with jazper 26 days ago

    I'm sure the Samsung will win

  • i_b_bb
    i_b_bb 27 days ago

    WAIT WHAT IF SAMSUNG AND APPLE AND GOOGLE PIXEL HAD A baby don't ask how 3 phones did it but just imagine

  • Pat B
    Pat B 27 days ago

    galax s8 is the best phone

  • Marco Gobbo
    Marco Gobbo 27 days ago

    apple wins in speed because it has no features

  • Todor BG
    Todor BG 28 days ago

    Lg g6 looks like the bad rumors of iPhone 8. You could do more, lg.

  • Ash Greninja
    Ash Greninja 28 days ago

    Who thinks the g6 is better than the s8 because I do think so

  • Ed U
    Ed U 29 days ago

    Snapdraggon chips in the S8 sold in USA is slower than Samsungs own chip.

  • sohaib shahid
    sohaib shahid 29 days ago

    bad speedtest we can't see 5 phones at a time! do speedtest of 2-3 phones max.

  • felipe367
    felipe367 29 days ago

    6 month old iPhone with lesser specs thrashed every one of them 💪💪💪💪 long live SJ

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