The Right Way to Eat Oysters - Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 8

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  • the otaku side of dragon

    here how to eat it right

    eat it your way it's the best way

  • victoria clark
    victoria clark 21 day ago

    Why are all these places in New York why can't they show us a place that's somewhere other then New York why can't they show me a place that I could eat at in Chicago for once

  • cabritorsss
    cabritorsss 26 days ago

    It's my oyster...I'll eat it the %&%# way that I want. Same for chicken, steak, soup....everything.

  • yaka
    yaka 26 days ago

    you wana taste the region or sea it comes from. so basically chef wants you to gulp down that doo doo water from the ocean. thhatas why i dnt do shell fish.

  • Mr Miyagi
    Mr Miyagi 27 days ago

    If you want to see the correct way of eating and slurping oysters please check out Terry Crew's demo on White Chicks

  • lifghasewda
    lifghasewda 28 days ago

    Why is this guy putting sauce on the oysters?

  • John Lemon
    John Lemon 28 days ago

    I ate an oyster once and I found a pearl in it worth 100$

  • Kamiko Koko
    Kamiko Koko 1 month ago

    Boy, you can't tell me how to eat an oyster. Is you dumb?!

  • Joneleth Irenicus
    Joneleth Irenicus 1 month ago

    Why would anybody dictate the amount of condiment you want on your food? If you want to drown your oyster is sauce then do so. its your food, enjoy it the way you want it.

  • sudhir babu
    sudhir babu 1 month ago

    these people belongs to ce age..

  • Kristin j.r.
    Kristin j.r. 1 month ago


  • nurseman123
    nurseman123 1 month ago

    The right way is the way you like to do it. There aren't any rules.

  • AdailyJayloss
    AdailyJayloss 1 month ago

    Stop over exaggerating this. It's an oyster and that's it. There's is no right or wrong way to eat an oyster it simply comes down to the person. For example, I like mine on the half shell grilled on an open fire with a little bit of panko and hot sauce. Chances are you have your own preference. Stop over analyzing a simple food like oysters.

  • George744
    George744 1 month ago

    Wow, I've been eating oysters the right way all along with no one teaching me. Lol!

  • CringeyAesthete
    CringeyAesthete 1 month ago

    I get how people want to enjoy it, but remember people. It all comes out the fucking same. :)

  • Hexagon Cult
    Hexagon Cult 1 month ago

    These videos are cancerous

  • Bình Nguyễn
    Bình Nguyễn 2 months ago

    oyster + tabasco sauce + wasabi = explosion of happiness

  • Dimmu666ist
    Dimmu666ist 2 months ago

    i can eat ur sister fish smelling oyster

  • Dimmu666ist
    Dimmu666ist 2 months ago

    mr bean a chef now?

  • Rodolfo Capalac
    Rodolfo Capalac 2 months ago

    The chef looks like a rat

  • Javier M
    Javier M 2 months ago

    the chef's face at 00:35 XD

  • Kevin Chow
    Kevin Chow 2 months ago

    Omg I've been eating oysters incorrectly the whole time... No jokes 🤣

  • perduk1
    perduk1 2 months ago

    Eat them the way you like them. There's no wrong way.

  • lifeofdonutbreds
    lifeofdonutbreds 2 months ago

    i like my oysters fresh ,sea water nd everything no sauces or lemons..slurppp

  • Melissa Salguero
    Melissa Salguero 3 months ago

    so how to eat a oyster ...
    rule#1 eat it without flavor
    rule#2 keep it at level okay got it ! 😒😒😂😂😅

  • cotton1983
    cotton1983 3 months ago

    I like a small amount of sea salt and lemon for mine. But usually just fresh lemon juice.

  • Harriet Lundt
    Harriet Lundt 3 months ago

    Eating it WrongLY!

  • ChrisW
    ChrisW 3 months ago

    This is retarded. People need to be told any of this?

  • GarageDoorRapists
    GarageDoorRapists 3 months ago

    Don't tell me how to eat food

  • Ailee Gee
    Ailee Gee 3 months ago

    hahaha thank you for showing me how to eat oysters. kinda reminds me also how I ate sushi the wrong way too

  • Alan Mac
    Alan Mac 3 months ago

    Mostly right. Anyone who uses 'cocktail sauce' is an utter tramp. A dab of lemon or tabasco is just right.

  • Darcy Kobayashi - David Leeder MS (1544)

    I love eating half a dozen oysters by myself, but I don't even know how to eat it properly.

  • Stephanie Banda
    Stephanie Banda 3 months ago

    who gives any fuccs about oysters?

  • Sankofa NYC
    Sankofa NYC 3 months ago

    the lady with the blonde highlights seemed nice and alil embarrassed by being told she's been eating oysters wrong all her life... idk something about that interaction made me feel some kinda way :/

  • Zr Hakeem
    Zr Hakeem 4 months ago

    Mr Bean taught me how to eat an oyster

  • John Hilliard
    John Hilliard 4 months ago

    When you bang a broad, it's proper to leave her cab fare in denominations larger than quarters and no smaller than nickels.

  • Sherman Harrison
    Sherman Harrison 4 months ago

    eat them how you want

  • VeniVidiAjax
    VeniVidiAjax 4 months ago

    Honestly.... what does it taste like?
    It looks so gross to me.

    • peninsula castilla
      peninsula castilla 3 months ago

      they taste like the sea... its hard to explain but is an unique taste, like salty and refreshing

  • Tiptopspecs Whippinq
    Tiptopspecs Whippinq 4 months ago

    Step 1: Pick up plate
    Step 2: Throw that garbage in the trash

  • Brian Outah
    Brian Outah 4 months ago

    let people enjoy things. 😒

  • The Perfect Nemesis
    The Perfect Nemesis 4 months ago

    "I'm going to put a little bit of lemon" *Juiced the entire half lemon onto the oyster*

  • Thotbreak Kid
    Thotbreak Kid 4 months ago

    I eat whatever I eat however I eat. As long as the food gets into my mouth, I'm good.

  • Kaiser Frost
    Kaiser Frost 4 months ago

    They are good with lemon and sauce too, otherwise lemon and sauce wouldn't come with them. :) Purists think we should never season any kind of food because it "detracts from the flavor". Oysters have a strong enough flavor that you can add pther flavors and that just makes them better.

  • vorkev1
    vorkev1 4 months ago

    their is no wrong way only the right witch is the way you do it each person is different and to eatch their oww.

  • legolover187
    legolover187 4 months ago

    What's the deal with that music?... And that lady I guess she knew she was going to be on camera that day and decided to look like a clown?... I would eat her oyster though

  • Mak
    Mak 4 months ago

    Tbh only pussies or Yankees put Tabasco or cocktail sauce on oysters. You either eat them without anything or put lemon/vinegar-with-shallots on them.

  • Randy Guttery
    Randy Guttery 4 months ago

    Great video, but didn't really explain how I have been doing wrong. Enjoyed though.
    "With crackers, hot sauce, and I chew."

  • Vforfettuccine
    Vforfettuccine 5 months ago

    Mr. Bean told me how to eat this long ago

  • Che Guevara
    Che Guevara 5 months ago

    Your not a chef.

  • mee lee
    mee lee 5 months ago

    i want some oysters now

  • Vania Aurellia
    Vania Aurellia 5 months ago


  • No Name
    No Name 5 months ago


  • C B
    C B 5 months ago


  • alflurin
    alflurin 5 months ago

    Love oysters, already got 2 food poisoning thanks to them but still love them. Difference is, now I only eat what I buy.... no funny business! :)

  • Cheesus Kriste
    Cheesus Kriste 5 months ago

    thise oysters are tiny

  • LB Comp Team
    LB Comp Team 5 months ago

    John Brezenk?

  • ultimate super savage
    ultimate super savage 5 months ago

    there is no wrong way to eat oysters.. eat them bitches however tf u wanna eat them.. end of story..

  • Woody German
    Woody German 5 months ago

    Take a deep breath, use index finger to pinch one side of nose, then forcefully expel contents into open palm. Carefully pinch other nostril with same index finger and repeat.
    The oyster(s) should be all collected in one palm only......... Enjoy!!!!

  • Lili Do
    Lili Do 5 months ago

    I think it's funny how the woman looks at the oysters for like 3 straight seconds and then reacts like "gasp" oysters !

  • Loli
    Loli 6 months ago

    Yay I eat it right

  • BigJuicy Pickle
    BigJuicy Pickle 6 months ago

    This guy takes slurping oysters way too seriously🐦

  • A Highly Sophisticated Gentleman

    you just eat it

  • Henry
    Henry 6 months ago

    Right way to eat an oyster? The fuck is this chef talking about?

  • Julian
    Julian 6 months ago

    Why do you have to eat it raw? These fucking nasty people will eat anything.

    • Daniel Vu
      Daniel Vu 6 months ago

      Yeshua Because it tastes better raw lol

  • Mr. Animation
    Mr. Animation 6 months ago

    Its taste salty

  • zakaria raoui
    zakaria raoui 6 months ago

    why oysters taste like sea water

  • Joey Crow
    Joey Crow 6 months ago

    No Crystal hot sauce = wrong.

  • Decent2669
    Decent2669 6 months ago

    I don't think she knows what half a dozen is..

  • Raymond Ebersohn
    Raymond Ebersohn 7 months ago

    where does this series find all these idiots??

  • Kayla Hill
    Kayla Hill 7 months ago

    Do you have to cook them before you eat them?

    AMIGOS CLUB 7 months ago

    Are you suppoused to chew on em?

  • Nick Gilbert
    Nick Gilbert 7 months ago

    It's offensive to do anything but squeeze lemon on them.

  • i rather kill my self than commit suicide

    as long as i put it in my mouth and swallow it I'm eating it right

  • King of Cannabis
    King of Cannabis 7 months ago

    Bunch of fucking slobs.

    • Bakar Hasan
      Bakar Hasan 4 months ago

      Dear friends...
      There is a plant named "Paarthinium" which is highly poisonous to health and skin. This is being mixed with "Kothamalli" leaves, as both are more or less identical. So please be careful while you use Kothamalli. Sending you the picture of both to be aware of this poisonous one and remove it if found along with Kothamalli.

      First is coriander leaves
      Second is poisonous.

    • Bakar Hasan
      Bakar Hasan 4 months ago

      King of Cannabis

    • Bakar Hasan
      Bakar Hasan 4 months ago

      King of Cannabis

  • Pretzel and Rarity axh

    I love oysters

  • Sawita Dillon
    Sawita Dillon 7 months ago

    i'll eat how ever i want !!!

  • feedthesnake
    feedthesnake 7 months ago

    zagat, turning foodies into assholes one at a time.

  • grangeville46
    grangeville46 7 months ago

    raw in the shell... yuck... they gotta be cooked for my tastes...

  • Jimothy Snooker
    Jimothy Snooker 7 months ago

    how to eat an oyster. step 1: throw them in the trash. but seriously idk why I keep coming back to watch these videos it's so annoying when you tell somebody they're not using the right condiments.

  • ado fonconi
    ado fonconi 8 months ago

    The right way to eat oysters is: few drops of lemon. Stop.

  • miguel reyes
    miguel reyes 8 months ago

    eat the way you like it !!!!
    there is not protocol in how to eat an oyster

  • Piss Drunk
    Piss Drunk 8 months ago

    He really really looks like a genuine nice guy lol

  • Yun Ling Seah
    Yun Ling Seah 8 months ago

    no cocktail sauce but lemon yea i need it… just in case someone didnt prepare the oysters properly…

  • rEcOiL1971
    rEcOiL1971 8 months ago

    Great video!

  • bananaman22
    bananaman22 8 months ago

    lol hilarious and def not good advice. just eat it the way u want it.

  • Mathew Peter
    Mathew Peter 8 months ago

    The best way is a squeeze of lemon 🍋 and a crunch of zanzibare fresh pepper.. Nothing else. All those ridiculous sauces mask the delicate flavour of the oyster.

  • UltimateColour
    UltimateColour 8 months ago

    stop telling people how to eat omg

  • Doge PhD
    Doge PhD 8 months ago

    instructions not clear, oyster stuck at the ticket gate

    • Doge PhD
      Doge PhD 8 months ago

      +Byvowana yup. i think it's a train pass haha i dont know

    • Byvowana
      Byvowana 8 months ago

      +Doge PhD Really ⊙A⊙

    • Doge PhD
      Doge PhD 8 months ago

      +Byvowana haha i dont know i live in tokyo

    • Byvowana
      Byvowana 8 months ago

      The tickets are now diamond :D

  • Lucas Patrick
    Lucas Patrick 9 months ago

    Good educational series. Really you should experience it if you are eating it... Unless it's on a bet or something. We should slow down, experience, and taste our food. I'm a reformed U.S. offender. Lol

  • TheWingus
    TheWingus 9 months ago

    Where do you find these philistines for these segments? I've never had a lot of the dishes and things featured but I know how I'm supposed to eat them. Savages

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce 9 months ago


  • ambiguousdreams1
    ambiguousdreams1 9 months ago

    i just make a smoothie out of all the oyster. I am doing it right.

  • Tanierdra Finch
    Tanierdra Finch 9 months ago


  • Mystic
    Mystic 10 months ago

    Crazy cake face lady from Jersey got no class

  • Henry Lam
    Henry Lam 10 months ago

    How to eat oysters? I don't eat oysters.

    • Alex vohn
      Alex vohn 8 months ago

      Henry Lam Put it in your mouth.

  • skitzmaker
    skitzmaker 10 months ago

    I eat it the right way all the time, lol

  • MagnumPI4
    MagnumPI4 10 months ago

    The lady overusing cocktail sauce is jersey trash.

  • Jennifer Liu
    Jennifer Liu 10 months ago

    These guests are either too funny or too oblivious.

    • Bobbius Shadow
      Bobbius Shadow 7 months ago

      I guess they are people that never eat oysters

  • Bim Bims
    Bim Bims 10 months ago

    don't tell me how to eat it! lol

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