Review - WONDER WOMAN (Yeah It's Pretty Good Not Great)

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  • nāmorghūlilaros
    nāmorghūlilaros 2 days ago

    the way he pronounces "squirrel" makes squirrel girl not rhyme

  • sciencefreak20
    sciencefreak20 8 days ago

    I agree, it was good, but not fantastic. It seems to me that people are just giving it great reviews because it's the first DC movie that has quality. On the other hand, given the present state of the DC movies, I think everyone who worked on this movie deserves an oscar for being able to make a serviceable DC movie.

  • Samuel Eller the Mega Geek

    I liked it.

    Ares reveal was idiotic,and there where some stupid parts that definitely could have been better.But other than that it was great.And the fight sequences where totally badass,loved those!

  • spredatorify
    spredatorify 8 days ago

    watch this or fantastic 4 again? fantastic 4 everytime.. what a pile of shit.

  • Jamie maister
    Jamie maister 9 days ago

    Yeah I thought it was shit

  • Rachel Donnelly
    Rachel Donnelly 12 days ago

    Moon Girl and Dinosaur Devil!!!

  • Ondřej Saska
    Ondřej Saska 13 days ago

    Also, the music never shuts the fuck up! Even when nothing is happening, there is some background soundtrack and it drove me nuts.

  • Uncle Duder
    Uncle Duder 15 days ago

    This movie is no where near as good as BVS. This movie is liked specifically for the ideology it pandered to.

  • Poppin Qbit
    Poppin Qbit 15 days ago

    Your comments about Wonder Woman 2017 being like Captain America the First Avenger 2011 are right. However, the first Wonder Woman comics and the first Captain America comics truthfully share similarity. In fact, most of similarities I’ve heard people nitpick the movie on are shared between the original comics.

    Both came out around 1941 with themes around a hero helping the allies beat the Nazis. Each contain a villain that work to destroy the allies; Dr. Poison/Red Skull. Both contain outfits that contain a theme found in the star-spangled banner; Wonder Woman’s white stars and blue dress, and Cap’s flag like outfit. They both contain a super hero teaming up with non-super heroes; Steve Trevor/Howling Commandos.

    For a Wonder Woman movie to be true to the original character it would have to follow the same pattern of the original comics. Which frankly is like Captain America. From what I could tell this movie is not trying to copy, it’s trying to be true to the classic Wonder Woman and it did an excellent job.

    On a side note, I think it was good that they changed Wonder Woman to happen in World War I instead of World War II, because then everyone would have been complaining about it being too similar to Cap.

  • Kryptonian Brilliance
    Kryptonian Brilliance 16 days ago


  • colinthedogfromspaced
    colinthedogfromspaced 16 days ago

    I don't use prostitutes often but when I do, they're robotic (thumbs up)

  • canijustplease
    canijustplease 17 days ago

    I think we're due for a barb wire remake with a bigger breasted woman. GG at the smallest

  • Farren Slade
    Farren Slade 17 days ago +2

    This movie was awful. Reviews were misleading and the CGI was bad....

  • Ralph
    Ralph 19 days ago

    I thought this movie was good

  • Chisom Odimmegwa
    Chisom Odimmegwa 20 days ago +3

    this movie was trash to be honest

    • Chisom Odimmegwa
      Chisom Odimmegwa 19 days ago

      true bro

    • CostlyChris
      CostlyChris 20 days ago

      Chisom Odimmegwa Only people praising it are white women and the men who have a vested interested in keeping them happy. Shit wasn't even all that empowering unless your a Israeli twig of a woman then its very empowering.

  • AKAdaJoker14
    AKAdaJoker14 20 days ago

    This movie is what I would call a marvel movie. Bland, formulaic superhero movie being part of a cinematic universe to make money. Not bad, but painfully safe

  • the dark knight 发
    the dark knight 发 20 days ago

    still not better than man of steel and batman vs superman!!

  • Gazzer GT
    Gazzer GT 21 day ago

    This is pretty good. A good start for DCU to start to step up on movies. But really I really love the carton movies in dc

  • Alex Andrews
    Alex Andrews 21 day ago

    I actually loved the movie

  • Josiah Michael
    Josiah Michael 21 day ago

    no it is great because of how every instinct to fetishize or sexualize or subtly undermine her have been subverted.

  • Wadders73 games
    Wadders73 games 22 days ago

    I'd like to see a squirrel girl origin film

  • Hahonryuu
    Hahonryuu 24 days ago

    Fuck, now I want a squirrel girl movie. And I'll probably never get it. Thanks for giving me hope and instantly destroying it you jackass

  • Faiz Khan
    Faiz Khan 24 days ago

    It was a decent 6-7/10. Overrated, definitely didn't deserve more than 90% on rt...

  • B'Andra
    B'Andra 24 days ago

    yes...the green screen..I thought I was the only one who noticed ._.

    • CostlyChris
      CostlyChris 20 days ago

      B'Andra it's funny to me how it was touted as so empowering to women everywhere when it was just white women in the movie and they been star in adventure action movies

  • messi kobor
    messi kobor 25 days ago

    you shut your stinking mouth asshole. mrsundaymovie go suck disney/marvel's dick. Such an imbecile. You could have just said it's a good movie and not include the 'not great' part asshole. NOT gonna watch your dc hate reviews anymore.

  • SemiSolid Snake
    SemiSolid Snake 26 days ago

    This film definitely does not deserve the 92% it has on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • Ezri Lavariega
    Ezri Lavariega 27 days ago

    bada bing bada bong or something

  • Orlanzo Telfer
    Orlanzo Telfer 27 days ago

    Ye when I was watching this movie I got Cap 1 vibes...But Wonder woman was better because it don't montage thru the action..but not better by for..the last 20 mins felt like Zack Snyder took over and used left over footage from BvS

  • cooke86
    cooke86 27 days ago

    this movie was like any other generic superhero movie and the only reason why the reviews have been great is pretty fucking obvious ... I really shouldn't have to spell it out... but then again marvel plot lines are spoon fed

  • Gedalyah Reback
    Gedalyah Reback 28 days ago

    The parallels between Wonder Woman and Captain America in the comics themselves are huge. They chose WWI instead of WWII in order to differentiate it somewhat. The movies feel very different. There are some really interesting movie plot points not in the comics that, yeah I agree, are suspiciously close, but twisted a bit and not as vital to the final outcome though.

  • Chang Whang
    Chang Whang 28 days ago

    in 1914 they call ww1 the war to end all wars thats why they called it that

  • A Salty One
    A Salty One 29 days ago +1

    It's DC's master plot, their making competent movies to make people think it's a fucking Oscar movie compared to their previous shit.

  • mubyf
    mubyf 1 month ago

    Squirrel Girl!!!

  • Im The Real Tammy gonna

    This movie was amazing

  • Kush Patel
    Kush Patel 1 month ago

    of course its great you fucking idiot.

  • Felix P
    Felix P 1 month ago

    I seriously dont see what the hell are people watching in wonderwoman. Critics love it and it was just absurd. I get that her charácter is likeable and the action its enjoyable but the story makes no sense and the rest of the characters are terrible. She looks the part but she cant act. I can live with that but  It was filled with cliches. The entire crew that went to war with wonderwoman was just moronic and had no depth what so ever. And why are they even there?. One can shoot (sort of, when he is not having a crisis), the othe can speak languages? So can Diana! The indian dude can smuggle stuff to OTHER people during the war? What??? How about gewtting warriors? they can be funny too!  The enemies had no depth either. What the hell was Dr poison? A patriot? a Crazy person? Ares was wasted. At least danny Huston's charácter liked war cause he wanted glory and power. Not great but it Works. Thats a motivation.The amazons are just ridiculous. Their society is absurd. They are suppose to be female spartans and yet they dont have or need no connection to the world? What purpose do they have? why are they training? Are they inmortal? If thats true why is it not a worse tragedy when half of them get whacked fighting the Germans?And the diaologue, oh do the dialogue its so on the nose and lousy. Its what didnt allow me to get into Trevor and Diana`s story. Diana doesnt seem that into him till the third act yet bangs him anyway(horny Diana?) If she is young  girl she should have acted more attracted to him(first guy he is ever seen ) even if she was on a mission. Also Diana never goes through a process. she is dissapointed she didnt kill Ares and does not care for the rest of civilians taht will die because of the gas and then changes her mind again and that happens in 3 minutes?It could have been great. Diana could`ve had a good love story with Trevor. The movie couldve gone more in depth to Diana losing her romantic visión of war which wouldve been great because thats what happened to so many kids that fought WWI. She also couldve been such a symbol of hope for the soldiers in No Man`s land. None of that happened. And that ending with the germans and americans hugging it out? WTF?????DC cant for the live of me make a decent movie. I really wanted this to be good but honestly i think all this good will comes for the fact that nobody wanted to hammer on the woman hero. Thats bullshit. The worst thing you could do is patronize her. Justice league is gonna suck just cause DC cant seem to crash into a well told story

    • Brian. Jr Montoya
      Brian. Jr Montoya 25 days ago

      Felix P wow, you really went in not wanting to give this a chance huh? The way you make the plot sound like is really over exaggerated. Lol. Just by you talking about the Amazons proved you hardly payed attention to the movie if you missed something as easy as why they are training and are they immortal. Not to mention contradicting yourself when stating the Amazons get killed when the Germans found Themyscara, doesn't that answer your question?😂

  • Jordan Andrews
    Jordan Andrews 1 month ago

    it was good but it dragged on and a little cheesy but was a big step up from bvs and ss

  • Robert Bisbal
    Robert Bisbal 1 month ago

    For a "Not great" movie it's doing pretty well already making $578 Million worldwide. JS.

  • Zennofobic
    Zennofobic 1 month ago

    glad I found the one review which wasn't gushing about how WONDERFUL this movie is. I saw it. It was ok. I actually fell asleep a few times throughout the movie but then again I slept through almost all of Transformers and both followed pretty big lunches so perhaps I should watch a movie and then go grab a bite instead of vice versa. Anyways, I really don't follow reviews anymore ever since Alexander got panned and I was one of two people in the audience who actually stood up and clapped at the credits.

  • jaymesEo6
    jaymesEo6 1 month ago

    This was a game changer.

  • Mark Grant
    Mark Grant 1 month ago

    😃Honestly I want a Squirrel Girl porno !! 👍👅

  • Tim&Dick 79
    Tim&Dick 79 1 month ago

    I think black canary should have a stand alone film. Although not on the level of Wonder Woman, black canary also has a representation of girl power in comics with more of the modern day disadvantages and stereotypes for women. She also is pretty tough and independent as she does what most stereotypes normally don't portray with women: she drives a motorcycle, in the au she got in fighting tournaments, and she talks explicitly in other portrayals. Her story could involve her origins with the training from wildcat (he doesn't have to be wildcat in the movie) along with how she got her powers leading into her career in fighting crime and maybe helping Batman in Gotham.

  • Peter Heslin
    Peter Heslin 1 month ago +2

    sorry to disagree -- i thought it was great. i really loved it & thought the chemistry between Gadot & Pine was perfect. there's a lot in this film DC can learn from & they goddamned well better. because i want my heroes doing heroic things, not fighting each other & shooting the shit out of everything.

  • Parris Summers
    Parris Summers 1 month ago

    Catwoman and Electra aren't awful they're meh, the mob mentality hate is what makes people think they're so bad.

  • orfeas
    orfeas 1 month ago +2

    the first part in Themescyra wasn't that good, it was full of bad exposition and acting and the ending was shit ( worst line in the movie: Wonder Woman: "Only love can bring us together!" Ares: '' THEN I SHALL DESTROYYY YOUUU!!!!!) The part in WW1 was great though. Overral, it's an ok movie, but it doesn't stand out amongst other superhero movies. The movie is pretty overrated (it has a higher RT score than Shawshank Redemtion **facepalm**). For me, it's a 7/10

    • orfeas
      orfeas 25 days ago

      Brian. Jr Montoya I do, but it still sounds stupid.

    • Brian. Jr Montoya
      Brian. Jr Montoya 25 days ago

      orfeas you do realize that the percentage isn't the overall grade of a film, but how many critics or audience members liked it right?

  • dakotab291
    dakotab291 1 month ago

    I'm so glad there is someone out there admitting this movie is not AMAZING!!! Don't get me wrong I thought it was very good. It was visually beautiful, the moments where it was hand to hand combat and not soo much CGI looked great, Gal Gadot is a great Wonder Women imo, I like Chris Pine ( although the romance was a bit forced and quick ), it works well as an origin story etc.
    But I don't think it did anything to deserve a 92% from critics and audience on Rotten Tomatoes. It's no Dark Knight ( 94% ) or Logan ( 93% )
    There were a lot of moments in the movie that I sat there and said to myself 'this is soo formulaic' . Plot structure wise, there is a lot of things that you can see coming from a mile away if you know anything about writing a basic 3 act story. ( I mean when she got mad at Chris Pine's character and said all men are bad, and the typical falling out part of the story, only to be resolved minutes later)
    But I digress because it is ultimately SOO much better than what DC has been putting out and that makes me happy. I LOVE the DC superheros, probably more than the Marvel ones excluding the X-men and Spiderman, so I'm glad DC finally has a universally liked movie under their belt. Honestly I would not be surprised if this ends up being better than Justice League, I do not have high hopes for that one based off the trailers. ( They are trying WAY to hard to make Aquaman a badass, I just always think of the south park joke of Seaman)
    Anyway, enough rambling, I'm having some beers after I just saw the movie in theaters and wanted to get this off my chest.
    I think I liked Man of Steel more actually lol, I do not understand all the hate around that movie.........just because superman killed zod or whatever? I thought that was a ballsey scene.

    10/10 would convert to Judaism to lick Gal Gadot's vagina
    I'm OUT!

  • Pranavanathan Yoganathan
    Pranavanathan Yoganathan 1 month ago +2

    So I finaly watched it and have to say it was pretty good. Some of the action was bad slow motion and the beginning was like 80% exposition but I liked it. The fish out of water stuff was great, Gadot was good , Pine was really good. It was mostly empowering and progressive but sometimes super cheesy. Also it had good humor thats been lacking in the DCEU. I'd say a solid B+ movie.

  • LJ K
    LJ K 1 month ago

    I'm a woman, so I'd like to see - Power Girl, Huntress (though I read the Earth 2/Helena Wayne incarnation - last time I saw her in comics she was a totally different identity), Zatanna, Wonder Girl (aka Donna Troy in the red star spangled jumpsuit and boots), Black Canary - even Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew). My era was 1970s/80s so no doubt those characters have changed a lot since then!

  • Jeremy Montes
    Jeremy Montes 1 month ago

    I honestly did not like this movie, I thought it had poor acting as far as Gal went... I was rooting for Dr. Poison and the other guy the whole time they were the best actors.

  • Everyday Bodybuilding
    Everyday Bodybuilding 1 month ago

    That was the worst movie I've seen since man of steel. Absolutely painful to get through.

  • marten gisby
    marten gisby 1 month ago

    Agree with all of that. Great review.

  • Da_Pikmin_Coder
    Da_Pikmin_Coder 1 month ago

    I was very disappointed with this video. I was really hoping you would say "Did you see the scene where Wonder Woman was jumping really far between pieces of land like Peter Parker in Spider-Man and then also proceeded to climb a wall like Peter Parker in Spider-Man? W- wha— What was that about? That's bloody crazy!"

  • mygoldenlambo
    mygoldenlambo 1 month ago

    I like how the guy who is said to be really good at shotting never shoots a gun the whole movie and how wonder woman l's aunt dies for her and they forget and how the movie wasted an hour and 30 minutes chasing a general just to be some random ass british guy to be the aires and also how they are against everything for training for like 10 seconds and how wonder woman ages but not the amazonians and also how she can slide everywhere and how she is told to figth she does it this movie is trash was not necceray for the dc universe

    • mygoldenlambo
      mygoldenlambo 1 month ago

      my grammar is as much shit as the movie itself

  • cityu english
    cityu english 1 month ago +1

    I like how dc doesn't tone down their heroes so much like marvel does. It is painful for me to watch Thor in the movies, what's worse is that even in the comics Thor get weaker and weaker with every "incarnation", feels like the writers have no clue or straight up want to destroy the characterization.

  • Raymond Reviews
    Raymond Reviews 1 month ago

    This is what Warner Bros should have been doing since Man of Steel. Make standalone movies for Batman, Flash, and other heroes. Then build up to Justice League. That's why I am so mad at Warner Bros, they tried to cheat us out of an amazing series of standalone heroes and cut straight into Justice League.

  • Dustin Osborn
    Dustin Osborn 1 month ago

    DC just needs to string together 2 or 3 good movies, WW being 1, to make me not nervous about their movies.

  • Juan Rivera
    Juan Rivera 1 month ago

    Yeah, the fact that you were pretentious about this review says a lot.

  • cjua2803
    cjua2803 1 month ago

    the first 75% was great. The last bit was trash. That weird rampage, Ares' mustache and just the whole showdown was weird

  • Nathalie Barnes
    Nathalie Barnes 1 month ago

    It also wasn't that empowering to women. I mean sure she is a woman but she doesn't do/say much about women power

  • Nathalie Barnes
    Nathalie Barnes 1 month ago

    I saw it tonight and it was soooo inaccurate mythologically. They literally got every myth wrong.

  • Benji Price
    Benji Price 1 month ago

    This movie was better than most bullshit on screen nowadays.

  • Johann Pascual
    Johann Pascual 1 month ago

    The movie's great! Except for the face of Ares.

    KING LIONEL340 1 month ago

    Yup. It's good. Not great. Not great like all the reviews and review sites out there making it seem like the greatest movie ever. It's the same as how people said she was the best part of BvS. Overrated. It's a good movie. A 7/10 on a 5 being average scale.

  • Frederico Sousa
    Frederico Sousa 1 month ago +1

    Alright, I'm gonna be completly honest here. I was sceptical of this movie. 1st becouse DC doesn't have a good history of great films, 2nd becouse after they wiffed a great oportunitie in BvS (wich I liked, but could have been SO MUCH MORE) doing a take on WW, who is less known, could easly backfire, and 3rd, becouse I was afraid this was just a set up movie for DC multiverse (kinda like how Ultron was to MCU, and it wasn't great either). But you know what? I loved it. This movie surprised me the same way Guardians of the Galaxy and Winter Soldier surprised me. The story is actualy engaging, the characters likable, the comedic part is 50/50 but less present then MCU and its fine, the action is spot on (only 1 part of the action scenes does the CGI becomes "unreal" but thats my opinion, the rest is great) like BvS was. I really really liked it, its not the SJW shit people are saying it is, and maybe the critics weren't wrong (in my opinion ofc).
    Just saying, don't mind too much other peoples opinions, go watch if you want and make your own opinion.

  • Cam M
    Cam M 1 month ago

    have no desire for black widow anything I'd take dazzler over her any day.

  • Rocky Jr.
    Rocky Jr. 1 month ago

    It had a horrible pacing issue and sense of time

  • Luke Runke
    Luke Runke 1 month ago

    I totally disagree. The movie was fucking great. To me, it was a 9.5/10 and the best movie in the D.C. cinematic universe

  • Jay Saenz
    Jay Saenz 1 month ago +5

    Good but not great... great title for the review. The movie is decent... Gal is charming and it's entertaining... but this is not a masterpiece. I liked MoS and BvS extended edition more... I have no problems with the dark depressing tone... it reflects the world we live in.

    • gary daughtery
      gary daughtery 8 days ago

      Jay Saenz i agree with you on that. I like the more serious dc movies. I like bvs much more than this

    • Derek Ford
      Derek Ford 1 month ago

      Well said, MoS is criminally underrated. WW was a solid movie though

  • Jay Saenz
    Jay Saenz 1 month ago

    There's plenty of movies about Squirting Girl in Pornhub.

  • Christian Guerrero
    Christian Guerrero 1 month ago

    We need an iron heart movie

  • Arty zone 24
    Arty zone 24 1 month ago

    Deathstroke's daughter: Ravager as a film

  • Thomas Miller
    Thomas Miller 1 month ago

    Rip Steve, he was above average.

  • ejhida2410
    ejhida2410 1 month ago +1

    So Germans speaking English in Marvel movies is ok and great, but here it's criticized? Got it, just checking.

  • Gerard Monroe
    Gerard Monroe 1 month ago

    0:58 Good God that woman was sexy, I told her so once & to my surprise she responded. ^_^

  • Nathan Cook
    Nathan Cook 1 month ago


  • High Heel Knight
    High Heel Knight 1 month ago

    I'm looking forward to "Ant-Man and The Wasp", which is something I think should have happened in the first place.

  • Ky Y
    Ky Y 1 month ago +1

    I'm kind of with you in that I thought this movie was VERY good, and I left the theater with a smile on my face, but it didn't make me go "WOW" after it was over like Logan, Winter Soldier, or Man of Steel (I know, I know) did. Then again, The Avengers (or as I like to call it, "The Only Reason I Watched Was for the Hulk") or Deadpool didn't make me go "WOW" either, and those were also obviously fantastic movies.

    Got me to thinking though: where would you rank this movie in the pantheon of comic book solo character origin movies? Or would you even put it in your pantheon? For me, it's definitely #2 right behind MoS (I know, I know) and right before Deadpool.

    • T B
      T B 1 month ago

      Ky Y You have such a great taste in movies
      Man of steel for me was Great!!!!

  • The Bacons
    The Bacons 1 month ago

    This is a bad movie. Wonder Woman isn't even the main character in her own movie 😔

  • MPLapper83
    MPLapper83 1 month ago

    Pepper pots movie! ;)

  • Roberto Pérez Luévano

    I think this movie is better than 75% from the MCU.

  • Cobbster PT
    Cobbster PT 1 month ago

    Well... Can't wait to see the "Will they? Won't they?" relationship between Diana and Bruce.

  • Lime Master
    Lime Master 1 month ago

    y didn't u mention the new DCEU intro

  • Chris Orton
    Chris Orton 1 month ago

    It seems to be one of the movies we need to see for the larger justice league picture we'll get to experience later. Otherwise, meh.

  • Nina M
    Nina M 1 month ago

    I want a She-Hulk movie.

  • MD Q
    MD Q 1 month ago


  • Nihad nuno
    Nihad nuno 1 month ago

    I hate to be a party pooper... But I didn't like it😑 I don't like Gal as wonder women, her acting isn't that good and that just brought the entire movie down for me..

  • Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart 1 month ago

    i love when enthusiastic aussies commentate stuff

  • DjBuBbLeGuM
    DjBuBbLeGuM 1 month ago

    I really want a She-Hulk... something. I think a Netflix series would work better for her but a movie would be cool too.

  • Jediael Benjamin
    Jediael Benjamin 1 month ago

    it was amazing. just can't wait for aquaman. probably beat of to jason coz he is everything goals

  • HazeySB
    HazeySB 1 month ago

    This movie was fucking terrible.

  • RWJrocks123
    RWJrocks123 1 month ago

    I would like to see Wonder Woman and Wonder Man team up. That'd be wonderful.

  • salomé sasa
    salomé sasa 1 month ago

    great review! personally, i had a lot of expectations for the movie (i was a big fan of the justice league animated series growing up and ww was my favorite character) but i truly enjoyed it. i had tears in my eyes almost the entire time cause i was so emotional to see diana kick ass in live action, and i walked out feeling happy. imo it's one of the best comic book movies out there, along with the winter soldier, the guardians movies and watchmen. i really hope it's going to pave the way for more female led comic book movies, like she-hulk, x23, storm, spiderwoman, spidergwen, ms marvel, america chavez, hawkgirl, zatanna, hawkeye (kate bishop) and many more... also this movie restored my hope in the dceu, after a good man of steel, an okay bvs and a bad suicide squad. i look forward to see wonder woman again in justice league this fall, and to see what our next dc heroes have in store!

  • Adam Kecskes
    Adam Kecskes 1 month ago

    Finally got around to seeing it today and it was amazing. Hands down DC's best super hero movie. Only Nolan's Batman compares and for me personally, I much prefer Diana's hopefulness to Bruce's brooding. A little predictable, but what super movie isn't after you've ready comics for years and seen more than your fair share of action movie? There were a couple of overt CG combat scenes that looked like someone in the FX department rushing that day to get rendering and whatnot done. Very poor there -- but at least fixable for the video release!

  • ribeault george
    ribeault george 1 month ago

    Why every topic gotta end up in gender discussion. Wonder woman isnt only a model for little girls, the value she carries are not in any way girl or woman exclusive, same for superman back in the days, wtf seriously

  • Frikki Hatton
    Frikki Hatton 1 month ago

    i love the fact that wonder woman is the best DCEU Movie yet :D

  • chris stix
    chris stix 1 month ago

    Awsome film, think the box-office is self explained

  • 29Darian
    29Darian 1 month ago

    I agree with your review, but man, critique the movie because they didn't speak German? What sap with that? Do you speak German? So why do you wanna be reading subs for 20 minutes? Because there was an intense Germans interactions. I have to say, I don't speak German, but my first language is Spanish. When I watch a movie that force their actors to speak Spanish like if it was their first language, it pains me to watch it. Because is bad, bad as hell. I am looking at you Assassins Creed. NONE of the actors speak Spanish, and who had the stupid idea of force them to speak broken Spanish the whole movie? as a Spanish speaker that was disturbing and annoying for me, and it took me out of the movie experience. I am pretty sure Germans feel the same way. if they saw american actors destroying their language for 20 minutes. But hey, that is just an opinion. Good job with your videos. The movie was awesomeeeee!!!

  • Petar Gulin
    Petar Gulin 1 month ago

    If Marvel did this movie you would but your nuts all over a movie.

  • Eric [][][]
    Eric [][][] 1 month ago

    It was fucking silly. Captain America as a Barbie Doll.

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