A Father's Day Tribute To Hot TV Dads

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Dreamy dads Milo Ventimiglia and Stephen pay homage to television's finest fathers.

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Comments: 124

  • Elizabeth Encalada
    Elizabeth Encalada Month ago

    I was hoping for Stephen to strip off his suit sleeves just like the other guy did. Stephen is a hot dad! ;)

  • Pim MR
    Pim MR Month ago

    Bob Belcher? Love it, Late Show!

  • Diadlo
    Diadlo Month ago

    This is us? What is that? I know him from Heroes.

  • Sandra Caster
    Sandra Caster Month ago

    That guy looks familiar ?!! with his shirt off😜

  • Gila Monster
    Gila Monster Month ago

    Bobs burgers

  • Beesh Alzayed
    Beesh Alzayed Month ago

    Stephen can you be my "daddy"? 😜

  • spinvalve
    spinvalve Month ago

    It was so obvious the bicep slapping wasn't their first take. Ouch.

  • deuxieme
    deuxieme Month ago

    meh...not dreamy. kind of greasy.

  • Kimberly Menjivar
    Kimberly Menjivar Month ago

    he is soo damn FINE

  • Mavicity
    Mavicity Month ago


  • Mr. Light
    Mr. Light Month ago

    dude we get it you are gay.

  • THESocialJusticeWarrior

    more like, "Happy gay father's day"

  • Jelan Critic
    Jelan Critic 2 months ago

    very nice 😍 😘💪

  • Tele Opinions
    Tele Opinions 2 months ago

    I think Mr. Colbert is bi. He seems to get turned on by dudes. But, isn't he married with children?

  • Mobvious
    Mobvious 2 months ago

    0:52 look at the other sleeve

  • RufusLeakin
    RufusLeakin 2 months ago +1

    How to define mass confusion: Father's Day in Detroit!

  • Age of atheism
    Age of atheism 2 months ago

    I wish the world would synchronise when we celebrate and commemorate things ! I shat my pants thinking I had missed father's day in Australia only to find out it's in september!Anyhow,happy fathers day to all you American dads. Now go bond with your kids !

  • Brandon Louis
    Brandon Louis 2 months ago

    Phil Dunphy

  • Amenti H
    Amenti H 2 months ago +1

    No attempt to show something… blurred?..

  • Tony B
    Tony B 2 months ago +1

    Lol, I thought Stephen was going to rip the sleeve off of his suit for a second!

  • Zoe Lindgren
    Zoe Lindgren 2 months ago +4

    ok but like, I have a MUCH bigger crush on Colbert than I do on Milo

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power 2 months ago

    I don't care, I ship it.

  • Khaleesi Delmar
    Khaleesi Delmar 2 months ago +5

    What about Phil Dunphy 😍

  • Phoenix Chastaine
    Phoenix Chastaine 2 months ago


  • StarFighters76
    StarFighters76 2 months ago +1

    I'm sorry, but what is this "Father's Day"?

  • ŠωєëžY ѕ̐lý
    ŠωєëžY ѕ̐lý 2 months ago

    rest in peace Dad 😔

  • Elliot Fisk
    Elliot Fisk 2 months ago


  • Total Control
    Total Control 2 months ago +2

    I could tell Stephen wanted to kiss his arm too.

  • dfunkt
    dfunkt 2 months ago +2

    speaking as a father, father's day is a stupid fucking holiday and i dgaf about it. it is basically just a reason for restaurants and card/stupid schlock/tie/golf bullshit-makers to get more money. my son honors me every day by *being a good person*.

    lol, i hope stupid holidays in general "die in a fire".

    • TimeladyRose
      TimeladyRose Month ago

      Good. Sounds to me like your doing your job ;) Great! (I could not have cooked or helped with more chores, because I already did that from very early childhood on. Honestly, my parents were just horrible people. The fathers/mothersday stuff is just something that I remembered that kinda stung because their way of saying always felt like nothing I could do would ever be enough) Anyhow. I'm happy your son has a good relationship with you. Great for the both of you ^^

    • dfunkt
      dfunkt 2 months ago

      thanks for sharing your perspective, i appreciate it...lol, probably my son feels similar pangs of sting. :) tbh, you could have cooked a delicious nutritious meal for the family, or done some extra chores around the house, believe me that kind of stuff is FAR more appreciated than a bullshit card. that's why i say i feel truly honored by my son, as he is a good person. he is an excellent,and always-improving,student (the only real job he has), is very helpful for his mother during the week, and when he is with me on weekends he helps me out around the house when asked, and is thoughtful and cheerful, and listens far more than his father did when he was young. i know he loves and respects me, and i him, and that's what is important in our parent-child relationship. so many people in life DON'T have that, but crave the cards. not i. peace

    • TimeladyRose
      TimeladyRose 2 months ago

      I respect your opinion, however, I feel like sharing this with you; My parents both had the same stance on fathers and mothers day(and their birthdays, for that matter). It was sad, and sometime even horrible for my siblings and me. We would have liked to make it a nice day for them, but they were almost hateful towards the idea. I'm just saying, it can be nice for others to have an occasion to do something nice. Children don't view life like grown adults do. Schools often make kids craft something for those days or talk a lot about it how important it is to honor your parents. If the parents are fundamentally against it, it can sting a little..

  • togruta4
    togruta4 2 months ago +1

    So... awkward...

  • Mike Enders
    Mike Enders 2 months ago +1

    Stephen Colbert for President!

  • Just Another Castillo :D


  • Bystander232
    Bystander232 2 months ago

    You might recognize Milo Ventimiglia as:
    - Jack Pearson, "This Is Us" (currently playing),
    - Peter Petrelli, "Heroes", and/or
    - Jess Mariano, "Gilmore Girls".

    What a disparate group of core audiences :).

  • D D
    D D 2 months ago +10

    I wanted them to kiss at the end SOOOOOOO BADLY

    • Sebizzar
      Sebizzar Month ago

      LOL ikr when he turned to him I was like :o

  • FUmarc
    FUmarc 2 months ago +1

    Homer Simpson.

  • Abe B
    Abe B 2 months ago +6

    Painfully awkward. Not what I've come to expect from the man...

  • Angela Fortin
    Angela Fortin 2 months ago +1

    No Greg Universe?

  • Akshay Verma
    Akshay Verma 2 months ago +1

    haha Jamie Lannister Father of the year, right behind Stannis!

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz 2 months ago

    and a ''Super Hott Father's Day'' back atcha super hot TV dads....

    although, I never bred, so I may look like a ''Daddy'' but I'm not.....lucky You.

  • GdoubleWB
    GdoubleWB 2 months ago +1

    You're pushing your luck, Petrelli.

  • okrajoe
    okrajoe 2 months ago +46

    We don't get to see sleeveless Colbert?

    • George Rivera
      George Rivera Month ago

      unsubbed, disliked, sued for obstruction of justice

  • jean-françois Roux
    jean-françois Roux 2 months ago

    You guys are ridiculous, I love it 😄!

  • Kitty
    Kitty 2 months ago +2

    "Let me helo you there" then rips off his sleeve lol :-).

    JMPTHEFIRST 2 months ago +7

    Any heroes fans

  • Pixie Dust
    Pixie Dust 2 months ago +12

    I.... don't know how to feel about this...

  • Namita R
    Namita R 2 months ago +1

    oh hi Milo plz be my actual dad

  • casperog
    casperog 2 months ago +3

    the shittiest laziest thing i have ever seen colbert do

  • Brian Gray
    Brian Gray 2 months ago +6

    this was strange and terrible.

  • Vetri PV
    Vetri PV 2 months ago

    where is the muscle ?

  • S upermanSinger
    S upermanSinger 2 months ago

    Who the fook is that guy?!

  • Cherik McFassy
    Cherik McFassy 2 months ago

    IT'S GAY

  • Adi Adrian
    Adi Adrian 2 months ago +1

    The fuck is this

  • FeatheredCrow
    FeatheredCrow 2 months ago +21

    Oh, damn!
    Is that the dude from Heroes?

  • Joey McCarthy
    Joey McCarthy 2 months ago +1

    I love ❤️ Colbert but very disappointed with how he handled this interview 😪. Bill Burr and Colbert are my two favourite comedians and this interview didn't turn out like I hoped...

  • Cheryl Gemuenden-Seymour
    Cheryl Gemuenden-Seymour 2 months ago +13

    2 adorable dads. Nice workouts!

  • Mee
    Mee 2 months ago +17

    OMG its Jess :O

  • CíaraFlorence
    CíaraFlorence 2 months ago +17

    this made me very uncomfortable

  • lazyperfectionist1
    lazyperfectionist1 2 months ago

    Do all the things associated with Father's Day! 👨🎊🍻⛳

  • BdR76
    BdR76 2 months ago +33

    Oh well, you can't expect every cold openings joke to be a master piece in comedy..

  • IXCat
    IXCat 2 months ago +216

    So, when can we stop pretending Stephen is straight?

    • Grey Ang
      Grey Ang Month ago

      Oh yeah, I agree, if anything James Corden would be so high of the list of potentially gay hosts but are actually straight. Then again, I'd like to think that Stephen or James or even Trevor are guys who are absolute comfortable with their sexuality and doesn't mind playing up the gayness once in a while for laughs.

      And James is such a bear. Oh, what a teddy bear.

    • o babadook
      o babadook 2 months ago


    • TimeladyRose
      TimeladyRose 2 months ago

      My boyfriend is an actor. In school everyone had to kiss or make out
      with everyone, regardless of gender for the purpose of learning how to
      act professional with regards to sexuality. As we know, Stephen is a trained actor who also has a very positive stance on LGBT-rights - It is very well possible that he likes using his art to make homosexuality more normal over the years. Or he just thinks its funny. Im not saying he isn't bi, I don't know that, obviously. I'm just stating that just because someone uses gay characters and is comfortable joking about his sexuality doesn't mean he's gay. (Also, My best male friend loves flirting with other male(and female) friends for fun, but is '100% hetero', so there's guys like that to) Another note; A study at the german institute for psychology at the uni koblenz found that about 70% of males in musical productions are gay, but the leading man/woman ist almost always straight.. Now this long comment is ending. It is ending shortly. Don't open the doors until we've,-NOOOO!

  • proudblackjynx
    proudblackjynx 2 months ago

    What show is he on?

    • kboxMANIA
      kboxMANIA 2 months ago

      Milo? He was on "This Is Us" and, previously, "Heroes," among others.

  • Seaghán Pipistrello
    Seaghán Pipistrello 2 months ago +55

    Peter Petrelli

    • Grey Ang
      Grey Ang Month ago

      That's the Milo that I remembered lol. I never realized when did he become such a DILF. Oh my.

    • Jose Angel C
      Jose Angel C Month ago

      Peeta Petureri

  • Jellobotic
    Jellobotic 2 months ago +1

    Only 13 comments... just how early am I?? O-O"

  • Mandar Phadnis
    Mandar Phadnis 2 months ago +37

    cringed so hard...my asshole imploded. :/

    • Jop3lius
      Jop3lius 2 months ago

      did you get so awkward boner it made you cringe?

    • shittykittyification
      shittykittyification 2 months ago

      Never keep a Samsung phone up your ass!

  • Jonida Sanço
    Jonida Sanço 2 months ago +1

    Oh Milo!

  • Andrew Burke
    Andrew Burke 2 months ago +34

    I wish I could un-see that

    • majed8192
      majed8192 2 months ago

      Meh... me too I mean that show " This is Us " made me cry like tow times and by God this is the only show that affected me that much and they completely ruined it's beautiful image in my head

  • Rajashree Ghosh
    Rajashree Ghosh 2 months ago +184

    What about Stannis? Father of the year anybody?

    • FUmarc
      FUmarc 2 months ago

      Rajashree Ghosh Only in the book.

    • VelociFaptor365
      VelociFaptor365 2 months ago

      They don't say "burning passion" for no reason...

    • Grubiantoll
      Grubiantoll 2 months ago

      I think he discualified him self there with the burning your doughter at stake incident.
      Realy tragick ho w much more kids will be lost to acciedetnal sacraficing to gods?

  • Yeonhee Ahn
    Yeonhee Ahn 2 months ago +1

    awwwwe ♡♡♡

  • D Sho
    D Sho 2 months ago +78

    To the fathers who plays their role, happy fathers day!! To those who aren't, I hope you find strength and courage to change your ways.

    • bjam89
      bjam89 2 months ago

      it is the wording, PLAYS, rather then does, in every meaning of that word i know it does not mean they do it as themselves, that they are just putting on a mask

    • Sam Burns
      Sam Burns 2 months ago

      To the fathers out there who fundamentally-lack fatherhood - both in skill and devotion - I hope they find the integrity and accountability required in order to pay child support.

    • D Sho
      D Sho 2 months ago

      +bjam89 I am responsible for what I say, you are responsible for how you hear it. 😉

    • bjam89
      bjam89 2 months ago

      plays their role...really, that just sounds fucking wrong

  • Michiru Sato
    Michiru Sato 2 months ago +305

    wtf... is this

    • Dewayne Thomas
      Dewayne Thomas Month ago

      i like hwo they shitting on people who say pursuade they audience

    • Stingy Mine
      Stingy Mine Month ago

      Just dads disrespecting women

    • Ilang Ilang
      Ilang Ilang 2 months ago

      Sarah Bearheart such wise words

    • Sarah Bearheart
      Sarah Bearheart 2 months ago

      Its Stephen pretending he doesnt think he's hot while pretending he does think he's hot. He knows he's hot.

  • Kasia Kawecka
    Kasia Kawecka 2 months ago +1

    Milo is goals

  • Romero Ranulfo
    Romero Ranulfo 2 months ago +2

    Happy Father's Day !!!

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