RACE REPLAY: 2017 Florida Derby Featuring Always Dreaming

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  • Carmen Smolny
    Carmen Smolny Month ago

    Beauty Horse 😍😍😍😍

  • Nabir Ali Sk
    Nabir Ali Sk Month ago


  • lucy tyler geck
    lucy tyler geck 2 months ago

    Fantastic race!

  • andrew papastefan
    andrew papastefan 2 months ago

    I'm realizing more and more the supposed experts are a bunch of idiots. He checks or clipped heels around the first turn sits outside a horse whose rank on the backstretch, and all i hear leading into the preakness is how easy of a trip he got his last two starts. Great horses find great trips.

  • Moochdad1956
    Moochdad1956 3 months ago

    Shouldn't cut the video off before the gallop out, very important part of handicapping

  • Negan Lannister
    Negan Lannister 3 months ago

    That's now back-to-back years the Kentucky Derby winner came out of the Florida Derby.

  • ramon tatis
    ramon tatis 3 months ago

    tueres el mejor yanii

  • Lamont Cranston
    Lamont Cranston 3 months ago

    My guess is Gunnevera doesn't wait that long to break Today. Use him in Super/Tri/Quinella Box. with of course "Always Dreaming". "IRAP"/"Hence"/"Gormley"&"McKracken" look game. Probably add these in some variation to Super/Tri Box. Muddy today so some average horses have chance. Good Luck!!

  • Jim Turano
    Jim Turano 3 months ago

    Today is the day. Good luck to everyone.

  • Johan Manuel Diaz
    Johan Manuel Diaz 3 months ago

    hence is the horse to beat

  • Donna Mayne
    Donna Mayne 3 months ago


  • Cherry Garcia
    Cherry Garcia 3 months ago

    he stomped gunavera

  • drb 2
    drb 2 3 months ago

    Made it look easy. Bet the house at Churchill.

  • TMW
    TMW 3 months ago

    Castellano lost 5-6 lengths on Gunnevera with that poor start. Get out of the gate first, then head left to the rail. He tried to do everything all at once. Take a deep breath, Castellano. Keep your powder dry, big guy! You have an excellent horse.

  • Matt Duchon
    Matt Duchon 3 months ago

    I mean you can not really get much more impressive than Always Dreaming in the Florida Derby. This horse did get a perfect trip but wasn't even asked to do much and won easily but I refuse to bet Pletcher horses. In my opinion, this horse will be the Post time favorite come Derby Day, ahead of Classic Empire but I refuse to bet this horse. If i get beat, so be it. I just think there are other logical horses that have a good shot to win this race at much bigger odds. Maybe Ill throw this horse ahead of a couple of my longshots just in case because is Always Dreaming really this good. I love Hence, I think he is maturing at the right time but Irish War Cry deserves to be the favorite and he is my top pick. Also like Practical Joke as a possible longshot. Im trhowing Classic Empire and McCracken out.

    • patluvsvettes
      patluvsvettes 3 months ago

      Nothing at all wrong with your three picks. All very good horses. I've got Lookin' at Lee and Practical Joke in a few exotics, but I'm still taking McCraken for the win.

    • Matt Duchon
      Matt Duchon 3 months ago

      Just a gut instinct. Yes, McCracken has been great at Churchill but like I predicted, Always Dreaming is now the Derby Favorite at 8 hours before the race. I just don't think McCracken is as good as Always Dreaming or Irish War Cry for that matter. Maybe I am wrong which is more often than not but you have to throw someone out. Out of Classic Empire, Always Dreaming, and Irish War Cry, you need to find the horse you like best. Always Dreaming has run just 3 times I think which scares me and is coming off the fastest Florida Derby in a very long time.
      Usually after a horse comes off a race like that, they have a clunker which is why I changed my mind again and am going all in on Irish War Cry. After watching Paradise Wood lose in the Kentucky Oaks yesterday coming off her insanely good race, that was what made me go with IWC instead of Always Dreaming.
      I am boxin IWC with a couple long shots and hope to get lucky. Irish War Cry with Looking at Lee and Practical Joke.
      But as you said, McCracken has a very good shot and will probably win with my luck!!!

    • patluvsvettes
      patluvsvettes 3 months ago

      Why are you throwing out McCraken? He has 3 wins at Churchill Downs, is ridden by a jockey having the best year of his career, trained by a two-time Derby winner who knows how to prep a horse, and is in a great post position at #15. I'm betting he wins it!

  • ausfuhrpramienjagar
    ausfuhrpramienjagar 3 months ago +1

    You see that filly in my profile picture? She's a 3-time Stakes winner and both her Grandsires were Alydar and Affirmed.. She told me that you all had better put your money on "McCracken" to take the roses home, because he closes like a machine and loves to run on the Twin Spires surface!  :-)

  • Michael Corwin
    Michael Corwin 3 months ago


    • Michael Corwin
      Michael Corwin 3 months ago

      what do you say now

    • Negan Lannister
      Negan Lannister 3 months ago

      Michael Corwin Only a 97 Beyer. Fool's gold race. The Holy Bull was more honest. Classic Empire finishes a well beaten 3rd, then barely wins the Ark Derby with a 94 Beyer. He hasn't improved since 2.

      I don't trust Pletcher with 3YOs just like I don't trust Mark Casse.

  • papajoe el papi
    papajoe el papi 3 months ago

    the big G DOES HAVE A SHOT HE WAS LEFT TO FAR WAS rallying & he will be fresh I will be at the winning window Chao baby

  • Chris Calo
    Chris Calo 3 months ago +2

    Tipical pleatcher impressive then u bet him we have saw this show before

  • Adam Rossal
    Adam Rossal 4 months ago +1

    Do not worry about Gunnavera. If you know anything about horseracing then you know when a horse runs his 2 best races ever back to back the next race he will flatten a little. 72% of Kentucky Derby winners lost the race before the derby. Im happy, better odds on the Gun now.

    • Adam Rossal
      Adam Rossal 3 months ago


    • Adam Rossal
      Adam Rossal 3 months ago

      I like you Andrick. You make good points. But too many numbers floating around. Obviously the way the race plays out in your head is different than the way it plays out in my head. Ive been trying to see some more races from Always Dreaming. Strong win in Florida. I guess im just in love with the Gunn. But i will say this, 10 of these horses could win, and we could both make an argument as to why they won. I like the Gunn and Irish War Cry. For the first time in awhile we will see a favorite possibly at 5/1 odds. Big money derby. Love it. Just remember, best horse doesnt always win. Stick to your pick. If you have doubts about your pick, then there is no doubt. Keep in touch.

    • Andrick Kale
      Andrick Kale 3 months ago

      The numbers are the numbers, Adam. They're factual in their nature and are in direct conflict to your claim that "If you know anything about horseracing then you know when a horse runs his 2 best races ever back to back the next race he will flatten a little" as it pertains to the Derby as the majority of Derby winners over the last 25 years have in fact ran their two highest BSF in their final two prep races before running in the Derby. That's just a fact that anybody can look up for themselves. It's also a fact that over the last 40 years no horse that finished more than 4 1/2 lengths back in their final prep race came back to win the Derby. On thorograph, 19 of the past 35 Derby winners came into the Derby after having run a new top in their final prep, 10 of them had paired their top in their final prep, 5 ran an off race in their final prep, and only 1 single horse won the Derby after running an X race in their final prep. Again, that's just the facts. Just because you wish it wasn't the case doesn't make it so. You can look up any figure source you want and they'll all tell you the same thing and that the vast majority of Derby winners over the years go into the Derby after maintaining or improving their form over their last couple of prep races. Horses you need to make "excuses" for in regards to their last prep race rarely go on to win the Derby save for only a couple of exceptions.

      "If you watch the Florida Derby then you should know that were just seeing how far to keep the Gunn back. It was a prep race."

      Of course I watched the race Gunnevera ran. I also listened to clockers like Bruno DeJulio who said Gunnevera was on the lighter side going into the Florida Derby and wasn't training as well as he usually did. Some of those thoughts were echoed by observers like Caton Bredar, who also said that Gunnevera had lost weight between the FOY and FD. I also heard Gunnevera's jockey, Javier Castellano, in the post race say that the horse lacked his usual "punch" when Castellano was asking him for run around the far turn. So who's opinion should I trust here? People who earn their living in the business and have been for some time, including the very person that was riding the horse? Or some random guy on the internet who is seemingly using wishful thinking to say that Gunnevera's last effort was completely by design? Hmm, tough question. Or not. Oh, and I also saw a 113/1 no hope longshot named Coleman Rocky run the stretch in a faster time than did Gunnevera too (12.29 to 12.67 over final furlong), so forgive if I'm not impressed with the way Gunnevera finished that race.

    • Adam Rossal
      Adam Rossal 3 months ago

      All these numbers mean shit. Look at the prep races. Most of the prep races are garbage, 2nd tier hopefuls. Gotta finish strong in the derby, and half the winning horses ive seen are struggling at the end of the race. Im sticking with the Gunn. People compare him to Exaggerator, but Exaggerator made his move and then cruised. If he got past everyone with that move then he won. But Gunnaveras late kick doesnt stall, it gets stronger. Added distance gives him all the time in the world. If you watch the Florida Derby then you should know that were just seeing how far to keep the Gunn back. It was a prep race. A mile and a quarter he wins.

    • Negan Lannister
      Negan Lannister 3 months ago

      Andrick Kale Irish War Cry will win the Kentucky Derby.

      Gunnevera or McCraken willl finish 2nd. Can't have either running 1-2 as both are plodders. Affirmed - Alydar, Sunday Silence-Easy Goer, Nyquist Exaggerator.

      The 2017 Holy Bull was the most formful race featuring three of the top five betting choices. IWC, Gunn, and CE. CE hasn't improved since he was 2yo. Only runs a 94 in the Ark Derby, so his 3rd in the HB seems legit. I think he finishes behind IWC and Gunn again.

      McCraken's Beyer in the Sam Davis was so undervalued. Destin broke the track record and gets 106. McCraken does it and gets 95? WTF? J Boys Echo gets 102 in the Gotham with a 1:46+? We all see the Unbridled/Street Sense Nafzger/Wilkes pattern.

      Curlin - Ghostzapper Derby exacta or an Affirmed - Alydar (both chestnuts) exacta with two horses with contrasting running styles.

      Irish War Cry
      Gunnevera or McCraken for 2nd.

      I hope Always Dreaming gets fried up front. Pletcher horses usually always disappoints come Derby day except for Super Saver who never won again after his flukey Derby win since it was an off-track, his experience in CD, and Borail still riding hot those years. The stars and clouds aligned for him that day.

      Always Dreaming? Nah. IWC and CE were NOT in it. Maybe a different result had they been entered.

  • John Kaufmann
    John Kaufmann 4 months ago +1

    I am not going to write off GUNNEVARA just yet. Beaten even money favorite w. Castellano??? It is virtually impossible to win from that post at 9f at Gulfstream and having to close on that type of track at that distance. He was clocked in 58:4 last 5f so it was not like he wasn't running. Churchill downs stretch a different animal than Gulfstream.

    • Negan Lannister
      Negan Lannister 3 months ago

      John Kaufmann He is this year's Alydar-Exaggerator while Irish War Cry looks like Secretariat and Easy Goer with Affirmed's running-style.

      The Holy Bull was the most honest prep of the season so far. Just like what the 7F San Vicente last year when Nyquist and Exaggerator finished 1-2.

    • hillary ilinsky
      hillary ilinsky 3 months ago

      he has class and closes well ,thats all you need to know when most of the fav's will be near or on the lead . he should be a strong factor if the track is fair. has to be included.

    • Maynard Runkle
      Maynard Runkle 3 months ago

      Good analysis.

  • John Kaufmann
    John Kaufmann 4 months ago +1

    Was this a souped up todd Pletcher surface that day? If so then toss the first Saturday in May! Seen wayyyyyyyyy too many of these type of performances over the years by Pletcher horses in these Derby preps only to be huge flops in the Kentucky Derby!

  • indiablackwell
    indiablackwell 4 months ago

    State of Honor always ruins a hard honest race, give it up to him

    • indiablackwell
      indiablackwell 3 months ago

      RUINS - he always 'ruins' a hard honest race

    • indiablackwell
      indiablackwell 3 months ago

      i mean 'ruins' he alway 'ruins' a hard honest race

    • Maynard Runkle
      Maynard Runkle 3 months ago

      Do you mean "ruins" or "''runs' a hard honest race"

  • 4orrcountry
    4orrcountry 4 months ago +1

    Atrocious camera work, holy bullshit!

  • Henry Moncada
    Henry Moncada 4 months ago +1

    A gunnevera observo que al girar la ultima curva al castigarlo por el lado derecho tiende a tirar hacia dentro luego al castigar a la izquierda el retoma la atropellada en firme seria bueno corregir esto, seria recomendable castigar solo a la izquierda a ver como se comporta.

  • Jim Romer
    Jim Romer 4 months ago +1

    These Todd Pletcher horses are Built to win these Slowly run Races.
    But they "Always" fail against top notch Horses.
    Since he's 1 for 50 on Kentucky Derby

    • Bob Gardner
      Bob Gardner 3 months ago

      + Barry Calvert ROTFLMFAO

    • Bob Gardner
      Bob Gardner 3 months ago


    • Jim Romer
      Jim Romer 4 months ago

      3rd Fastest behind One Liner & Mastery, but there injured so
      By Defaul it is the fastest lol!!

    • Barry Calvert
      Barry Calvert 4 months ago

      That is because the Track was fast that day... If any other horse from any other prep with the same style had run in it, they too would have a FAST PREP...
      Way too much goes into NOVICE gamblers thinking on TIME... You could say the same thing in track vs track... and day vs day... The LOU. derby was run in 149 and change, the past 3 years it has been up around 1.51. Thus, should those horses be considered 2 seconds or 10 lengths faster that the past 3 year winners ?
      This years Crop is poor to say the least... Maybe a couple of GOOD horse, nothing great and no triple crown winner.. IWC, maybe this races 3rd place finisher on a fast pace, deep track can close for a piece, and a few others... There are very LIVELY longshots this year and tickets will or should be HUGE !

    • Raul Perez Jr
      Raul Perez Jr 4 months ago

      Jim Romer this was the fastest Derby prep of the year

  • The real Mac
    The real Mac 4 months ago

    Even tho the track played super sonic on saurday cant take anything away from the time still the fastest final time since Alydar now thas some company. I think he hits the board in the Derby i just dnt think he wins it bt i love the name Always Dreaming big time name 🙏🏾💯

    • Jim Romer
      Jim Romer 4 months ago

      These were all Allowance winners like Arrogate.
      How are they breaking Records while winning by a few lenghts
      Against Slow horses?/??/?
      I call bullshiet

  • Jim Turano
    Jim Turano 4 months ago +10

    DRF Times 23.1 , 47, 110.3 134.4 147.2
    That is impressive. The fact that Always Dreaming clipped heals in the beginning, and didn't go down, and still was ridden forward by a great jockey, Johnny V. ***Best of Luck to Tereas Viola. Happy for you and your family. Hope to see your brother Mike around the neighborhood.

    • fireworm678
      fireworm678 3 months ago

      Think they'll let Julian near that horse again? Almost went down

    • TMW
      TMW 3 months ago

      LVCrocky, I hope you didn't take a stand against Always Dreaming! How could you after that dynamic finish in the Florida Derby?

    • TMW
      TMW 3 months ago

      Scott Johnson, we were right! Always Dreaming is a special horse! Now, it's on to the Preakness in two weeks!

    • fireworm678
      fireworm678 3 months ago

      Jim Turano, thanks for the splits, for awhile I though I was watching a baseball game without the score board :)

    • Jim Turano
      Jim Turano 3 months ago

      Horse racing nation-There
      can be no doubt that the son of Tale of Ekati was the best of the
      three-year-old males in New Orlieans this year. He looked to have plenty
      going for him heading to Louisville, including the pick-up of Hall of
      Fame rider, Mike Smith, but then a quarter crack was discovered. As much
      as you liked or didn't like him before the setback, this development
      has to be considered a negative this close to the big race. The good
      news is that after therapy, he came back with a nice work at Keeneland
      yesterday. If he is somehow at his very best on Saturday, he is a
      legitimate threat, but anything less than 100% leaves him as a likely
      also-ran in this one.

  • Risky Of Doble Filo Entertainment

    it actually looked like gunnevera was coming hard in the last 3 strides, a lil distance wont hurt , i think they held him back on purpose..not saying he can win the derby , but he definately reserved something for the derby

    • Jude Dumphrey
      Jude Dumphrey 3 months ago

      In my opinion nobody knows everything about horses especially thoroughbred race horses so enjoy the moment (k derby)

    • Jude Dumphrey
      Jude Dumphrey 3 months ago

      nobody knows everything about horses especially thoroughbred race horses they r unpredictable so enjoy the moment

    • cgarnet01
      cgarnet01 4 months ago

      +Kevin Potts Basing my inductive reasoning on the above sample I doubt Phantom Planet speaks it much better.

    • Kevin Potts
      Kevin Potts 4 months ago

      +Phantom Planet I can see your grasp of the written language is tenuous, at best, but there is no reason to be rude to others because they like a horse. That is why they run the races. You don't like Gunnevera, great, don't bet him but there is no reason to be rude because someone else may like him.

    • Phantom Planet
      Phantom Planet 4 months ago

      i can see you dont now nothing about horses.

    ZAPDUNGA 4 months ago +6

    I have Always Dreaming $20 to win at 50-1 in pre-betting

    • Claude Herbert
      Claude Herbert 3 months ago

      Congratulations! We won!

      ZAPDUNGA 3 months ago

      No clear cut favorite in the Derby this year....Have to wait and see
      post positions first......but the horses I like so far are Classic
      Empire, Irish War Cry, Always Dreaming, Looking For Lee, and Gunnevera
      in exotics.......Also IRAP worries me because HE HAS THE PATCH!!!!
      Don't think Thunder Snow is coming over......McKraken could be in the
      mix too.....This is a very tough race to handicap

    • hillary ilinsky
      hillary ilinsky 3 months ago

      you're full of shit.

    • Doug Trapp
      Doug Trapp 4 months ago

      ZAPDUNGA Get it home! Good luck in the Derby. I'll wait and see how Classic Empire does in the next coming weeks to decide my Derby pick, but as of now it's a two horse race between those two IMO. If CE doesn't show his best coming up, I'll likely single Always Dreaming in the Multi's and hope it's Todd Pletchers year.

    • G Fili
      G Fili 4 months ago

      The real Mac .....nice bet.....i like Battalion Runner.....i put 50 on him at 30-1

  • bilL hopkins
    bilL hopkins 4 months ago +1

    What the hell were the running times?

  • K Rock
    K Rock 4 months ago +1

    Big fan of this horse. Always Dreaming! Love the name.

  • Mallory S
    Mallory S 4 months ago +3

    Too far back early and his run was over by the middle of the back stretch. Just glad he placed and didn't run for nothing. Great race tho, by Always Dreaming.

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