Donald Trump on assassinating North Korean leader: "I've heard of worse things"

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  • Evie Everlasting
    Evie Everlasting 7 hours ago

    loses brain cells every time he tries to make a valid point.

  • Brandon Topalian
    Brandon Topalian 14 hours ago


  • Basketball Spino
    Basketball Spino 1 day ago

    I'm very satisfied with Trump's response

    HIGHDROPONIC 311 1 day ago

    May God have no mercy on Kim Jong Un!!!!

  • TimeWatch5
    TimeWatch5 3 days ago

    He's a bad dude

  • Delvin Walton
    Delvin Walton 3 days ago

    trump is right

  • marcielo pestcoe
    marcielo pestcoe 3 days ago

    its china not jhina

  • Arijit Sarkar
    Arijit Sarkar 3 days ago

    why not joint surgical strike?

    PIT DOG 4 days ago

    Everyone be talking about nukes but everyone got that hydrogen bombs these days

  • christopher kein
    christopher kein 4 days ago

    now he's actually trying to own up

  • Masola Gasola
    Masola Gasola 4 days ago


  • drawingangel2
    drawingangel2 5 days ago

    This woman's makeup looks like someone punched her in the face.

  • iloveyoumadhuri
    iloveyoumadhuri 5 days ago

    Oh Norah! You look so beautiful!

  • adel adel36
    adel adel36 5 days ago

    who is the evil north corea of us

  • Red Blood
    Red Blood 5 days ago

    I laugh when he says China I don't know why

  • Kim Jong un
    Kim Jong un 6 days ago

    i dont know who this cheeto is but he has got something going here

  • Pure Bright Bleach
    Pure Bright Bleach 6 days ago

    Thank you George W. bush for starting two wars for no reason.

  • Lil Heartbreak
    Lil Heartbreak 7 days ago

    I don't support Trump but you gotta admit that he's pretty intelligent

  • Mrs Puff Thinking About The Line At Walmart

    I enjoy donald trump, he makes China do all the work

  • Xûr Gaming
    Xûr Gaming 9 days ago

    If China attacks North Korea WWIII is upon us.

  • Nungkha Rai
    Nungkha Rai 10 days ago

    Trump can't do anything against Kim Jong.

  • Marcos Zarate
    Marcos Zarate 12 days ago

    I like Asian food!!

  • slimwillo
    slimwillo 12 days ago


  • Avery Nape
    Avery Nape 13 days ago

    "You want the Chinese to take care of North Kor-ear?"

  • Alasco Alasco45
    Alasco Alasco45 13 days ago

    Why he go big mouth?

  • Isaac Swan
    Isaac Swan 15 days ago

    She might have some make-up on her face

  • outbound end
    outbound end 15 days ago

    i wonder if i could beat kim jong un in a 1v1 in bo3?

  • Brian G.
    Brian G. 15 days ago

    hm how did we go from "Assad's not that important" to the airstrikes? Very peculiar. I do feel that ISIS is a more immediate threat than Assad, so I'm confused as to why Trump would suddenly change policy on that.

  • Booze Begood
    Booze Begood 15 days ago

    Trump is kinda blunt but at least he says what he thinks, unlike most media that just sit and wait for people to speak freely then attack about them having differing view points

  • getoffmypage
    getoffmypage 15 days ago

    These people are so ignorant that it's painful to watch. The USA got rid of Ghadafi because he wanted a gold based currency, and turn his back to the U.S. dollar. The same counted for Iraq which was invaded because of weapons of mass destruction that were never found. They ditched the U.S. dollar and were at war 3 weeks later. If they really invaded these countries for humanitarian reasons, then why were 500 000 innocent children killed in Iraq and why are slaves being openly traded in Libya after getting rid of Ghadafi? You people are all morons. Including this entire news department

  • elpilonvideo
    elpilonvideo 15 days ago

    As soon as China approved him to make deals in China he forgot about everything he was talking here

  • Steelers For Life
    Steelers For Life 15 days ago

    i disagree with the assassination of leader he need the treatment that Saddam Hussain got he was hung on live television bc of his crimes

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 16 days ago

    " I will make relationship with Russia, beacause it a superpower. Together UNLIMITEDPOWER. IF YOU CANT BEAT YOUR ENEMY, YOU MAKE YOUR ENEMY YOUR ALLIE"

  • Dave Girardi
    Dave Girardi 17 days ago

    Campaign rhetoric?

  • E Ric
    E Ric 17 days ago

    Allah with trump

  • Daniel Van
    Daniel Van 18 days ago

    Me: what is the meaning of life?
    Donald Trump: China

  • SpicyKetchup
    SpicyKetchup 18 days ago

    "dey took argh jobbbsss"!!

  • Shawn  Holland
    Shawn Holland 21 day ago

    cbs stop Trump right u no it other wise stop or block me don't be un American talk to Trump with respect he your president wake up stop taking dirty money freedom speech

  • Shawn  Holland
    Shawn Holland 21 day ago

    lol yes disapear little Kimmy

  • Leslie Leon
    Leslie Leon 21 day ago

    You have dissapointed us

    TECHNOLOGY WE KNOW 22 days ago

    I'm watching this for the first time in this Time trump is actually president

  • Johnny Patrick
    Johnny Patrick 22 days ago

    If the US does invade or attack North Koreas there's only one country that would defend it, Russia. And You know how many Russian allies there are? 0. American allies? LOTS that I don't want to count. But I'm just saying the US and its allies could very well win a war with North Korea and Russia

  • mlg doge 2.0
    mlg doge 2.0 23 days ago

    trump should rekt that damn rude china president + isee at video there stomping at america flag trump pls assasin that sucker china president and philippines are getting owned by china they even get our islands and takeovering

  • Wo Ra
    Wo Ra 24 days ago

    Stupid goons.

  • Al Sharpton
    Al Sharpton 24 days ago

    Trump better be watching his own fkin back

  • Gino Perez
    Gino Perez 25 days ago

    Us americans love south koreans and other asians, we don't like north koreans, North Koreans suck.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 25 days ago

    North Korea better get kim jong un's funeral ready

  • Hansheng Zhou
    Hansheng Zhou 25 days ago

    Because of Trump, Europe and the US relation is weakened, but so does Russia with China. Trump is trying having a relation with Russia, while China spends his money on EU. But none of you liberals or trump supporters, nor China and Russia are happy about North Korea.

  • gigggla
    gigggla 26 days ago

    funny how so many butthurt leftists is whining here bet if it was clinton who said this they would be cheering lol what thrump says actualy makes sense if people want to belive it or not glad that guy won just hope he gets re elected next time to so he get some time to fix up USA

  • Mary Farrell
    Mary Farrell 26 days ago

    have a suicidal terrorist get his fix by taking out the Pillsbury Doughboy.

  • Fernando Villalobos
    Fernando Villalobos 26 days ago

    trump is better then bush

  • Fernando Villalobos
    Fernando Villalobos 26 days ago

    what about mexico

  • Linnea Isaksson
    Linnea Isaksson 27 days ago

    How about killing Trump as well? The Earth would be a better place

  • NasCR7Bada$$
    NasCR7Bada$$ 28 days ago

    as much as i hate trump he's spittin some facts here what was done to gaddafi was totally wrong

  • Nel Ortigosa
    Nel Ortigosa 28 days ago


  • Robert John
    Robert John 28 days ago

    trump come on man. you have many products being made in china under the trump brand. leaders lead from the front. how can you use another country to make your products and complain when their economy outgrows ours.

  • Mike McKelvey
    Mike McKelvey 28 days ago

    LOL this guy... what a joke.

  • Anish Nair
    Anish Nair 28 days ago


  • jasonodaire Thewade1

    Trump reminds me of a car salesman.

  • Wave Up
    Wave Up 29 days ago

    He is right. And as much as I hate to admit it sometimes the lesser of two evils is the only choice. Old saddam and gaddaf were two main key holders that kept the terrorists in check. So with them out of the way it's open season.

  • Tabithia Moore
    Tabithia Moore 29 days ago

    Trump is the real dictator, North Korea is a scapegoat.

  • Dheevesh M
    Dheevesh M 29 days ago

    I do not like him (nor Clinton for that matter). However, I greatly agree with the Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi part. They were no good guys, however, taking them out of power was the biggest mistake the USA has done. It tries to spread "democracy" (a.k.a petrol) in the Middle East and now look at the mess we have there. Terrorism is a bigger threat than ever. Likewise, the USA should not fund rebels. It is good to remember that Al Qaeda and ISIS were in the last rebels that the USA has been funding so as to overthrow governments of their respective countries.

  • Bean Head
    Bean Head 29 days ago

    why do they keep interrupting him?

    • seriall1337
      seriall1337 29 days ago

      because he would never let them speak otherwise. Have you seen how he does interviews? He usually doesnt let the interviewer finish the question.

  • Jack G.
    Jack G. 1 month ago

    Sounds like Charlie Rose said north KOREER.

    CARLOS SALAGUSTE 1 month ago

    He is right!

  • Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams 1 month ago


  • ihate Gayunicorns
    ihate Gayunicorns 1 month ago

    Joe Can they pressure him so much. Show respect to the leader of USA

  • Runique Pro
    Runique Pro 1 month ago

    If America can have nukes to defend its self don't see why other countries can't do the same. America has a clown running its country 😂

  • Serjio Hernandez
    Serjio Hernandez 1 month ago

    Bush and the administration knows

  • Serjio Hernandez
    Serjio Hernandez 1 month ago


  • Paul Ayala
    Paul Ayala 1 month ago

    I don't like this guy but he makes me laugh... alot

  • Chaotic Daniel
    Chaotic Daniel 1 month ago

    Is Trump getting smarter?

  • Wayne Bhase
    Wayne Bhase 1 month ago

    We should send him some missile tech, about mach 6, mabye 50 megatons worth? Yeah, that'll do it. Who needs North Korea? They do not produce anything worth having. We have South Korea, now that is a nation on the move upward.

  • Miguel Romaldo
    Miguel Romaldo 1 month ago

    Trump report illiegal immigrant back wear they came from because they are job alway from american

  • Lorene James
    Lorene James 1 month ago

    The Chinese has all of us.Jobs ,Money,and they still don't stand for us against N.K..Lies,Lies, Bring our jobs Home..
    Bring our troops home..

  • 1KRAZM F
    1KRAZM F 1 month ago

    Trump is allover the place. He talks so fast he does even think about what he's saying.

  • Vijay Puran singh
    Vijay Puran singh 1 month ago

    Finally Donald trump is right that it was wrong taking out gaddafi soon he will realize it was wrong taking out saddam

  • Thatcher
    Thatcher 1 month ago

    Trump is a good president, his purpose is to protect his country and make every American's life easier. Unlike my country, Sweden, the immigrants that flood into the country are prioritized over the young students, teenagers, honest workers and elders. Elders get $1000 a month while an immigrant can get $2000 a week depending on the situation. Elders get worse food than in school and in jail. It sucks to be Swedish and live in Sweden atm.

  • harris3693
    harris3693 1 month ago

    This is why as a Muslim support Trump.

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 1 month ago

    Why would you force another country to work for YOUR interests? What kind of cooperation is that? China surely has power over North Korea and Iran but as long as it's not their problem, they should be allowed to do whatever they want with their power. They also have the third most powerful military in the world, does it mean you'll drag them into the middle east as well?

  • bLeezy000
    bLeezy000 1 month ago

    I think I have to adjust the color on my phone or something.

  • Randy Orton
    Randy Orton 1 month ago

    USA should care about ISIS and islamic terrorist attacks not about north korea

  • Lil Ranger64
    Lil Ranger64 1 month ago

    When you hear china too much from your own politic that you just want to die inside.

  • Demetrius Norris
    Demetrius Norris 1 month ago

    make sense

  • Dawngliana Pachuau
    Dawngliana Pachuau 1 month ago

    Trump is being very very REALISTIC in this interview.. most country except nato members fill this way about the situation in Middle east.

  • benice tome
    benice tome 1 month ago

    yeehaa Trump! God bless you bro.

  • lolihunter 666
    lolihunter 666 1 month ago

    WTF!!! i though paul walker died

  • Wadecrafts_ Now
    Wadecrafts_ Now 1 month ago


  • solflameof lightning

    "it was China"

  • Matthew Ertle
    Matthew Ertle 1 month ago

    If he wants China to help the the United States with the N. Korea issue then I believe he shouldent be talking about China the way he is by saying he going to FORCE them. And he need to work on ties with Putin to help back us as well

  • Panos Tzelepopoulos
    Panos Tzelepopoulos 1 month ago

    Trump is a little too orange

  • Mohd Haniff
    Mohd Haniff 1 month ago

    Illuminati are watching u Trump..

  • Garrett Fitzgerald
    Garrett Fitzgerald 1 month ago

    Bush is bad guy, Blair is a bad guy and most of the world thinks the USA are the worst terrorists on planet.

  • Garrett Fitzgerald
    Garrett Fitzgerald 1 month ago

    USA created isis

  • Sarah Ballard
    Sarah Ballard 1 month ago

    He said we owe "$1.7 Trillion" yet WE have MORE power over THEM? hmmmmmm...

  • Kristoffer MG
    Kristoffer MG 1 month ago

    It doesn't help to assasinate Kim, because one of his brothers will take his place.

  • Mark Cooke
    Mark Cooke 1 month ago

    he is correct on what he said...I said the same regarding Iraq. ..I said once the coalition leave terrorists and a government who doesn't know it's arse from its elbow would make things worse

  • Eduardo Aramañian
    Eduardo Aramañian 1 month ago


  • Shaun Dutton
    Shaun Dutton 1 month ago

    is he embarrassed... reddist face evveerr

  • Jay K
    Jay K 1 month ago

    united States of America, going once. ....going twice. ....SOLD!

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