French Election: Emmanuel Macron Defeats Marine Le Pen, but It Won't Save the EU

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  • watchman 8584
    watchman 8584 7 hours ago

    You'd have a great AM radio station

  • watchman 8584
    watchman 8584 7 hours ago

    I watched this semi-nostalgically, I love your opinion, allthough it stinks lolol. I hope that you're able to do what you're doing for as long as possible. Thank you... This is a very underated channel.... Great mind, great voice, ugly as hell!!! Lolol. Jk, thanks again bro. I love to check in daily

  • PottedJam
    PottedJam 5 days ago

    Good stuff

  • darkshadow955
    darkshadow955 Month ago

    LE Pen easily lost. :P Child molester got his prediction wrong :p

  • EsEs A
    EsEs A 2 months ago

    You really think France has another 5 years? Btw Le Pen finished just under 34%, it was a crushing defeat

    Macron would just win again anyway

  • Cent M.
    Cent M. 2 months ago

    cant wait to see france to be islamic cult

  • Drakkar
    Drakkar 3 months ago


  • lesenragés
    lesenragés 3 months ago

    thank you for telling us not to worry. Your analysis seems sensible.

  • kay jay
    kay jay 3 months ago

    This guy doesn't speak a word of France and knows NOTHING about French political culture and politics.

  • Mensch Meier
    Mensch Meier 3 months ago

    I am from germany. France nationalism is big. The French people are open for other cultures, but on a way of consumption: Art, Food, Fashion. But at the core, they love their "three-color". If you visit a public viewing of soccer tournament and france play and french people are there, they sing there hymn so loud. If a german would stand so intense to his nationality, they woul dumped as Nazi. France will going to kick out all of the migrant, if its necessary. But not as a holocaust. Just by law. They had allready big problems, true, but they are old. In due the colonies, they have a lot of Marocs and Algerians. They troubles a lot at the suburbs, being criminals... But the french deal with this since 60 years. This is nothing special. If you visit the rural side, they are so typical french at all places, you cant imagine as a US or UK guy, cause in US/UK is no any culture left or have never exists. So dont worry about france, spain and italy... they are strong.
    I am just more worry about germany. But this game is on another table.

  • Ekenedilichukwu Abol
    Ekenedilichukwu Abol 3 months ago

    Styxhexenhammer666 You are a cunt. And yeah the EU rejected national populism. Only - 33 %

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 4 months ago

    EU is all about Government Control or Globalism it is pure evil much more evil than Satan itself it is an Evil Socialist Agenda to begin with and Stupid Liberals and Socialist Europeans bought into it and now look what happens.....European Union is a Liberal and a Socialist idea about greed, monopoly, lawlessness and corruption it is a written garbage born straight out of Satan's Anus...

  • shelby 500
    shelby 500 4 months ago

    Why do they want Islamization ?

  • shelby 500
    shelby 500 4 months ago

    what happens after globalism?

  • Leofwen English.
    Leofwen English. 4 months ago

    No point in having elections in France anymore, 60% of le pen ballot paper's were destroyed. not one Macron.

  • Kekistani ministry of truth

    Le pen didn't win? HA THE PATRIARCHY STRIKES AGAIN!!!

  • Aleksy Sogliani
    Aleksy Sogliani 4 months ago

    how can you say globalism is untenable, when severing ties with the nations we depend on (Saudi arabia, china) would literally turn any western nation into a third world hellhole?

  • SecondComingTwice
    SecondComingTwice 4 months ago

    Whenever, (even highly intelligent people) believe that polls and elections aren't rigged - I get slightly befuddled. People have no problem thinking that their government is planning on decimating the population, but when it comes to messing with sacrosanct elections?
    Beyond the pale.

    • Aleksy Sogliani
      Aleksy Sogliani 4 months ago

      le pen's fiscal policy was terrible. no wonder conservatives abandoned her. she was basically a far left candidate if you ignored her social policies

  • Daniel Kennedy
    Daniel Kennedy 4 months ago +1

    Love your analysis...ultimately it is hopeful..bravo! Keep up the good work.

  • Rob14real
    Rob14real 4 months ago

    the bullshit is everywhere, especially in this video and in the comments. some people should not be given freedom of expression

  • mark lanning
    mark lanning 4 months ago

    A silly question I know, regarding our children and grandchildren. How does anything going on, on the political/financial front globally have any relevance if the fallout from Fukushima and other leaking nuclear plants continues?

  • MisterMunkki
    MisterMunkki 4 months ago

    Things fall apart;
    The centre cannot hold

  • Christopher Gibbs
    Christopher Gibbs 4 months ago

    "No one has any civic pride in the European Union" - not true. I can confirm that I am a proud European citizen, for a start. Also, Macron won more of the vote than Le Pen in the first round, and he was BY FAR the most passionately pro-European in this election (if not in any French election). So even without taking into account the votes of other overtly pro-EU candidates, it's fair to assume that there are more people who feel European civic pride than there are natural Frexit supporters in France.

  • Christopher Gibbs
    Christopher Gibbs 4 months ago

    "There is no corner of the European Union where Euroscepticism isn't rising" - half-true. It's true that Eurosceptic parties are finding larger constituencies across the continent, but all polling since Brexit suggests that pro-EU sentiment is actually on the rise.

  • Thebeast666
    Thebeast666 4 months ago

    Where are your religious videos? Don't tell me, they flagged them.where can I see them? Thank you.

  • Troy
    Troy 4 months ago

    What a Shock - NOT.
    Immigration domination around the globe!! Politically correct! You soft cocks will reap what you sow. France, I am sorry for your loss, but you WILL join the rest of the new world order. DUMBER and DUMBER voters. ONCE a proud FRANCE people is now at the mercy of your pathetic government. IMMIGRATION will now DESTROY you ALL!! You thought you had problems with terrorism before? It is just the beginning under this puppet.

  • V Toria
    V Toria 4 months ago

    OMG! I swear I though the
    "Salem/witch" thing was a Tattoo.
    Then I looked closer afff 😌🤓

  • Tangerine KUCK
    Tangerine KUCK 4 months ago

    Far Left despises Israel, Far Right Despises Israel. People voting against Zionist Politicians.

  • Tangerine KUCK
    Tangerine KUCK 4 months ago

    French are feeble minded, Jews Created their Intellectual Class's, therefor created their Ideologies. Leftism (French Revolution) Marxism, Globalism, EU are Jewish Creations on how Europe should be, the French Brain is brainwashed by these Ideologies for the interests of the Jews. It might take another 8 Years for the FRENCH to remove Leftism from France.

  • anonymusopina1
    anonymusopina1 4 months ago

    You can expect the globalist EU mafia supporting themselves. However, it was tough to see how the people surrender to a brain wash voting against themselves. The Eu was made by banks, corporations and corrupted politicians for banks, corporations and corrupted politicians...
    What the EU has already done can destroy Europe several times by privatizing the national debt they have multiplied national debts that they own. In addition, with the open borders Europe will change in values and population in a more insecure environment. The welfare states its over because its not a priority in their agenda.
    Get ready things will get worse and worse.

  • Ignaas Falk
    Ignaas Falk 4 months ago

    Fuck the French people, they want to become bastardized Mooslims. It's amazing that for thousands of years, Europeans successfully fought off all Arab Mooslim invasions, but today, Europe is actively allowing the invasion to take place. Fuck the Saudi serpent for corrupting the Euro politician with vast wealth. Ultimately, this Mooslim migration is all a consequence of Saudi money. What Mooslim Arabs couldn't do for two millenia, the Saudis have accomplished in a decade. Sad.

  • Allen Aussie
    Allen Aussie 4 months ago

    The ethnic peoples of France need a small refuge area until this French Communist phase is washed out.

  • lmaginaryfriend3199
    lmaginaryfriend3199 4 months ago

    France = cucks

  • Laur Manolescu
    Laur Manolescu 4 months ago

    Europe is saved only with tough decisions and great leaders,which western countries got none.

    FACILE GOOSE 4 months ago

    Welp, into the Seine it goes. Have to remember this was the most Red Cold War society west of the Warsaw Pact. Sorbonne twats won't have it there way next round of Paris riots.

  • Happy Parrot
    Happy Parrot 4 months ago

    Its a selection not election stop fooling people. Macron won with 66.06 % and Le Pen got 33 % of the votes.

  • Steve Dandy
    Steve Dandy 4 months ago

    I wouldn't be so sure that Globalism is dead. I think their allies in the Fed are waiting to crash the dollar and wreck the US and Global economy so the panicking masses will blame it on pro-liberty Conservatism.
    The media will spin the narrative to save what shreds of credibility they have left, and the Socialism-hungry populace will DEMAND that we engage in collectivist policy. Globalism won't go quietly; they just have to find a patsy to blame future upheavals on.

  • Arizona killer
    Arizona killer 4 months ago

    RIP France

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson 4 months ago

    LA PEN didn't lose,THEY RIGGED the elections,ALL the eruopean dictators knew if she became president they all be hanged for treason........

  • Ragnar Valhalla1
    Ragnar Valhalla1 4 months ago +1

    Styx doesn't know what he is talking about !!
    He has NEVER even been to France!! FFS!!

    The Facts are France is in MASSIVE MASSIVE Trouble. Niggs are breeding like maggots all over the country here, raping, murdering and terrorising everyone !!!
    "Styx" is a total fckn douchebag!! has such a massive ego that he thinks he knows what is going on in Europe!! even though he has NEVER travelled here and certainly is not on the ground living here in France!!!!

    It makes a Massive differnce that Le Pen dio not win !! you big mouth loser !!!

    The polers were 100% rigged, because the turnout for Le Pen was Gigantic!!

    Also this means that massive immigration will continue !! along with Sharia Law !!

    Styx, I hope you do visit here in france, and walk through the nigg who are everywhere!!! and will fck you up your scrawny

    cowardly little key board Arse!!!

  • Lorn Lily
    Lorn Lily 4 months ago

    Then again, I'd watch little girls.

  • Lorn Lily
    Lorn Lily 4 months ago

    The goal is to watch Macron. To see what he's up to. I would imagine no Girl Scout's cooky stuff.

  • Andrew the Celt
    Andrew the Celt 4 months ago

    This mindset is a legacy of the paternalistic Catholic church & the seigneurial (feudal) system. You see similar sentiment in Quebec which was insulated from English Canada

  • The Wall Street Journal

    It will be a riot to see what happens in France 2 years from now. France will have 3 million more migrants by then. The country will literary be Mafia owned. Every social program will go broke. The most educated will start leaving.

  • AF X
    AF X 4 months ago

    I am from Germany and I am a kind of a far-left nationalist. Despite the fact that there is no far-left nationalism in Germany, I hope that far-left nationalism will do the EU in.

  • Ryan Gillis
    Ryan Gillis 4 months ago

    French Voter Fraud Video Please Spread!

  • Rdog C
    Rdog C 4 months ago

    Thank you, someting I needed to hear today. Only you speak very fast. Would you please consider subtitling yourself (in engl. of course). Have a nice day.

  • boiled frog
    boiled frog 4 months ago

    lmao le pen le pen ,leave leave chaos for le pen , i glad eu france didnt fall into le pen's hand ,u guys are simply uneducated and maybe u guys just like these old people dont want to learn ; D so sad

  • bunko
    bunko 4 months ago

    to think it used to be a country of proud Franks and Gauls

  • Fred Freddy
    Fred Freddy 4 months ago

    Nice. The French aren't quite as thicke as our American friends.

  • Töten für Wotan
    Töten für Wotan 4 months ago

    EU is not Europe. I feel like an European but i HATE the EU with my guts. But that's maybe because I'm half Swiss and half Swedish. I don't feel any loyality to modern nations, only to race, culture and tribe. But yeah i'd take a Swiss citizenship over a Swedish one every day of the week lol. Switzerland has a relatively good civic system i have to admit that. if the whole EU was like Switzerland (regarding the political system) i would be fine with it but it's unrealistic. So we need ethnonationalism. That's my theory anyways. Civic nationalism can work but it needs to be enforced constantly. Don't let any immigrants in that aren't willing to bow down to culture and the civic system. If you want a less restrictive civic system you need an ethnostate. But you can't get rid of both or massive chaos will emerge. As i never was very patriotic and I'm not a fan of a state telling me what to do I believe the ethno system is better as it comes natural. Get rid of globalism and people will automatically stick to their tribe like we've done in the past hundreds of thousands of years.
    If nothing changes quickly in Europe i will for sure support fascist movements even though again I hate authority I would be willing to bow down for an ethnostate. In this sense Sieg Heil lol

  • Michael Sørensen
    Michael Sørensen 4 months ago

    What you dont talk about is France now will invite insane numbers of "refugees" into France there all will vote against people like Le Penn in the future.They import new voters.

  • The Messenger
    The Messenger 4 months ago

    Love your Salem t shirt.

  • Álex Hermann Schültz
    Álex Hermann Schültz 4 months ago +1

    In 20 years we will be talking how france once was rich and how turn itself in a third world country, just like Argentina that once until the 1930s was almost richer than the US, now look at them, with France will be the same and I don't give a shit, they deserve whats coming for them.

  • Bummpacars
    Bummpacars 4 months ago

    In love with Varg or what

  • Jack Bailey
    Jack Bailey 4 months ago

    *Well...France is fucked. You are welcome.*

  • Deionle Le
    Deionle Le 4 months ago

    muslim attack

  • wheelmanstan
    wheelmanstan 4 months ago

    such a shame, they must have better propaganda than us...somehow

  • Sobuka
    Sobuka 4 months ago

    don't like the background but good synopsis on the issue. can't argue with that...

  • ttmobaleaaa
    ttmobaleaaa 4 months ago

    Mark my words the EU will last a hundred more years.

  • Dee Smith
    Dee Smith 4 months ago

    Congratulations to Ms. Merkel on winning the French presidency.  Vive la EU.  (Btw, lowest turnout in 40 years and the 18-30 year olds supported Le Pen overwhelmingly.  Macron won the 65+ year olds.  France could die through attrition.

  • Olivier Katombe
    Olivier Katombe 4 months ago

    What the hell is the islamization of France ....???

  • Olivier Katombe
    Olivier Katombe 4 months ago +1

    Look, It 's simple. Stop stealing from people....if Europe stop pretending that they don't need those third world country while the provides all natural and process resources to Europe "the barbarians will always be at the gate ".

  • MayFlower Ann
    MayFlower Ann 4 months ago

    A culture can't sustain itself with a low fertility rate, below 2.11. It's lower all over Europe and all over the West. Muslims' fertility rate is around 8.

  • MayFlower Ann
    MayFlower Ann 4 months ago +1

    Civil War in Europe against Muslims sounds inevitable. When was the last Civil War? Isn't about time another happened?

  • Savage Savant
    Savage Savant 4 months ago

    *A MUST READ* Think about it...(The Arab Spring began the disintegration of the Muslim world. Trump and Brexit began the disintegration of the Western World. The issue with N. Korea will probably begin the Disintegration of the Oriental/Russo world)????? *MY Theory for what will come afterwards* - (While were sweeping away the ashes of WW3, trying to recover....The Polar Ice Caps melt and global migration of poor, war-weary WW3 survivors begins). *The results will be that* - We'll re-adopt globalism, in order to survive! Those who dont want Globalism, will look to the stars for a new home and begin a new era of galactic colonization! All of this will happen within 300 yrs. The first bit, will happen within the next 50yrs.

  • Anthony Momo
    Anthony Momo 4 months ago +1

    I was certain Le Pen would win. What a shame France 🇫🇷 will be the Muslims new Islamic Republic. Soon Muslim prayer will be heard from the Eiffel Tower.

  • Savage Savant
    Savage Savant 4 months ago

    Those French polls were proof that the outcome of the French election was a foregone conclusion. The EU wasn't about to lose France. The bank and hedge fund CEO's would have sold their own children to keep France. They may have?

  • earth horse femina
    earth horse femina 4 months ago

    This is a current account from a nurse in Munich. Looks like life is a living hell over there now.

  • Michael Echeverria
    Michael Echeverria 4 months ago

    You kind of look like Ringo Starr from The Beatles from the '70s.

  • Tom Van Wuytswinkel
    Tom Van Wuytswinkel 4 months ago

    Liked the ending lol, feeling much better now ;)

  • Blabesh
    Blabesh 4 months ago

    I came for the triggered cuntseravive tears

    • Freempg
      Freempg 4 months ago +0

      Why? You're bored with real tears of little girls having their gentiles cleaved off?

  • Slosh Mike
    Slosh Mike 4 months ago

    They voted.  Now let them live with their consequences.  I'll have no pity for them when the mowing down of their citizens in the streets will continue.

  • Ian Stradian
    Ian Stradian 4 months ago +2

    Do you know what the Mayor of Paris said to the General of Hitler's army when they took over France?

    "Table for 23,000 sir?"

  • Carlos Mbaziira
    Carlos Mbaziira 4 months ago

    Sterling analysys :)

  • IntheeyesofMorbo
    IntheeyesofMorbo 4 months ago

    I was hoping for 40 percent or so. but 35 is ok given the far left stranglehold there.

  • William Scott Scherk
    William Scott Scherk 4 months ago

    Does this fellow ever have guests?

  • D Storm
    D Storm 4 months ago +2

    I will keep my memories of Paris back when it was still Paris.   But I'll never go there again.

  • Enoch Root
    Enoch Root 4 months ago +15

    Regardless of all the political analysis, polls, claims and counterclaims one factor alone sealed Le Penn's fate....despite being on the opposite end of the political spectrum from Hillary Clinton both women are easily perceived on a primary guttural instinctive level as being despicable dishonest bitches who would do or say anything in pursuit of power.

  • Anna D
    Anna D 4 months ago

    Styx, Macron is not as harmless as he looks. Obviously he is the globalists' choice and whatever he foists on France does not originate from his brain but....have you seen the leaks? Wish they had come out a week before the vote, rather than the day before. He has SECRET plans, i.e. he did not mention them in his campaign, to ISLAMIZE France. This entails arabic lessons and installing a grand mufti in France. Bloody hell.

  • tracey born
    tracey born 4 months ago

    the problem is that france/europe will be too far gone bu next election. u wait, terrorism will be come the plague of europe

  • Ris Toirtap
    Ris Toirtap 4 months ago

    Well, as Mark Twain once said, "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."

  • William Scott Scherk
    William Scott Scherk 4 months ago

    Globalism is dead, the EU is doomed. Simple, categorical, and quite likely wrong.

  • William Scott Scherk
    William Scott Scherk 4 months ago

    What is the biggest scandal facing Macron.

  • jose juarez
    jose juarez 4 months ago

    Thank God that there's someone willing to fight for climate change

  • Max Nova
    Max Nova 4 months ago

    Official data: Macron 66.6% vs Le Pen 33.4% overall. In Paris Macron won with almost 90% (yes, ninety per cent) of the votes and he won with big margin in the other major cities cities, performing pretty well even in the countryside. So the French rejected populism, racism, fascism, bigotry, Brexit and Trumpism in one go, sticking with our solid European values. By the way making clear just how important the EU is to him, Macron walked to the stage in the Louvre courtyard to the sound of Beethoven's Ode to Joy, the European Union's anthem. One Europe, One soul

    • Ted Turner
      Ted Turner 4 months ago +0

      Max Nova lol wat does infowars have to do with anything? ftr Alex jones is a cia disinfo agent i just find him hilarious thats all...btw ive visited many countries too incluiding Uganda where 98% of the ppl hate gays só much they want them dead...só they actually consider being gay worse then being a serial killer lol...anyway where uve been?

    • Max Nova
      Max Nova 4 months ago

      no sorry you are wrong, I'm not a leftie. It's probably because I had and still have the chance and luck to travel the world and see different realities with my eyes rather than listen to Paul Joseph Watson or other charlatans....

    • Ted Turner
      Ted Turner 4 months ago

      Max Nova lol i love how u consider nationalism fascism... just proves u r a total left winger...maybe u should look up communism, socialism...and also how 90% of the countries worldwide would treat europeans ( like complete shit...but ye keep believing white Supremacy actually exists when in reality Whites are a minority and asians and muslims are gonna take Over in about 20 years max) ftr i come from Portugal which is as center as it can be lol

    • Max Nova
      Max Nova 4 months ago

      I guess I've probably been to Paris more than you did Ted, for work and leisure. I have many Parisian friends and they are French, maybe with different ethnic background but they feel French and law abiding Europeans. Another city that I know very well, because the HQ of my company is based there, is Lyon and guess what? They all voted for Macron in big majority. And I tell you something, in Brittany (if you know where it is) they also voted for Macron, and the Bretons don't even consider themselves French because they are Celts, with a strong feeling of Ethno-nationalism (what a horrible and fabricated word by the way). At a rally in Brittany Madam Le Pen had to leave in a hurry as she was egged from the crowd. So you know what "ethno-nationalists" think of fascism and populism...

    • Ted Turner
      Ted Turner 4 months ago

      lol u liberals and ur stupid racism, fascism, bigotry blah blah blah...have u ever been to Paris? Cuz I sure have and it was in 2001 and guess what? I barely saw any french people most of them were from cameroons, argelia and turkey... anyway they voted for a rothschild banker...cant wait to see how much money he steals from dem lmao

  • Tony V
    Tony V 4 months ago +1

    La Belle France... Elle est finis

  • dixen200
    dixen200 4 months ago

    If you ask a polish guy who is he, he wont say im european, answer is gonna be im polish

  • John Matrix
    John Matrix 4 months ago +1

    The thing is France isn't only falling culturally/socially, businesses are also leaving the country? My father told me about how American companies don't want to do business there anymore, at least in the IT sector. Can anyone that's well-versed in this aspect of France elaborate?

  • Thunder Wolf
    Thunder Wolf 4 months ago +1

    The main party standing for a EU referendum in the UK was UKIP, they have one MP in the house of commons and yet Brexit happened. You do not need an anti-eu government to get a vote against the EU, you need a movement and cross party support against the EU! Rally your troops and please don't let Macron bully Britain in the Brexit negotiations like he said he would!!!

  • honor forever225
    honor forever225 4 months ago +1


  • yetidh9
    yetidh9 4 months ago

    This is great. You give me hope.

  • Papicia Papicia
    Papicia Papicia 4 months ago

    We are saying, the French elections were totally rigged and a coup d'état was pulled.  Macron was a lot lower then the poles.....The results will be looked at very closely for this matter. The anomalies on the 1st round have been found

  • Jeffrey Hawk
    Jeffrey Hawk 4 months ago

    I did think she would do a bit better than 35% but never thought she would win,    this time.

  • TubeTheWorld
    TubeTheWorld 4 months ago +1

    I knew it was unlikely Le Pen would win.. but 64% against her?? The libtard is so strong in France I could cry :(

  • Nicolas Dinant
    Nicolas Dinant 4 months ago

    I don't think that you know the real result, saying that Lepen had 35% is completly wrong if you wanna talk about the whole french people. I wish i could vote but i'm too young.