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  • Ulfiction
    Ulfiction 3 months ago

    11:26 reminds me of Scrubs

  • Keira Louise Bowtell
    Keira Louise Bowtell 3 months ago

    4:03 awwwe that's so nice💗

  • Greg leo Garcia
    Greg leo Garcia 3 months ago +1

    its abandon but its clean

  • Pablo Cruz
    Pablo Cruz 3 months ago +1

    the blood probley was from a recent murder at the time .

  • Joycie B
    Joycie B 3 months ago +3

    I am getting nervous while watching this

  • Ben Anthony
    Ben Anthony 3 months ago

    man i just love your videos.. really cool!

  • MandoDosVeces
    MandoDosVeces 3 months ago +2

    7:07 sort of looks like a face

  • Levin Devin
    Levin Devin 3 months ago

    if the abandoned place are lights turned on, of course they're paying for it

  • Coll Bisby
    Coll Bisby 3 months ago

    i would smash that whole fking place up lol

  • Bryan Fernandez
    Bryan Fernandez 3 months ago

    This is scary

  • kylee THE POTATO
    kylee THE POTATO 3 months ago

    It looks so fancy

  • lono suhdudiste
    lono suhdudiste 3 months ago

    explain why is there cops police fights donald trump traveling pirate treasure in the tags?

  • E-MaNN Yaj
    E-MaNN Yaj 3 months ago

    why don't you guys ever say where the fuck these places are!!! so we can research em.

  • Metalmaniac 777
    Metalmaniac 777 3 months ago

    I want that body bag

  • Zylock Namey11
    Zylock Namey11 3 months ago

    All explorers, I've started a discord channel dedicated to all rooftop climbers, explorers and adventurers or even just the viewers. Come and join. discord.gg/pXCVc9e

  • Chloe Porter
    Chloe Porter 3 months ago

    Does any body notice that kinda looks Jake Paul??? #JakePaulers

  • Team RecklessYT
    Team RecklessYT 3 months ago

    This is creepy

  • anandalal5
    anandalal5 3 months ago

    Well I enjoy doing the same kind of urban exploring but cmon guys: your utterly INANE commentary is totally unnecessary. Blablablablablabla. Ok, you're young so you haven't yet learned that LESS is MORE. Thanks for letting me explore with you though.

  • Gina Rufo
    Gina Rufo 3 months ago

    Something super creepy is happening: i can view all of the comments on every comment, except for the ones that comment asking about the beeping in the chapel.....fucking scary, man

  • Victor Lyan
    Victor Lyan 3 months ago


  • DatGangsta329
    DatGangsta329 3 months ago

    someone else did a video in this hospital exploring too it was way worse they are probably younger I guess

  • Tatae Kelly
    Tatae Kelly 3 months ago

    what's a morgue

  • gamekiller 143
    gamekiller 143 3 months ago

    you are crazy and very good at yourube

  • Tsang Hsing Wang
    Tsang Hsing Wang 3 months ago

    7:07 a woman face on the desk.

  • Omar
    Omar 3 months ago

    "i lied there is no monkey haha" i almost killed my self laughing..


  • prithvi mistry
    prithvi mistry 3 months ago

    but why new hospital abandoned...

  • bubble king
    bubble king 3 months ago

    That means David was there doing that shit on his own. Dude's got some balls.

  • Hirwan Sukor
    Hirwan Sukor 3 months ago

    Did anyone saw something was moving

  • Hirwan Sukor
    Hirwan Sukor 3 months ago

    Anybody hear that sound is like a bit creepy but I hate it


    This hospital is clean its my first time seeing an abandoned hospital thats is clean!😱 no vandalism! Not like other abandoned hospital soo many vandalism! Sooo weird! At the same time soo creepy!😱😱😱

  • Unique TV
    Unique TV 3 months ago

    Are u alone I have never seen ur vids b4

  • Joanna Grace Villamena
    Joanna Grace Villamena 3 months ago

    Why did this hospitak close? it seems okay.

  • Grace Bernal
    Grace Bernal 3 months ago

    Why it's abandoned...

  • Anndre Pangan
    Anndre Pangan 3 months ago

    This is creepy!!

  • Stopmotion52
    Stopmotion52 3 months ago +2

    So is no one gonna talk about the rotted rat, or the noise in the mourge OR EVEN HOW FRESH THAT BLOOD WAS.

  • Zein Craig
    Zein Craig 3 months ago

    I love horror hospital!💝

  • MrBlackOwner
    MrBlackOwner 3 months ago +1

    paintball fight would be awsome

  • director doggo
    director doggo 3 months ago

    i love your vids there KINDA scary but not. im subing

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese 3 months ago

    Oh look you found my house

  • Kalana Kirby
    Kalana Kirby 4 months ago +3

    The corridor with the light on reminds me of that one scene in Teen Wolf were Peter went rampage in the school

  • Elle Angeles
    Elle Angeles 4 months ago

    silent hill feels

  • Shannon Laidlaw
    Shannon Laidlaw 4 months ago

    10:12 someone must of had a bad stomach😂

  • Kaitlyn Hodge
    Kaitlyn Hodge 4 months ago

    I think my step nan went to room 11 when she had cancer but she ice know dead

  • HappyMuffinz Fan
    HappyMuffinz Fan 4 months ago


  • Ella
    Ella 8 months ago +315

    There goes my ramen noodles 🍜btw thats not blood (blood would be brown) its a preservative (iodine)

  • black guy
    black guy 8 months ago +37


  • Daija Johnson
    Daija Johnson 8 months ago +14

    what was that beeping noise 12:00--12:30

  • sydney 12366
    sydney 12366 8 months ago +28

    i get so much anxiety watching these but I love it

  • sydney 12366
    sydney 12366 8 months ago +6

    that's crazy how it's still untouched

  • roAndfriands 15
    roAndfriands 15 8 months ago +5

    New subscriber

  • Megan Rose
    Megan Rose 8 months ago +98

    The power in some of my neighborhood cut off half way through this video and scared me half to death.

  • Lacey Hopcraft
    Lacey Hopcraft 8 months ago +5


  • Lacey Hopcraft
    Lacey Hopcraft 8 months ago +1

    What is a morge

  • Namie Volca
    Namie Volca 8 months ago +3

    why the place is abandoned?

  • Keksimus Maximus
    Keksimus Maximus 8 months ago +69

    thats not blood, lol blood gets darker after a while. i will not stay red because its loses its oxygen, which is what gives it its bright red.

  • levi wenteltevie
    levi wenteltevie 8 months ago +4

    wtf 10:11 when he looks at the water blood under that

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 8 months ago +21

    Did he say abandoned.... For 14 years??? And why is the hospital looks so clean... LIKE IF YOU AGREE

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H 8 months ago +445

    What's that beeping sound at 12:00?

  • Russian fleet
    Russian fleet 8 months ago +12


  • okeiki cuh
    okeiki cuh 8 months ago +493

    So about 6:20 for the "bloody morgue"

  • Nock
    Nock 8 months ago +4

    Love Your Channel Josh.

  • duhception
    duhception 8 months ago +2


  • Deborah Hartman
    Deborah Hartman 8 months ago +8

    Such a waste!

  • Steph
    Steph 8 months ago +6

    why was it closed ?

  • -The game is on -
    -The game is on - 8 months ago +34

    Me at 5:21 OH SHIt OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kuda Terbang
    Kuda Terbang 8 months ago +6

    very2 spooky....

  • Gina Carrasco
    Gina Carrasco 8 months ago +11


  • Alois Trancy
    Alois Trancy 8 months ago +139

    Dude there is a huge abandon 15 story hospital on rosevelt road little rock Arkansas !! Have always wanted to explore it ! Super scary looking !!

  • p54294 Aj
    p54294 Aj 9 months ago +27

    Earned a subscriber for exploring the most creepyest thing anyone would ever do lol

  • Anna Ehrhardt
    Anna Ehrhardt 9 months ago +45

    this is a very incredible hospital. love the vid

  • Halle Claire
    Halle Claire 9 months ago +11

    is everyone just going to ignore the white figure that runs across the screen right at the beginning of the video!!!

  • Zion X
    Zion X 9 months ago +266

    How did I get here this has never popped up on recommendations I don't know this Youtuber and there is no click bait title HOW DID I GET HERE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nila Banlow
    Nila Banlow 9 months ago +52

    I cant believe i just watch 14 minutes of this nonsense and am so going to watch all his other videos smh

  • Mrs Clorox Bleach
    Mrs Clorox Bleach 9 months ago +5

    SUBBING .o. You guys are brave XD

  • boomer keewatin
    boomer keewatin 9 months ago +50

    7:45 the music scared me omg😅

  • marcelaruby84
    marcelaruby84 9 months ago +54

    7:05 Prince's face😢

  • Susan Lentini
    Susan Lentini 9 months ago +3


  • Lil.Missy Carlsson
    Lil.Missy Carlsson 9 months ago +8

    Josh, your videos are awesome and I want to be like you, Steve, John and Cody. Thank you for inspiring me to Explore Abandoned Places☺☺☺😃😃😃

  • ErikMurt444
    ErikMurt444 9 months ago +1298

    Damn, hospital looks as new as the one my wife works at, crazy how good it is preserved.

  • Michael hamilton
    Michael hamilton 9 months ago +74

    Josh At 2:49 I increased my volume I heard humming idk if you can hear it. It I could

  • georgia is trash
    georgia is trash 9 months ago +19


  • ŔÍÇÁŔĎÓ ĕœß
    ŔÍÇÁŔĎÓ ĕœß 9 months ago +4


  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 9 months ago +6

    This Josh guy is so stupid its hard to listed to his retarded ramblings. He seems like a nice kid though.

  • Cat MSP
    Cat MSP 9 months ago +128

    This is kinda creepy but lit.🔥

  • Haley Nicole
    Haley Nicole 9 months ago +11

    I was born in 2002

  • gaming with panda
    gaming with panda 9 months ago +1

    I found something moving in the picture

  • Graham Farrell
    Graham Farrell 9 months ago +20

    How is the power still on? Crazy....

  • Thomas Meeks
    Thomas Meeks 9 months ago +3

    i subscribed!!!😎

  • Claire Waechter
    Claire Waechter 9 months ago +1

    I love this it's so cool how could they just have a perfectly fine hospital

  • Emma
    Emma 9 months ago +45

    Holy guacamole! Im even afraid of hospitals still running!

  • KittenTube
    KittenTube 9 months ago +2

    OMG where is this place at!? I wanna go there and check it out. X3

  • Pale Moon Beats
    Pale Moon Beats 9 months ago +2657

    if the powers on i wonder if the cameras are still recording and some creepy dude was watching you guys the whole time

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson 9 months ago +14

    The big open room at 11:33 is most likely the ICU. The open area and the rooms with glass doors and all the desks is what most ICU's look like.

  • Elaboryn Rossette
    Elaboryn Rossette 9 months ago +1012

    but what the original story of the hospital? why is it abandoned?

  • Summer K
    Summer K 9 months ago +7

    Someone deff comes to clean this place

  • Sophia forever 101
    Sophia forever 101 9 months ago +3

    Why did they take out organs and kill people

  • Justin_Blake IsBae
    Justin_Blake IsBae 9 months ago +3

    It's like new , I don't think it was abandoned in 2002 , i think they made it and gave up working there

  • Mctv
    Mctv 9 months ago +9

    looks like the same hospital like nobiggietv went to

  • Wolfie Maze
    Wolfie Maze 9 months ago +3

    I really want to go to this hopstipal it's awesome

  • Vadderson
    Vadderson 9 months ago +14

    Kind of amazing! you guys never worry about, or encounter ghosts!! That's a good deal!!

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