Trump Tells Residents Of Sinking Island “Don’t Worry About Climate Change” - The Ring Of Fire

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  • The small island of Tangier in the Chesapeake Bay will almost certainly disappear within the next 20 years due to climate change, but Donald Trump told the mayor of the island not to worry about climate change.  The island voted 87% for Trump in the 2016 election, and he couldn’t care less if they sink into the sea. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this. 
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Comments: 378

  • The Wild Steampunk
    The Wild Steampunk 27 days ago

    I was worried about climate change in the 70s and 80s, as a kid, because scientists knew back then what was happening. People have been ignoring it for a long time.

  • Gary Garrett
    Gary Garrett Month ago

  • mikhail hilliard
    mikhail hilliard Month ago

    I swear you just love commenting on bullshit

  • Debra Thrall
    Debra Thrall Month ago

    anybody surprised at the three-year-old and the White House can't get shit done. he's used to hiring people telling him what he wants done if they don't deliver then firing them. That's not how it works up there and white house on the hill period he can't fire anybody and that's funny. he's learned how to sign his name a lot who's got that down pat so he can go back to his old job. If the networks will hire him for his Jobing left they might laugh at him until I'm I don't think so

  • Liam Wood
    Liam Wood Month ago

    I'll be back in 20 years to say the island hasn't sunk and is still afloat

  • h20fwler1
    h20fwler1 Month ago

    Keep up the hate and resist tinfoil hat wearing libtards and the fake news MSM are doing nothing but alienating the independent voters and strengthening the GOP with all your stupid shit banter guaranteeing eight straight for the Donald and for one of his children to step right in after!

  • Bad80y1
    Bad80y1 Month ago

    Donald Trump the truly wise man. The smart business man. The stupid will eat his shit and say they want more. Lols. Dumb and dumber. That movie is a reality about America today. Sad but true.

  • MokanaMomiji
    MokanaMomiji Month ago


  • David S.
    David S. Month ago

    Must be an island inhabited by Neanderthals if 87% believed Trump and voted for him. By the way, let's stop blaming Trump for climate change denial. The Koch Scumbags are behind it all. If climate change is recognized as fact we may have to do something about it, like transition from fossil fuels to other technologies, and we can't have that now, can we??

  • mark vines
    mark vines 2 months ago

    At least these islanders have the US mainland to fall back on. Pacific islanders aren't just losing their islands, their losing their nations!

  • Gone Fishing
    Gone Fishing 2 months ago

    Al Gore is ‘not’ a Scientist, just a political activist championing the Global Warming Hoax Religion for profit.

    Because the past 30 years as resulted in global cooling - political activists were forced to change the name to Climate Change. LOL.

    Over 31,000 Scientists currently say it is all pseudo-science. See this humorous scientist correct a CNN Fake News reporter with the facts in just 6 minutes.

    One just has to search on Amazon for 'Global Warming Hoax' and read any one of the 87 books written by Scientists, Meteorologists, Phd's, and Nobel Laureates etc who expose the Global Warming Hoax.

    Or go on Youtube and watch any of the 1,190,000 videos exposing the Global Warming Hoax
    Pop some popcorn and watch the “Global Warming Swindle” Movie.

    Al Gore himself, has made millions of dollars from the Global Warming Alarm Propaganda. He formed a foundation called Generation Investment Management. On June 30, 2010, Ameritrade stated the foundation was valued at $2.6 Billion.

    Gore reportedly earns $100,000.00 to $150,000.00 for every global warming lecture he gives, why he flies all over the world in his own private jet spewing out pollution.

    Gore’s power point presentation and book, An Inconvenient Truth, have generated more than $50 million for the author.

    The global warming hoax is not founded on true climate data but on computer projections extended 100 years into the future. (The joke is that the weather cannot be accurately predicted even two weeks in advance).

    Thank God President Trump had the wisdom to take the USA out of The Paris Accord. It would have cost the USA $100 Million in penalties just to begin. Also it would account for million

    The only legitimate climate change is winter, summer, spring time and all.

    We know that the Global Warming Hoax is just a political farce because the USA would be penalized while China, the World’s largest polluter, does not have to comply.

    The Global Warming Hoax is not founded on factual collected climate data but on computer projections extended 100 years into the future. (The joke is that the weather cannot be accurately predicted even two weeks in advance).

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan 2 months ago

    Whom would you believe on the issue of climate change, a scientist or a bigoted, perverted, insane, stupid, self-serving sleazebag?

  • Dave Gracie
    Dave Gracie 2 months ago

    God ,How fucking stupid can this man be.If Trump was the captain of the Titanic ,He
    would just say its alright .not too worry people were just stopping for ice

  • Marian Leidis
    Marian Leidis 2 months ago

    Ha...good for them. You vote for a moron, then you'll get what's coming for you.

  • amazed totally
    amazed totally 2 months ago

    What's it matter? Trump will be safe on his golf course, and they are only 'forgotten Americans', not millionaires like trumpies friends, so who cares? Besides the reconstruction will be good for jobs and the industry. The coffin makers will do well too. Jobs for everyone, see, job done.

  • Dom khay
    Dom khay 2 months ago

    Dont worry. Trump is sinking too. He is the captain of the sinking boat.

  • GreenerHill
    GreenerHill 2 months ago

    Trump is the thickest man in America, and he's in the so-called top job. How? Why?

  • Fire Iscoming
    Fire Iscoming 2 months ago

    Did these guys think about this before they voted for him? Obviously, this is not such a big issue for them as they are willing to sacrifice their island for Trump.

  • The Fireblaster
    The Fireblaster 2 months ago

    Trump is a delusional, dishonest piece of shit. Only a complete imbecile would deny climate change. These retarded deniers actually think they know better than 97% of the scientific community, who all agree climate change is VERY real and a threat to mankind. Trump wants to throw away our children's future, so he can make more money today.

  • thesacrisant
    thesacrisant 2 months ago

    You can save that island by lifting it up by burying trumpets bullshit under the island so is much higher above the sea than it will be over 20 years like its predicted.

  • 2 months ago

    If you are interested in the negative impacts of climate change and how we could improve the environment through sustainable travel, please check out my video:!

  • ekitkat jj
    ekitkat jj 2 months ago

    The sympathy and attempt to understand why they voted and still have his back is gone... I can't anymore. it's just anger, and resentment...

  • sailormanariel
    sailormanariel 2 months ago

    I'd like to sell them some cement overshoes. If they bought Trump they'll buy those.

  • Andrew Velonis
    Andrew Velonis 2 months ago

    How does climate change cause an island to sink?

  • old dog city pound
    old dog city pound 2 months ago


  • Bob Steel
    Bob Steel 2 months ago

    Farron Cousins, you ridiculous dude, once again I'll be standing up to your COMMUNIST views.To those who haven't been around long and are under 30, it was hotter in the 90's than it is today.In the month of June, it has always been in the 90 degree zone and 80 degrees at night, now it's 85-90 degrees and 70 at night.After the middle of June lately it goes back into the upper 70's and is as low as 55 degrees at night.Local news will say OH MY GOD WERE IN A TERRIBLE HEAT WAVE, BULL$HIT, in the 1990's it would get 90 degrees in MAY and stay that way ALL SUMMER LONG.Even the past 2 winters have been COLDER not WARMER, that's one nice thing about being around that long because if one pays attention, you will clearly see that GLOBAL WARMING IS A FRAUD, and all the money in the world has done ZERO to change anything, except make MORE REGULATIONS THAT RESTRICT OUR GROWTH.In conclusion COMMUNIST COUSINS, WE THE PEOPLE do not want your OVERREACH .

  • Lisa Mcguire
    Lisa Mcguire 2 months ago

    Don't worry, you are about to lose everything. All the water you see is fake news.

  • Schlies The First
    Schlies The First 2 months ago

    Darwinism's a bitch.

  • Slim
    Slim 2 months ago

    Trump doesn't care about climate change. Thats why he wants to leave Paris Peace Accord

  • Stein Koffman
    Stein Koffman 2 months ago

    no legislation is going to save the island. sea levels rose after the ice age and many parts of land now used to be underwater and the earth used to be mostly all water. you'll never stop nature from being nature. we need to stop polluting for health reasons, but you'll never stop Earth from changing climate, that's what's it's been doing since day 1.

    we should be moving to biodegradable plastics and things that effect health on living things, bur you're not going to legislate sea levels rising and falling as Earth does her business.

  • Jeff Beck
    Jeff Beck 2 months ago

    You people are traitors!

  • Wendy G Kennedy
    Wendy G Kennedy 2 months ago

    Have you read or heard about Ocean Erosion??? It has nothing to do with the scam of "global warming" aka "weather change".... The only real weather change in our planet is called the four seasons of the year.... There are ways to save a sinking island by the creation of artificial reefs and levee construction plus landfills that can be created year round instead of pointing fingers and accusing people, circumstances and fairy tales.... Those people need to focus on real solutions while using their tax payers money to save their island from Ocean Corrosion which is 100% real unlike the hoaxes known as "global warming" and "climate change".....

  • Seth
    Seth 2 months ago

    Let em sink, these faggots voted for trump, and their solution is to build a wall around "HERP DERP LIL OLE TANGIER HAWSHUCKS". Fuck these stupid hicks.

  • Brian Cho
    Brian Cho 2 months ago

    here's an idea. have trump, pence, sessions, cabinet and ALL of trump followers have their own island (their own country) and start from scratch and start to earn respect from other countries. but first, take away ALL of their finances and make them earn them back. maybe that will help trump understand more. and i say that with a STRONG maybe

  • avery neal
    avery neal 2 months ago

    We voted for t-rump!
    What climate change?
    Every asshole knows Tangiers is in Morocco!!

  • Metonymy1979
    Metonymy1979 2 months ago

    They voted themselves out of their homes. Bye.

  • Incognito
    Incognito 2 months ago

    Just about 10 minutes ago I've met a climate change denier, and I kid you not, a "pollution denier". First of all, he was doing what every climate change deniers do; claim that his conspiracy theorists are more right than the very majority of climate scientists. He then went on to say pollution is mostly harmless and that it's just the nature changing and polluting, because of course, large quantities of mercury, lead, petrol, various toxic materials and gasses totally always appear out of nowhere in the nature, harming the wildlife and humans there just for fun. He then kept telling me to just do researches. I provided him with sources to debunk his claims, but then he proceeded to call me a moron and a hippie. In what *world* does this guy thinks he's living???

  • Dai Lee
    Dai Lee 2 months ago

    if those people aren't concerned about it but they think Trump is? Trump has NEVER EVER cared anything about another living human or animal his entire life! does anyone really think a 70+ year old deplorable person is going to start caring about people at his age? it doesn't work that way.

  • KBS188
    KBS188 2 months ago

    Is there a way to lower sea level?

  • Melody LaPier
    Melody LaPier 2 months ago

    I live in MD. We are a majority Democratic state, with exceptions. We have faced storms the likes that haven't been seen here before. historic Ellicott City flooded and caused irreversible damage. We've had several floods from storms, like those that the South has had recently. its heartbreaking to know we could slow, stop or even reverse this trend but have a person who doesn't care in the white house. don't think he doesn't understand, he may not get the level of devastation or the swiftness of the peril, but trump profits from climate change. its opening areas to drilling and mining that were inaccessible before. great for oil companies and their greedy bottom lines. not so much for those who can't fly away and buy our own lathe chunk of middle America. Who know who else is profiting greatly with warming? Russia. Siberia is opening up and they're taking full advantage of destroying it with mining for nickel, but destroying miles of area around their mine because of the by product of mining, sulfur dioxide. many videos and articles. check them out

  • jack johnson
    jack johnson 2 months ago

    Ummm...Doesn`t the title say..."sinking" Island....LMAO....what about shore erosion. How come every other piece of land in the same vicinity is NOT getting lost to the ocean or sea. That would lead me to think the island is the title states.

  • Jason F.
    Jason F. 2 months ago

    Who fucking cares if it sinks. There is plenty of room on the mainland.

  • Mike
    Mike 2 months ago

    Ok with the flood washing the island away as long as they don't ask for a government bailout

  • Ethelr Robinson
    Ethelr Robinson 2 months ago

    I declare I absolutely cannot feel pity for these folks. If they do not know climate change is real as their lives are literally sinking into the ocean, what can anyone say???

  • Dr. Hugh Bumazz
    Dr. Hugh Bumazz 2 months ago

    "Don't worry about it". Does he really think he has Mother Nature tied around his finger? Well shut! He sure thinks he has everyone else tied! Oh!, I have never seen such an arrogant asshole ever in my whole life. And at 50 I may be! Fah Q trump. Get off yourself! Your parents really fucked Up with you.

  • icylinful
    icylinful 2 months ago

    Atleast he responded in a very positve way..not like obama who asked them to shutup!

  • Robert Benefiel
    Robert Benefiel 2 months ago

    So I am expected to argue with them and convince them they are wrong, maybe they are correct and have chosen what is best for them. I do not see it, but all I can do is to watch and see what happens.It may seem cruel but I have no other choice.

  • goodgulf13
    goodgulf13 2 months ago

    Now if this were serious. It would concern ocean front mansions. These are poor people. A lot of them black. Of course Donald don't care.

  • charesch
    charesch 2 months ago

    We all know Trump got out of the Paris agreement because of the Macron handshake not because of all the other reasons we heard from him. You make the Trump look bad and he'll set out to get even, but worse.

  • Samara broere
    Samara broere 2 months ago

    the people on those islands can go play rumpy pumpy underwater with each other for voting to COMPLETELY FLOOD THEIR OWN HOMES. part of me thinks trump voters deserve all the grief they get while the other part of me has no respect for them what so ever

  • Mlpfanboy
    Mlpfanboy 2 months ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again trump is the antichrist and using climate change denial as a tool for the apocalypse.

  • PuC Punisha
    PuC Punisha 2 months ago

    They're getting what they signed up for. They hate others more than they love themselves so FUCK EM!

  • ElPanchito33
    ElPanchito33 2 months ago

    it feels like if he is getting paid to do that. thst way they dont share information wiith USA. that way they ll be leaders inthe future. and we ll be the ignorants.

  • australianews
    australianews 2 months ago

    It's not coming, It's Here and has been for a while.
    Someone twenty years old might not recognise the weather changes because it is what they know.
    But i am fifty and i can tell you the predictions made twenty thirty years ago are coming true.
    Not only that but i can see the changes in the weather, heat, rain fall.
    Our records are being broken in all areas Heat waves , rainfall , Wind strength , storms, flash flooding.
    Things that happened now and again are now a seasonal occurrence .

    JAHSHIFT 2 months ago

    Lol...Most likely no insurance company will insure their property and they sure as hell won't be able to sell it. Looks like they're screwed. Serves them well. Hopefully they won't be looking for a government bailout.

  • Courage Karnga
    Courage Karnga 2 months ago

    That's like telling the citizens of Pompei not to worry about a volcano while smoke and ash pour down on them! There's something desperately wrong with both Trump and his insane supporters.

  • Eddie Rieux
    Eddie Rieux 2 months ago

    You reap what you sow...

  • Karen Piotte
    Karen Piotte 2 months ago

    I'm sorry I know this is about trump denying climate change. When you chose to live next to the Ocean and you know the sea level continues to rise every year. Give yourself enough time and money to make a move. I'm surprised that island didn't disappear with hurricane Sandy.

  • Mister Anthropy
    Mister Anthropy 2 months ago

    Trump knows as much about this as he knows about everything else. Nothing.

  • ScioN
    ScioN 2 months ago

    there are USA terrain already lost by sea level, trump it is not anymore in a situation to play the preacher for the people who voted him, he needs to make rational decisions or people will suffer as always, at cost of manipulation.

  • brostenen
    brostenen 2 months ago

    And on top of it all. The ocean has allways moved soil. Just look at the lagune were venice are. Yet Trump is too stupid to even know this +800 year old knowledge. Why would he even know what CO2 and CO3 is. And what they do.

  • waffledude111111
    waffledude111111 2 months ago

    "I am highly educated. " - Donald Trump

  • Gary Sinnott
    Gary Sinnott 2 months ago +1

    Climate change affecting things adversely in the near future might be of little interest _now_ to the people who voted for Trumpenstein, but it's certainly going to matter to their children, their grandchildren or their great grandchildren. I predict the phrase "respect your elders" will, in the future, become a term of derision. With bloody good reason.

  • Joan Mackie
    Joan Mackie 2 months ago

    Square acres??

  • Angela bel
    Angela bel 2 months ago

    I guess nature is helping us make the selection lol

  • David Jacquez
    David Jacquez 2 months ago +2

    trump is a joke is a joke of a human being

  • Y Sekander
    Y Sekander 2 months ago +3

    The worst thing anyone can do is take advice from any trump.

  • Robert Holloway
    Robert Holloway 2 months ago +2

    Solution: Have Trump build a golf court or another Trump Tower on that island.

  • Zentron
    Zentron 2 months ago

    Just attach lots of balloons to the ground and it'll float!

  • RurouniStarchild
    RurouniStarchild 2 months ago

    Ironically, the line "Don't Worry About It" is a sentence that has been the most used line in Tommy Wiseau's "The Room."


  • David Timmer
    David Timmer 2 months ago +1

    It's their own fault for voting for Trump. And, if a storm does happen, they brought it on themselves. These people really think Trump cares about them, when in reality, he doesn't give any less of a damn. So, yeah, vote for Trump, you brought this whole thing on yourself.

  • Rick Zabel
    Rick Zabel 2 months ago

    It won't be long before the Florida Keys will be no more.

  • Ulf Åman
    Ulf Åman 2 months ago

    Don't worry be happy

  • David Jacquez
    David Jacquez 2 months ago

    just looking at him you want to beat the living shit out of him with that joker smile.

  • Feel the Bern 2020!
    Feel the Bern 2020! 2 months ago

    Based on his PhD in climatology from Trump University.

  • Adrian Vranch
    Adrian Vranch 2 months ago

    Ha ha ha.
    It's called Darwin's theory of natural selection.
    One less American is good news.
    Of course Americans believe in flat earth, guns, creationism and bonkers religions like Mormons, JWs and other Bollox.
    Good riddance. We are all l

  • Glenn Howden
    Glenn Howden 2 months ago

    Stop buying stuff from China and India.

  • Gribbo9999
    Gribbo9999 2 months ago

    Square acres?

  • Lil, Charmander
    Lil, Charmander 2 months ago +2

    Whenever he says "Don't worry"
    that's when you should start to worry 😐

  • RunnyMucus
    RunnyMucus 2 months ago

    you are a dumb ass

  • Gargamel Smurff
    Gargamel Smurff 2 months ago

    he's more worried about his so called winter white house than your little island

  • Hogman Go
    Hogman Go 2 months ago +1

    Fuck these people. They didn't give a fuck about the rest of us. Why should we give a fuck about them. Learn to walk on water assholes. 😂😂😂

  • sm4sh3d
    sm4sh3d 2 months ago

    Let climate change sink this embarrassing island of idiots

  • dave skerritt
    dave skerritt 2 months ago +3

    Trump is an absolute idiot. I'd like to know his resources on there being no climate change on Tangier. Duhhhh.. but Trump doesn't like to read. Poor little guy. Trump: Well, I'll go to Mar-A -Lago , and play several rounds of golf on your tax payers money, Hey, no climate change here in Florida. .It's hot all the time. I've just proved it! Is Melania around,, since I just saw a woman in a bikini whose pussy I'd like ta grab. Hey, ya know what I mean.

  • studio 2020
    studio 2020 2 months ago

    No problem, just go shopping !

  • Art Smosh
    Art Smosh 2 months ago

    They want Trump to build a wall there.

  • sara
    sara 2 months ago

    i get the feeling like if trump was in a bomb shelter with 1 years supply of food and water and HAD to ration supplies Not only would he Not ration it he'd eat out of boredom

  • Amen Knowtech
    Amen Knowtech 2 months ago

    This Island has been seeing sea level rise since 1850....the Island has already lost over 50% of it's land mass and the population has shrunk from 1500 to less than the grand scheme of things Islands on the planet Earth are ALWAYS "rising and sinking" and sea levels do the same not because of "global warming" but because that is the nature of the Earths moving land mass....the Stupidity here is why these fools are trying to inhabit an Island that was ALREADY falling below sea level when they began to develop it?

  • Russian russie
    Russian russie 2 months ago +1

    Trump supporters can kiss my ass.

  • Yayo.chan
    Yayo.chan 2 months ago +1

    Only an idiot would vote for Trump after he called Climate Change a chinese propaganda.
    Only a bigger idiot would do it when they live on an island that has been sinking.

  • Jeff Lock
    Jeff Lock 2 months ago +2

    They voted for Trump, they deserve to be under water.

  • Coyotee Water
    Coyotee Water 2 months ago +2

    don't worry another pipeline with fix it

  • WWZenaDo
    WWZenaDo 2 months ago

    ...I don't think the island is sinking; ocean & sea levels are rising around the globe.

    • Eric Taylor
      Eric Taylor 2 months ago

      that's probably what he meant. at least i hope heh

  • imiss toronto
    imiss toronto 2 months ago

    Farron, sadly that storm you mentioned will have to happen before anyone gets off their collective asses and does anything. Problem is, it won't be to save the island. It will be to get whomever is left off the island and moved somewhere else - FEMA is underfunded and understaffed (Trump hasn't hired anyone to fill vacancies left by Obama staffers), and what's worse there are NO mechanisms in place to help these people with the aftermath.

    Witness what happened in New Orleans and Katrina. Or the mess that happened in Long Island with Hurricane Sandy. Homes are not being rebuilt, small businesses went under, and no one has returned to the life they once had. Billions are needed, and it's not happening.

    It's not a good thing to say, but perhaps that storm will be the best thing to happen to the environmental movement. I don't like the thought of these people being guinea pigs, but it doesn't seem to bother Trump either.

  • michael white
    michael white 2 months ago

    "Oh don't worry, I don't have to so why should you? Oh you and your family are safe and sound! The other animals can swim to shore ha ha ha"

  • The USA is dead
    The USA is dead 2 months ago

    Fuck em, get some swimming trunks.

  • 3D4Ureel
    3D4Ureel 2 months ago

    Good thing is if they drown they won't vote for morons again.

  • Rudy Olivarez
    Rudy Olivarez 2 months ago +2

    you said it man and they can take turns using the orange dildo "Trump"

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