Power Rangers - Movie Review

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  • mjtubeme
    mjtubeme 3 days ago

    My Power Rangers Era: Ninja Storm - Jungle Fury

  • Robin8991
    Robin8991 8 days ago

    I loved Lightspeed Rescue

  • Knock /Da Deathstroke

    I loved the movie

  • It Was Better In The Trailer

    I really disliked this movie. It was really bad.

  • Jaden Pinero
    Jaden Pinero 13 days ago

    Lmk why the yellow ranger is bad af ?🔥

  • Super Serg
    Super Serg 14 days ago

    I enjoy it

  • InTheEnd75
    InTheEnd75 15 days ago

    I'm so surprised there wasn't a spoiler video for this

  • MiQuel Quiles
    MiQuel Quiles 15 days ago +1

    Zack is the Man don't mess with him he's crazy LOL the Black Ranger is definitely my favorite Ranger 💯 I can't help but to laugh my ass off every time he mentions he's crazy LoLoLoLoL 😂 LoLoLoLoL

  • kenterminatedbygoogle
    kenterminatedbygoogle 15 days ago

    Am I the only one who contradicts Jeremy's opinion???? I didn't like the movie at all.
    The movie dragged too long in the beginning and the morphing feels weak!!!!!

  • Tobirama
    Tobirama 17 days ago

    Red ranger is bad actor.

  • Jeremy Ray
    Jeremy Ray 17 days ago

    Did you catch the original Power Ranger cameos? Jason David Frank. Rockin the old school ponytail and the lovely graceful Amy Jo Johnson The the original Pink Ranger. Tommy went from Green to White to Red and Black... He was a lot of rangers. Holds Green and White as most popular.

  • Shantanu Dey
    Shantanu Dey 17 days ago +1

    It was so boring. I slept in the whole movie. My best series was Mystic and SPD... Dino was equally cool. But it is nowhere around that.

  • Alexander Olinger
    Alexander Olinger 18 days ago

    I'm might morphin.

    PHILL SHIVELY 18 days ago

    I enjoyed it got the Bluray hope for a Sequel

  • Joseph tee
    Joseph tee 19 days ago

    operation overdrive

  • Nitpick Critic
    Nitpick Critic 20 days ago

    The top of your hair looks like you have anime ears lol

  • LunaticReason
    LunaticReason 20 days ago

    A good story with a decent cast of unknown actors let down by the bad cgi and character designs. Not a total loss if you can look past it's flaws. I would say either a B- or C+ between those. I would definitely watch a sequel if they could fix those things.

  • Sean Hine
    Sean Hine 21 day ago

    Power Rangers was always going to be a guilty pleasure kind of movie. If it wasn't it wouldn't feel like Power Rangers.

  • Justin Clancy
    Justin Clancy 22 days ago

    I don't get the negative reviews on this movie i thought it was great

  • ComradeSam1994
    ComradeSam1994 22 days ago

    Someone please tell me, why is Optimus Prime in this movie towards the end? Is this universe the same as Transformers?

    BULLETSCARER22 23 days ago

    I was never a Power Rangers fan till I watched this movie. I always thought it was stupid but then I watched the new movie and was like, this is cool. Cant wait for a sequel if there is one

  • Knightmare5026
    Knightmare5026 23 days ago

    I thought had some cool action but my biggest negatives of the movie were:
    -Took too long until we got the "Power Rangers"
    -End Battle/movie ended too quickly

  • The HD Channel - Vlogs, Reviews & Stuff

    This movie sucked so bad. I'm surprised it has had so many positive reviews

  • Skylar Mercer
    Skylar Mercer 25 days ago

    It's so funny how some people bash this movie so fucking badly that they actually think that the original is like the best thing ever but hey I grew up watching the original as a kid but the 90's show were complete shit even some of storylines and this reboot or different adaptation gives it some benefit of hope to say "hey we are honoring the original characters but... with a twist and reflecting it in today's standards and we are referencing a little bit of 90's cringeworthy humor and tons of exposition that'll make you wonder" oh if I haven't mention this is the first Mexican/Hispanic female and MEXICAN/Hispanic LESBIAN Female taking on a superhero genre.

  • Mutahir Hussain
    Mutahir Hussain 25 days ago

    I feel like it reminded me so much of Max Steel the movie

  • xKami102x
    xKami102x 25 days ago

    Just saw it today (bought it on Blu-Ray) and wow that was a damn good time. Not the "best movie ever" by any means but damn I liked it a lot.

  • Amy B
    Amy B 25 days ago

    If I could have a floating head it would be Morgan Freeman

  • Play Rough
    Play Rough 25 days ago

    The Actors were surprisingly excellent but the Movie was fucking awful.. I would never watch it again.. I would reather see Power Rangers original movie with Ivan Ooze. then this garbage....

  • Play Rough
    Play Rough 25 days ago

    The Actors were surprisingly excellent but the Movie was fucking awful.. I would never watch it again.. I would reather see Power Rangers original movie with Ivan Ooze. then this garbage....

  • JigsawJay007
    JigsawJay007 25 days ago

    I loved that cameo of the old crew at the end. This movie took me back I enjoyed it

  • PharmPlug
    PharmPlug 26 days ago

    hey you should rate the movies 1-10 at the end of your vids. Just a suggestion, its your life your channel.....do whatever you like

  • JanMat
    JanMat 27 days ago

    6/10; pretty dumb movie but its action packed

  • Brian Trimble
    Brian Trimble 27 days ago

    besides a couple of cheesy parts in the movie i enjoyed it

  • Landon Bangerter
    Landon Bangerter 27 days ago

    Would've had a better time if I was drunk.

  • mlong0005
    mlong0005 28 days ago

    I grew up obsessed with the original power rangers show. This is by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen. 1/10. I don't even know who this movie reviewer guy is, but I will never watch another one of his reviews. People that like this movie are what's wrong with this world. Just because it's based on a shitty show doesn't mean you let it slide for being awful. Corny, crap back story, terrible dialogue, bad script, and a 6 legged mammoth Zord? Fkn waste of time and money

  • Seven
    Seven 28 days ago

    The 1st hour is good than it went on a decline especially when the GO GO POWER RANGERS music hit

  • Hasan Sharara
    Hasan Sharara 28 days ago

    this movie is booooring as hell!

  • Alexa Montes
    Alexa Montes 29 days ago

    I really enjoyed the movie I thought the actors and actresses did very very well. Also I was a little skeptical at first because I never really enjoyed the Power Ranger TV show but I really enjoyed it. It's a must watch.

  • Liam Peterman
    Liam Peterman 29 days ago

    This movie was as bad as water world

  • Jason Raymond
    Jason Raymond 29 days ago

    I watched power rangers ninja storm as a kid. Watching this movie met my expectations.

  • It's Soham
    It's Soham 29 days ago

    Zordon be like: Power rangers...lets cook!

  • Demeted -
    Demeted - 1 month ago

    Good movie, Good cast, one dumb line and it ruined it for me. Was it really necessary that being a lesbian is a crisis for one of them? Like fucking stop already Hollywood! Stop putting shit nobody cares about into our entertainment. It was already stupid that people were calling the old power ranger racist. So they had to make the black ranger a asian guy and the black guy blue. And the two girls Mexican whatever the fuck they were and one caucasian guy. WTF!? Guess what? You're still being racist you know why? Because if you weren't a racist it wouldn't have matter the first time and nobody would have had to change their color's. At least the old power rangers had variety. I am sick of hearing about racism, about peoples sexuality. AndHollywood shoving shit down our throats! Fuck off Hollywood!

  • javier blanco
    javier blanco 1 month ago

    curse you @jeremyjahns i wasted a perfectly good siesta for this movie, and it was really bad. even the actors. was constantly skip in forward, such a dumb dialog.

  • Rex67Diego9 fandub
    Rex67Diego9 fandub 1 month ago

    i dont really get why rotten tomatoes gave such bad reviews to the movie, i liked it, probably my expectations were really low since i was never a fan of the power rangers and what i know about them i probably was expecting some really stupid michael bay like movie
    and surprisingly i liked it, the characters made the movie and that is such a relief, i laughed with the characters, i felt their bond and when the action came down i was really invested that i wanted them to win.

  • incatata
    incatata 1 month ago

    Mamazord lol

  • Arsenal S
    Arsenal S 1 month ago

    This movie sucked dick people acted ways that made no sense things were left un resolved and the acting was dick

  • Vits Vicente Torres
    Vits Vicente Torres 1 month ago

    14) S.P.D.
    13) TURBO
    12) ZEO
    7) R.P.M.
    4) IN SPACE

    I can’t rank MIGHTY MORPHIN/ALIEN, NINJA STORM nor SUPER MEGAFORCE. They’re guilty pleasures.

  • Battle Armor He-Man
    Battle Armor He-Man 1 month ago

    Good review Jeremy. I watched it a few nights ago. I like it. I think its a little better than the source material. The Pink Ranger is hot!!!

  • GoldfishOnFyre
    GoldfishOnFyre 1 month ago +3

    holy crap I cried when billy "died"
    I got chills when they all walked in slow motion all together in their suits for the first time and the synth music played and I cheered when the zoids all ran out and the power rangers theme played... holy crap a great movie can't wait for the sequel

  • MotvnGM
    MotvnGM 1 month ago

    My only gripe was of how fake it looked when they Jumped over to the other side of a Cliff.... other than that, great movie to watch

  • Cole Bruner
    Cole Bruner 1 month ago

    It is sad that people watch his movie reviews and actuality take it seriously. I mean what the heck, I have seen better movie reviews that actually explain films, even the most bad films ever. I mean ralphthemoviemaker (that what it is actually spelled) does a more better job than you and he has about 300,000 subscribers. All I am saying is just explain why the movie is bad or good. And explain what else you liked aboute the movie expect the actor like the cinematography and the script writing and the music and the acting. You know, basic reviewing things. Just please, explain if I, a person who would see a film from a review, explain if it is good like with those points. Anyway, that was a critique of your movie review channel though a youtube comment.

  • phillipssteven45
    phillipssteven45 1 month ago

    This movie was AWESOME straight up. I'm convinced the people that didn't like it are Morons lol

  • Megatron 07
    Megatron 07 1 month ago

    This movie was frustrating and atrocious

  • Doom 1353
    Doom 1353 1 month ago

    They were bad

  • Constantin Stog
    Constantin Stog 1 month ago

    To resume the Power Rangers movie - too much drama, too little action and transforming.

  • Grimm Lobolair
    Grimm Lobolair 1 month ago

    Praising a dogshit movie that flopped

  • New chanter
    New chanter 1 month ago

    I was supposed to hate this movie, but this movie proved me wrong..

  • andersonhbk
    andersonhbk 1 month ago

    FUN FACT : Billy Cranston was actually named after Brian Cranston who voiced characters in the 90's Power Rangers series.

  • Yng Ronin
    Yng Ronin 1 month ago

    lowkey cry when billy died

  • Raizel Shadez
    Raizel Shadez 1 month ago

    just saw the movie and god was it awful, you expect me to believe a bunch of highschoolars without an inch of fighting combat and experience did what a group of mature experience soldiers fail to do, by just training for a few days? hmm noo just noooo

    • Matthew Kang
      Matthew Kang 1 month ago

      Lol they can do what soldiers can't do because they're superheroes with superpowers...

  • caçadora de marte
    caçadora de marte 1 month ago

    i loved rita. she's was a green DIVA!!!

  • Toaster Cup
    Toaster Cup 1 month ago

    I want to know if im the only person who thought power rangers mystic force was the best

  • Rafael Navarro-Rubio
    Rafael Navarro-Rubio 1 month ago

    Now im gonna watch it

  • Yami Ruki
    Yami Ruki 1 month ago

    Bryan Cranson played Zordon, well then you've just caught my attention.

  • Stephen Buckley
    Stephen Buckley 1 month ago

    Do you think that Jason's dad know that the red power ranger that saved him was his son? Just going by the newspaper article he put on the fridge next to the another one of his son, he looked proud like he knew.

  • Django CS GO
    Django CS GO 1 month ago

    cringe movie - i couldn't watch it to the end.

  • Noctis Caelum
    Noctis Caelum 1 month ago

    I didn't like this movie at all. As soon as I heard that Kanye song in the trailer I knew this wasn't for me. Didn't feel like power rangers at all to me.

  • Cordyceps
    Cordyceps 1 month ago

    No sparks in the 2017 adaption.


  • sazude2
    sazude2 1 month ago

    I looovvveee "go power rangers go ninja storm let's go!!!" One of the best ever!

  • Adam King
    Adam King 1 month ago +1

    favs 1 blue 2 red 3 black 4 pink 5 yellow

  • DeeDub02
    DeeDub02 1 month ago

    Just watched it with my kids. It got a meh rating. Pretty shit I thought.

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 1 month ago

    i love the film end of

    CKCLUTCH 1 month ago

    It SUCKED, ok? 5 minutes of bs.

  • LegionaryWithAGladius
    LegionaryWithAGladius 1 month ago

    I like how in this move people are standing around broken powerlines without being completely fucking fried.

  • The Shadow Master
    The Shadow Master 1 month ago

    Is there truly nobody that DIDN'T like this movie? I didn't.

  • Natalia Valero
    Natalia Valero 1 month ago

    I grew up with the Japanese version of the power Rangers, I am scare to see this movie and get my childhood crushed 😥

  • mastersleib
    mastersleib 1 month ago +1

    Movie sucked...boring as hell.

  • orlando gonzalez
    orlando gonzalez 1 month ago +1

    To summarize the movie....krispy kreme ad

  • Megaman_XP
    Megaman_XP 1 month ago

    is this movie just the first episode of the show? it is isnt it?

  • Daniel Deliwe
    Daniel Deliwe 1 month ago

    anyone else freak out when they saw Tommy?

  • James Wise Magic
    James Wise Magic 1 month ago

    I just saw it today. I loved the characters and each other rangers. They really made you care about each one of them. But my problem with the movie was Rita. She acted like a cartoon. In the original character poster release of Rita I was like "whoa that's really different but I like it! She looks like a badass" but she ended up being just a really corny and cheesy character. And with how grounded the movie was (as grounded as a power rangers movie could be) Rita's cartoon acting stuck out like a sore thumb and she was honestly the weak link. Overall the movie was entertaining and fun but it would have been so much better if they didn't write Rita like a 90's cartoon.

  • Casey Bator
    Casey Bator 2 months ago

    The new Power Rangers is ok I think it's ok but for me the 90's Power Rangers are better. To me these are not Billy, Jason, Trini Zack and Kimbely or any of the charactors and this is not Power Rangers a lot of this movie I was sitting there like what the hell that's stopped but it was fine not my kind of movie or Power Rangers but I would buy it on DVD and Ninja Turtles Fant4stick can't say I would

  • Owen Hart
    Owen Hart 2 months ago

    Mighty Morphin/In Space

  • Jack Hussey
    Jack Hussey 2 months ago +4

    Very underrated movie.

  • Jack Hussey
    Jack Hussey 2 months ago

    It's like Chronicle (2012) meets Transformers (2007).

  • carter
    carter 2 months ago

    a lot of hand movement

  • nao
    nao 2 months ago

    fun movie

  • Galactic Archangel
    Galactic Archangel 2 months ago

    Errrrrr. . . uh, I'm a bit surprised that Jeremy liked it. The plot started off awesome, but I felt like it slipped. Don't get me wrong! There were definitely some cool moments: like the suits, the awesome fight sequences (with the suits, mind you), the megazord, Goldar, . . . a certain thing the megazord does later- but awesome! Other then that, I spent $10 on a Power Rangers movie that was mostly just The Sweet Life of Slick, Bob, and Pink/ Chronicle. The acting for all was fine, but what can ya do with a weak plot? They did their best, though. My recommendation? Either wait for it to come out in Red Box, or rent it for free from your college library. It's at least worth the 2 bucks you would spend for Red Box, I'll tell ya now. Oh, and one last thing: their suits are pretty awesome👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
    No problems there!

  • Martin Nguyen
    Martin Nguyen 2 months ago

    My favorite Power Rangers series is Power Rangers in Space.

  • Glorified Productions
    Glorified Productions 2 months ago

    Will enjoy part 2 better, at least it won't take them an hour+ to become the actual power rangers.

  • Gonzalo Buendia
    Gonzalo Buendia 2 months ago

    This movie was such trash. I can't believe how trashy this movie is. No build up. Filler to the max. And the boss battle was suuuchhhh trashhhhhhh. Whoever thinks this movie is good must be a Lil yachty fan aswell. Damn. Shame

  • Joshua Rose
    Joshua Rose 2 months ago

    Love love love loved this movie. And did anyone else catch the diss on transformers at the end???😁

  • Danton Steele
    Danton Steele 2 months ago

    there's a yard thinks your shits his.whoa an Eskimo.pretty using plastic.he's in a big truck,his girls trying to get him in commercials

  • kragoon1
    kragoon1 3 months ago

    I thought it was great. the scene when they get the zords out was rad as fuck. I felt like I was 7.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 3 months ago +1

    i liked the movie

  • David  Martinez
    David Martinez 3 months ago

    Yo do Pan's labrynth

  • Allen Jimenez
    Allen Jimenez 3 months ago

    I love This movie.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kurt Freaking Cobain
    Kurt Freaking Cobain 3 months ago

    The only 2 problems I had with the movie were not enough Karate and villain sucked

  • The Finesse Kid
    The Finesse Kid 3 months ago

    Dino Thunder was 🔥

    BLACKSAGE 3 months ago

    this movie was soo good

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