Donald Trump Has Nothing To Apologize For

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  • pernus
    pernus Hour ago +1


  • Princi Pessa
    Princi Pessa 9 hours ago

    Hopefully he is not going to be the next president...ouu..wait a minute😯😧

  • Scarlett OHara
    Scarlett OHara 11 hours ago

    He was much more relaxed and happy before he had the responsibility of the world unloaded onto his shoulders. He needs to go back to the private sector, for his own good.

  • Terrezio
    Terrezio 12 hours ago +1

    "I talk about our veterans being horribly treated"... goes and fires all transgendered troops via twitter.

  • Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael 15 hours ago

    How are people so retarded ? Trump goes against illegals and people boo him ? Like WTF, are American's this stupid ?

  • Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael 15 hours ago

    That retard with the glasses has a nice tie, where can I buy one ?

  • Shannon Miller
    Shannon Miller Day ago

    Screw Trump

  • Carol Jo Martin
    Carol Jo Martin Day ago

    That's crazy talk.....

  • johnnythesailorman

    listening to trump talk sickens me.

  • Carol Jo Martin
    Carol Jo Martin Day ago

    Colbert is a freakin genius....

  • Carol Jo Martin
    Carol Jo Martin Day ago

    More like baiting him.

  • Kai Myers
    Kai Myers Day ago

    I don't care how much of a Trump Supporter you are, Stephen Colbert is a funny mother fucker and the king of trolls.

  • Tommy Jarvis
    Tommy Jarvis Day ago

    Except for Fucking up America

  • astrocomical
    astrocomical Day ago

    I love Stephen Colbert, and this video, but I don't know whether to like this video or not...really depends how Trump would interpret it...

  • Alexs321432
    Alexs321432 Day ago

    An example of him not changing at all. He'd rather be humiliated in front of 11million people before he admits he was wrong.

  • LeoVomend
    LeoVomend Day ago

    you should've poisoned him

  • Lora Z
    Lora Z Day ago

    Stephen looks so much younger... As of this comment, we're seven months into the trump presidency.

  • ZippitPopular ABA

    0:48 wtf decide!

  • Mish Ka V
    Mish Ka V Day ago +1

    I STILL seriously can't believe this guy is our president....I just can't.

  • jigsaw99
    jigsaw99 2 days ago

    i don't think he's coming on the Colbert show again

  • THN Productions
    THN Productions 2 days ago

    When Trump was in his 30's he said "There are winners and losers. And the losers will always be losers." Unless you're a billionaire you're a loser. Trump doesn't give a shit about you.

  • David Alan Kaltwasser

    You want to know a wall has to be build... ask people from gdr... even this wall didnt help and the germans are much smarter then you are. No germans no moon no mercedes no bmw no airbus no audi no volkswagen no computer and much more. You are a twat mr. Trump. Even your german family doesnt want to see you. Wanker

  • Cole Masters
    Cole Masters 2 days ago

    The bigots almost speechless to have the man they spew shit about right there before them

  • Nathanial Evans
    Nathanial Evans 2 days ago

    I thought this is just going to be a joke but when I saw jump on the show I was like oh shit

  • The187Hitman
    The187Hitman 2 days ago

    this stephen colbert is so fuckin irritating. hes an adult, hosting a talk show, acting like a 15 year old.. while talking to the president of the US. fuckin embarassing

  • SimplePerson
    SimplePerson 2 days ago

    Really weak handling of the guest. I really did expect something more... =/

  • Very Loki
    Very Loki 2 days ago

    President Trump is the funniest comedian in the world.

  • Tony Tezas
    Tony Tezas 2 days ago


  • FerntBoy
    FerntBoy 2 days ago

    Stephen is exactly what the mainstream media wants. What a suck up. Fuckin joker. Paint his face already...

  • Halos4life Roblox
    Halos4life Roblox 3 days ago

    Colbert has ADD, can't even listen to the answers

  • Minotaur92
    Minotaur92 3 days ago

    I love my President.

  • Abe Lincoln
    Abe Lincoln 3 days ago

    Just fix the "Free Trade Agreement", put tariffs on imports, you don't even need a wall!!! How simple is that.

  • FavreianVengeance
    FavreianVengeance 3 days ago

    Respect Trump. He was not willing to lie. At a minimum, he has his doubts that Obama was not born in America, and he doesn't sell out. Liberals can't understand this type of mentality. They have shifting values.

  • FavreianVengeance
    FavreianVengeance 3 days ago

    I hope Trump doesn't even bother to go on these gimpy shows for his 2020 run.

  • cant choose name
    cant choose name 3 days ago +1

    Why didn't you kill him when you had the chance smh

  • TheWickerMan1981
    TheWickerMan1981 3 days ago

    Thanks Stephen, you normalized and promoted him! Way to go! :P

  • Caden Burton
    Caden Burton 4 days ago

    And if they fly over the wall or come from the coast?

  • Do Ka
    Do Ka 4 days ago +1

    I hate trump

  • Artistic Ella
    Artistic Ella 4 days ago

    Is he saying sorry to Donald trump?

    😑 what is my life

  • TheOneTheOnly W
    TheOneTheOnly W 4 days ago

    Colbert is just a professional TROLL

  • Nathan Robert Harkins

    "This will be a *serious* wall" -Donald Trump 2K15

  • Silent Nightmare
    Silent Nightmare 4 days ago

    Has the dumbass ever heard if airplanes?

  • Der Elias
    Der Elias 4 days ago

    Trump is somewhat a funny dude. Haha

  • Wesley Whiteside
    Wesley Whiteside 4 days ago

    This is so dated it's insane.

  • argon
    argon 5 days ago

    Colbert has nothing


  • argon
    argon 5 days ago

    Colbert has nothing


  • Free Speech
    Free Speech 5 days ago +1

    Stephen, what an asshole you are!

  • oceandrive13
    oceandrive13 5 days ago

    The host is a faggot

  • Joey Ibsen
    Joey Ibsen 5 days ago

    poor america, your leaders could not be bigger idiots, both trump and late night shows? you are diverted by breed and cirkus

  • Öööö
    Öööö 6 days ago

    A true american hero!

  • Connor Jones
    Connor Jones 6 days ago +1

    Trust me, Hillary would have been saying this shit if she thought it would have made her win. No political integrity with that women, she'd have said anything to become president. At the very least, Trump was consistent.

  • Sl1pp1 ~ Random Stuff

    You have to say... Trump has Balls of Steel to be on Stephens Show...

  • Wolfy Kaname
    Wolfy Kaname 7 days ago

    Jesus helped build the great wall of china he said. Yeah trump said......

  • Wolfy Kaname
    Wolfy Kaname 7 days ago

    Still no wall.

  • Austin Klein
    Austin Klein 7 days ago

    Cool meatball joke pussy! You're from my town of Charleston SC! I know you're family and even they say you're a pussy!

  • La_trolette
    La_trolette 7 days ago

    Who's here after the recent comment from Trump about Stephen ?

  • Mercedes Jimenez
    Mercedes Jimenez 7 days ago

    This interview is so awkward... HALP STEPHEN

  • starpravesh
    starpravesh 7 days ago +1

    Even if he started to build the wall now, the wall would take so long to build that when it is complete, his presidency will most likely be over. Then perhaps the next president will have a change in his policies that would undo what Trump did. Assuming we survive his presidency.

  • Currently Unavailable

    He sounds like the root of all American problems lies in illegal immigration from Mexico.

  • InForm Ant
    InForm Ant 7 days ago

    does anyone else get  as dizzy aa I do, watching this goons hand jive??

  • Adam Young
    Adam Young 7 days ago

    What Donald Jackass Trump SHOULD be doing, from a 2017 standpoint, is stripping down to his tighty whities and singing the Five Finger Death Punch song "I Apologize" in front ov a camera as his Twitter video!

  • Marissa Lanza
    Marissa Lanza 7 days ago

    Trump ur a stupid fuck

  • Juan C Aponte
    Juan C Aponte 7 days ago +1

    Trump had the guts to get into Colberts show , a Shark tank

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen 7 days ago

    Trump has nothing to apologize for, only to Russia

  • Shar shop
    Shar shop 7 days ago

    try fooling president in my country, you will be shot down the next day.
    F**king American show some respect to your own president.

  • speakermanx
    speakermanx 8 days ago +1

    Stephen Colbert is not funny anymore after leaving comedy Central. He is a liberal puppet and can't realize why he is wrong. He simply goes by what pays him the most even though he doesn't agree with it. He simply tells what is feed to him by his producers and it's sad. T.V. is fed by 💰 And liberal politicians.

  • Michael Cuthbert
    Michael Cuthbert 8 days ago

    These 4:19 are glorious and... I will build a wall... With Jesu's help.

  • The HappyHood
    The HappyHood 8 days ago

    I don't have the feeling anybody takes him seriously anymore.

  • No Filter Productions

    Stephen should apologize to Trump for all the stuff he has said NOW

  • Janey Belle
    Janey Belle 8 days ago

    Before i thought the wall was just a joke, but he really is serious now that he is the president. Maybe he really just don't want illegals to come to the u.s .

  • Nina Adams
    Nina Adams 8 days ago

    Wow, Stephen Colbert
    No matter how i feel, You keep it real. You keep me laughing..... Thanks for having Trump on the show......ha ha ha ha

  • sightgags
    sightgags 8 days ago

    *The Wall!! Exciting! 'uge! Preach on, Trump!*

  • sightgags
    sightgags 8 days ago

    *The Wall!! Exciting! 'uge! Preach on, Trump!*

  • harash sharma
    harash sharma 8 days ago

    And a nice resort!!!! WTF????

  • BKeel17
    BKeel17 9 days ago

    People don't get it he doesn't want to shut out immagrants he wants them to come legally because they people that come illegal are ruining it for the people that want to do it right trump isn't racist he wants good people that have good intentions to come into our country to stop drugs and criminal acts I believe this will solve alot off problems we have because almost every thing we aquire illegally is most likely from Mexico and the cartels importing them illegally for money if we get rid of that we won't need gun control on responsible citizens because the way that most criminals aquire guns are illegally I'm done with my rant lol but I'm serious think about it

  • Vlaka
    Vlaka 9 days ago

    kill this cunt

  • Meta Reimie
    Meta Reimie 9 days ago

    Hell yeah! Donald Trump is my man!

  • MIKE
    MIKE 9 days ago +2

    Thank God we have President Trump for 8 years!🇺🇸

  • GhANeC
    GhANeC 9 days ago

    grammarly, people are starting to hate you as much as donald trump

  • Fran L
    Fran L 9 days ago +1

    Well you gotta give it to Trump for going there knowing he would be ridiculed. Still went and completely ignored the sarcasm. You gotta respect that.

  • Gabriel Ferreira
    Gabriel Ferreira 9 days ago

    "oh my corazon"ahahhaha

  • Muhammad Pope
    Muhammad Pope 9 days ago

    "Even your audience agrees" wow what a fucking idiot, does he not know they are laughing at him. Fuck.

  • BryanVlogs 16
    BryanVlogs 16 10 days ago

    Omg boi maybe when I become president I'll fucking ban Trump and Trump's family and I'll fucking pit down the wall box sub to me if u agree

  • RundownOyster
    RundownOyster 10 days ago

    Who would have guessed? Now that this thing is president it hasn't even tried to build the wall. Maybe, just maybe, it was clearly bullshit.

  • Bronzee برونزی
    Bronzee برونزی 10 days ago

    He does have tiny hands!

  • Marin Angelov
    Marin Angelov 10 days ago

    We already know how the actual conversation with the president of Mexico went. Trump was begging him to help him save face. SAD!

  • lexi
    lexi 10 days ago


    I had to put a Hamilton reference I'm not sorry

  • linda l
    linda l 10 days ago

    Trump is so clueless. Illegals mostly come in legally with visas then overstay them. They also come in with stolen passports or in the trunks of cars. Drugs smugglers are usually US citizens and they drive the drugs across. A wall does nothing but screw up the land along with taking people's property.

  • mashroob
    mashroob 10 days ago

    I'm surprised this clip hasn't been taken down yet. I mean, isn't it shooting one's self in the foot? There is actual audience agreement with Trump. What would happen if SJWs everywhere saw this??? Guess I better KeepVid it, har har.

  • Gulyás Balázs
    Gulyás Balázs 10 days ago

    Adolf was ridiculed for years and years - anger and frustration (the dark side? :D ) was also building up in this gentleman to ultimately be who he is now

  • Ryan Mackay
    Ryan Mackay 10 days ago

    This isn't news. I get it's supposed to be funny, but the fact of how heavily biased Colbert and his audience are makes this propaganda. If you can't see that, you're just another sheep in the herd.

  • abdulwaduud ahmed
    abdulwaduud ahmed 10 days ago

    Is funny how he is talking

  • murr395
    murr395 10 days ago

    Trump's gonna build the wall, add solar panels along the entire thing and in exchange for energy, Mexico will pay for it. You heard it here first.

  • Cameron Barnes
    Cameron Barnes 10 days ago

    when you say like that not bed to make Wells

  • luc de Villars
    luc de Villars 10 days ago

    why does American politic looks like now a very mediocre and horrible reality TV show ?

  • pancake boi
    pancake boi 10 days ago


  • Anthony Hernadez
    Anthony Hernadez 11 days ago

    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck trump peace of shit hoe looking like annoying Orange look ass fake hair every time h talk he spit fat Patrick looking ass

  • Don Jacq
    Don Jacq 11 days ago

    Can't  wait till he comes back on the show

  • ambassador489
    ambassador489 11 days ago

    The tv host is so disrespectful. No manners at all.

  • ItsHannan
    ItsHannan 11 days ago


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