Noah Cyrus Performs 'Stay Together' | MTV Movie & TV Awards

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  • Riri Yana
    Riri Yana 9 hours ago

    She needs to do cardio

  • Iron Priest666
    Iron Priest666 19 hours ago

    Noah: everybody get up!!!
    I'm the only who did that XD
    Go Noah!!!

  • ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia

    isn't that redhead one of Beyonce's dancers

  • Julya Ventura
    Julya Ventura 2 days ago

    I loved ❤

  • Nicole Yoesting
    Nicole Yoesting 4 days ago

    Her sister was Hanna Montana... she's kinda hard to show up lol but I think she did amazing for how much she was moving around she kept her energy up the whole time & if you've seen her perform cry you'd know she sounds sooo much better when she's not moving around so much. I'd love to see her perform live!!!

  • Manos Ps
    Manos Ps 5 days ago


  • Emily Jordan
    Emily Jordan 5 days ago

    Don't try ti compare Miley and Noah, they've got a similiar timber or the voice. But Miley study music to all her life due can sing for hours without problem and make high notes in all Moments or every show! Noah can't do It not even in a Song , really Noah can't never do this, never Become famous in music with her sister name. 'cause when everybody look at her, they see Miley.

  • Arletha Eubanks
    Arletha Eubanks 5 days ago

    1:13 she was Completely OUT of breath and that made it REALLY awkward!

  • lucci226
    lucci226 7 days ago

    Can't even watch it through... it was so bad. Too bad it sounds like the song might have potential!

  • Oksanna Mallman
    Oksanna Mallman 7 days ago

    Everybody relax. She's young, she will learn. No muscican was flawless right out of the gate. Also, if you listen to the beginning of this song, it's supposed to sound like she's out of breath. it's on purpose.

  • Megamigit23
    Megamigit23 8 days ago

    she doesnt sound good live

  • Emily F
    Emily F 8 days ago

    This is so sad

  • Martell Stewart
    Martell Stewart 8 days ago

    Hold tight Noah Cyrus that was good. Love from London.

  • O K
    O K 8 days ago

    Maybe she shouldn't be smoking those cigarettes - she sounded really outta breath in this

  • Duda Silva
    Duda Silva 10 days ago

    I don't know why they are judging her so much, I think she was great

  • Pey pey Swaggy
    Pey pey Swaggy 10 days ago

    She really needs to focus on her breathing... she's not the best but

  • Karen Sawyer
    Karen Sawyer 10 days ago

    She can't control her breath or vocals work a darn when she's moving around. she's got a good voice but seriously needs to work on that. not to mention she's singing flat.

  • Npunto& comaS
    Npunto& comaS 11 days ago

    para mi concepto
    no logro contener la respiración

  • Cait Chats
    Cait Chats 12 days ago

    She's has lots of potential I will be watching this space all she needs is training with her breathing and she will be great.

  • Abby Devonne
    Abby Devonne 14 days ago

    I've seen other performances and she is really talented. I guess she was really nervous. Chill put guys, it's not easy to stand in front of a crowd like that.

  • Briana C
    Briana C 15 days ago

    This song is wack

  • Jenna Gilbert
    Jenna Gilbert 15 days ago

    God this is one the most horrible things I've ever heard. Just please leave the singing to your sister Noah.

  • burberrymeli
    burberrymeli 16 days ago

    Oooh honey what is you doing

  • Emma Hellmann
    Emma Hellmann 16 days ago

    I like her but it's hilarious how hard she is trying to get the audience in it

  • Ferihan Ince
    Ferihan Ince 17 days ago

    her breath is make her voice bad

  • Boi Derp
    Boi Derp 17 days ago

    She used auto tune so much in the original video. Then again, most singers do.

  • Shandawn Deleon
    Shandawn Deleon 17 days ago

    She's amazing wtf are people on about 🤔 Selena can't even hold a note

  • Ronaldo Walker
    Ronaldo Walker 17 days ago +1


  • Holleyislife Goals
    Holleyislife Goals 17 days ago

    👉miley nd noah dontlook alike👈👉but they're both beautiful👈

  • PowerofAwesome
    PowerofAwesome 17 days ago +1

    When she says get up and no one moves

  • PowerofAwesome
    PowerofAwesome 17 days ago +1

    There are definitely moments when her singing is rubbish

  • help me i want to die
    help me i want to die 19 days ago


  • mexiaznann
    mexiaznann 19 days ago

    NC-17 - Noah Cyrus, and she's 17. lol I'm an idiot 😂😂

  • Pablo Laos
    Pablo Laos 20 days ago

    Ew . She's fucking gross

  • Potato That's it
    Potato That's it 21 day ago

    It's good for her 1st big performance I would be nervous too

    KAY&BABY J 22 days ago

    Lmao when she told everyone to get up and everyone kept they ass in the seat 😭😭💀

  • Swaggy Zusky
    Swaggy Zusky 24 days ago

    the reason why it is bad is because she was nervous and it made her voice and breathing like that. Also she must be tired.

  • Heyyy nia
    Heyyy nia 24 days ago

    she is so nervous aww poor baby 😭

  • ThisIsJaycoebeus
    ThisIsJaycoebeus 25 days ago

    Autotune is so good to her...

  • Mandy
    Mandy 25 days ago

    I was out of breath listening to this! I love her though, and her songs. She's had some great performances, but this is not one of them, bless her!

  • Cosmopollo Salvatore
    Cosmopollo Salvatore 26 days ago

    I just cringed the whole time... 😥😣😥

  • Jaden plays
    Jaden plays 26 days ago

    who else thinks she sounds out of breath and sounds bad 😣😥

    VENOM 26 days ago

    She needs a little bit more breathing training and she'll be fine! She has really nice voice. It killed me when she said "everybody get up!" and then nobody got up lmao!!

  • Sky Dancer
    Sky Dancer 26 days ago +1

    Daddy Autotune is missing 😑

  • Josephine Comia
    Josephine Comia 27 days ago

    Aired: (May 8, 2017)

  • Jakub Nieć
    Jakub Nieć 28 days ago

    My ears, rape

  • Halsey Souls
    Halsey Souls 1 month ago

    0:29 sono a miley

  • Antonella BC
    Antonella BC 1 month ago


  • Joelina Salas
    Joelina Salas 1 month ago

    I get this feeling like they're trying to make her be too much like her sister. I feel bad for her, she is good but doesn't seem to be completely comfortable with her voice and her lyrics.

  • Katlin Johnson
    Katlin Johnson 1 month ago

    At least she's not lip syncing like most performers

  • Ashley Jewel
    Ashley Jewel 1 month ago

    i can barely understand her

  • serenity torres
    serenity torres 1 month ago


  • Leo Acosta
    Leo Acosta 1 month ago

    "everybody stand up" and nobody does

  • wangson
    wangson 1 month ago

    geeze...she's not good at all.

  • shan strap
    shan strap 1 month ago

    it's so bad

  • Amir Ismail
    Amir Ismail 1 month ago

    she looks so exhausted even the song is good

  • jean ashlee
    jean ashlee 1 month ago

    wasn't that bad! it's her first time performing this song! Love you Noah!

  • Carlos D S
    Carlos D S 1 month ago

    JAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJAHJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJA que triste marisk tas como si te hubieran recogío de la calle media moribunda y te hubieran montado en esa tarima JAJAJA😂😂😂😂😂

  • Earla Weese
    Earla Weese 1 month ago


  • XXX I
    XXX I 1 month ago

    She'll get better

  • Lidiane Lopes
    Lidiane Lopes 1 month ago

    gosto muito dessa música ❤

  • Sjdvnn gdvvf
    Sjdvnn gdvvf 1 month ago

    She's using miley for her fame.

  • Rachel Barton
    Rachel Barton 1 month ago

    Wow.. This was terrible. I saw this live and was blown away by how awful it was. She only got this slot cause she's a Cyrus. MTV used to be cool

  • just marissa
    just marissa 1 month ago

    wait jk the crowd got lit in the middle

  • just marissa
    just marissa 1 month ago

    did a fan get up there

  • just marissa
    just marissa 1 month ago +1

    the crowd is dead lol

  • Israel Flores
    Israel Flores 1 month ago

    in her defense, she was walking around and moving a lot.

  • zandermilani Bucknell
    zandermilani Bucknell 1 month ago

    Wtf she's exactly like her sis. What is she trying to accomplish smh

  • zandermilani Bucknell
    zandermilani Bucknell 1 month ago


  • Kaitlyn Mahone
    Kaitlyn Mahone 1 month ago

    U don't get into the music industry unless you have talent. Anyone can become a good singer with years of extra mental and physical practice. The point of music, is for people to sing that sound good and bless your ears. Yea ofc she'll get good, anyone can, but she shouldn't be performing when she sounds like that. No hate.

  • Stefanie Mendoza
    Stefanie Mendoza 1 month ago

    even though she doesn't like when people think of her as her big sister Miley Cyrus, or as like duplicate or what ever, but let's face it she sounds 99.8 % like her big sistsr...

  • 솔
     1 month ago

    she is just miley's sister trying to earn money the same.way than her sis. lacks a lot of training and originality.. why singing about being smocking, and things that a grown up can choose if doing or not. you are fcking underage. behave. is it so hard not to try being a hoe at 17?

  • mainuel Villacarillo
    mainuel Villacarillo 1 month ago

    2:19-2:20 killed me a little bit inside♥

  • thisismecindy
    thisismecindy 1 month ago

    She hasn't been singing and performing for too long and she's still super young, so you can tell she's not used to these kind of performances. Her voice in general is really good tho

  • Juli Peralta
    Juli Peralta 1 month ago

    ay no la critiquen, todavia es chiquita y apenas está empezando, obviamente va a tener cosas para mejorar y tengan en cuenta que debe sentirse nerviosa, y no debe estar acostumbrada a cantar frente a tanta gente...para mí canta hermoso y es hermosa, es una mini miley :3

  • Juliane Arentz
    Juliane Arentz 1 month ago

    I know what you're all saying is true, about the breathing and the performance and all, but idk, it makes it really authentic to me. It makes her likeable. I mean, how old is she, 17? This is one of her first performances in front of a big audience, she must have been extremely nervous, plus this isn't playback so she had no option to hide. I like the song, and I think she's having fun, so that s what we should rather focus on than her techniques. They will get better from time to time.

  • Sky
    Sky 1 month ago

    Practice makes perfect and I know she's gonna be successful! I'm becoming quiet a fan to be honest💛

    ABEL FLOORING 1 month ago

    she could be doing much better in my opinion, the lirics and her dress stile aren't cutting it

  • Parr O
    Parr O 1 month ago

    people need to stop judging she's young beautiful talented and she's up on that stage enjoying herself and as someone who enjoys singing i admire ppl like her who don't suffer stage fright like me and it doesn't matter if her breathing isn't great. she rocked it imo

  • Gaming kid 101
    Gaming kid 101 1 month ago

    Love her!!!!😍😍❤️

  • Aurore Bergen
    Aurore Bergen 1 month ago

    She looks so nervous...I think that's why she may be so out of breath while singing. =/ Surely because of the crowd,she's not used to it,but I think she has a good potential.

  • ghostbooger
    ghostbooger 1 month ago

    shes got this!!! practice makes progress!!!! shes already off to an awesome start!!!

  • Tatiana Joseph
    Tatiana Joseph 1 month ago

    This was awful

  • Christopher Arteaga
    Christopher Arteaga 1 month ago

    That's an ok performance she will get better next time

    ThePOKERJEDI 1 month ago

    I think this so raw..and it shows her courage. .. dont forget nobody knows her yet... well done!

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 1 month ago +1

    Worst performer ever

  • Angie, Sanchez
    Angie, Sanchez 1 month ago

    Cook la music

  • * Luna
    * Luna 1 month ago

    No me gusta mucho como canta ... Miley tiene el nivel muy alto

  • D S
    D S 1 month ago

    Studio version so much better is lint she like 13 with those crazy lyrics wow😑

  • Jesse
    Jesse 1 month ago +1

    Don't smoke and sing guys.

    SERGIO BACA 1 month ago +2

    God how far Mtv has fallen

  • Opah Wuwu
    Opah Wuwu 1 month ago

    my dream is look him

  • Crystal Reed
    Crystal Reed 1 month ago

    very bad :(((

  • aracely Molina
    aracely Molina 1 month ago

    miley Cyrus its better

  • Kim Talibou
    Kim Talibou 1 month ago

    Oh gosh this is terrible 😞 sad for her

  • Alex Arrington
    Alex Arrington 1 month ago +1

    this was a disaster

  • Gabriela Styll
    Gabriela Styll 1 month ago

    Daaamn girl❤

  • Simply Nerdy
    Simply Nerdy 1 month ago

    They spelt together wrong in the description

  • Aleyah Cristine Olandria

    miley cyrus is just beautiful than noah cyrus 😊 (that's my opinion)

  • Jacobey22
    Jacobey22 1 month ago

    i liked the part where they brought in the paid audience members to the front.

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