HTC U Ultra Rant: Skip this One!

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  • James McBurney
    James McBurney Day ago

    Sponsored by Samsung

  • Saurabh Suman
    Saurabh Suman Day ago

    It's Twenty Seventeen

  • My96XJ
    My96XJ 2 days ago

    Current price is $450

  • Naoki Maeda
    Naoki Maeda 3 days ago

    htc u ultra = htc's worst phone of 2017

  • RMH 666
    RMH 666 3 days ago

    This is simply an LG V20 rip off

  • Yavuz Kalkan
    Yavuz Kalkan 8 days ago

    I said the same thing on Zachary's video, I'm saying it again.
    The J7 Prime, a 333$ phone, has ALMOST the same specs as the HTC U Ultra. Buuuut, the Battery and the Camera is better than the HTC U Ultra.
    And the J7 Prime is actually better built. HTC is just dying.
    the J7 Prime is 8mm, the U Ultra is 8mm.
    the J7 has a headphone jack,
    the U Ultra has disappointment.
    The J7 Prime has a bigger battery.

    Well, HTC is dead.

  • Makiel Williams
    Makiel Williams 8 days ago

    Popular YouTubers killed this phone. With the recent price drops, this is a steal. Just replaced my Google Pixel with this, couldn't be any happier.

  • ali JOON
    ali JOON 9 days ago

    fuuuuck you , were good is this mobile :O oooooooh

  • tejas_jj
    tejas_jj 9 days ago

    The only htc I got was the htc desire HD. Was the first full aluminium phone at the time and haven't been interested in any htc since.

  • DrLiNuX DX
    DrLiNuX DX 12 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this information you saved my money :)

  • Rami Lejonhjärta
    Rami Lejonhjärta 15 days ago

    HTC = Hell towards crap

    ABIMA 17 days ago

    shit looks like a hybrid of many phones lol

  • Rishab Srinivasan
    Rishab Srinivasan 17 days ago

    I can see the commercial...

    "HTC U Ultra: A Poor Use of Space"

  • cylusss
    cylusss 18 days ago

    HTC executives and directors are poor use of space. They all must be fired.

  • FaisalMURAD
    FaisalMURAD 19 days ago

    You've got muscles bro......

  • Adalwolf
    Adalwolf 20 days ago

    Remember what HTC "m" phones were? What happened to HTC?

  • Nathan Heuvelink
    Nathan Heuvelink 21 day ago

    this phone costs only 450$ en the oneplus 700$ should i buy the u ultra

  • Gerrick Bynoe
    Gerrick Bynoe 21 day ago

    Well it's 499 now :O :O

  • Linubee
    Linubee 22 days ago

    Found one for $350 soooo... IMMA BUY😂😂

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 22 days ago

    Is that date and weather widget available in playstore

  • B Tte
    B Tte 23 days ago

    So? Oh im not going to buy u ultra because some n.....  says not too, HTC has the best phones and iphones don't even come close, u ultra specs is sick and for an iPhone you probably have to wait around for the iPhone 12 for come close specs meanwhile you probably have to wait years and spend thousands of $$ buying iPhone 8 9 10 11 12..... thinking this one is better

  • Theodor Folc
    Theodor Folc 23 days ago

    Your brain is too small ... seems like a poor use of space.

  • Farshid Jamshidi
    Farshid Jamshidi 24 days ago

    I don't know what your deal is but I own the phone and love it. I used to have samsung galaxy s6 edge+ and galaxy s7 edge. None of what you said is as foolish as samsung's edge design and the samsung's volume buttoms stupidly designed across the power buttom so every time you touch either the other response too. Leave alone the slipery samsung's body design that feels like a soup bar in hands. Tbe price I paid for Ultra is Aus$800 whereas LG G6 is $1100. So cut the crap and let people get an unbiassed decision.

  • Andre Töws
    Andre Töws 24 days ago +1

    The "i have a small penis and buy a big car" Problem - Smartphone edition

    NARS SOSICK 25 days ago

    Seems like a poor use of space ^^ lol

  • Mehdi 4kill
    Mehdi 4kill 26 days ago

    This video is fucking ridiculous

  • Devil Pavitar
    Devil Pavitar 27 days ago

    My father buy this for me 😂😭

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 28 days ago

    they should name it "HTC ultra poor use of space"

  • erik daddo
    erik daddo Month ago

    sux video !
    my htc u ultra the best ♡☆

  • Birdman_jr
    Birdman_jr Month ago

    stop wasting water

  • QTorroba
    QTorroba Month ago

    intro music???

  • Lari Heinonen
    Lari Heinonen Month ago

    Alvar Aalto book at 1:41! He's from finland like me;D

  • Han Arai
    Han Arai Month ago


  • Mike V
    Mike V Month ago

    They should remake the HTC 10 with a better camera like Samsung.

  • Joe sausage
    Joe sausage Month ago

    HTC u play is now £250, surely thats a decent price for a good phone?

  • RubenJr R
    RubenJr R Month ago


  • National Photographic

    wish boom sound could come back

  • Josue Ixchop
    Josue Ixchop Month ago

    HTC has some real nice phones with a cool software. Almost all the phones supports SD Card expansion which is good.. The newest samung galaxy's such as the S6, S6+, S7,S7+, are kind of good but the problem is that the company took the SD Card Expansion out of the phones, which i think if you like taking photos a lot, download music, and apps of your phone, in time your gonna end up deleting files to keep your phone with much free space. Thats why HTC gets a little credit just for always trying to have sd card expansion storage.

  • Ztrikes
    Ztrikes Month ago

    Something tells me that there's a very obvious poor use of space

  • VanCamelCat
    VanCamelCat Month ago

    I'll admit: this is the first rant video of yours I've ever seen. And although I've grown to really really like your usual no judgement & very genuine attitude... I have got to say I actually kind of like this rant. It definitely isn't as judgey as most rant videos out there, and it even balances with some great positives at the end there. And most of all, it's still so very genuine feeling.
    I'm game. Thanks for this opinion (:

  • قناة ماهر - maher channel

    Can't believe I was about to buy this shit phone!! Shame on you HTC. Thank you for pointing these things out for us here.

  • Jay Ali
    Jay Ali Month ago

    i just got this phone yesterday fml

  • BinBombBush
    BinBombBush Month ago

    Please do the htcu11 review.

  • iMicca
    iMicca Month ago


  • YourTechGuy
    YourTechGuy Month ago

    i think that the s6 is more beautiful than the s7

  • Jjjagggi
    Jjjagggi Month ago

    let me guess... poor use of space

  • Musama Inc.
    Musama Inc. Month ago +1

    no HTC U11 are you really a honest reviewer i don't believe so

  • Antoine R
    Antoine R Month ago

    No video on the HTC U11 bro?

  • Renu Rai
    Renu Rai Month ago

    Review the U 11

  • Mike C
    Mike C Month ago

    LG v20 squad where you at?!!! v20 kills the htc u ultra! love my v20. can't wait for to the v30!

  • WeedIsHere
    WeedIsHere Month ago

    you use in the video

  • Lamarcus Smith
    Lamarcus Smith Month ago

    the way i see it the Lg Stylo 3 Pluss from T-mobile kills this by quality and price.

  • Lamarcus Smith
    Lamarcus Smith Month ago

    just a good idea for a iffy phone

  • Agni Chaudhuri
    Agni Chaudhuri Month ago

    Review for HTC U11?

  • Amaliza A Rahman
    Amaliza A Rahman Month ago

    yeah what a waste ....

    LKESBO Month ago

    monkey why u didn't review the etc u11??

  • bonjimss De guzman
    bonjimss De guzman Month ago

    HTC has different meanings
    HTC= Help this company
    HTC= Hate this Company
    HTC = How The Crap

  • Poku
    Poku Month ago

    poor use of space xDDDDD

  • lcl1101
    lcl1101 Month ago

    HTC u ultra👍👍👍👍👍

  • A lonely Soul
    A lonely Soul Month ago

    Everything Mark says in his vids are true, he's the best tech critic. Keep up the great job! You vids just cannot stop getting crispier day by day! Also, I like how your vids are getting more humorous.

  • Ackmel Proton
    Ackmel Proton Month ago

    man this thing looks like a note 7

  • saradine nazaire
    saradine nazaire Month ago

    HTC seemed to have tried pulling an Apple move with the basic tech and a high price. They seemed to have forgotten that android enthusiasts are very picky and only go for the best unlike the civilians who pays to be basic

  • Italian Turtle
    Italian Turtle Month ago

    Alvar Aalto! Torilla tavataan!

  • gerald augustin
    gerald augustin Month ago

    Mkbhd review htc u11

  • Florian Rnd
    Florian Rnd Month ago

    Hey there. Could you review the U11 please ?

  • muhammed suhail
    muhammed suhail Month ago

    htc u 11?

  • varun arora
    varun arora Month ago

    review u11 please

  • ranvids
    ranvids 2 months ago

    "Seems like a poor use of space" he says that 23 times in this video

  • hotroddy74
    hotroddy74 2 months ago

    you fags eating your words now. the U11 is KILLING your beloved Samsung!

  • ZekeDaG33k
    ZekeDaG33k 2 months ago

    You just explained every iPhone: overpriced and a waste of space

  • Dude RU4 Real
    Dude RU4 Real 2 months ago

    Mr Brownlee, when are you going to review the HTC U11 ?

  • DRAKO9764
    DRAKO9764 2 months ago

    this almost sounds like a stand up routine

  • Billy Melgar
    Billy Melgar 2 months ago

    They never rebounded after the HTC ONE. Why would I pay that when I could get an iPhone7 for the same price?! DUH HTC! You lost me as a customer a long time ago. I tried being loyal to you but you couldn't come thru. Love my iphone 6s. 2 years later & it still runs like new. The ONE I owned crapped out, slowed down, heated up after 8 months of use & was never the same... I tried giving you a look & looks like another diss appointment. :'( Thanks but NO THANKS!!!

  • ll YO Al3X
    ll YO Al3X 2 months ago

    How many times he said waste of space?

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson 2 months ago +4


  • Tristan Tatum
    Tristan Tatum 2 months ago

    Silly. The real reason apple got rid of the headphone joke was because they didn't want to pay royalties to someone else for using that tech. Instead they patented their own shit so now any company that made accessories aka headphones for the iPhone would have to pay royalties to apple. All about the money

  • Dark Master
    Dark Master 2 months ago

    *Phone Drops in and lots of reviews flooding* ignores everything and waits for MKBHD #HTC11

  • Dark Master
    Dark Master 2 months ago

    Marques we need a HTC 11 review

  • ICICspyTV 2
    ICICspyTV 2 2 months ago

    4:12 poor use of water in the background lol 😂😂

  • ICICspyTV 2
    ICICspyTV 2 2 months ago

    first time seeing a MKBHD phone review with smudged phone in it

  • brad h
    brad h 2 months ago

    Sounds like HTC has an untalented jerk too high up the ladder somewhere.

  • aryan mohanty
    aryan mohanty 2 months ago

    bro could you please do a review of the Samsung galaxy j7 prime . please

  • Benjamin Coram
    Benjamin Coram 2 months ago

    guys do you know what the intro song is?

  • Octavio Rivera
    Octavio Rivera 2 months ago

    for when the review of the u11

  • george mathew
    george mathew 2 months ago

    why you ain't reviewing HTC U11 yet...?

  • Rogue Flash
    Rogue Flash 2 months ago

    1:21 That's the s7 marques, not the note 7.

  • Jhevaughn Andrade
    Jhevaughn Andrade 2 months ago

    I recommend you review the new HTC U 11, I agree the U ultra is a poor use of space

  • Jeremy Oswald
    Jeremy Oswald 2 months ago

    haha! What is up guys! Poor use of space! Preach MKBHD. The Ultra U is a disapointment.

  • Maiden Aust
    Maiden Aust 2 months ago

    You are the coolest nerd on the internet.
    Thanks for the head up dude

  • Waving Flag
    Waving Flag 2 months ago

    I love this phone. Why? Because it last longer than all the other phones. Thats why i loved my m9

  • 4innocent2munda0
    4innocent2munda0 2 months ago

    htc u11 nailed it

  • TheSliquifier
    TheSliquifier 2 months ago +7

    Says 'skip this one!' *gets over 1.7 million views*

  • Rameez Siddiqui
    Rameez Siddiqui 2 months ago

    This definitely was a rant and he is definitely pissed with this phone

  • PhanSub
    PhanSub 2 months ago

    waiting for HTC U11 review :)

  • Sky Flakes
    Sky Flakes 2 months ago

    But that shirt though ^_^

  • MeGusta Q8
    MeGusta Q8 2 months ago

    Are you sure it isn't water resistant?

  • Rocdy M.
    Rocdy M. 2 months ago

    Where is the U11 review?

  • Nihar Thakkar
    Nihar Thakkar 2 months ago

    best phone i have used till now

  • thunderstar1124
    thunderstar1124 2 months ago

    Take a shot every time he says "Poor Use of Space"

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