10 Terrifying Animals You're Glad Are Extinct

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  • Miguel Martins
    Miguel Martins 51 minute ago


  • PlayStation_Gaming
    PlayStation_Gaming 3 hours ago

    Hmm...I wanna megladon as a pet

  • ErtyHD
    ErtyHD 4 hours ago

    1:20 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! What is this research?

  • ErtyHD
    ErtyHD 4 hours ago

    0:04 what drugs did you take?

  • Mayzer Zaytoun
    Mayzer Zaytoun 4 hours ago

    I think think the crocodile/dinosaur its body formation is good

  • Rehan Ahmad
    Rehan Ahmad 4 hours ago


  • Jasbrayent397GT -YTL
    Jasbrayent397GT -YTL 5 hours ago

    Ark survival evolved

  • The black spider
    The black spider 5 hours ago

    I would choose andrewsarchus because I love dogs and they are amazing

  • Vianca Palomar
    Vianca Palomar 5 hours ago


  • Itz_Diamond _Mangle
    Itz_Diamond _Mangle 6 hours ago

    The first one ONLY if it dosent kill me ^-^

  • Noah Vincent
    Noah Vincent 6 hours ago

    Now I have I think the terror bird it would be my chocabo

  • Noah Vincent
    Noah Vincent 6 hours ago

    Well I havnt seen Tue whole vid so will see

  • Noah Vincent
    Noah Vincent 6 hours ago

    I would have a helicorprion because none would mess whith me

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 8 hours ago

    The biggest ape ever to exist is almost the size of King kong

  • Gamer Boy278
    Gamer Boy278 8 hours ago


  • Lisa Cluff
    Lisa Cluff 8 hours ago

    I believe megaladon still exists and so does my family

  • SkyRider 165
    SkyRider 165 9 hours ago


  • SuperSloBro
    SuperSloBro 9 hours ago

    I would replace my car with the Andrewsarchus because it could probably outrun a car, and it would eat anything in the way. It could also hop on top of the cars so no more traffic for me!

  • Arianni Mann
    Arianni Mann 9 hours ago

    He li cop ri on

  • Amelia Smith
    Amelia Smith 10 hours ago

    I would want a kaprosuchus over my car. Because he would be really fast and everyone would probably be scared

  • Caden Ho
    Caden Ho 10 hours ago

    i whould ride a terror bird

  • zash
    zash 10 hours ago

    this bitches voice is so annoying

  • BeNN2609 _
    BeNN2609 _ 10 hours ago


  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby 12 hours ago +1

    I want a megaladon to be my car

  • Jared Parkes
    Jared Parkes 15 hours ago

    Andrew is my carย  because he is fing fast

  • Gamer xt
    Gamer xt 16 hours ago

    Subscribe to the gamer xt

  • Kiyron Grant
    Kiyron Grant 16 hours ago

    I would take the Kaprosuchus

  • The_Rich_Fam XxX
    The_Rich_Fam XxX 20 hours ago

    I want a Andrew scarcus

  • Sasha Blouse
    Sasha Blouse 21 hour ago

    Thanks Ark (:

  • Papi Pete
    Papi Pete Day ago

    Ok so the shark with the saw mouth has to be bullshit

  • FindingMyselfFunny

    The terror bird skeleton...I imagine it being adorable tho

  • Cezar Hall
    Cezar Hall Day ago


  • Laura Borawski
    Laura Borawski Day ago


  • Spino Saurus
    Spino Saurus Day ago

    The velociraptor picture is a deinonychus!

  • All Shipper
    All Shipper Day ago

    Megalodon still exist . I believe on it .

  • Shadowcat03
    Shadowcat03 Day ago

    I would want a kaprosuchus because they are fast, swim, and can pounce on anything, a great way to prank your friends.

  • Gloria kehoe
    Gloria kehoe Day ago


  • Rosalie Fields
    Rosalie Fields Day ago

    I would want a terr bird to be my car because it would be faster

  • Houla Hammad
    Houla Hammad Day ago

    It is believed that the megalodon did not extinct and lives down the Mariana Trench

  • Daniel's Lab
    Daniel's Lab Day ago

    I want a Megalodon because I want to be on free cruises.

  • Addison Harston
    Addison Harston Day ago +1

    i know you did not say this but i would ride a giga. please make a part two with giga.

  • Kimberly Wolden
    Kimberly Wolden Day ago

    They used the Jurassic world game kaprosuchus XDDD

  • Zoe Comstock
    Zoe Comstock Day ago

    Terror Bird would be AWESOME because I would use it to scare people. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ lol

  • Zoe Comstock
    Zoe Comstock Day ago

    Sooooooooooooo cool

  • Jake Pacheco
    Jake Pacheco Day ago

    I'd take the ape. He was probably Harambe's great great great great grandfather

  • Jennifer Gomes
    Jennifer Gomes Day ago +1

    I only know all of these animals because the gaming beaver....

  • Kennedy Mayer
    Kennedy Mayer Day ago

    Megalodon Is not extinct there is video proof

  • blah
    blah Day ago

    I was the giant squid with a hat as my car

  • Vlogers Dream
    Vlogers Dream Day ago

    If I had to choose one to come back I would choose the pig octopus or the snake

  • Inai Smoots
    Inai Smoots Day ago

    It's either Kaprosuchus or terror bird

  • Aren Nitsche
    Aren Nitsche Day ago

    Is KRAKEN extinct?

  • Kayla Comiskey Hogan

    Titanabowa snake ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

  • Vicxzu
    Vicxzu Day ago

    Where the ark players at????

  • Maleah Friesen
    Maleah Friesen Day ago

    Da snake because I love snakes

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams 2 days ago

    There is one type of animal that's still alive........and very deadly.

  • Joshua Eversley
    Joshua Eversley 2 days ago

    I would choose the andrewsarchaus to replace my car

  • zach !
    zach ! 2 days ago

    My baby titaniboa be my car

  • Ethan Tong
    Ethan Tong 2 days ago

    Notice how animals become smaller and less powerful. How does evolution happen if everything is actually becoming less complex??

  • Jacob SWFC
    Jacob SWFC 2 days ago

    I want the helicoprion to be a replacement for my car because it can move anything out of the way with its saw

  • Israel
    Israel 2 days ago

    The megalodon isnt extinct

  • Cameron Witteride
    Cameron Witteride 2 days ago


  • wego games
    wego games 2 days ago

    I wonder who determined all those million years

  • vincy girl
    vincy girl 2 days ago

    Which animal would I pick to replace my car...how about none?

  • SpyrosPlayz
    SpyrosPlayz 2 days ago

    Half of these are from ARK Survival Evolved

  • Farjana hdshow
    Farjana hdshow 2 days ago

    Im so happy scorpians are extinct because them living in scotland and i live in london its borh in uk sl it could of came ro england but thank fully extinct forever

  • TheEveCalledEbe
    TheEveCalledEbe 2 days ago

    imagine all the fossils we can find if the ocean is dry

  • Grace and Laura
    Grace and Laura 2 days ago


  • Jazz Maxes
    Jazz Maxes 2 days ago

    The shark with the chainsaw in his mouth is free to come back to live i mean i already avoid the ocean for anykind of shark this one is no different :)

  • JokerGaming
    JokerGaming 2 days ago

    Yea but why did they take pics from ark survival evolved for some animals

  • FD_FreeKill FFK
    FD_FreeKill FFK 2 days ago

    Big foot

  • Xander Kent
    Xander Kent 2 days ago

    I Want Cameroceras To Be My Car Because Its So Radical

  • Gabrielle LeHew
    Gabrielle LeHew 2 days ago

    The megalondron

  • Juan Arias
    Juan Arias 2 days ago

    The megaladon is not extinct

  • ItZ DVUS
    ItZ DVUS 2 days ago

    I'd deadass choose the Megalodon so I have a pet shark

  • Gamer Unicorn plays
    Gamer Unicorn plays 3 days ago

    I want the crock

  • K. Le Animateur
    K. Le Animateur 3 days ago

    The ocean shouldn't be opened anyway since there's already a lot of shark attacks

  • Nelly hansen
    Nelly hansen 3 days ago


  • Kaylie Yount
    Kaylie Yount 3 days ago

    Camaracers. Because it looks fricky cool

  • king predator X
    king predator X 3 days ago


  • hiTMan99 // Geometry Dash and more!

    2:50 that's the face I make when I'm on YouTube :P 4:56 that too

  • Freekick Freestylers

    The helicoprion isn't extinct

  • Cesar Zuniga
    Cesar Zuniga 3 days ago


  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 3 days ago

    I always wanted a pet T-Rex, WHY COULDN'T I BEEN BORN IN THE TRIASIC PERIOD!

    T.T ( Cries )

  • Ho Haneul Heaven Sky

    I would choose Titanoboa because I can kill those people who I hate everytime and everywhere!

  • Madhu Aggarwal
    Madhu Aggarwal 3 days ago

    please send in hindi

  • Omor Farukatif
    Omor Farukatif 3 days ago


  • Rhi Rhi Walker
    Rhi Rhi Walker 3 days ago

    terror bird

    ROB MARTIN 3 days ago


  • Satheejini Thiyakeswaran

    I want a helicprions saw as the tongue of a kaprosuchus ...
    I want it to replace my car

  • Alaconara
    Alaconara 3 days ago

    1 megalodon tooth was definitley NOT the size of a human.

  • POG PieceOfGame
    POG PieceOfGame 3 days ago

    Megaladon if it was friendly cuz I love water....hehe

  • Brawm
    Brawm 3 days ago

    Easy i will choose megalodon cuz i can travel to countries much easier Xd

  • Rasmus Piisang
    Rasmus Piisang 3 days ago

    Megalodons are not extinct

  • The KK Show
    The KK Show 3 days ago

    I wouldn't choose any of them because they'd all try to eat me... ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  • Goldden Carz!
    Goldden Carz! 3 days ago


  • Stephanie Ocampo
    Stephanie Ocampo 3 days ago

    only 5% of the ocean is explored so who know what's in the other 90% of the ocean
    mermaids might exist or maybe other animals that was in this vid might still be living very deeeep

  • alfredo mendoza
    alfredo mendoza 3 days ago

    Wtf is a piranha doing here

  • Rowen the great 2 channel

    You go to the aguarium see a megaladon and say oh I've seen that all ready it's boring

  • Erica Jimenez
    Erica Jimenez 3 days ago

    I would pick the Titanaboa anytime

  • Chanda Heng
    Chanda Heng 4 days ago

    The one from jurassic world the game was kraproshucus

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