PIC16F88 ADC + LCD demo

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  • A/D converter demo using PIC16F88 and HD44780 character LCD display. Reading is in mV, with a bar graph below the reading.
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  • Anderson de Paula
    Anderson de Paula 4 months ago

    Ok, code!

  • Bandar Muayda
    Bandar Muayda 4 years ago

    its really smalier to yours

  • Bandar Muayda
    Bandar Muayda 4 years ago

    i got this project

    You are required to design a project that creates a fully ‘black’ square customised LCD character – as the POTENTIOMETER is turned the top line of the LCD module starts to fill with these characters to form a bar-type display – fully advancing the POTENTIOMETER will fill the tope line with 8 such characters whilst fully reducing the POTENTIOMETER will result in no characters displayed

  • Bandar Muayda
    Bandar Muayda 4 years ago

    hi that is really nice, good work can you please send me the code


  • Fernando Vinícius G. Magro

    Hi yoyomin, can you share with us the averaging filter that you used. You have got stable readings.

  • todor dimitrov
    todor dimitrov 5 years ago

    My name is Todor and i am from Bulgaria...so that my english is very badd (excuse me for that) I learning for Engineer and i saw your project. It was awesome.. good for you.. Can i ask you and please you to send me a program code and schematic for this wonderful project.. I really wanna do it for my School Project this ear :).
    My email is : ototo147@abv.bg
    Skype is: hacker4eto1
    I really thank you ,and good for you...it is awasome..

  • yoyomin
    yoyomin 6 years ago

    As far as I remember there was an averaging filter which makes the reading stable.

  • Dan Frederiksen
    Dan Frederiksen 6 years ago

    how can there be that many decimals and that stable?
    what bit depth is the ADC?

  • Felipe III Adlawan
    Felipe III Adlawan 6 years ago


    Please send also at adlawan89@yahoo.com


  • Roland Fery
    Roland Fery 6 years ago

    Hello sir,
    thank you for your prompt response
    I am a beginner and would like to learn how peak
    here is my email address:
    good you to men.
    at the nex time

  • yoyomin
    yoyomin 6 years ago

    Salut! Yes I have the code. If you leave me your email I could send you the files. They are written in PICC. For the schematic please refer to HD44780 datasheet and the datasheet of your microcontroller.

  • Roland Fery
    Roland Fery 6 years ago

    good work, is it possible to have your schematic and your source

  • exnol
    exnol 6 years ago

    Good one man. You got a link?

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