Camila Cabello - Crying in the Club

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  • DiS is PojiShon
    DiS is PojiShon 7 minutes ago


  • Unicorn Sparkles
    Unicorn Sparkles 22 minutes ago

    My favorite part of the song is 0:00/5:21💜

  • NeonOrange367
    NeonOrange367 32 minutes ago

    I feel like In Fifth Harmony Camila was shaded by all of the others but now she finally gets the spotlight

  • Zyana Zyana
    Zyana Zyana 53 minutes ago

    1:43 climax starts... :D

  • Elif Şahin
    Elif Şahin Hour ago

    idk why but her voice is just look like Lea Michele and Sia's mix

  • chloe davies
    chloe davies Hour ago

    Now this is a person who can actually sing man ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Imtethal Elayyan
    Imtethal Elayyan Hour ago

    All of the views are from lauren

  • the day maker
    the day maker Hour ago

    better than despacito !!!

  • Sudarat Schmalt
    Sudarat Schmalt Hour ago

    She is pretty 💜

    MOUNQADI RAJA Hour ago

    Li jay men hit radio Iban lol 🤗🤗

  • ilyas türkmen
    ilyas türkmen Hour ago

    This song too hot for summer listen in winter

  • Miley Cyrus
    Miley Cyrus 2 hours ago +1

    What can I say to you Camila.....

  • Munique Santos
    Munique Santos 2 hours ago

    Camila te amo!!

  • Chloe Patterson
    Chloe Patterson 2 hours ago

    4:37 Anal?

  • CHΞN
    CHΞN 2 hours ago

    This songs reminds me to SIA songs

  • Shreya Shree Singh
    Shreya Shree Singh 2 hours ago


  • Demmi#14 Hr
    Demmi#14 Hr 2 hours ago


  • Julinha Julia
    Julinha Julia 2 hours ago +2

    Camila cabello and ariana grande 😍

  • Sarah Payne
    Sarah Payne 3 hours ago +1

    Who you think you are!

  • [[ Diamonds ]]
    [[ Diamonds ]] 3 hours ago +1

    U changed me. Im a camilizier <3

  • Aadarsh Gunga
    Aadarsh Gunga 3 hours ago

    This is sooooooooooo gooooodd
    I think that I've been obsessed or hypnotized by this song!!!!!!!!

  • Shauna Harvey
    Shauna Harvey 3 hours ago

    She reminds me of Spencer in season 6 of PLL


    Camila has a good voice

  • Save Equality
    Save Equality 4 hours ago

    How was this not nominated for song of the summer?? 71M views MTV

  • camilajaurequi dulcete

    Eu contei ontem estava 70M e agora já está 71M👌😂😂👏👏🙌❤👊

  • Shaunie Doyle
    Shaunie Doyle 4 hours ago

    Haha put this song on a started singing quietly and my dog started jumping about haha I asked if he like Camila cabello 😂😂 and his face looks so happy 😂 so cute omg

  • Carolina Gutierrez
    Carolina Gutierrez 4 hours ago

    subamos los view gente, latinos, amigos, camilizers , que esta pasando con nosotros ..

  • HarmonizerxCamilizer xoxo

    71M!!!! Way to go Camila and Camilizers🤝💜👏🏽

  • Kyndall Brown
    Kyndall Brown 5 hours ago

    she's doing so good on her own!!!!!

  • FlashTVLA
    FlashTVLA 5 hours ago

    Genie in a bottle style chorous !

  • M o o n l i g h t
    M o o n l i g h t 5 hours ago +1

    I'm a FH Fan and Camila fan and I'm calling the entire fan base lets get this song to 80 million views by the end of August . #Wecandoit

  • CatsMeow
    CatsMeow 5 hours ago

    she is fucking SIA

  • Ana Santos
    Ana Santos 6 hours ago


  • Paris Roberts
    Paris Roberts 6 hours ago

    Who thought she said fat a cuz I did but she said faith 🙋

  • Mythili Rajendra
    Mythili Rajendra 6 hours ago

    this song is 🔥

  • Luca Fiscina
    Luca Fiscina 6 hours ago

    This song sounds like genie in a bottle by Cristina aguilera -.-

  • Shilo Android
    Shilo Android 6 hours ago

    1:42-1:53... who else thought that the music was like "shape of you" by ed sheeran!!! like if u agree!!!😱👍

  • Pablo Vittar Topico
    Pablo Vittar Topico 6 hours ago

    Cadê os brasileiros & os americanos

  • Joseph Benny
    Joseph Benny 7 hours ago

    Im addicted...<3

  • Eda Pastırmacı
    Eda Pastırmacı 7 hours ago +1

    this song makes different emotions while listening so ... good

  • Novia Dania
    Novia Dania 8 hours ago +1

    ayy this is why i love sia's songs 💕

  • Ajola Sylejmani
    Ajola Sylejmani 8 hours ago

    I'd cry in the club..

  • Lilly Rose
    Lilly Rose 8 hours ago +1

    Who put her in the box??

  • HazzGoneViral
    HazzGoneViral 9 hours ago

    Acctual song starts at 1.41

  • Ragdah Ibrahim
    Ragdah Ibrahim 9 hours ago

    i love camilo, but this song is a steal from so many fucking songs.

  • huseynli bikehanim
    huseynli bikehanim 10 hours ago

    How you guys can't understand the difference between Camila's and sia's styles?! I am totally hearing Camila in this song. 😑😐😮

  • Bob Jeff
    Bob Jeff 10 hours ago

    1:48 is when the song starts

  • El Buho Grunger
    El Buho Grunger 10 hours ago

    Le sacó la intro de Ed Sheeran... Ah! No, ahí está.

  • Trace Sandoval
    Trace Sandoval 11 hours ago

    Im so glad she broke out of FH her voice was being overshadowed

  • Candy Chocolate
    Candy Chocolate 11 hours ago

    This song deserves more dislikes I hate this song I made a new account to dislike this twice

    • Chrisa Sph
      Chrisa Sph 8 hours ago

      Candy Chocolate your comment deserves more dislikes

  • Luuh Habbo
    Luuh Habbo 12 hours ago

    Anitta ft. Camila Cabello
    Ariana Grande ft. Camila Cabello
    Bebe rexha ft. Camila Cabello
    Justin Bieber ft. Camila Cabello
    Selena Gomez ft. Camila Cabello
    Demi Lovato ft. Camila Cabello
    Major lazer ft. Camila Cabello Again
    Sonhoo! 😍

  • Ansh Kataria
    Ansh Kataria 13 hours ago +1

    71+million views!!!
    I aint even got 50 marks in my math test!

    Btw awsome song.

  • Nae Nae
    Nae Nae 13 hours ago +1

    Her voice is beautiful i love it 💯💯✨

  • Agustina Tortonese
    Agustina Tortonese 13 hours ago

    llegemos a los 100m 😍 Por camilaaa

  • Agustina Tortonese
    Agustina Tortonese 13 hours ago

    camila cabello ft ariana grande

  • Agustina Tortonese
    Agustina Tortonese 13 hours ago

    ain't true ain't true

  • Agustina Tortonese
    Agustina Tortonese 13 hours ago +1

    los Haters No dejan de crear Cuentas falsas no màs por envidiosos de q camila tiene exito

  • Agustina Tortonese
    Agustina Tortonese 13 hours ago

    i love sou much😍😙

  • Agustina Tortonese
    Agustina Tortonese 13 hours ago

    That my girl i Love uuu Camila beautiful

  • Agustina Tortonese
    Agustina Tortonese 13 hours ago

    la parte de I have questions me re puede

  • Agustina Tortonese
    Agustina Tortonese 13 hours ago

    Te Amoo Camila

  • Agustina Tortonese
    Agustina Tortonese 13 hours ago


  • Saaiha Sajid
    Saaiha Sajid 14 hours ago

    Isn't this song called "I have questions"?

  • Jay Nadiah
    Jay Nadiah 14 hours ago

    i like the way she sings likes shes drunk.. why does she slur her words so much? still love this song though.

  • Baby Blue
    Baby Blue 15 hours ago

    Meh, i don't like

  • jess
    jess 15 hours ago

    why am I crying in the club right now

  • Isaías O'brien
    Isaías O'brien 15 hours ago

    Melhor música everrr

  • Isaías O'brien
    Isaías O'brien 15 hours ago

    Que mulherao da porra

  • Isaías O'brien
    Isaías O'brien 15 hours ago

    Quee tiroooooo

  • Isaías O'brien
    Isaías O'brien 15 hours ago

    Que lacração totallllllll

  • Jenny Contreraz
    Jenny Contreraz 15 hours ago +4

    Like si eres latinooo viva los latinos 😂😍

    ESTHER ILYABAYEVA 15 hours ago

    amazing song

  • Victoria Zamora
    Victoria Zamora 15 hours ago

    She's like, Selena Gomez (singing) and Lea Michelle (looks) combined.

  • Grace The Face
    Grace The Face 16 hours ago +1

    Justin Beiber?

  • Andrei Razvan
    Andrei Razvan 16 hours ago

    Like daca esti aici din cauza Libelulei si a lui Speak :))

  • Jaqueline Veras
    Jaqueline Veras 16 hours ago


  • Jaqueline Veras
    Jaqueline Veras 16 hours ago

    O Love yo

  • Kaelyn Body
    Kaelyn Body 16 hours ago

    This song is super awesome I love it and she is so pretty I don't like to see her 😭 👍🏽😍😍💕💋❤️😘👏🏽

  • Concettina Jones
    Concettina Jones 16 hours ago

    I. love. this song

  • Sequira White
    Sequira White 16 hours ago

    Yes girl you are on a roll being a solo singer

  • Kiera Okane
    Kiera Okane 16 hours ago

    why is there like two songs in this just asking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vanda Silva
    Vanda Silva 17 hours ago

    camilla cabelo feat anitta

  • Alison Rodriguez
    Alison Rodriguez 17 hours ago

    i love her

  • MusicThatYouLove
    MusicThatYouLove 17 hours ago +1

    let's get this to 100km views!!

  • Yabi A
    Yabi A 17 hours ago

    I love it!!!!😍😍😍

  • Abbi Mayer
    Abbi Mayer 17 hours ago


  • CamilaCabeyo Fann1
    CamilaCabeyo Fann1 17 hours ago +4

    I don't think people outside our fandom understand how much this means to Camilizers. We watched our girl go through so much pain, we watched her lose herself right infront of us, in fucking interviews but we couldn't do anything. She wrote this when she was at a dark place, imagining how much pain she went through makes me heartbroken. Im so happy people are appreciating her now. She deserves this. Send our baby love, because she deserves it.

  • abdallatef nsour
    abdallatef nsour 17 hours ago +5

    Who's here before 100M view (like)

  • Manu Swiftie
    Manu Swiftie 17 hours ago +3

    am i the only one coming here everyday?? i need this to get 100 million views!

  • Lauren Fernanada Cabello Casas

    I love Camila

  • Joanynha21 Moraes
    Joanynha21 Moraes 18 hours ago +2

    Cadê os br porra

  • ximena castellon castro
    ximena castellon castro 18 hours ago +1


  • Ana Maria
    Ana Maria 18 hours ago

  • Jewela
    Jewela 18 hours ago

    "you're in the club?"

  • esconderijo das kpoper !!!!!

    i have erro

  • Saman Ahmadi
    Saman Ahmadi 19 hours ago

    This's sound a little bit like a sia

  • Raj kho
    Raj kho 19 hours ago +1

    70 Million!!!!!

  • EduardaN EduardaN
    EduardaN EduardaN 19 hours ago

    Romania ?

  • Kratos DeJesus
    Kratos DeJesus 19 hours ago

    He has me in love

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 19 hours ago

    Snixx 1998 shut up

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