Where in the World Is Kellyanne Conway? - SNL

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  • Mercedes Marzipan

    I think I watch this once a day and still laugh just as hard as the first tim

  • jake josh
    jake josh 2 days ago

    this just sounded like iisuperwomanii entro

  • Everything Coasters

    Where in the world is Superwoman today, Aye!

    Anyone else?

  • AnotherOrangeJulius
    AnotherOrangeJulius 11 days ago

    hah. that's funny

  • godzillavkk
    godzillavkk 14 days ago

    I'd compete on the show.

  • LordNumbnutsthe1st
    LordNumbnutsthe1st 14 days ago

    Thanks, SNL for not destroying a vastly significant portion of the first 20 years of my life! Also loved the parody of Rockapella!

  • Grace Stenberg
    Grace Stenberg 16 days ago

    i don't blame those kids, no one wants to find her period. #dumptrump

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    IDK where she is, Perhaps... RUSSIA?!

  • matticchio
    matticchio 24 days ago

    Kellyanne looks happier lost!

  • Sontia Daniels
    Sontia Daniels 24 days ago

    sad news. they found her. ugh

  • aestheticbabe
    aestheticbabe 27 days ago

    wHERE IN ThE WoRld IS sUpErWOMAn toDAY

  • Faith Dickey
    Faith Dickey 1 month ago

    Where in the world is superwoman today?

  • David D
    David D 1 month ago

    we don't want to find her 🙊🙉🙈

  • 23RedTechno
    23RedTechno 1 month ago

    The last i heard about Conway she was on a plan to Red Sea to Greenland, they'll be singing the blues

  • Da Zhou
    Da Zhou 1 month ago

    this song is fire

  • Libertina Grimm
    Libertina Grimm 1 month ago

    I miss the 90s so much...

  • 2016rdmvid
    2016rdmvid 1 month ago

    or find Trump

  • 2016rdmvid
    2016rdmvid 1 month ago

    or find Trump

  • 2016rdmvid
    2016rdmvid 1 month ago

    I also wouldn't want to find Kellyane

  • Naminski
    Naminski 1 month ago

    I used to watched Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?: The Game Show on PBS Kids when I was a kid back in the early 1990s.

  • Ryan Macri
    Ryan Macri 1 month ago

    They let those little one stay up <3 too cute!

  • HappyGoPucky
    HappyGoPucky 1 month ago

    We're in the golden age of satire, I swear.

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis 1 month ago

    Hey! Where's Carmen's gang Double Trouble, Patty Larceny, Eartha Brute and the others?

  • Fiend S
    Fiend S 1 month ago

    W E D O N T W A N T T O F I N D H E R

  • Terrace Avery
    Terrace Avery 1 month ago

    Finding Waldo is better than finding Kelly Anne Conway

  • Big Jake
    Big Jake 1 month ago

    PBS needs to bring back Carmen Sandiego and cast Sasheer Zameda as the Chief.

  • Emily Ramos
    Emily Ramos 1 month ago

    If I were on that show, I'd be like "Hey, I have an alternate excuse, I have to go study for a test, so bye bye! What, I'm just using Conway's excuse!"

  • Todd Here
    Todd Here 1 month ago

    Thats just rude ..

  • Emily Burton
    Emily Burton 1 month ago

    funny moment when those kids have better qualifications than our president.

  • iHeartRyanStiles
    iHeartRyanStiles 1 month ago

    I don't know who did that Barry Carl impressions at 0:53 but I bow down to them

  • iHeartRyanStiles
    iHeartRyanStiles 1 month ago

    0:01 the funding credits for the show were never done like that

  • iHeartRyanStiles
    iHeartRyanStiles 1 month ago

    were they too lazy to get hair pieces for the guys that portrayed Rockapella? seriously they had more hair than that back in the 90s

  • Marques Paul
    Marques Paul 1 month ago

    Sasheer was criminally underused. Gonna miss her

  • davidwbranham
    davidwbranham 1 month ago

    I wish they had gotten the original people...

  • Ruthi
    Ruthi 1 month ago

    I thought they were gonna do a "Where on Earth is Carmen San Diego?" parody

  • Andrew Todaro
    Andrew Todaro 1 month ago

    Great parody of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" What a big smack in the face to Conway! LOL!

  • Tim Joseph
    Tim Joseph 1 month ago

    I miss the 1990s so much, especially the show "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego".

  • Arizona Jonson
    Arizona Jonson 1 month ago

    Man, they're really running out of ideas, aren't they...

  • CapitalFProductions
    CapitalFProductions 1 month ago

    Sasheer's left the show so we won't get a reprise of this anytime soon :(

  • Lydia Anderson
    Lydia Anderson 1 month ago

    Ugh Chris Pine LOML 😍

  • Jon Veliky
    Jon Veliky 1 month ago

    Uncanny. Its like my childhood did its own SNL sketch...but better.

    90s kids, rejoice!

  • The Homeless Simpsons of West Anaheim

    Trump lover here! LMFAO! Love you guys!!

  • Josie Englin
    Josie Englin 2 months ago

    lol! okay, I was a little skeptical but that was worth the data usage.

  • emma duncan
    emma duncan 2 months ago

    well the one good thing about this administration, is it has given SNL it's best material, since the Nixon/Ford years!

  • lairdriver
    lairdriver 2 months ago

    Kellyanne is triggered by this for sure..

  • Charlotte Adams
    Charlotte Adams 2 months ago

    When you see Chris Pine and you fucking nut it

  • Julian Salazar
    Julian Salazar 2 months ago

    She fell through a crack in time. The crack is slowly eating away our reality.

  • zillafire101
    zillafire101 2 months ago

    Where in the world is Dio Brando?

  • LinkMEP
    LinkMEP 2 months ago

    Worst skit, too mean spirited. Not even funny.

  • Liz
    Liz 2 months ago

    This sounds just like "where in the world is Superwoman today"

  • br18578
    br18578 2 months ago

    Tune is stuck in my head!!!
    Can't stop watching!!

    KING KATT 2 months ago

    IM D3AD

  • Ayla Pants
    Ayla Pants 2 months ago

    Oh, childhood flashbacks! This is awesome!!

  • Pierre Begley
    Pierre Begley 2 months ago

    Guys I know where she is.
    She's taking a shower after defending Trump for so long.

    Yeah, apparently she secretly hates him.

  • Russel Mack
    Russel Mack 2 months ago


  • BoingTarash1960s
    BoingTarash1960s 2 months ago

    Hahaha. Those kids know what's up!

  • chill_bro_videos
    chill_bro_videos 2 months ago

    I miss the 90's

  • emma duncan
    emma duncan 2 months ago

    love him or loathe him, his presidency has given SNL some of it's best material, ever!

  • CupcakeOfCyanide
    CupcakeOfCyanide 2 months ago

    The wildest thing about this is that SNL didn't stretch this joke twice as long as they should, and it's much better for it.

  • AirsoftTanker
    AirsoftTanker 2 months ago

    she once saw a blizzard at the zoo and LOVES computers and lunch she is the best

  • Jeremi
    Jeremi 2 months ago


  • Mel T
    Mel T 2 months ago

    I can't be the only unicorn here? Where are IISuperwomanII fans?!?!

  • Mel T
    Mel T 2 months ago

    Where in the world is Superwoman toda-ay?

  • TheDeviantYoutuber
    TheDeviantYoutuber 2 months ago

    I've watched this way too many times

  • Crybaby Killjoy Otaku Pilot Bride

    (ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok i know this isn't the original)

  • Rose Vang
    Rose Vang 2 months ago

    don't come to Sacramento, it sucks.

  • Hydrasaur
    Hydrasaur 2 months ago

    The President said it himself; she's in her crypt.

  • Benjamin Myers
    Benjamin Myers 2 months ago

    This is too good. Shame it's so short, but yeah-- who wants her to turn up? :-P

  • Febrez3
    Febrez3 2 months ago

    I live an hour away from Sacramento

  • matt13r1
    matt13r1 2 months ago

    did they ever find her?

  • Tha Q
    Tha Q 2 months ago

    rip to the actual host of that show

  • Orlando Biotechnology
    Orlando Biotechnology 2 months ago

    this brings back memories!!!

  • Don Quixito
    Don Quixito 2 months ago

    fuck you.........

  • clarissamiles
    clarissamiles 2 months ago

    Hahaha! No one wants to find that woman!

  • Jay alhadeff
    Jay alhadeff 2 months ago

    We saw her Tuesday after comey got fired.

  • TheKingsCastlePodcast
    TheKingsCastlePodcast 2 months ago

    This is one of the best game show spoofs I have ever seen now if only PBS had the guts to take note of this and bring the real show back

  • Kathy Williamson
    Kathy Williamson 2 months ago

    She was here in Maine, beating up on drug addicts with our jerk of a Governor.

  • Bobby K
    Bobby K 2 months ago

    Love how Greg Lee is all pumped up for the trip for you and your mom to go to SACRAMENTO!!!

  • mizzTay 30
    mizzTay 30 2 months ago

    omg that was my show I'm 30 😐 seriously I just realized I'm 30 SNL you made me realize I'm fucking 30 lmao.. LMAO

  • Mocha Leeshus
    Mocha Leeshus 2 months ago

    lol I used to watch where in the world is carmen sandiego when I was a child

  • dgman smile
    dgman smile 2 months ago

    i miss her... she is the stupidest most entertaining white house cunt ive ever seen !!!

  • Queen MeowTigeress
    Queen MeowTigeress 2 months ago

    maybe shes hiding behind the bushes with spicer?

  • Mark Wagner
    Mark Wagner 2 months ago

    Very weak skit.... They are so out of ideas...

  • dena81
    dena81 2 months ago

    You know those kids have no clue what they are even parodying but I love it!!!!

  • fr3@kb!+¢h
    fr3@kb!+¢h 2 months ago

    she's baaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaack...

  • KJYKJY1985
    KJYKJY1985 2 months ago

    I can't be the only one disappointed that they went through all this trouble for a <2 minute skit. This would've made a great full-length skit.

  • gracesgr8t
    gracesgr8t 2 months ago

    This is honestly one of the best and funniest SNL sketches made in a while even though it was barely two minutes long. XD

  • thriftingtonpost
    thriftingtonpost 2 months ago

    Wonderful skit, and very nostalgic for me!

  • sonnyblack71
    sonnyblack71 2 months ago

    Kellyanne "It's 5 o'clock somewhere"Conway!!

  • Jennifer Brousseau
    Jennifer Brousseau 2 months ago

    This skit is so amazing. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • lesaubergines
    lesaubergines 2 months ago

    Love how she makes her first public appearance in months after this sketch.

  • Martin Poole
    Martin Poole 2 months ago

    I gonna have this intro as my ringtone!

  • Ch B
    Ch B 2 months ago

    I like that there are actual kids in this skit )))

  • Memo Grajedas Amazing Channel

    They didn't say thank you after viewers like you 😓😓😓

  • Rebecca Carroll
    Rebecca Carroll 2 months ago

    The musical numbers are always my favorite. So well done!

  • caribbeanqt16
    caribbeanqt16 2 months ago

    Lol please stay hidden kellyanne😂🙏🙏🙏🕵️‍♀️

  • angela bluebird60
    angela bluebird60 2 months ago

    "We don't wanna find her," Perfect.

  • Silverlight Russell
    Silverlight Russell 2 months ago

    Ya know, brainwashing kids is bad. Just sayin'

  • Orbsadorbs F.
    Orbsadorbs F. 2 months ago

    Where in the world is superwoman today?

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