Roman Atwood's Vlog Challenge!

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    On this episode of Dragon Tails, Coyote takes on Roman Atwood’s challenge to make a vlog of himself catching giant mud dragons!

    Now it’s worth mentioning that not only has Coyote never vlogged before he certainly has never filmed himself encountering dangerous wildlife. Needless to say things could get a little “dicey” on this adventure.

    So is it possible to film yourself catching a huge snapping turtle?

    Get ready to find out!

    HUGE THANKS to Roman Atwood for his friendship and advice on this video…Ohio YouTubers unite!

    Watch Roman's video here -

    Dragon Tails explores the incredible world of snapping turtles and all of the folklore and myth that surrounds one of the planet's most ancient and misunderstood creatures. Get ready to take a journey deep into the remote swamplands of the Eastern United States with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson as you join him on his quest to find a world record sized mud dragon!

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