Luftwaffe flight images ( You will be AMAZED )

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  • Denis Duchesne
    Denis Duchesne 10 days ago +56

    You are wrong.. I was not amazed. I was REALLY REALLY amazed by this video.

  • Dan Yeager
    Dan Yeager 3 hours ago

    Too bad no-one cared enough to do the "hard" work of descriptive, informative titles. Footage was lovely, but we really would like to know what and where.

  • Isaac OLEG
    Isaac OLEG 4 hours ago

    false title and pot smoker music, it does not make sence

  • Power Wagon
    Power Wagon 4 hours ago

    Great music and footage!

  • roy jennison
    roy jennison 5 hours ago

    really , give me a break

  • corvette724
    corvette724 5 hours ago

    awesome footage

  • DWW25921 Llama Monster

    It's a shame that the Germans have become such useless pussies.

  • Darren Currie
    Darren Currie 5 hours ago

    Whilst the footage is beautiful the title is misleading , not luftwaffe flight images .

  • Hans Hoerdemann
    Hans Hoerdemann 5 hours ago

    What specifically is being shown here? Captions.

  • aon10003
    aon10003 5 hours ago

    An interesting fact about Luftwaffe was that their no 1 reason to loose an Aircraft was that they couldn't transport damaged Aircraft from remote Eastern front airfield.

  • antigonish63
    antigonish63 5 hours ago

    Where was this video shot? The amount of rock in the shots is amazing.

  • 张效晨
    张效晨 9 hours ago

    Hope to The World is Piece Forever...

  • mr t t
    mr t t 13 hours ago

    am i the only one that want to live in one of these bunkers!?

  • Mohammad Omar
    Mohammad Omar 14 hours ago

    It's completely different when it's all viewed from the air,Very impressive indeed to see how they are on the ground and give's a more perspective view there size and lay out,thank you so much for this video.

  • Talorc MacAllan
    Talorc MacAllan 19 hours ago

    great stuff . Atlantic wall leftovers , cheers

  • Anthony johnson Jr
    Anthony johnson Jr 20 hours ago

    Fortification are the stupidity of mankind - General George Patton

  • Neill A
    Neill A 20 hours ago

    Excellent work, a long term interest of mine. A description and locations would be most welcome to complete the research. Well done.
    N. Alexander.

  • Frogman Smith
    Frogman Smith 1 day ago

    What a great video! Thanks!!!!!

  • Garry Brpwine
    Garry Brpwine 1 day ago

    If using a drone.. should have taken time to circle around the object and scale of what was filmed.. scale of size !!!

  • 141HURTLOCKER141
    141HURTLOCKER141 1 day ago

    paint ball or airsoft would be interesting there

  • Qmaster Penman
    Qmaster Penman 1 day ago

    Nice footage, but why no narration or locations given? Adding this info would have made this video superb and much more interesting from a historical perspective.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 day ago

      well , i Guess i just wanted to make this video like i did. But good tip. Thanks for watching.

  • GRIZZ 357
    GRIZZ 357 1 day ago

    Great video music was perfect the Germans were no joke in building the things they built

  • Celtic Lightz
    Celtic Lightz 1 day ago

    Thanks for the videos
    I don't get any ads on your videos :(

  • John Collings
    John Collings 1 day ago

    Brilliant I could watch this all day.

  • Sean Joseph
    Sean Joseph 1 day ago

    The Luftwaffe bombed our chippy...

  • rich762
    rich762 1 day ago

    well done great safe flying ,thanks for traveling all over the place .nice one ..

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 day ago

      Appreciate it my friend and have a still great summertime. Greetings.

  • Nguroa
    Nguroa 1 day ago

    Thanks for posting, very cool. Where (Country) were most of the footage taken?

  • Robbie B.
    Robbie B. 2 days ago +1

    Damn, that was so awesome I wish that there was way more filming of that journey that you made! and a little bit slower also!. Damn the scenery was just fabulous!.

    • Robbie B.
      Robbie B. 1 day ago


    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 1 day ago

      Several video on its way from this and one special from the gun location itself. Thanks

  • Krásňan BIKES
    Krásňan BIKES 2 days ago

    nazis havent got a drone but
    its a really good video

  • Nancy Volker
    Nancy Volker 2 days ago

    some of my family was from Dresden originally. I'm sure I had relatives in the war in the German army and navy I have no way of finding then now all of those records are lost.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      well , could be tough but you never know. Thanks Nancy

  • Kevin Huh
    Kevin Huh 2 days ago

    The video is incredible. What is the haunting soundtrack? The 2 go so well together

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      The soundtrack is one of my own and i called it " Togetheralone2 ". Thanks  for kind words and for watching.

  • Kevin Olesik
    Kevin Olesik 2 days ago

    Germany has risen again ... now as the top member of the EU - it's virtually the boss of the EU , and this time , the genocide is being created with the migrant crisis ... power and crisis , is how they take over ...

  • Brad Alien natics
    Brad Alien natics 2 days ago

    look liked some star wars props lol

  • Steve Nikazy
    Steve Nikazy 2 days ago

    Impressive production. Thanks and subscribed.

  • MNY - Patentcatalog
    MNY - Patentcatalog 2 days ago


  • klaas vaak
    klaas vaak 2 days ago

    Hmm thats a shame...

  • EyesUpCanada Cornwall

    If You want to be truly amazed and see Nazi leftovers go to Poland!

  • The Lavian
    The Lavian 2 days ago

    Wow - I didn't know they had GoPro equipped drones back then! :D

  • From an Infidel
    From an Infidel 3 days ago

    Wish you named the locations. Good imagery though...

  • DanTheCoolLegend
    DanTheCoolLegend 3 days ago

    "History is everywhere" - WW2HistoryHunter, well said 😁

  • klaas vaak
    klaas vaak 3 days ago

    Do you post videos that are on youre patreon site on youtube?

  • Willy seiner
    Willy seiner 3 days ago

    very beautiful video !

  • TheTruth76
    TheTruth76 3 days ago

    In the future aliens will land on our planet, mankind will long have destroyed itself by ignorance.. greed.. lust for power, and these superior beeings will ask themselves what these weird structures were used for....

  • bahman cha
    bahman cha 3 days ago

    german costal defence and nice video

  • angelofmusic477
    angelofmusic477 3 days ago

    Aren't we glad that the Luftwaffe got an incompetent leader like Adolf. Otherwise many parts of world will be under the Nazi regime.

  • Debby Scott
    Debby Scott 4 days ago

    You got a new sub. Amazing work!

  • L Michael Berg
    L Michael Berg 4 days ago

    Great film!

  • Pal Cabral
    Pal Cabral 4 days ago

    You should film some of the amazing sights from above Auchwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor and Dachau! I bet they would be evenmore telling-

  • nbforrest9
    nbforrest9 4 days ago

    Someone else has already said but I would like to also propose that location captions would add the last bit of icing to the already awesome cake.

  • Peter Martijn Heite Bauwens

    superb!! and i want to see more. i am a scale modeller and this is good footage for my builds..  thanks many times.

  • tazzie2shoos
    tazzie2shoos 4 days ago

    I found that fascinating and haunting, beautifully put together with the music it was really mesmerizing - thank you for the opportunity to see views from history of the people who lived it, you are a talented documentary maker.

  • Dugza Milza
    Dugza Milza 4 days ago

    Against all . Deutschland uber alles.

  • Peter Moeller
    Peter Moeller 5 days ago

    This really was amazing footage, also the music was very well chosen.

    One thing I missed was a caption with at least the location.

    The other thing is the title. Obviously, that's not Luftwaffe images, looks like something filmed from a drone.

    But that really is secondary, the footage is amazing.

  • Robert Hoffman
    Robert Hoffman 5 days ago


  • p-a l
    p-a l 5 days ago

    what is the drone that he used to film this?

    JOE BLOGGS 5 days ago +24

    the best of our race are already dead

    if europe is to survive we must become the greatest generation that ever lived

    we either fight together or become extinct together...

    • undercover goy
      undercover goy 2 hours ago

      The Legionary Romanian oy vey!

    • The Legionary Romanian
      The Legionary Romanian 19 hours ago

      In order to catch a deer you have to last longer than it not to be faster. We just have to make more children than the muslims make and deport them back to africa, we don't need to kill them as it's not their fault for coming it's (((their))) fault for letting them in europe

    • Concerned Citizen
      Concerned Citizen 1 day ago

      The Germans are finished. Islam is taking over.

    • David Whitman Character Actor
      David Whitman Character Actor 1 day ago

      Yes Joe, You sure got that right!

    • Eric S
      Eric S 1 day ago

      JOE BLOGGS 14/88

  • Todd Craner
    Todd Craner 5 days ago

    amazing shots, but I wish more of the turrets and gun emplacement had their guns, they just look better with their guns.

  • Giso ten Brink
    Giso ten Brink 5 days ago

    Germany, destroying Europe since 1900's lol.

  • Miles Finch
    Miles Finch 5 days ago

    Some location info would be great

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan 5 days ago

    what and where is the gun mount at 2:30 thats just incredible

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Will be a seperate video fo that soon to be viewed. Thanks

  • Gringo
    Gringo 6 days ago

    Is this not Peenemunde?

  • Jim Wheeler
    Jim Wheeler 6 days ago

    Amazing job you did with your drone footage!

  • Thomas Bernecky
    Thomas Bernecky 6 days ago

    these were taken where?

  • Lorraine Roberts
    Lorraine Roberts 6 days ago

    Oh Boy, that was GREAT! Had to watch a few times, and loved the music.
    Thank you for your work.

  • Steve O
    Steve O 6 days ago +13

    Could you add a caption for each location as they are shown?

    • Bengt Hundal
      Bengt Hundal 2 days ago

      +hokkikokki The large housing is at Møvik in Kristiansand, Norway. That includes the large gun and the large empty gun mounts with forest around. During the war there were no trees there. The large kasemat never got its gun, but the crane mounts in front supposed to lift the gun are visible. They were blown up by Norwegian forces for training.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      i might in the future. Thanks Steve

    • hokkikokki
      hokkikokki 5 days ago

      Yep this would be great. Parts seem to be either from Norway, Sweden or Finland and parts from Normandy or British isles?

  • Vangell 117
    Vangell 117 6 days ago

    the greatest army of the second great war

  • Chris Craven
    Chris Craven 6 days ago

    Good video work, but captions wit locations would be nice.

  • Trillockboy Watson
    Trillockboy Watson 6 days ago

    For once the claim of amazing pictures is actually true. Superb HD images, and well worth watching. 10/10 mate ! Btw, where were most of these pictures taken ?

  • Tobias Kolb
    Tobias Kolb 6 days ago

    great 10 fps drone you have there lol

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • james calcutt
    james calcutt 6 days ago

    awesome video thanks so much !!

  • Charlie K
    Charlie K 6 days ago

    Where were these pictures taken?

  • frik van niekerk
    frik van niekerk 6 days ago

    Amassing-nice to see some stats of the Germans also need more real stories and stats .It dawned on me in 5 years from now no one will be alive that actually fought in the war so all the stories will be gone and its a shame that the world is so narrow minded that all the German and Italian an Japanese stories are not told. There is 100 of movies of the Allies doing there thing but non of Axis. Its not all about bad stuff they also were just soldiers ,fathers, sons husbands and wives. Where was that bunkers with the big guns.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Golden_Phoenix87
    Golden_Phoenix87 6 days ago

    So many losses in the fight for our freedom... :-(

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Hbue84
    Hbue84 6 days ago

    didnt Know tjek luftwaffe used drones

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Mich Rain
    Mich Rain 6 days ago

    My idea of a vacation in Europe is visiting battlefields and fortifications, historic sites and museums and imagining how it happened. Picturing those guns moving around and firing and all the soldiers that ever set foot on those places. These images are impressive.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Electron
    Electron 7 days ago

    Well done. It was truely amazing. And what a beautiful country side as well. Some day I will get to over there to visit. Thanks again.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Patrice Boivin
    Patrice Boivin 7 days ago

    so much concrete and earthworks...

  • hukatus
    hukatus 7 days ago

    Where was it filmed? Sweden?

  • DRS_ au
    DRS_ au 7 days ago

    Normandy ?

  • nzoomed
    nzoomed 7 days ago +2

    Pretty amazing to see how much has survived...

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Stevie bhoy
    Stevie bhoy 8 days ago

    fucking love this channel keep up the great work

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • paskapants yes
    paskapants yes 8 days ago

    Fantastic video again, I think it is important that the human cost is remembered, it's a pity so much miss information is out there on this topic, anyhow I am off to do my exploring soon :) looks like it's catching all the best !

  • David B
    David B 8 days ago

    Didn't realize how much of war is still left and just how much the Germans changed the landscape. Wish you would give some general idea where some of the sites are like the country north south east west etc. Another great video thanks

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

    • Marvin Cooper
      Marvin Cooper 8 days ago

      David B If you wish to see how much the Germans altered the landscape research Oradour sur Glanes.

  • Alex Exarhos
    Alex Exarhos 8 days ago

    i like the drone cam

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Tom Taylor-Duxbury
    Tom Taylor-Duxbury 8 days ago +3

    Amazing what slave labour can achieve

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

    • Bran Tse Mallory
      Bran Tse Mallory 3 days ago

      You never let slaves build you're defences... Plus which slaves did the French use to build the Maginot Line? Non. Which slaves did the Germans use to build their bases? Non. Slaves were used for building things such as death camps which they then got to put in and killed by Nazi German's.

  • Matthew Harvey
    Matthew Harvey 8 days ago

    Beautiful presentation! Thank you for this :)

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Echo Delta Charlie 2:1

    Great video, thanks! It was amazing to see the supports for camouflage netting still in place on the gun (@ 55 seconds). They must be a lot stronger, and sturdier, than they look. ATB John

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • D'Arcy Cross
    D'Arcy Cross 9 days ago


    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanksf or kind Words and Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter

  • Fritz Cat
    Fritz Cat 9 days ago

    Made in Germany.Fore the next 1000 years

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 9 days ago

    Ja! Zey voz Kriegink ze gutt krieg! All krieg ist das bankster krieg!

  • Goliath
    Goliath 9 days ago

    Excellent time to upload. I turned 22 during the recording of this video. I'm always pleased to see another HH production 👍

  • joe estes
    joe estes 10 days ago

    Wow! the broad view just imagine being in that war! the men who flew in there would have had that view!! love the music! origanilly steve miller band!

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Glad you watched and no the Music is only my own. Thanks

    • Marvin Cooper
      Marvin Cooper 8 days ago

      joe estes Hate to burst your rosecoloured bubble, but all these enplacements would have been carefully camouflaged, otherwise they would have received unwelcome attention.

  • MIke Fox
    MIke Fox 10 days ago


  • Jeffery Page
    Jeffery Page 10 days ago

    Great video, it would have been Greater if their locations had been shown

  • amc3
    amc3 10 days ago

    Aerial shots are phenomenal, I think you got half the Atlantic Wall here !!! ... Please remember to watch the adverts, thank you.

    • WW2HistoryHunter
      WW2HistoryHunter 2 days ago

      Thanks for you kind support and help AMC3. Greetings from us.

  • Stephan Schwenke
    Stephan Schwenke 10 days ago

    pretty nice shoots, which drone are u using? DJI Mavic? Great job

  • WW2HistoryHunter
    WW2HistoryHunter 10 days ago +19

    This is a result of some of You supporting our work. The sky is not the limit anymore :)Thank You to all of you , my team members ,  who step up to the table and support us , much appreciated.Greetings from WW2HistoryHunter.

    • tazzie2shoos
      tazzie2shoos 4 days ago

      You are so worth it, and really give back in the work you produce. Thank-you.

    • Patrick Simpson
      Patrick Simpson 8 days ago

      WW2HistoryHunter. Thank you for such outstanding work being delivered to your viewers time after time.
      Nice drone footage on this one specifically. I suggest all true fans go visit the paetron page and show support.
      I would love to see some caption on the video feed of where you are shooting. For example, those beach shots from this video are amazing! I would love to see for myself but I have no idea where you were. Can you show me on future vids , some kind of location description in a screen caption, as it's taking place? Just a thought. Thanks again! Always a fan.

  • bunker video
    bunker video 10 days ago

    Where is this?

  • 4567starkiller
    4567starkiller 10 days ago

    Fantastic piece ww2hh look out history channel there's a new boy on the block👍👍👍👍

  • Daniel Kroon
    Daniel Kroon 10 days ago

    Wow! Amazed- check!

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