Young Thug - Guwop feat. Quavo, Offset, and Young Scooter [Official Video]

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  • YSL x 300 x Directed by Garfield Larmond | Produced by Wheezy x TM88 x Cassius
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  • Runtime: 5:17

Comments: 6 793

  • OC Da Youngin
    OC Da Youngin 3 hours ago

    I cook the dope with no stove, pot on the flo

  • bangbang kill
    bangbang kill 4 hours ago

    This song Is super fire! Splash

  • Christopher Mikelfried Jr

    TM88 is great!!! Offset is Bae😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ahmed Squad
    Ahmed Squad 10 hours ago

    It's like quavo drank orange fanta b4 this XD

  • Julian Stavik
    Julian Stavik 11 hours ago

    why take young scooter when you got takeoff???????

  • Lavelle Gilbert
    Lavelle Gilbert 14 hours ago

    that 5th great ninja war ad was lit doe

  • The Greatest
    The Greatest 17 hours ago

    Yall sleeping on Young Scooter . he did his shit to cuh

  • DatWayKay
    DatWayKay 18 hours ago

    takeoff may not be in every song but best believe he will be on the scene

  • Louis Lutchman
    Louis Lutchman 23 hours ago

    Quavo is 🔥🔥🔥💯

  • 1017 Kitchen Boy
    1017 Kitchen Boy 1 day ago

    Why y'all making a big deal that takeoff was left of a couple songs that's what Migos do, they leave a member off every once in a while it's not a big deal get over it.

  • Momar Diaw
    Momar Diaw 1 day ago

    That sounds inspired me🔥🔥🔥

  • Jesus Vazquez
    Jesus Vazquez 1 day ago

    Quavo 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ahmed Squad
    Ahmed Squad 1 day ago

    Idk whats he's saying but still fire XD

  • Maboyi Mthulisi
    Maboyi Mthulisi 1 day ago

    Offset killed this shit

  • Thoro B
    Thoro B 1 day ago

    Young scooter verse was solid takeoff voice would've fucked the song up

  • justgoforit97
    justgoforit97 1 day ago

    1:17 quavo flex

  • Lavel Davis
    Lavel Davis 1 day ago

    this banger still not played out yet!!!!!!!!

  • Ernst Selin
    Ernst Selin 1 day ago

    everybody goin heavy nobody should be replaced but takeoff addition would be s1ck

  • usa myway
    usa myway 1 day ago

    Quavo n offset murdered this shit 🔥🔥🔥

  • Inteligente& Terror

    Scooter killed that woa

  • jovaughn stephens
    jovaughn stephens 2 days ago

    Damn look at takeoff in this video too did the man dead wrong😂

  • Connor Byrne
    Connor Byrne 2 days ago


  • Samj
    Samj 2 days ago


  • Tiny Empire
    Tiny Empire 2 days ago


  • Миша Казаринов

    Ya dig, ya dig, ya dig!

  • Delano Trotter
    Delano Trotter 2 days ago

    young thugg made the song. jus listen to his voice. perfect for this beat. but they all did awesome.

  • Boss Man
    Boss Man 2 days ago

    this beat go hella hard🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • TheGGMan
    TheGGMan 2 days ago


  • shaun harris
    shaun harris 2 days ago

    was that the weekend blazing???

  • naldo smith
    naldo smith 3 days ago


  • Tobacko
    Tobacko 3 days ago

    ive had freestyles with better flow than scooter

  • Smoke Bone
    Smoke Bone 3 days ago

    Quavo was the best hands down

  • Kalven Harris
    Kalven Harris 3 days ago

    Mediocrity is dope now?? ok. yall dickriding weenies need to drink some bleach

  • Kalven Harris
    Kalven Harris 3 days ago

    Mediocrity is dope now?? ok. yall dickriding weenies need to drink some bleach

  • Kaique Rodrigues Da Silva

    som pesado .
    Cadê os brasileiros que curte esse som ?

  • David Mendoza
    David Mendoza 3 days ago

    I see my nigga Jason Voorhees cooling in the back

  • DeAsia Howard
    DeAsia Howard 3 days ago

    Quavo brotha dont miss with him

  • DeAsia Howard
    DeAsia Howard 3 days ago


  • birdmen birdmen
    birdmen birdmen 3 days ago

    i love this niggas

  • birdmen birdmen
    birdmen birdmen 3 days ago

    i want to be come a rich gang biko

  • Rose O'Bryan
    Rose O'Bryan 4 days ago

    why does offset always look high

  • TrustNoOne
    TrustNoOne 4 days ago

    0:35 - that one guy in the gta heist

  • Xavier Reed
    Xavier Reed 4 days ago

    u dig u dig u dig

  • Clinton Jamar
    Clinton Jamar 4 days ago

    Trey songz in the vid but no verse . Chill out 😴

  • DeanDa Don2
    DeanDa Don2 4 days ago

    migos the boy band of the 21st century

  • aeroDAFTnamic
    aeroDAFTnamic 4 days ago


  • Khalile Jolly
    Khalile Jolly 4 days ago

    This is best is lit asf

  • Khalile Jolly
    Khalile Jolly 4 days ago

    XD young scooter damn all of den are lit but will in 2025 and those all of those Ido if satan will take care of that

  • kodak saro
    kodak saro 5 days ago

    Shoot out the crew,shoot out the roof😘😍quavo

  • Richard OlM
    Richard OlM 5 days ago

  • Sapo Dramático
    Sapo Dramático 5 days ago

    quem veio aqui querendo baixar o action

  • Rj King
    Rj King 5 days ago

    one of if not da best song from Young thug (fire 🔥)

  • Tashauna Miller
    Tashauna Miller 6 days ago

    is Young Thug gay or nah?¿ cuh I'm confused asf💯😵😐

  • Saavy saavy Saavy
    Saavy saavy Saavy 6 days ago

    I think I have personally listened to this 1million times out of the 12million

  • No friends Bhathal
    No friends Bhathal 6 days ago

    I wanna shut down every small business in Canada ... your visitor in my country learn to live by my rules learn to live like a guest learn to work and live like a salve 8 hours a day in my country there' should be no Freedom when everything suppose to be under control ... raise the taxes one every body raise electricity bills on every one raise the hydro raise gas and oil prices one every body raise food prices one every one . Every one will get a stroke .

  • Jean Marcel
    Jean Marcel 6 days ago

    This song makes me want to wear shoes without socks.

  • The Outside Theory
    The Outside Theory 6 days ago

    subscribe to my channel ill subscribe back...whats up

  • NextLevelGaming
    NextLevelGaming 6 days ago

    Young scooter got a fatass Head I just noticed that after 5 years lol

  • Ramneek Singh
    Ramneek Singh 7 days ago

    Can we just appreciate the how fucking crazyy the beat is🔥🔥🔥‼️‼️

  • Drugz
    Drugz 7 days ago


  • Oumou Soulemana
    Oumou Soulemana 7 days ago

    this song is nice

  • Josh Rhode
    Josh Rhode 7 days ago

    "I ain't left off bad and boujee"

  • Deishon Frank
    Deishon Frank 7 days ago

    Scooter sounds like lucci

  • Shavae Banks
    Shavae Banks 8 days ago

    This My Ishhhhh #Banger 👅💯

  • Savage King
    Savage King 8 days ago


  • the gaming asian
    the gaming asian 9 days ago


  • Miguel Jaramillo
    Miguel Jaramillo 9 days ago

  • Bernie Walker
    Bernie Walker 9 days ago

    #migosatl.... hop out the private

  • sebastian zeon
    sebastian zeon 9 days ago

    This all those people saying they mumble rap, this is hard asf

  • JJ
    JJ 9 days ago

    Migos all would have been better that young scotter

  • Lilly Visone
    Lilly Visone 10 days ago


  • Anthony Romero
    Anthony Romero 10 days ago

    I fucking love Quavo, he always has the best verses but Offset’s part was fucking DOPE. 🔥

  • Ty Beasley
    Ty Beasley 10 days ago

    Gucci brought migo thug an scooter in the game #Guwooop

  • Tyler Bowie
    Tyler Bowie 10 days ago

    Young thug is a G for these bars

  • Joaquin ballantyne
    Joaquin ballantyne 10 days ago

    she got her eyes on me like binoculars

  • Lm Zx
    Lm Zx 10 days ago

    I'm wishing young thug is my dad

  • Lm Zx
    Lm Zx 10 days ago

    Quavo, i like him

  • kingquazy
    kingquazy 10 days ago

    Do it luh lie I wuh leffoffa guwah?

  • Isai.a.h Duvall
    Isai.a.h Duvall 11 days ago

    quavo and migos made the song

  • TheMGG
    TheMGG 11 days ago

    Offset flow is so smooth

  • Riley Ortman
    Riley Ortman 11 days ago

    1:06 chance the rapper flow "all i can hear is the 3rd" from Mixtape. Anyone else hear it?

  • tony vee
    tony vee 11 days ago

    without the radio its 20 a show, and thats fasho

  • Safari Safari
    Safari Safari 11 days ago

    Offset 😈😈😈

  • Chad White
    Chad White 11 days ago

    Trey songzz boy was they on

    YUNGWETBACK 12 days ago


  • Kevin Ngari
    Kevin Ngari 12 days ago

    quavo 🔥

  • Jahanika Wayne
    Jahanika Wayne 13 days ago


  • nate mugambi
    nate mugambi 13 days ago

    I think the Weeknd was there

  • Barak mauladi
    Barak mauladi 13 days ago

    where tf takeoff

  • tim sham
    tim sham 13 days ago


  • Shemar Swain
    Shemar Swain 14 days ago

    u dig

  • derrick thomas
    derrick thomas 14 days ago

    all single lady hit up on kik for pictures my kik name dtmen

  • Alprozolam 2 mg
    Alprozolam 2 mg 14 days ago


  • purple pelican
    purple pelican 14 days ago

    Offset not only learnt his verse, but everyone else's too😂

  • purple pelican
    purple pelican 14 days ago

    I see Young thug..I click young thug

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 15 days ago

    Most expensive video ever

  • Naki Rhodes
    Naki Rhodes 15 days ago

    offset killed dis shii 💧💧

  • tbclay02
    tbclay02 15 days ago

    young scooter is still dope

  • Simon Kidane
    Simon Kidane 15 days ago


  • Twoherponederp
    Twoherponederp 15 days ago


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