BREAKING (Badger): Milo Yiannopoulos SUING Simon & Schuster, Announces Name of New Tour

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  • BREAKING NEWS, SHITLORDS! Looks like he's back, and he's going to be suing as well as trolling! Read description for miscellaneous details not discussed in the video.


    Key Points

    1. Milo is suing Simon and Schuster for $10 million
    - Supposedly making “F*** S&S” T-Shirts
    - Wants to send a message that they can never do this again to somebody with the wrong opinions

    2. Creating a publication called “Dangerous Books”
    - Didn’t elaborate much on this one
    - Supposedly online and is meant to give a voice to all the “dangerous conservatives”
    - Going live in 7 days, with Milo’s book, “Dangerous” being the first available

    3. New Tour titled “Troll Academy”
    - Students will enter for free

    4. “Free Speech Week” in UC Berkeley
    - If the college doesn’t accommodate them, his occupation will go on for a month
    - Milo calls it “This movements, ‘Woodstock’”


    - First thing he did was address his comments regarding pedophilia
    - Said it was his “only mistake” (being facetious)
    - “Only time he has ever apologized”
    - Raised $12 million after the controversy
    - Arrived 52 minutes late; came down the stairs with a cobra named Jared around his neck; three topless black men followed behind him, along with scantily clad women holding machine guns

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Comments: 106

  • Muck006
    Muck006 18 days ago

    "They were angry at what he said" ... before the book is published? How good is their tea-leaf-reading?

  • Muck006
    Muck006 18 days ago

    "Raising 12 million to sue for 10 million" seems like a bad thing to do.

  • Random
    Random Month ago

    Antifa = Brownshirt Nazi's.

  • Random
    Random Month ago

    Simon and Shyster.

  • Random
    Random Month ago

    Milo = Freedom of speech.

  • NovoModz
    NovoModz 2 months ago

    Du Hurensohn

  • Nick Skarvig
    Nick Skarvig 3 months ago

    Anyone taking odds on whether or not Milo gets assasinated in Berkeley when he drops the rage beacon?

  • Take Off Your Blinkers
    Take Off Your Blinkers 3 months ago

    Fuck Simon and Schuster, those cunts in Australia ie, S&S AU already decided not to stock his book before this whole debacle started.

  • Ashton Vicci
    Ashton Vicci 3 months ago

    Do u think he be able to win this lawsuit?

    • Johnny Marvéll
      Johnny Marvéll 3 months ago

      Ashton Vicci even if he doesn't, that company is going to go the way of Gawker.

  • NotOrdinaryInGames
    NotOrdinaryInGames 3 months ago +1

    Go, Milo, go!

  • shadowbeastmustdie
    shadowbeastmustdie 3 months ago

    LOL "the young man milo" you shit-talkers ha ha ha jokes! jokes!

  • Ace Aardvark
    Ace Aardvark 3 months ago +2

    I recently heard that the NAZI's had adopted the rainbow flag as a white power symbol. Something to do with prisms and white light.

    • Johnny Marvéll
      Johnny Marvéll 3 months ago

      +Ace Aardvark I'm thinking it's just a 4chan troll, or SJW propaganda.

    • Ace Aardvark
      Ace Aardvark 3 months ago

      Johnny Marvéll - That is what makes it so shocking!

    • Johnny Marvéll
      Johnny Marvéll 3 months ago

      Ace Aardvark Fag Nazis? lol seems unlikely.

  • Victor Summer
    Victor Summer 3 months ago +1

    Im sad. I miss the hoyr to two hour or more long videos. :'(

    • Acciyn
      Acciyn 3 months ago

      You can still watch/listen to them. There are always links to the full episode present in the video description of the shortened versions that are published. You can also follow HBR on Libsyn or itunes

  • Earl of Doncaster
    Earl of Doncaster 3 months ago +1

    He really should have dropped a dime on the paedos at that party.

  • Jaycephus
    Jaycephus 3 months ago

    Milo wrote the forward to 'Forbidden Thoughts,' a sci-fi anthology with about ten or so authors, and includes two non-fiction pieces. I recommend it. In general, there are plenty of authors who are already on the fringe and would never have their books published by S&S or TOR or other large publishers.

  • koljkimm
    koljkimm 3 months ago +2

    One answer what violent antifa leaders want is to start an event like their ideological parents did in Finland 1918. An antifa member and a chairwoman oif the Left Alliance (party) Li Anderson said 2015 that she would like to see another civil war.

  • Rebecca Cantrell
    Rebecca Cantrell 3 months ago

    Don't let the slime balls win. Prioritize the poor, educate the men!!

  • wisemage0
    wisemage0 3 months ago

    👌 👌J U S T G O O D H Y G I E N E 👌 👌🏽
    💇🏼💇🏼💇🏼 💯💯 😘🗡🍆🍆🍆🗡😘 💯💯 💇🏼💇🏼💇🏼

  • Random Name
    Random Name 3 months ago +2

    I think we need to remember that there are three, not two, major groups of antifas at Berkeley: Pampered people, indoctrinated teenagers, and organisers.

    • Palace Of Wisdom
      Palace Of Wisdom 3 months ago

      Someone in a mask who has committed a crime won't be going to the police to say "I was hit too many times while rioting" and press charges, so legally you're almost certainly in the clear unless you kill them.

    • Random Name
      Random Name 3 months ago

      Also, if you must defend yourself, also remember to pin people or leave them when they are down, not to beat them more because even if something is self defense it is still not justified to continue to attack once the threat is quelled (if someone runs at you with a knife and you shoot them that is okay but if you shoot them after they are lying on the ground or surrendered both of you are bad guys)

  • Lukas West
    Lukas West 3 months ago +5

    Personally, I think Milo's pretty gay.

    • theawecabinet
      theawecabinet 3 months ago

      Or so he would have us believe.....

      Never seen him with a nice boyfriend on his arm though. Just saying.

  • MaverickhunterXZero
    MaverickhunterXZero 3 months ago

    They deserve it.

  • wikipedia snippet
    wikipedia snippet 3 months ago +3

    Ten *million* dollars.

    • Johnny Marvéll
      Johnny Marvéll 3 months ago

      wikipedia snippet hah I see what you did there. 😁😆

  • AlongCame ARat
    AlongCame ARat 3 months ago +6

    Antifa is further radicalizing. Look up the Symbionese Liberation Army, fam. The people who kidnapped Patty Hearst. Same ideologies in play: Communism, feminism, anti-racism, anti-ageism, yadda yadda. If you look up Sargon's huge rant bout BAMN, you'll see the sort of organizing that is going on in Berkeley. Yvette Felarca is recruiting kids out of high school, as is a branch in the Great Lakes area. They are cohabitating with these kids and indoctrinating them like a cult. They're also recruiting guys who are getting out of prison (I've seen at least one video of an Antifa guy who has prison face tats). I keep saying this, but I'm an old guy, and my influence isn't big -- It's been two generations since the SLA, but the same bad ideas they were pushing are coming back around again. Soon, it won't be enough to toss around rocks, bottles, fireworks and pepper spray.

    • Ace Aardvark
      Ace Aardvark 3 months ago

      It is a good thing that so many see them coming. More people are seeing the truth every day.

  • Phi Pi Delta
    Phi Pi Delta 3 months ago +6

    I have always had some reservations when it has come to Milo Yiannopoulos' methods, but I also think that some of the criticism he has received has been unfair and hypocritical. I cannot anticipate the outcome of his suing Simon & Schuster, but I suspect that whatever happens Milo has plans for any type of outcome. I look forward to following this series of Milo's events and learning something from whatever outcome occurs.

  • N A
    N A 3 months ago

    fabless fag milo

  • theawecabinet
    theawecabinet 3 months ago +2

    Is it true Milo now has a permanent greenish hue around him, like Obi Wan after he was struck down by Darth Vader?

  • Beef Chavez
    Beef Chavez 3 months ago +6

    I've never been particularly happy with Milo's advocacy for men.

    And the fact that he willingly partied with pedophiles and still refuses to name them publicly, that clenches it for me.

    He's radioactive, and associating with him is going to end badly.

    • Beef Chavez
      Beef Chavez 3 months ago

      In his own words. He went to parties, on more than one occasion, where he saw grown men having sex with, again, in Milo's own words,"very young boys".

      He didn't go to the police then, and he hasn't named names now.

      Even if he was referring to teenagers who _might_ have been of legal age, he is exhibiting sociopathic levels of irresponsibility, just be re-attending such parties.

      Milo is a liability.

    • theawecabinet
      theawecabinet 3 months ago

      "...he willingly partied with pedophiles..."

      As a feminist who often accuses random men of raping women, I support your right to make this claim without backing it up with facts.

      May I suggest you also promote the idea we live in a "pedophile culture" to give your accusation more emotional punch and make up for the lack of substance.

      Just some friendly advice from a fellow shit stirrer :)

  • mberg1974
    mberg1974 3 months ago +8

    Simon & Schuster also has free speech, they don't have to publish Milos' book if they don't want to. Milo is a coward in my opinion, he claimed to know the identity of what sounded like several active peadophiles but he didn't dare to give out their names.

    • Flakey101
      Flakey101 3 months ago

      mberg1974 - I wonder if you will also condemn Corey Feldman then for not naming names, when he came forward about all the pedio activities he had to endure when he was a child star in Hollywood?

    • Corvo@AZ
      Corvo@AZ 3 months ago

      How many parties did he attend with those very young boys? Very young. Very young.

    • Northernmight
      Northernmight 3 months ago

      Even if he did, if he had no proof, he would just be sued right out off the gate. Nothing would happen to the criminals, and Milo would lose everything.

      Not a smart idea :D

    • Zymemaru
      Zymemaru 3 months ago

      theawecabinet especially if said person was a victim of pedophiles himself

  • Seeking Origin
    Seeking Origin 3 months ago +15

    how do you burn a book in the digital age? you don't, you burn the author. everything they've built, everything they are, you raze it to oblivion. Clinton Era character assassination was the precursor

  • bobbzor
    bobbzor 3 months ago +1

    I'm not sure the pro's of antifa will be much of a problem without the fair weather supporters since instigating violence without the crowd to hide in would put them at way too much risk.

  • RoutaAskel
    RoutaAskel 3 months ago +24

    Let's see what kind of shitstorm this faggot is gonna summon this time

    • fkujakedmyname
      fkujakedmyname 3 months ago

      none he gonna suck rothschild cock like every other nazi house nigger

  • RoseLawliet
    RoseLawliet 3 months ago

    If he's making his own publishing company, he only needs to make enough money to break even. If he publishes electronically and only has himself as an author, he won't have to pay anyone else royalties and won't have any printing costs to cover on subsequent "printings". If it only has the one book, he'll still be fine.

    Now, if he wants to grow it, THEN he'll need a constant supply of new authors and books.

  • Angelo
    Angelo 3 months ago +15

    I've gone right off Milo since he ditched the MRM at the London ICMI. ..."A classic Milo response"? No, a classic cunt move. Ditch your old friends because you are on to greener more lucrative pastures or you're trying to go lame-stream so you need to dump them fast because they're cramping your style. Why exactly are we still singing for Milo when he dumped us? He has undergone a huge change since I had time for him for appearing on UK TV debates, from a person who had something interesting to say to super camp, self-centered and boring.

    • Corvo@AZ
      Corvo@AZ 3 months ago

      @The Happy Madman
      Never said he was.

    • The Happy Madman
      The Happy Madman 3 months ago

      There's plenty of criticism to be had with Milo, but he isn't a pedophile.

    • Angelo
      Angelo 3 months ago

      Corvo@AZ - I presume that you jest. If you are serious, please supply references.

    • Angelo
      Angelo 3 months ago

      NwoDispatcher - Hi, sorry for the late reply, something odd, I only just saw your comment. Nice handle [NWO] by the way. ...Fresh? Perhaps that would be good advice for feminism, but the MHRM? Also, do you really think loud and camp is new and fresh? I know that growing up in London gives one a bad habit of considering most things to be provincial, so perhaps it's my London snobbery. IMO what is fresh and hip is the MHRM and any backsliding from that position at this point is the height of uncool.

    • Corvo@AZ
      Corvo@AZ 3 months ago

      There's young boys in those greener pastures. Very young. Very young.

  • magicalcheese
    magicalcheese 3 months ago +13

    whiteboards are remarkable

    • ShanksB
      ShanksB 3 months ago

      indeed they are.

    SYSTEM_EDITOR.1995 3 months ago

    Third? Anyway.

  • Chris R
    Chris R 3 months ago +39

    I hope Milo's publication becomes the 4chan of book publishing.

    • Angelo
      Angelo 3 months ago

      Save us from another ultra Zionist publication.

    • Chris R
      Chris R 3 months ago

      +city_of_compton 69​ 4chan is basically just chaos incarnate. It is neither "good" or "evil", those are just labels we've created to subjectively categorize things with. 4chan is effectively just a microcosm of all human creation in its natural state before anyone has come along to slap labels on everything and to discard whatever they've deemed bad.

      Hence why they hate normies so much there. They themselves are just fine with not censoring eachother even if they don't like what the other is saying, but normies... Any Normie will look in from the outside, see whatever offends them the most within the site, and then judge the entire site by whatever it is.

    • city_of_compton 68
      city_of_compton 68 3 months ago

      Chris R lol @ the though of a gay jewish man publishing happy merchant memes and pro Nazi propaganda

  • sir b0n3lL!0t
    sir b0n3lL!0t 3 months ago

    second comment m8sss

  • Worry43 Troll
    Worry43 Troll 3 months ago +3

    first comment, first like

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