Kendrick Lamar - DNA.

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  • Envoy Of The All-Terrifying

    Kendrick Lamar ftw

  • saleh Abdulelah
    saleh Abdulelah Hour ago +1

    Too many chinese ! Why ?

  • Roslyn Holmes
    Roslyn Holmes Hour ago

    Kendrick Lamar has hardcore in his dna

  • Sean Nott
    Sean Nott 2 hours ago

    i love kendrick lamar

  • テツ _Tetsu
    テツ _Tetsu 4 hours ago


  • ElectronGamer217
    ElectronGamer217 5 hours ago

    Panda Panda Panda Panda
    Pornagraphy is all I see Inside my DNA
    You got clickbait in your channel and inside your DNA.

  • chris chun
    chris chun 7 hours ago

    Mr Iron patriot shit is fucking crazy😂😂😂😂

  • TimunLICIN
    TimunLICIN 7 hours ago

    NBA LIVE 18!

  • Gotemm k
    Gotemm k 7 hours ago

    I got, I got, I got 4 extra chromosomes inside my DNA

  • Aries Anderson
    Aries Anderson 9 hours ago


  • bkew111
    bkew111 9 hours ago

    Stupid song. Period.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 10 hours ago +1

    If Kendrick Lamar carries the torch for 10 mo years, he will be the Greatest Rapper of All time no doubt.

  • the derpy hotdog
    the derpy hotdog 11 hours ago


  • Julian Facyson
    Julian Facyson 12 hours ago

    3:13 when half life 3 comes out when you die

  • Sıla Gürbüz
    Sıla Gürbüz 12 hours ago

    what a funny video!

  • Dreezy 5150
    Dreezy 5150 14 hours ago

    Ayo can someone tell me wtf that coat Kendrick wearing is called I deadass been looking for it for like ages tf lmao

  • Renata Santos Silva
    Renata Santos Silva 14 hours ago


  • Jean Molomba
    Jean Molomba 16 hours ago

    my boy don cheadle in this

  • Alexa Alien
    Alexa Alien 16 hours ago

    DNA is in my DNA

  • Can_Tde
    Can_Tde 16 hours ago

    People need to be retarded to dislike this

  • Queen Unicorn Shane
    Queen Unicorn Shane 17 hours ago

    When yo girlfriend try to get into yo phone 3:13

  • Queen Unicorn Shane
    Queen Unicorn Shane 17 hours ago

    3:09 had me lit up like damn IM FINNA DIE WITH HEAT AND SHIT LIKE💀💀💀💀💀🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • krane hunter
    krane hunter 18 hours ago

    Holy shit this is fuckin art

  • carol moreno
    carol moreno 18 hours ago


  • John Arundell
    John Arundell 18 hours ago

    Flying Lotus + Kendrick = DAMN!

  • Marcus Jarrett
    Marcus Jarrett 19 hours ago

    Is Don Cheadle in every hip hop video?

  • Frank Martin
    Frank Martin 19 hours ago

    death sentence all day cuz he murdered this track. R.I.P. to whoever

  • weedlife49 alexandre
    weedlife49 alexandre 21 hour ago

    3.10minutes ... 😍😍😍😍

  • klk867
    klk867 21 hour ago

    Que coche es? 04:09

  • Eyal David
    Eyal David 22 hours ago

    Whats the song in 2:44?

  • Reissa Chamblee
    Reissa Chamblee 23 hours ago

    that is cool

  • Abraham Gutierrez
    Abraham Gutierrez 23 hours ago


  • Out of Spite
    Out of Spite Day ago

    So we can agree that one of the women in the car is the person Kendrick is rapping about in LUST yes?

  • Freestyle Sammy
    Freestyle Sammy Day ago +2

    I GOT I GOT I GOT I GOT....what?

  • pedro neto
    pedro neto Day ago +1

    Cara esse clipe é muito foda

  • Rinaldo Brumar
    Rinaldo Brumar Day ago +1

    Showed this to my lizard , now i own a dinosaur

  • Charlie PVP
    Charlie PVP Day ago

    Beat starts at 0:45 np btw

  • Troy Daily
    Troy Daily Day ago

    good shit

  • Ss Ss4
    Ss Ss4 Day ago


  • Benjamin McFuckboy

    Top 10 Anime Clans 3:02

  • 83Jude
    83Jude Day ago


  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Day ago

    4:32 sounds like "give me some chon chon" like if you know we're it's from

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Day ago

    Humble...loyalty...then Dna they all connect

  • Guilherme Vivençotti


  • Nakeia Kinney
    Nakeia Kinney Day ago

    My favriot song😊

  • Okay Chanelle
    Okay Chanelle Day ago

    I understand the video but I don't know how to verbally explain it

  • Okay Chanelle
    Okay Chanelle Day ago

    3:05 he really goes off

  • Money manXL Hampton

    Yoooo I got goose bumps when da beat drop😰😰😰 crazy

  • Norberto Carapia

    this beat dropped harder than my nuts

  • Dennis Williams
    Dennis Williams Day ago

    Babylon falling

  • Nuclear Powered
    Nuclear Powered Day ago

    Actually it stands for deoxyribonucleic acid

  • Kingdezzy1000
    Kingdezzy1000 Day ago +1

    Yous a yous a bitch

  • Just AGuy
    Just AGuy Day ago

    This first half of it was good then it was like he didn't know how to finish it

  • Adam Huščava
    Adam Huščava Day ago

    I think kendrick leaks new song he is working on or prob new album song when the girl scream over kendrick in a car. Otherwise why would he put screaming bitches in videoclip. when u listen in slowmo it sound nothing similar to song I heard from K dot

  • Romeo Julien
    Romeo Julien Day ago

    good snog

  • Romeo Julien
    Romeo Julien Day ago

    good sn

  • Zell Karin
    Zell Karin Day ago

    Everytime I listen to this is just rap to it's finnest. The message is so powerful and spoken by the best, Kendrick Lamar! Always with insane stuff

  • Omarthegoat
    Omarthegoat Day ago

    0:48 your welcome

  • Devin Powell
    Devin Powell Day ago

    Fuckin beast u will always be one of the realist out there, you changing lives bro much love

  • Big Nuts
    Big Nuts Day ago

    Kendrick Lamar is overrated

  • HypeHuey
    HypeHuey Day ago

    The radio guy at the beginning sounded like something outtta GTA

  • Abdulsamad Malik

    Nigga best be eating my ass

  • zidane attari
    zidane attari Day ago +2

    This song is in my DNA..

  • Kinyua Kariithi
    Kinyua Kariithi Day ago

    Kendrick is the best rapper in the world

  • Jasmine Sanchez
    Jasmine Sanchez Day ago

    Don Cheadle I see you

  • guadalupe garcia

    Was that future when Kendrick got out of jail 😱😱😱😱😱

  • Jasper And The Raskles

    Does k say Wombo combo in the background at 1:44?

  • MsAngelaSunshine

    I 💜 Kendrick Lamar

  • Colin Behrmann
    Colin Behrmann Day ago +1

    This song makes me want to hand a Coke to a riot cop

  • Ruth Delgado
    Ruth Delgado Day ago

    why the hell thay not put prant is advise

  • Jorge Galindo
    Jorge Galindo Day ago +1

    This song is so fire that makes people from Japan come and see it

  • Daniel Panaligan

    It's Rhodes from iron man

  • benjamin pittman

    this is the best video for a song ive ever seen idc King Kendrick

  • Jordan Duke
    Jordan Duke Day ago +1

    You guys notice theres a connection between HUMBLE, LOYALTY, and DNA. So at the end of HUMBLE he walks towards the camera in that white suit. In LOYALTY he kills Kenny in the white suit. In DNA he is being questioned about a crime, presumably the murder of white suit K Dot.

  • Spencer Ross
    Spencer Ross Day ago

    I think you are looking for 3:02 ...thank me later

  • Dog Dog
    Dog Dog Day ago

    Best part 2:29

  • Lance973 #
    Lance973 # Day ago


  • P
    P 2 days ago

    Its so much better without gimme some ganja shit

  • Phoenix Suns Basketball

    Why so many dislikes

  • 10/560
    10/560 2 days ago

    Yousa yousa yousa

  • Altay Berk
    Altay Berk 2 days ago

    Where is that random guy who writes lyrics?

  • Jaime Enrique Bravo
    Jaime Enrique Bravo 2 days ago

    This song made me follow a cop car stopped him and ask for license and registration

  • Trung Nghĩa Hồ Phan

    1:42 be like BRAH !!!

  • Валерия Стрельцова

    кто от Никиты Морозова?

  • Romeo Martinez
    Romeo Martinez 2 days ago

    Kendrick on the second verse thooo

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black 2 days ago


  • Immacula sannon Castor

    Dead Niger Assation😂😂😂😂

  • LaDy Tee
    LaDy Tee 2 days ago

    Love it and love you so real 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • MrDg2400
    MrDg2400 2 days ago

    I got Roccett in my DNA

  • Charlie Guerrero
    Charlie Guerrero 2 days ago +1

    Don Cheadle played a character named Kung Fu Kenny in Rush Hour 2

  • Emma Stannard
    Emma Stannard 2 days ago +2

    In humble there's the white man
    In loyalty he kills the white man and Rihanna says it's so hard to be humble
    In DNA Kendrick is questioned for murder and at the start says loyalty
    These 3 songs all have a connection

    Only the genius Kendrick could do this

  • killerwap 23
    killerwap 23 2 days ago +2

    In humble Kendrick walks towards the camera in a white suite at the end than towards the end of loyalty Kendrick wearing black kills Kendrick wearing the white suite than in DNA Kendrick is being DNA tested for a murder

  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson 2 days ago +1


  • Jeremy Cheesecake
    Jeremy Cheesecake 2 days ago

    Nazi mentality much?

  • ClearestVulture69
    ClearestVulture69 2 days ago +2


  • vorval96
    vorval96 2 days ago +1

    First half of the clip is such shit lol

    Second half is so much better

  • Unpopular Opinion
    Unpopular Opinion 2 days ago +1


  • Marcus Banyan
    Marcus Banyan 2 days ago +1


  • Eagle Eyes 27
    Eagle Eyes 27 2 days ago +2


  • Yasser Alhamzh
    Yasser Alhamzh 2 days ago

    DNA طرببببب💛⚡️

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