10 Psychology Tricks That Work ON ANYBODY

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  • 10 Mind Game Tricks You Can Do On Your Friends.
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    The human brain is a powerful organ, but not so powerful that you can’t easily manipulate the minds of others. By using these sneaky tricks, you can fool people into doing exactly what you want them to do, without them even knowing what’s going on! From defusing a sticky situation in the boardroom to catching a stalker, these are 10 psychology tricks that work on anybody.

    If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation with a colleague at work, use this easy method. When you think someone is going to talk bad about you, or get aggressive with you at a meeting, just sit next to them. People are less likely to get aggressive with someone who is nearby.

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  • TheTalko
    TheTalko 16 days ago +202

    Guys, check out the secret link of the day! https://youtu.be/tHlQRQ_kSwA

  • Pavol Šadlak
    Pavol Šadlak 2 hours ago

    This girl have good voice for blowjob imao.

  • dyne_tv
    dyne_tv 2 hours ago +1

    Or a better trick when u stare at someone, look her/him between the eyes! :< )

  • Warren -•_•-
    Warren -•_•- 2 hours ago

    Yawning is not contagious. That is just completely wrong. Sorry

  • Dragonias
    Dragonias 3 hours ago

    What if you're in France, since eye contact is flirting there

  • SixRoses875
    SixRoses875 3 hours ago

    Alright. Just let me go to the nearest store for a rubber hand

  • sephiroth8377
    sephiroth8377 3 hours ago

    It's best to look up while walking in a city, people see you're not watching and walk around you.

  • TheVeksha
    TheVeksha 4 hours ago


  • Reza Amir
    Reza Amir 4 hours ago

    anyone else yawned?

  • Mentally Inverted Society

    It the script the narrator is reading "May not be a reality just yet" Pay close attention to the use of the words "May not". This is how they get you.

  • TH -Videos
    TH -Videos 5 hours ago

    red hammer worked

  • Lucas Blanaru
    Lucas Blanaru 6 hours ago

    the stop trick did not work on my dad he just said "cross" at the green light total waste of time

  • Dj Drizzle dick Munson
    Dj Drizzle dick Munson 6 hours ago +1

    Was anyone else high when they watch this videos#sexyemojis

  • Minecraft Bunny
    Minecraft Bunny 6 hours ago

    what if this tricks become viral, then if I yawn while watching at him, he will know that I had a crush because I yawned,, lol

  • Crazeon
    Crazeon 6 hours ago

    The Grey Elephant Trick doesnt work in germany because in german, germany is translated to 'Deutschland' so you have the Chance of 1 to 2 to say the right Word

  • sreenath vs
    sreenath vs 7 hours ago

    plze help me .my eye contact is losed how to solve the problem

  • razeeb Rahim
    razeeb Rahim 8 hours ago


  • razeeb Rahim
    razeeb Rahim 8 hours ago


  • Matthew Eden
    Matthew Eden 8 hours ago

    I'm going to try the red hammer on my mom XD let's see what happens

  • Sohbek
    Sohbek 9 hours ago

    I live in America. So when I need to cross a crowded room, I don' do some pansy ass psychology BS. I do the American thing. I pull out a gun and point it in the direction I want to go.

  • Sky Dee
    Sky Dee 10 hours ago

    i try this in the malay one is say flop 10 ...

  • Dragon Girl
    Dragon Girl 11 hours ago

    My sister tried the last trick on me a couple years back, and I answered her with VIOLET SCREWDRIVER, welp😂

  • M C
    M C 11 hours ago


  • braden mcintosh
    braden mcintosh 11 hours ago +1

    When she said "take a big, long yawn", I yawned for 30 seconds non stop and it is still going. Thanks talko, now I will never stop yawning.

  • Francisco Jimenez
    Francisco Jimenez 11 hours ago

    I attacked my sister by hitting her on the head bc she ate my pizza

  • Laxbros 88
    Laxbros 88 13 hours ago +1

    why would they say red hamer though

  • Sophie Smith
    Sophie Smith 13 hours ago

    my friends already believe that I read minds

  • Wrathtard
    Wrathtard 13 hours ago

    Got my wife with all of the "friend" ones, but she said "Pink Hammer" for the last one.

  • bleepbleep1961
    bleepbleep1961 14 hours ago

    I am sure glad that Karma is part of a
    psychology trick !!! 4:25

  • Joey Bullis
    Joey Bullis 14 hours ago

    5:24 That's awesome dude

  • Hamburger WiZuRd
    Hamburger WiZuRd 15 hours ago

    i tried the path trick at a party to go in the kitchen looking like moses clearing the red sea that made a giant path thanks

  • Andrew Goldberg
    Andrew Goldberg 15 hours ago

    I think that girl was making eye contact with me

  • Andrew Goldberg
    Andrew Goldberg 15 hours ago

    Any1 else yawn at the beginning?

  • Shekinah Caution
    Shekinah Caution 16 hours ago

    They did the rubber hand trick on Brain Games once.

  • RMWanime
    RMWanime 16 hours ago

    what is the name of that movie at 0:08 ?

  • Adam Mabry
    Adam Mabry 16 hours ago

    It work

  • CackMeistro
    CackMeistro 16 hours ago

    *The creators of TheTalko "hey The creators of TheRichest can I borrow your hw"
    *The creators of TheRichest "yeah just don't make it too obovious"

  • Chris Perkins
    Chris Perkins 16 hours ago

    I looked straight ahead Nd nobody moved, I walked right into a person

  • Jose Kazadi Junior
    Jose Kazadi Junior 16 hours ago

    I tried the "Part the Sea" trick, and I got tackled by the whole football team.

  • Alex Pacheco
    Alex Pacheco 17 hours ago

    i really liked that 1st one

  • AoE III
    AoE III 17 hours ago

    About the grey elephant trick. It wont work vs smart people with an IQ over 70 who attended Geography classes and know more than 2 countries

    • AoE III
      AoE III 10 hours ago

      Theres also an eagle or elk on e. I think you need to extend your vocabulary and read a few books because apparently you dont know jackshit about animals

    • Sightbride
      Sightbride 10 hours ago

      If it DOESN'T work on you then you might be the stupid one lol. The trick forces you into a 4, since the sum of all multiples of 9 are well, 9. So the trick forces you into 4, which equals D. The only European country that starts with D is Denmark (or Deutschland/Germany, if you want to try to be semantic), which means that you're forced into an E, which many people would immediately default to elephant and thus grey.

  • PrinceBex Games
    PrinceBex Games 17 hours ago

    if im in a fight and ur in my way eating im moving you out my way, lmao.

  • Ladavion Jones
    Ladavion Jones 17 hours ago

    My dick get more tricks than that opps i ment chicks 😂😂😂😂😂💦💦😂😂👌👆👌👆👆👌👆👌

  • Cheese Burger
    Cheese Burger 18 hours ago

    I tried the Red Hammer trick on 6 different people. None of them said red hammer. I call BS.

  • Krishna Plays
    Krishna Plays 18 hours ago

    i HAVE A Psychology Trick

    read more

  • Katherine Vallo
    Katherine Vallo 18 hours ago

    There is the Carrot trick to. You start by writing the word carrot on a piece of paper you ask several times different mathematical questions that will add up to 13 (At least a dozen times) then the last question is name a vegetable 98% of people will say carrot. When I those one done I was one of the 2% but when my ex did the same thing he answered carrot. It was a fun trick a friend did to demonstrate how the mind works. I said cucumber.

  • Joni osterback
    Joni osterback 18 hours ago +1

    instructions unclear, glued my dick to my toaster

  • Henry Clarke
    Henry Clarke 18 hours ago


  • Alex Nitsche
    Alex Nitsche 18 hours ago

    If one is a psychopath, they are immune to contagious yawning, or simply if someone is aware of contagious yawing they will know to a stop themselves.

  • Super Sisterz DJ
    Super Sisterz DJ 19 hours ago


  • Abigail Cardoso
    Abigail Cardoso 19 hours ago

    this was stupid

  • Brady Graco
    Brady Graco 19 hours ago

    I walked into a disabialed kid

  • zlkzak
    zlkzak 20 hours ago

    When I was a little boy I yawned at mass..
    The priest always yawned back!
    Now it makes sense😲

  • Mf 0228807647
    Mf 0228807647 20 hours ago

    I have a candyman effect

  • jess
    jess 20 hours ago

    It didnt work

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans 21 hour ago

    I've been attacked by seagulls whilst eating.

  • J U N I O R
    J U N I O R 21 hour ago

    I did the yawning thing last year in my english exam, and saw the evaluator began yawning too. This was after I believed she was staring at me. (I wasn't cheating honest ;)

  • kyle colley
    kyle colley 21 hour ago

    for the one where you ask for something ridiculously high, it's not that that feel bad but what's going through their head is " oh, that is only small" because their brain is comparing the two requests.

  • R3fug33
    R3fug33 22 hours ago

    the "snackman" effect. This pseudo-psychological effect that you just made up, has less to do with the fact that the man was eating and more to do with the fact that he is physically much bigger than the two people.

  • Soccer Player
    Soccer Player 23 hours ago

    I did red hammer and my mom said blue hammer, so close

  • Logan Flament
    Logan Flament 23 hours ago

    They said blue Hammer😂😂

  • Rab of Belfast
    Rab of Belfast 23 hours ago

    you lost me on the numbers and picking European countries etc ??? , and where the f**k am i going to buy a rubber hand ... decent enough ideas but way too much work :(

  • Team Lua
    Team Lua 23 hours ago

    in a party or crowed area just walk throught ppl and mumble while touching them

  • Jolol
    Jolol 23 hours ago

    Tried trick number 2 walking through a crowd while looking ahead of me. I tried to walk through a group of thugs on the street while they walked towards me. Turns out they did not even move got some ass woopin action.

  • thesuicidefox
    thesuicidefox 1 day ago

    I've use the "part the sea" one it really works. Makes you feel more confident too because you are walking with your head up.

  • Bejdza
    Bejdza 1 day ago

    Well you can avoid eye contact to show the person that you are not interested in their stupid stories

  • wingeddanny
    wingeddanny 1 day ago

    Hork Hork Hork, you eat soup with a ....?

  • WarCrafterz
    WarCrafterz 1 day ago

    The stop one failed

  • Darius Elliott
    Darius Elliott 1 day ago

    This chicks voice is annoying af

  • Elder Kenji
    Elder Kenji 1 day ago

    Woah I didn't know I had to watch where I walk

  • Ryan Krebs
    Ryan Krebs 1 day ago

    Great 👍

  • Amit Chavan
    Amit Chavan 1 day ago

    Me: Spell shop.
    Friend : Stop it already. I've seen that video twice

  • Manu Shapopi
    Manu Shapopi 1 day ago

    I just watch these to say, "That's a lie"

  • BlueSniper 1019
    BlueSniper 1019 1 day ago

    My sister said blue hoe. my friend said blue hammer

  • Sheikha Al Thani
    Sheikha Al Thani 1 day ago


  • KiLLA CAiN
    KiLLA CAiN 1 day ago

    4:01 LOL yup!

  • mm
    mm 1 day ago



  • mm
    mm 1 day ago

    don't click read more


  • Ali Abdullah
    Ali Abdullah 1 day ago

    Ayy Lmao

    *Read more*

  • Ali Abdullah
    Ali Abdullah 1 day ago


    *Read more*

  • Ali Abdullah
    Ali Abdullah 1 day ago

    Hello there

    *Read more*

  • Zayna Sayyed
    Zayna Sayyed 1 day ago

    My mom said Red Wrench

  • Jo Aldridge
    Jo Aldridge 1 day ago

    Well.. what I learnt from this video is that I"m in the 2 % of humans that think things through thoroughly.. And I learnt that most other people are genuinely not as odd as me but not as smart. I don't know how to feel about that.
    Thanks for this video?

  • Jo Aldridge
    Jo Aldridge 1 day ago

    Lol - Denmark Elephant Gray does NOT work on any person with an IQ of 100 or above
    I get things like Latvia, Jaguar, Jasper

  • Slayer DV
    Slayer DV 1 day ago

    Bruh 13s-17s was blank why tf did you put that

  • aidsjah
    aidsjah 1 day ago

    "This trick will work every time....Let us know if it worked in the comment section".. Dfuq?

  • Wilson McDaniel
    Wilson McDaniel 1 day ago

    i did the prime thing on my boi and he said "o u gay i would go on a green light"
    my other friend said "to you MOM" they were drunk...

  • SnowPlaysHQ
    SnowPlaysHQ 1 day ago

    Friend: What's 1+1?
    Me: 2
    Friend: What's 2+2?
    Me: 4
    Friend: What's 4+4?
    Me: 8
    Friend: What's 8+8?
    Me: 16
    Friend: Now name a Vegetable!-
    Me: Carrot!

    • SnowPlaysHQ
      SnowPlaysHQ 1 day ago

      Most likely their answer will be Carrot! Trust me! I've had several of subj-I mean 'Friends' that I've tried this on...

  • Sebastian Cordero
    Sebastian Cordero 1 day ago

    This video is stupid af and this commentator sounds even more like an idiot. More than halve of these aren't even psychological. WTF even is this. shit.

  • Icup
    Icup 1 day ago


  • cyberfennek
    cyberfennek 1 day ago

    the reason the fight stopped on the train was the snacks who wouldn't right ? :D

  • thandokuhle shabangu

    psychology, the dummest of them all

  • gatecrashermonkey hardstylz

    Yeah ...did the snackman trick today.....the fucktard grabbed my apple pie and used the foil to stab the other fucktard..yep really works!!

  • Patric Baumann
    Patric Baumann 1 day ago

    I got a grey hippo from Georgia

  • Black Dragon
    Black Dragon 1 day ago

    There's nothing...

    ....inside the room.

  • Franken Stein
    Franken Stein 1 day ago

    For that last trick I said orange hammer

  • Stefan Astl
    Stefan Astl 1 day ago

    the only rubber hand i could find was a fist

  • Giovanni Marchese
    Giovanni Marchese 1 day ago +1

    Where the scene at 00:08 is from?

  • Danica Oslund
    Danica Oslund 1 day ago

    Can someone please explain the red hammer trick? Thx

  • KekoTryhard
    KekoTryhard 1 day ago

    My mom doesn't know how to spell shop

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