Smartphone Awards 2016!

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  • Hugh Holmes
    Hugh Holmes 2 hours ago

    Number 2 should be the S7

  • Super Edgar
    Super Edgar 10 hours ago

    iPhone 7
    Google Pixel
    iPhone 7 Plus
    Google Pixel XL

  • Milad Alkhatib YA KHWAN

    samsung galaxy s7 has faster battery charging and you put apple iPhone 7?Do they pay you?

  • Marco Silva
    Marco Silva 3 days ago

    you forget xiaomi's :)

  • JappieMC
    JappieMC 3 days ago

    sturdiest goes to nokia 6

  • John Emmanuel Gaming

    lol they added the very first google flagship the nexus 1

  • omar ajraoui
    omar ajraoui 4 days ago

    if i am going with a budget phone untill that flagship one gets low prices and ill buy it

  • Death Dealer
    Death Dealer 4 days ago

    How many people really like the Galaxy S7 edge ? should i get one?

  • Sheraz hanif Sheraz Hanif

    Snmsung galaxy j1 or j5 2016 ?

  • The MineSaurus Rex
    The MineSaurus Rex 4 days ago

    Ok it’s final, I’m switching to android. IM GETTING A GOOGLE PIXEL!

  • AB Gamers
    AB Gamers 6 days ago

    S7 edge has a 3600 mah battery get a grip

  • Jared Cardenas
    Jared Cardenas 8 days ago

    Do a segment on storage!

  • Kevin Andreson
    Kevin Andreson 9 days ago

    According to marques buy one for camera buy one for speakers buy one for battery and so on......😓😓😓

  • Andro Don
    Andro Don 9 days ago

    Lo budget 😂

  • Marmota Café
    Marmota Café 10 days ago

    Honey the Xperia Z5 compact is around the same range as those two, it's cheaper, and waterproof with a headphone jack. In fact Sony was one of the pioneers of waterproof phones, I had mine way back in 2013.

  • Krishnaraj Thadesar
    Krishnaraj Thadesar 11 days ago

    You should check xiaomi out for budget and battery

  • Fucking on yo bitch ou im her dad

    I have 530$ (Canadian) from my birthday. Don't know what phone 2 get

  • Zoe Blum
    Zoe Blum 14 days ago

    Can someone plz tell me what the name of the phone is that's on the bottom right corner? It's gray and white and rlly skinny and it kinda looks like an iPhone SE but a lot bigger.

  • Faidon M.
    Faidon M. 14 days ago

    My favourite phone of these was the s7 edge, I love the styling and all BUT! I think you should have considered the galaxy j5 as a budget phone. I own one and it's pretty good. Other than that I agree with you that the pixel is one of the if not the greatest phone of 2016

  • Moises Perez
    Moises Perez 14 days ago

    give em out! except the Note 7

  • Sofia Ashley
    Sofia Ashley 14 days ago

    Is there O+ USA? :(

  • Keane Coquete
    Keane Coquete 16 days ago

    Nice to see the Pixel being praised I never see anybody with one probably getting one in 2 months

  • Muntasir Khan
    Muntasir Khan 16 days ago

    I know I am watching late but wher is the honor 8

  • Chakustaajabisha TV
    Chakustaajabisha TV 17 days ago +2

    Good smartphones are getting cheap, Cheap smartphones are getting good" - *Marques Brownlee* 🙄

  • Robi Parvez
    Robi Parvez 19 days ago

    nexus 6p is still the best

  • Hussein Khodor
    Hussein Khodor 19 days ago

    How did Galaxy S7 Edge not win best battery life

  • Hussein Khodor
    Hussein Khodor 19 days ago

    MVP:Galaxy s7 Edge

  • zpeachfuzz
    zpeachfuzz 19 days ago +1

    where is the galaxy s8? it's the best phone

    • Lucio Briones
      Lucio Briones 5 days ago

      This is 2016. S8 came out in 2017. Look at the date before commenting.

    • zpeachfuzz
      zpeachfuzz 16 days ago

      Cam ok faggot

    • KingLong
      KingLong 16 days ago

      zpeachfuzz it released this year dumbass

  • Yoboyking savage
    Yoboyking savage 20 days ago +1

    I wonder how much they all cost together

  • SmallBoy's Studios
    SmallBoy's Studios 20 days ago

    You forgot sound! The iphone 7 and 7 plus have amazing 3 stereo speakers making it the loudest till now! S8 should just bow to the iPhone 7 plus in terms of sound, camera and more!!!!

  • SmallBoy's Studios
    SmallBoy's Studios 20 days ago +1

    Wtf! Why isn't iPhone 7 plus the best in cameras! It has a dual lens with an amazing portrait mode and maintains the same clarity at 2× zoom! Dude it is the greatest of 2016!

  • Gutter_izz_A_G0DD3ST Xx

    Could you possibly do a Q3 2017 smartphone awards

  • Seth Quinn
    Seth Quinn 21 day ago

    whats the second song in the vid

  • juan Felipe Devia Beltrán

    hey I believe Xperia has the best camera, why it didn't make the list?

  • Some meme
    Some meme 21 day ago

    LG g5 should be an honerable mention for good battery. You can swap the battery throughout the day.

  • Gaming_Naruto
    Gaming_Naruto 21 day ago

    How could you pay for all those phones😱

  • Jatin Kumar
    Jatin Kumar 21 day ago

    You have not shown half of the phones

  • toasty boi
    toasty boi 23 days ago

    my phone just died as in it wont turn on so im using my laptop

  • DhrubRaj Giri
    DhrubRaj Giri 24 days ago

    its seems to have too many phone with you so are you thinking of giving any of phone to anyone. if ye give it to me

  • Shubham Chowdhury
    Shubham Chowdhury 24 days ago

    Pls make one more video of Best Phones Till July 2017

  • Ben G
    Ben G 24 days ago

    HTC Desire 530 is a very good, budget phone at only £150 and trust me, its very good for the money.

  • Hillary Saved
    Hillary Saved 24 days ago

    mkbhd big fan... noticed you didn't mention a Sony in your camera review. are they really no match?

  • Mohsin Nadeem
    Mohsin Nadeem 24 days ago

    And where is honor 8

  • Dondi Froilan
    Dondi Froilan 25 days ago

    I didnt expect you skip Mate 9 4000 mAh. One of the long battery standby time of 2016

  • Chris Toft
    Chris Toft 25 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that he should have done a " best school phones" in this vid???

  • Bachir Miah
    Bachir Miah 26 days ago

    Fake mobiles

  • Lassi Pitkänen
    Lassi Pitkänen 26 days ago

    How about Oukatel K10000 229€ 10 000 mAh battery

  • Riasat202
    Riasat202 27 days ago

    Best camera without OIS? Seriously?

  • 420 kid
    420 kid 27 days ago

    Fuck apple

  • ahmed kijan
    ahmed kijan 28 days ago

    Honor 8 duuuuude where is it ????

  • علاء السعـــداوي

    What about Lenovo K6 Note?! It has 4000mAh battery.

  • Usmaan Chaudhary
    Usmaan Chaudhary 29 days ago +1

    this guy was TOO BIASED on the google pixel/xl!!!!!!!

    • Usmaan Chaudhary
      Usmaan Chaudhary 25 days ago

      yeah. but if he wanted to name off all the good things about the pixel then he should've just made a separate video on the google pixel. he obviously just wanted the google pixel to be the winner

    • Mr. L
      Mr. L 25 days ago

      I'd guess simply because it's the newest. It came out a few months after the competition like iPhone or Galaxy S7, so he'd been using it a ton and stuff just because it's new, giving him a natural, unintentional bias.

    • Usmaan Chaudhary
      Usmaan Chaudhary 28 days ago

      boy shut your little ass up

    HMD CMA Month ago

    Should I buy iphone 7(not plus) or samsung galaxy s7 edge or google pixel (not Xl)

  • Dildo
    Dildo Month ago

    I love this video for some reason even tho its old

  • nitai sonnenfeld
    nitai sonnenfeld Month ago

    the 3t is one of the best smartphones

  • Matthew EverythingGaming

    Yeah way to completely disregard the iPhone SE. Good job....

  • Aiman Kabir
    Aiman Kabir Month ago

    for free plzz

  • Aiman Kabir
    Aiman Kabir Month ago

    Brownlee can u give me a iphone 7 😞😖

  • Siyanda Makhathini
    Siyanda Makhathini Month ago

    Marques Brownlee stop fighting with your barber

  • Rana Ubaid
    Rana Ubaid Month ago

    bitch s7 edge battery is better than iPhone 7 , Google pixel and moto

  • Ian LeWarn
    Ian LeWarn Month ago

    Says average screen size is 4-4.5 inches and then shows phone with 4.7 inch display (iPhone 7) as "compact"

  • Faiyaz Ahmed
    Faiyaz Ahmed Month ago

    17:05 anybody else notice that faint whistle in the background? 😂

  • Nicholas Nash
    Nicholas Nash Month ago

    LG X Power has a 4100 mah battery and is an amazing budget device for about $150 CAD

  • Daniel Cheval- Blanc

    why you put note7 in this video !!!! it's the baddest smartphone of these last years

  • Teresa King
    Teresa King Month ago

    your the phone reviewer who says these things nobody picks these phones 😂😂

  • Vedailota Official
    Vedailota Official Month ago


  • CockatooDude
    CockatooDude Month ago

    Talks about big phones, yet doesn't include anything with a larger than 6 inch screen.

  • BLACK studios
    BLACK studios Month ago

    give me one phone bro

  • L_M_T Gaming
    L_M_T Gaming Month ago

    I now prefer using IOS than Android

  • L_M_T Gaming
    L_M_T Gaming Month ago

    Best phone of all on the tables are definitely
    For my opinion the Iphone 7 ! !

  • Hyperflee
    Hyperflee Month ago

    How the fuck is the lg v20 not in the best cameras? The iPhone 7? Wtf

  • Shehroz Maher
    Shehroz Maher Month ago

    s7 edge is overall best phone on 2k16

  • Vishal Devgire
    Vishal Devgire Month ago

    CIA revealed that Galaxy S7s traveled to Pakistan before their deployment to the customers.. and also they shouted Allahu Akbar before exploding.

  • julio Ivan Martinez

    please me

  • Ash Greninja
    Ash Greninja Month ago

    The note 7 just launched

  • Matt Tyler
    Matt Tyler Month ago

    Moto z I can honestly say that I couldn't live without the mods having that much ease using the speaker charging the phone with incipio mod I love them. not to mention the projector and camera mods. and the shells being able to change the look of your phone in a second.

  • Prabhat Rabari
    Prabhat Rabari Month ago

    in a battery smartphone no1 is s7 edge better than all

  • N4FZ Gold N
    N4FZ Gold N Month ago


  • kooper dooper
    kooper dooper Month ago

    why does he have all of these phones if he only picks the iPhone 7 plus and the Google pixel and all these phones we already know

  • جيك انفو | Geek Info

    that's cool

  • Nikayla Ulysse
    Nikayla Ulysse Month ago

    phones yes

  • Mohammed Abrar
    Mohammed Abrar Month ago

    mvp made me happy' :)

  • eshayzcunt
    eshayzcunt Month ago

    what game is on the iphone at 16:42

  • Occult Gabe666
    Occult Gabe666 Month ago

    well i just bought a Xiaomi Mi Mix 256 GB and 18k version. i hope i love it :-)

  • Illegal Seagull
    Illegal Seagull Month ago

    This video was made a year ago and no one will se this comment, but I'll say it anyway. You, reading this today, could you please tell me if the Nextbit Robin would fit in my 11 year old hands?

  • WalleyedArc 6325
    WalleyedArc 6325 Month ago

    How has the S7 not blown up?

  • Vidoje Raketic
    Vidoje Raketic Month ago

    best phone of 2016 definitely not iPhone 7 plus Galaxy S7 Edge is the best!!!

  • Kushagra Shukla
    Kushagra Shukla Month ago

    iPhone se??

  • DGJ P
    DGJ P Month ago


  • Jasim Jamal
    Jasim Jamal Month ago

    even the cheap phones r there
    but where is Honor 8

  • Official fuze
    Official fuze Month ago

    Wait buh... iPhone se?

  • 2 Lex
    2 Lex Month ago +1

    how does the moto z win over the xiaomi redmi note 4? moto z 6 hours screen time redmi note 4 9 hours screen time...

    • Packs
      Packs Month ago

      2 Lex or Lenovo p2, 11 hours +

  • Pratik Thakur
    Pratik Thakur Month ago

    Quote me.... 'the most beautiful phone of 2017' will be the "GALAXY S8"(or note 8, if it is released soon enough). The best built will also go to the S8. It'll also get the best camera (or aleast an honourable mention). Maybe the best phone of the year could also go to the same.

  • Le Beauf
    Le Beauf Month ago

    what do you think the z5 in 2017, should i buy?

  • Camden Wetherell
    Camden Wetherell Month ago

    Great intro.

  • Rani Dubey
    Rani Dubey Month ago +1

    no one can beat Samsung galaxy S7 edge

  • Atika Yamin
    Atika Yamin Month ago

    and i really want to thank you because u made the same video in 2015
    i bought my baby nexus 6p . almost 2 years i am using it without any problem . i drop it very often.
    and u made me take the best decision . and i really love my phone. thanks a lot <3

  • matthew elsiray
    matthew elsiray Month ago

    i thought for big phones he would have put one of the mate phones.

  • Rollyz
    Rollyz Month ago

    If those were the smartphones of 2016, i wonder what smartphones will be like in 2116.

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