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    Hey I already made two videos this week so Ben made this one. It's about Indiana Jones 5. The title and thumbnail also hints at that.

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  • Runtime: 6:41
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Comments: 701

  • Green Whovian
    Green Whovian 2 days ago

    How to Make Indiana Jones 5; don't.

  • SmugOnzie gaming
    SmugOnzie gaming 3 days ago

    war horse was brilliant I thought

  • Gage Keller
    Gage Keller 6 days ago

    I have a great idea for a starwars film. So what we do is call it (star wars) Han Solo ghost adventures, and all it is is indiana jones raiders of the lost ark, with a blue tint over every scene harrison ford is in. The production company can thank me later.

  • Man of Steel
    Man of Steel 7 days ago

    I trust Steven Spielberg. The BFG, Bridge of Spies, The Adventures of Tintin were all epic. Ready Player One will be fuckin spectacular. I'm definitely sure he'll make a really awesome Indiana Jones movie. Spielberg hadn't lost his touch. He's getting way better with each movie.

  • Luc Alberts
    Luc Alberts 7 days ago

    They need to cast some better lesser known talent instead of the all star cast thing like they did with crystal skull. And not make everything look so ridiculous the cinematography was just gave me a massive head ache with that movie.

  • aggregatejeff
    aggregatejeff 9 days ago

    I expected the clip to be just one of them saying" how to make Indiana jones 5. Don't " and the video is ended

  • Matthew Wilcox
    Matthew Wilcox 16 days ago

    Indiana jones is just a retired professor with a cane and such. He is just living his life out normally when a young archeologist who is working for the government (basically a young Indy) asks him to come help him find before terrorists an ancient artifacts to rule mankind. They start out on this adventure and end up at some point encountering a terrorist group. His military escort is killed as well as the other archeologist. Well all hope seems lost he pulls his old whip out of the cane and makes one last stand. As he is making his last stand you see helicopters coming through the horizon when you see Indy be shot. Then it cuts in and out of a hospital. Indy wakes up however in a new body. When he wakes he sees his old body dies. It is explained that he was saved by a branch of the us government that deals with ancient lore and such. They reveal that they needed him because he is the knowledgeable about the topic he continues on his quest and find the mythical item. When he reaches it he finds out that the us government branch he was working for was secretly infiltrated by nazis to extract revenge on the us government. Indy ends up escaping and defeating both the government and the terrorist at the item. Throughout the movie after the body switch you also have a emotional moments of his loved ones rejecting him and him blaming himself. This also sets up future Indiana jones with a new actor and anew enemy instead of nazis

  • DwRockett
    DwRockett 19 days ago

    You can't just assume Lincoln isn't good without seeing it (It's a great film. Also, I don't mean this as a personal attack)

  • Cool car 161
    Cool car 161 19 days ago

    This idea sounds awful

  • sandcross69
    sandcross69 22 days ago

    You realize Mason could kick mr. Sunday movies his ass right mr. Sunday movies has a gun Mason has The Infinity Gauntlet oh man I hope he doesn't see this and try to take over the podcast

  • simonnaylor
    simonnaylor 23 days ago

    Great to hear you guys speak out about how the media misrepresents Russians. As a Canadian, I consider all people my brothers in sisters and lots of love for the Russian people! Not so much love for the Nazis. Yes, keep Labluff out of it!

  • simonnaylor
    simonnaylor 23 days ago

    Make it set before the Crystal stinking Skull and all will be good.

  • Harleylover14
    Harleylover14 27 days ago

    I'd watch it.

  • rgerber
    rgerber 28 days ago

    They still havent made a modern-day spy/adventurer memorably charakter who smokes e-cigarettes and makes it look cool. Thats how denial Hollywood is.

  • Robert T
    Robert T Month ago

    Just don't make an Indy 5.

  • travelsonic
    travelsonic Month ago

    IMO, an Indy 5 can be done, but they need, **at least in part**, writers who deeply understand the nuances, aspects, the combination of comedy, action, romance, mystery, adventure, and wit that made the original trilogy good. One thing that bugged me about 4 was how some of it just felt forced, and hurried along, as well as all the throwbacks just jammed in there.

  • 98JSB
    98JSB Month ago +1

    What do you mean Speilberg can't do swashbuckling adventure anymore? Have you seen TinTin? That was pretty much Indiana Jones 5 and it was fantastic!

  • jedgreen
    jedgreen Month ago +1

    I'd prefer to have Indiana Jones investigating (Sherlock Holmes style) about some lovecraftian things. It would suit Ford's age better. The actions scenes could be resolved more like Sean Connery did in Crusade: using his brain instead of his muscles. That would be a nice arc for the character. I guess the movie would need some younger actor or actress to please all audiences, but honestly I'd prefer to have Indiana Jones resolving the problems himself.

  • Luc Alberts
    Luc Alberts Month ago

    Very simply...... you don't do it.

  • Moonbeen29
    Moonbeen29 Month ago +2

    Just get rid of the latest Indiana Jones (Forgot Name), sorta like Jurrasic World

  • FX Lord
    FX Lord Month ago

    Honestly... Despite being the biggest Indiana Jones fan (not to mention Spielberg fan) I don't want to see another film in the series. I'm sorry that I ever wanted one after The Last Crusade frankly. I think all Kingdom of the Crystal Skull did is what Pirates 4 did to that franchise, diluted the concept and make it seem more trivial and less particular.

    I can't see how they can avoid that, particularly with that hack David Koepp writing again (seriously, he is the problem with most modern Spielberg films to me). What's wrong with Lawrence Kasdan? He wrote the first script! Why isn't he being asked to write it? I might be swayed to the idea of a fifth film if he were writing it. Alas I have grown to hate Koepp with a passion. He includes set-ups to things that are never shown, so they're not really set-up and come off as contrived.

    Examples: In Jurassic Park Lex is really good with computers (she knows what a 'CD-Rom' is and she says, 'I'm a hacker'). In The Lost World Kelly is really good at gymnastics (they mention her gymnastics in an argument earlier in the film). In The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Mutt is great at fencing (he mentions it in passing when he's talking about 'fancy prep schools'). Am I the only person who sees this pattern?

    Get rid of Koepp, replace him with Kasdan, and we might just get a decent film. With Koepp there isn't a chance.

  • made4change
    made4change Month ago

    i know how to

    dont make one at all

  • Karl Karlos
    Karl Karlos Month ago

    Well, that are 6 minutes I will never get back. Most obnoxious and uninformed channel I came across in a while.

  • Purefoldnz
    Purefoldnz 2 months ago

    INDIANA JONES 5: Indy suits up for another adventure! He watches Wheel of Fortune on repeat while waiting for meals on wheels to deliver his dinner at 4:30pm sharp.

  • F Cawley
    F Cawley 2 months ago

    short round should be glenn from the walking dead

  • F Cawley
    F Cawley 2 months ago

    short round should return and take the hat

  • Legendary Cj
    Legendary Cj 2 months ago +1


  • Wolf ofDimensions
    Wolf ofDimensions 2 months ago

    Fast and furious? Really? Your going with that for Indiana jones? That's really what your going with? Like. REALLY?

  • LinkMarioSamus
    LinkMarioSamus 2 months ago

    This was pretty cool.

  • HooliganMovement
    HooliganMovement 2 months ago

    Whatever they do can't be worse than Nic Cage cosplaying as Indy in the National Treasure "franchise". And I like Chris Pratt. And the Nazi's are still around because it's 2017 America. 😂😂😂😂

  • 1993DJC
    1993DJC 2 months ago

    I'm going to be honest. I'd much rather pretend that The Crystal Skull and Indiana Jones 5 don't exist. The series ended at the end of The Last Crusade. Much like how we all accept that the Star Wars [Retracted] Trilogy was never made.

  • XviD
    XviD 2 months ago

    If you're going to make a new Indiana Jones movie for this generation, then do a reboot with a new actor. Ford has gotten too old and doesn't seem to care anymore. Indiana Jones could be fighting Isis in some way.

  • Thomas Shaughnessy
    Thomas Shaughnessy 2 months ago

    Indiana Jones 5
    Set in 1971
    Indiana is retired and lives with his wife, and his daughter.
    His son henry is fresh from the Vietnam war.Henry lives with his wife and son.
    We meet Indiana's eldest son James who is a ww2 veteran and detective.James is investigating the death of Sallah.
    we learn that someone has stolen the ark of the covenant.The same one that Indy had locked up in 1936.
    Indy loses his eye in the movie and peacefully retires for good.
    James can be played by Eric Balfour.
    Henry can be played by Scott Eastwood.
    Susan Jones can be played by Kaitlyn Dever

  • Jameson Weaver
    Jameson Weaver 2 months ago

    You've done it!

  • Paul Singam
    Paul Singam 2 months ago

    Pending title:'Indiana Jones & the Colostomy Bag of Doom'

  • 1894db
    1894db 2 months ago

    Guys, your old Vs young idea was done in The Mummy 3

  • danteelite
    danteelite 2 months ago

    Steve Yuen as an older Shortround!
    "Okie dokie mista Jones! :D " He could totally do it!..

  • V G
    V G 2 months ago

    They are making an Uncharted movie with Tom (spiderman)

  • Conor Doyle
    Conor Doyle 3 months ago

    How about just, like, don't?

  • Austin Ernst
    Austin Ernst 3 months ago +1

    fuck reboots remakes and unwanted sequels! Goddamn hollywood we want something new, original, & fresh! SMFH

  • simonnaylor
    simonnaylor 3 months ago

    Set Indy 5 before the last one. The first films jumped around in age. Make a great one. No Lebeuf, no old Marion, no suck!

  • Chris L
    Chris L 3 months ago +1

    what about a Chris Evans type?

  • John Coe
    John Coe 3 months ago

    The relic the movie is centered around? THE SPEAR OF DESTINY, obviously. Or maybe the Horn of Jericho? Something Biblical...... And since there's always a thematic tie-in to Indy's journey in the movies centered around Christian theology, I guess the destructive power of the Spear of Destiny could link to Indy's impending mortality? But if that's true, then he should probably die during the film.....

  • Batman OP
    Batman OP 3 months ago

    I'm optimistic for one simple reason. These movies have had a set pattern:

    Indiana Jones 1: Good.
    Indiana Jones 2: Bad.
    Indiana Jones 3: Great.
    Indiana Jones 4: Awful.

    Clearly, every time a new odd numbered film comes out it will be superior to anything that has come out before. The only downside is that we have to sit through a progressively worse even numbered film to get to it.

  • Bryan Sith'ari
    Bryan Sith'ari 3 months ago

    Personally I felt the franchise should go the way of Bond. Recast Indy and keep it set during WWII. But so far the Studio says HF is the only Indiana Jones. So I don't know. Crystal Skull was too far out there for me.

  • Wat Tambor
    Wat Tambor 3 months ago +2

    Indiana Jones Dead Men Tell No Tales, wait, that's from a different adventure series that dosen't need a fifth movie

  • Alexander Stojanow
    Alexander Stojanow 3 months ago

    I really wish they do a indy film now. with a really old indy, who has outlived out his friends. which would make sense since he drank from the Holy grail.

  • sean rogers
    sean rogers 3 months ago

    Not defending anybody's view points, but technically Richard Spencer is an alt-right guy or white nationalist, not a neo-Nazi. The key difference being the white nationalist guys want to peacefully persuade everyone to live amongst their own races. Not that I think that's particularly good, but I don't like it when people are labeled as something they're not. But then again, this is Mr. Sunday Movies, who in addition to probably not giving a crap about that at baseline, is also Australian.

  • Calvin S
    Calvin S 3 months ago

    Hey! Can you make video like this for the new Venom movie? How could a film like that work without Spider-Man?

  • Jiggerman 22
    Jiggerman 22 3 months ago

    I wish Harrison Ford could live forever

  • Bladesaw
    Bladesaw 3 months ago

    should be like in china japan that area

  • The Man With a Plan
    The Man With a Plan 3 months ago

    Make it like the new Star Trek was made where they got a new Spock and they kept the old Spock in the same universe. Use Chris Pratt as the new Indy and have Harrison Ford in there as well.

  • V M E X
    V M E X 3 months ago

    Very Pleasant Talk Here. Good Job Guys

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka 3 months ago

    How to make Indy 5..... don't.

  • RhiscFactor
    RhiscFactor 3 months ago

    Given this some thought. The comment that Chris Pratt is over-franchised is very true now. I just don't see him as Indy anymore. Jurassic 3 probably did it. So, in casting an heir apparent, the actor has to be 'swashbuckling' and masculine like Ford. Sooooooo many of these current actors are too prettyboy-ish. Not actual athletes like Ford (he was a stuntman, remember), not unapologetically manly like Ford. They spent so much effort to set up Shia as the Next in Indy 4, it's hard to see them dismantling him. But Shia is so weird that he is unlikeable. He's also only marginally athletic, and not manly (although not prettyboy-ish either). I've come up with two potential scenarios. First, it is very interesting that a lot of commenters are calling for a return of Shortround. Gotta admit, this seems right and corrective. Ford would work with an Asian heir apparent because he is decidedly different and not trying to be another Ford. The other thing is, you can bet that Ford wants to die as Indy. Perhaps take them on a grown-up adventure, where yes, Indy dies, or chooses to leap into a dimensional rift or something, sacrificing himself to save the day. At the end of the film, have Shortround assume the name of Indiana Jones. Do one or two more films with him at the helm, and then reboot the franchise back to a young, caucasian actor playing Indy. That's idea #1. Idea #2 takes from the good 70/30 idea. But instead of de-aging, have a young actor playing Indy. MAke the movie 50-50 or even 40-60 towards him. Have Ford passionately talking, decoding, deciphering in his office and elsewhere to an unseen person about the artifact at hand and how to obtain it. Have the young actor, only called "Jones" in his scenes of adventure, living out Ford's instructions. Finally, have a reveal that the person Ford is talking to is the young Jones. In order to get this crucial, world-saving artifact, they travel to a location, fight their way in (giving Ford his required action), and young Jones steps through a portal, sending him back to his dimension. He is the Indiana Jones of that dimension. They introduced DIMENSIONAL travel in Indy 4. That dimension is identical in timeline to this one, not super sci fi or something. Just with different people in the character places. Therefore, everyone can be re-cast, Ford keeps his legacy--he remains alive in his timeline, and new adventures can be gone after in the near future. Plus, you never know when Ford sticks his head back in for a future cameo, as long as he is alive and well (in the real world).

  • smokebomb.exe
    smokebomb.exe 3 months ago

    Lin or Wan? Holy fuck I hope you two are joking.

  • Phil Verhey
    Phil Verhey 3 months ago

    Step 1: Have nothing to do with, absolutely ZERO influence on or any possible future (alternate or not) connection to the production of Indy 5.


  • robinjava
    robinjava 3 months ago

    Is Mr Sunday Movies my favourite YouTuber? Probably. Will Indy 5 be any good? Maybe. Will I see it anyway? Absabloodyloutely!

  • Ryan Corbin
    Ryan Corbin 3 months ago

    Indy 4 sucked..let the franchise die.. or recast Indy they should have done in SW.. horrible seeing these old actors trying to play parts they haven't played in 30 years.

  • Justin Vance
    Justin Vance 3 months ago

    Washington I'm crying

  • Nerd YouTube
    Nerd YouTube 3 months ago

    Maybe he'll come to Australia and give the Daily Planet a bloody good hello

  • Sleepy Cerberus
    Sleepy Cerberus 3 months ago +2

    How to make Indiana Jones 5. Make it GREAT!!!! And give a proper sendoff to One of Hollywood's greats, Harrison Ford. How to make more money and more films after? Cast Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, or Chris Pine, Preferably Chris Pratt, as the new Indiana jones and have him go on new adventures instead of remaking the classics.

  • Willy's Reviews and More

    I'm sorry but your pitch sucks. Why not just remake the 4th movie and pretend like Crystal Skull never happened?

  • Ian Babcock
    Ian Babcock 3 months ago

    What they should do is start off with a WWII sequence of Indy's time in Germany as an OSS agent. Then time jump to the 60's and a student (or former student or assistant) of Indy finds out that a Nazi baddie that Indy knew from WWII is back and gathering mystical objects that do bad things. The usual shenanigans follows suit.

  • The_Son_of_Al
    The_Son_of_Al 3 months ago

    Harrison Ford should remake every film series he's ever made just to kill his characters, getting gutted by his character's child.... That would be epic

  • fishbot
    fishbot 3 months ago

    nuke more friges

    mrROBOGUTS 3 months ago

    i think it would be cool to have that young adventurer be shortround.

  • HampireHunter
    HampireHunter 3 months ago

    I would like to see the one story when he loses his eye.

  • Brandon Choate
    Brandon Choate 3 months ago

    Well Ideally the 4th movie would've passed the torch on to Indy Jr the second. But Shia Lebouf can't carry an entire movie, and he's largely retired from movies in favor of playing capture the flag with internet morons.

  • Cheddah C
    Cheddah C 3 months ago

    Plz dont involve chris, i dont rate him as an actor. I'd rather have gosling, tom hardy, or someone else tbh to be the new indiana

  • Caleb Lambright
    Caleb Lambright 3 months ago +6

    How about No shit outside the Bible. The two good films had Bible Jesus cup and Ark of the covenant of Yahweh. Not aliens or myans Diamonds of Asians emperorsor Shit from atlantas or stones of kali. Sighhh. At least the cross of Coronado was a cross. Biblical. End of

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard 3 months ago


  • Tom Dunn
    Tom Dunn 3 months ago

    Parallel story's running side by side but recast the young indy and cgi slightly like they did with JGL in 'looper' making him look like bruce willis. And the younger indy should be bradley copper

  • CaptainMyCaptain
    CaptainMyCaptain 3 months ago

    Indiana Jones 5: He will not divide us. Get some Jaden Smith in there. Maybe some Shia in the background lurking eating hamburgers, like Jar Jar Binks in attack of the Clones or something. He gets a line or two and is told to shut up by oh I dunno, an Olsen twin.

    No really i say don't make it. And instead unmake the last film. God that movie was awful.

  • saint nic cage
    saint nic cage 3 months ago

    the fact they run right to chris pratt shows they know sod all about Indiana jones....other than looking good as the character, chris pratt is miles a good cast....same as charlie hummer dude as green arrow.

  • Joshua Larsen-Bradford
    Joshua Larsen-Bradford 3 months ago

    he hears about a group of adventurers who have kinda taken over the mantle played by brendan fraiser, chris pratt and nathan fillion and then he finds out the leader is the asian kid from temple of doom. They team up to take down someone in a good old classic adventure. also shia is there, i think he can do alright given the right director.

  • jblue1622
    jblue1622 3 months ago

    I will sit through a 15 sec or 20 sec commercial but I will not tolerate these stupid Alexa commercials, dammit Amazon don't make me convince my mother to get rid of her Amazon prime!!!! ;P

  • Mary Cox
    Mary Cox 3 months ago

    I love their idea for Indiana Jones 5!

  • Dirk1nator !
    Dirk1nator ! 3 months ago

    Indiana Jones finds the last infinity stone

  • JJnoodles.1 hg
    JJnoodles.1 hg 3 months ago

    cheeseballs are pretty great

  • Michael Brezette
    Michael Brezette 3 months ago

    The question posed: what should the movie be? How about just good. The last one did jump the shark adding the son thing and have Indy get married and the alien thing. Needs to be more grounded than supernatural. They already did the past affecting the future scenario with Indy 3. Hopefully they just have a nice gritty adventure. The last one was just too clean.

  • Victorious Leigh
    Victorious Leigh 3 months ago

    Heath ledger could've been young Indiana

  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker 3 months ago

    your vids suck, your voice is so freaking annoying, seriously just shut your loud face up!

  • Super Sanity
    Super Sanity 3 months ago

    Indy's son joins the Nazis to honor his grandfather and becomes super good at being a Nazi and then kills Indy on a bridge while Marion, Shortround, and Chewbaca look on helplessly.

  • Andy Knudsen
    Andy Knudsen 3 months ago

    What I would like is for it to be nothing like the last.... Jesus, was that a kick to the nuts while simultaneously getting hit in the face with a bat

  • J.A.B. Productions
    J.A.B. Productions 3 months ago

    Temple of doom came out in 1984 not 1994

  • Lone Wanderer
    Lone Wanderer 3 months ago

    How about recasting Mutt Williams? I'd replace Shia LeBouf with Andrew Garfield

  • Adam Grennan
    Adam Grennan 3 months ago

    I would kind of like to see Shia Lebuof return

  • rollercoasterfan2000
    rollercoasterfan2000 3 months ago

    Get JJ Abrems to direct. He's proven he can bring back old franchizes well.

  • Morgan Hanshaw
    Morgan Hanshaw 3 months ago

    I want to see them market it completely as an Indiana jones film. AND THEN THEY PULL THE TWIST NOONE SAW COMING AND ITS ACTUALLY AN UNCHARTED MOVIE STARRING Nathan Fillion. What a, what a bloody twist mate

  • Trevian20
    Trevian20 3 months ago

    They must deage him if they want this to be intriguing at all. Also the macguffin of choice should be the shroud of turin.

  • Vademeer
    Vademeer 3 months ago +5

    They should just do what they did with Creed. Start a new franchise in the same universe. Name it after the new adventurer and have Indy in a supporting role. Then develop your own franchise around that. Instant cash in pocket you Hollywood big wigs.

  • WhiskeyBrewer
    WhiskeyBrewer 3 months ago

    They should just do/redo Chris Columbus's Monkey King script lol

  • Mark Phillips
    Mark Phillips 3 months ago

    I discovered this channel about two weeks ago and have been binge watching it ever since. This is my new favorite thing.

  • Tyler Eschberger
    Tyler Eschberger 3 months ago

    I like Indy 4. A lot.

  • Old Time
    Old Time 3 months ago

    Harrison Ford had Han Solo killed, I'll be damned if I see this movie!

  • DJSiQRiQ
    DJSiQRiQ 3 months ago

    This dudes hella rasict - Done with this channel

  • CoreyDoIron
    CoreyDoIron 3 months ago

    I like the split idea, but only if the Macguffin they're chasing puts them it the same time and space. Wise Indy coaches young Indy and he avoids the mistakes of the past.

  • Carlos Gallon
    Carlos Gallon 3 months ago


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