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  • Abdel geedi
    Abdel geedi 1 hour ago +1

    Gordon Ramsey. might. be a. good chef but he will never. every. in a 100000000000000 years. he sorry I mean she whont. be a good teacher. fuck you Gordon Ramsey. you can own all the cars and mansion you want but your still a shity little. low life bitch who makes expensive for for a living your mom must be soooo dam proud. you cunt.

  • Sébastien Lemieux
    Sébastien Lemieux 2 hours ago

    Was going trough #2 and forgot where I was in the video... then #1 poped and I said to myself "shit, there is a worse meltdown???"

  • Dolphin Person
    Dolphin Person 2 hours ago

    I was about to throw up after dis

  • mad kobra
    mad kobra 3 hours ago

    "you french pig" oh shit he just went there

  • 이나아ᅡ
    이나아ᅡ 5 hours ago


  • greek poke fans
    greek poke fans 9 hours ago

    Hey he is talking about old food but does anyone know that the water that we drink is some billion years old

    YVNG RVT 23 hours ago

    "Ground beef? Half of it's fucking fat, you idiot! It's fatter than you!"

    God, I love Gordon Ramsay's roasts.

  • Adnan Nasution
    Adnan Nasution 1 day ago

    5:09 its fatter than you 😂😂😂

  • Daddu Gaming
    Daddu Gaming 1 day ago

    i love that out of all the words Gordan says the only word which is censored is c*nt

  • Lol lol
    Lol lol 1 day ago

    "If its your fucking kitchen, then clean it you lazy BEEP" they never censored Fucking which can only mean he said Cunt since Americans think its the worst word ever said

  • Meem Trash
    Meem Trash 1 day ago

    "SMELL IT!!"

  • Calvin Candie
    Calvin Candie 1 day ago

    "It's fatter than you!"

  • Vojin Pejčinović
    Vojin Pejčinović 1 day ago

    THATS ARTICHOKE?? MORE LIKE SOMEONES GONNA ARTICHOKE ON THAT!!! i activated my inner gordon ramsay

  • Lúcio
    Lúcio 2 days ago

    Why make something that day *lie* and won't serve it to the public?

  • Mason White
    Mason White 2 days ago

    Mold takes time to grow u stupid short haired cunt.

  • Mars
    Mars 2 days ago

    Why is no one laughing about "You're so in denial you need therapy!"

  • Looney Bird
    Looney Bird 2 days ago

    "You're in denial!"
    "I'm not in denial!"

  • Hugo Bogaart
    Hugo Bogaart 2 days ago

    People call him an asshole but I actually agree with most things he says

  • Meth head Aleks
    Meth head Aleks 3 days ago

    I'm triggered, why the fuck did they bleep out "lazy fucks" at the very end, it doesn't make any sense.

  • Jose Simbulan
    Jose Simbulan 3 days ago

    "looks like meat thrown in a pan." lol he's right but dam that's funny 😂

  • Jeremy Adu
    Jeremy Adu 4 days ago

    Thats been there since Thanksgiving......Its July!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Holly
    Holly 4 days ago

    dhat mae4l

  • Ashley The Witch
    Ashley The Witch 4 days ago

    "They're moldy you pillock!"

  • Dylan howard
    Dylan howard 4 days ago

    Wtfs a Pillock?

  • ValcorTheConqueror
    ValcorTheConqueror 4 days ago +1

    Michael is such a smug prick!

  • DEUS47r budkrew
    DEUS47r budkrew 5 days ago

    "Bloody hells bells" hahaha dead! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jessica Losacco
    Jessica Losacco 5 days ago


  • Marvin Aroban
    Marvin Aroban 5 days ago

    if i were gordon im gonna beat the shit of that little bald fag with a beard

  • AgentOcelot YT
    AgentOcelot YT 5 days ago

    I just love, how he insults everyone.
    Yet, he doesn't get in trouble for Harassment.

  • Will Geschke
    Will Geschke 5 days ago

    i lost my shit when i saw the ground beef

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez 5 days ago

    *That's fuckin older then me*

  • jasmine u
    jasmine u 5 days ago


  • Gamer340
    Gamer340 5 days ago

    You know its bad when they censor a word on the YouTube channel. (1#)

  • Imooogi
    Imooogi 6 days ago

    "I wouldn't trust you to run a bath, let alone a restaurant!!"

  • TheUKNutter
    TheUKNutter 6 days ago

    The way he said "They're mouldy, you _PILLOCK_" was perfect.

  • TheHarshApe
    TheHarshApe 6 days ago

    You french pig

    THE BIG FELLAS 7 days ago

    What episode is the number two spot I want to watch it

  • Musa Hassan
    Musa Hassan 7 days ago

    Wtf is that 2:07 ?

  • A Burrito
    A Burrito 7 days ago

    not even lying i can smell that shit from here

  • Kevin Hanna
    Kevin Hanna 7 days ago

    why you throw my lemons

  • digital druglord
    digital druglord 7 days ago

    what is that?
    it looks like meat thrown in a pan

  • FooglesPlays
    FooglesPlays 8 days ago

    Shits a fucking mess
    "Dont tell me the truth asshole"

  • Angela Zieglar TheMercyMain


  • Benjamin Iliff
    Benjamin Iliff 8 days ago

    #4's my favorite

  • Supertacoman 725
    Supertacoman 725 8 days ago +1

    "The fridge wasn't like this before you got here!"

    Right, Gordon can speed up the aging process and make mold appear

  • Undertaker555
    Undertaker555 8 days ago

    I don't wanna eat there. That's disgusting.

  • Joy Nicole
    Joy Nicole 8 days ago

    "Holy hells bells" love this man.

  • Eric Voss
    Eric Voss 8 days ago

    would you rather eat fresh shit or that ''food'' ???

  • RossCornett
    RossCornett 9 days ago

    What's number 3?

  • beatles95
    beatles95 9 days ago

    #2 and #1 should switch

  • Jamal Ally
    Jamal Ally 9 days ago

    Gordon can roast anybody

  • I heart Twiggy Ramirez :3

    I A M F U C K I N G H A P P Y

  • Spectre The RIPPER
    Spectre The RIPPER 9 days ago

    That looks like uhhhhhhh meat in a pan

  • Mark Rabinowitz
    Mark Rabinowitz 10 days ago

    Honorable mentions ought to go to Seascape Inn (season 1) and Hannah and Mason's (season 2).

  • XpvtRy4nTX •
    XpvtRy4nTX • 10 days ago

    Wait a second did that French guy say Gordon shouldn't be in a kitchen, and that he's not a chef?

  • Darth Xodius
    Darth Xodius 10 days ago

    Definitely gonna be one observant s.o.b when I visit restaurants after seeing this smh

  • Phonicz
    Phonicz 10 days ago

    4:00 Holy shit the rage

  • Magic Snow Wolf
    Magic Snow Wolf 10 days ago +2

    Haha! I love Gordon so much! ❤️ he only acts this way because people are really retarded, don't care about anything but themselves, and don't listen to anything that he tells them. I love the way he tells people off XD

  • Toxicpunkette
    Toxicpunkette 10 days ago

    I like when the owners tell Gordon that they don't need his help. He gets to go home to his big house while their restaurant near closing. If I'm in trouble I'm gonna stand their and learn from someone that knows what they are doing.

  • The Asian Jew
    The Asian Jew 11 days ago


    Says that she's "getting the fuck out of here"

    Proceeds to stop and go back down just to argue more

  • john paul
    john paul 11 days ago +1

    he is a living legend

  • ShadowLord1478
    ShadowLord1478 11 days ago


  • Jeannette Margiocchi
    Jeannette Margiocchi 11 days ago

    Could anyone tell me which episodes these clips are from?

  • Eduardo T.
    Eduardo T. 12 days ago

    hey why dont we sell the place and get the fuck out of here

  • DarkHunterDictionary
    DarkHunterDictionary 12 days ago

    9:20 damn Chef!!

    DIM GAMING 12 days ago

    How does he touch the nasty rotten food and not cringe and spaz out

  • Craig Gordon
    Craig Gordon 12 days ago

    "Now I'm feeling like toopid!"

  • Craby stab44
    Craby stab44 12 days ago

    the 2nd one was the best

  • Grand thief
    Grand thief 13 days ago

    I love that these all uncensored

  • Government LAB
    Government LAB 13 days ago



  • Rex Noct
    Rex Noct 13 days ago

    LOL #2 is funny af!!

  • its dex
    its dex 13 days ago

    I've never witnessed such anger

  • The Hypocritical Emo Kid
    The Hypocritical Emo Kid 13 days ago +1

    1:53 "thats fucking older than me" is he roasting himself? 😂😂

  • Raidriar The god king
    Raidriar The god king 13 days ago

    Owner: don't throw my lemons
    Ramsey: there mouldy you pillock

  • Lightning Kachowski
    Lightning Kachowski 13 days ago

    The part where he brought the gross mexican food into the dining room had me in tears

  • RubyKing1997
    RubyKing1997 14 days ago

    what episode was the last one?

  • Automatic No Static
    Automatic No Static 14 days ago

    I've been a professional chef for 20 years and I firmly agree with every thing he says. He knows food, like I, and these restaurants are awful!

  • Mitchinatr
    Mitchinatr 14 days ago

    Definitely old?! IT'S GREEN?!

  • Frank Hilligas
    Frank Hilligas 15 days ago

    If this was in the Dragon ball universe, Gordon would've gone Super Saiyan years ago

  • ProHo24
    ProHo24 15 days ago

    If Gordon Ramsay was my dad I stab that bitch

  • HakaBubu
    HakaBubu 15 days ago

    PLEASE tell me why every word wasn't censored, then at 10:18 I hear a BLEEP.

  • flock of birds
    flock of birds 16 days ago

    "You stuck up precious little bitch." 💀

  • Raymond Armstrong
    Raymond Armstrong 16 days ago

    Gordon: If it's your fucking clean it yourself you lazy bastard!
    Owner: No.
    Me: what the fuck

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 16 days ago

    Gordon: "Clean your kitchen you lazy cocksucker!"
    Italian Dumbass: "No!"

  • Charles Richards
    Charles Richards 16 days ago


  • rewa
    rewa 16 days ago

    never trust a fucking nigger

  • The Sandwich Squad
    The Sandwich Squad 16 days ago


  • Goldenflash
    Goldenflash 16 days ago

    "The ground beef is fattier then you" 😂😂

  • Goldenflash
    Goldenflash 16 days ago

    "The water is fucking raw!!"

  • Alexander Mötsch
    Alexander Mötsch 17 days ago

    I'm so happy I found this channel <3

  • Badge Man
    Badge Man 17 days ago

    Chicken.......FUCKING HELL!

  • trelos2142
    trelos2142 18 days ago

    From which episode is number 3?

  • altair1983
    altair1983 18 days ago

    Gordon is like R. Lee Ermey of kitchen

  • Le Gia Cam Anh
    Le Gia Cam Anh 18 days ago


  • Ed The Pine
    Ed The Pine 19 days ago

    just got to love reality tv drama

  • GerardWayIzBae MCR
    GerardWayIzBae MCR 19 days ago


  • Dextroyx gamings
    Dextroyx gamings 19 days ago

    Gordon: It's your kitchen, so clean it you lazy fuck!
    Chef: No!

    *slow claps*

  • Anime - and - Turtles
    Anime - and - Turtles 19 days ago

    Who's watching in July!? XD

  • Latte Punch
    Latte Punch 19 days ago

    I shouldn't of eaten before watching this. The old "ground beef" and "burritos" looked like soggy vomit with mold. EWWWWW!!

  • whitethundr _559
    whitethundr _559 19 days ago

    "You fucking donkey!" what a legend

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