Migraines: Not Just Another Headache

  • Added:  3 years ago
  • If you've never had a migraine, you might think it's just a really bad headache. But if you've ever had them, or you know someone who does, you know that they're much worse -- and much more complicated -- than that. Hank explains the biology behind this disorder of the central nervous system, and how it can be treated.
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  • Hernán Renom
    Hernán Renom 11 days ago

    Also eating certain foods can trigger migraines. Garlic does it for me.

  • Madison Alani
    Madison Alani 15 days ago

    when you have migraines everyday ;)

  • Johann Sebastian Bach
    Johann Sebastian Bach 16 days ago

    I remember when i was a bit younger and had migraines i tried to watch Dora but it made me dizzy and i couldnt stand the light but i tried to keep forcing myself to watch, i still blame dora for all the pain.

  • Hadassa Dumorné
    Hadassa Dumorné 19 days ago

    I got a migraine at 10 yesterday

  • L. Francesca
    L. Francesca 21 day ago

    I had one last December that was so bad I would rather die than ever experience it again. I had to go to the hospital after 4 days of pain because I couldn't stand it anymore. In the weeks after I was so weak that I couldn't stand up to even go to the bathroom. Month later and I fainted for no apparent reason, first time in my life. It really freaked me out.

    So yeah, I can't imagine how people who get these frequently manage to go to work or school. Only had two in my entire life but the one in December was so bad I hope to die before ever having another. Honestly, my dad still doesn't believe that it was that bad. I wish I could let skeptics feel even a fraction of what I felt because a really bad migraine is probably the second or third most painful thing that can ever happen to you right after giving birth naturally and passing a kidney stone.

    I wouldn't wish a full migraine on my worst enemies. It's a fate worse than death. I know it sounds like I'm exaggerating but I'm not. I think everyone should experience one for five seconds just to have a reference for what real pain feels like, but anything longer than five minutes is torturous and I want to give a shout out for others like me that had to go a full week with a migraine and lived. If you can live through that, you can live through most anything...

  • Gaspare 528
    Gaspare 528 21 day ago

    This pain makes me want to die. I literally want to jump out of my skin it hurts so bad. Like a wild creature trying to escape my skull.
    Please god make it stop

  • Crow Tit is my Jam
    Crow Tit is my Jam 24 days ago

    Stress causes my migraines. It's very hard to not stress.

  • alex lorraine
    alex lorraine 25 days ago

    everyone me and my boyfriend ever asked the difference between migraines and headaches gave the impression that it was just a different type of headache, so we were always so confused. i suffered from it for months before going to the docs and found out it was migraines. also didn't believe him when he said "you've got migraines", my reaction was constantly "noooooo....i get "this" and "that" ". then when he convinced me my immediate reaction was to turn to my boyfriend and say "hose F***king idiots!" now i'm researching into it on how to deal with it and telling people it's not just a bloody headache! i can't do anything with these migraines.. :(

  • shuthelarryup
    shuthelarryup 25 days ago

    clique, where are u at

  • Kanaya Maryam
    Kanaya Maryam 28 days ago

    I Get Migraines With Auras And Nausea, So My GP Told Me To Stop Taking The Contraceptive Pill As It Would Double My Chance Of Having A Stroke.

  • Sound of Dank
    Sound of Dank Month ago

    I loose all eye sight when I get migraines and my head wants to smash it's self against a f*cking rock.
    Thankfully they're not that common for me.

  • ravengsxr
    ravengsxr Month ago

    I get them so bad i have very bad nausea, but the weird part is that after i throw up, the migraine pain is reduced.

  • xisobelx373
    xisobelx373 Month ago

    I've had migraine since I was 8. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. it's hard too because those who haven't had one tend not to really understand , because there aren't any signs they can see outwardly. the worst is visual auras..i get them so often and it is awful. imagine looking at something and the center of your vision is wavy and electric woozy...ugh.

  • Parisitic Pictures
    Parisitic Pictures Month ago

    I'm. Fucked.

  • Benjamin Valvik
    Benjamin Valvik Month ago

    Does someone have that sharp triangular moving aura that makes you blind on one side of the eye? Please answer!

  • Courtney Turner
    Courtney Turner Month ago

    Stupid headache due to my cycle argh

  • Tyler joe Hanley
    Tyler joe Hanley Month ago

    I got a migraine during my grandma's funeral, I had to be taken out because I was crying too much and everyone was giving me sympathy eyes. If it wasn't for that migraine I wouldn't have cried but no-one believes me of course. (P.S. it was the first migraine I'd ever gotten and I was 12.)

  • KelsaRavenlock
    KelsaRavenlock Month ago

    yeah i hate the day after a bad migraine also when i feel drugged and most my senses and nerve responses are muted. Also losing the ability for complex thought or to even be able to string more than 3 words together during is rough

  • The Coffey's
    The Coffey's Month ago

    hi i just uploaded a video on my channel on what i have found that has helped me alot with my migraines. its called" migraine relief! what i found that works" or something like that. check it out. let me know if you try it and if it helps you.

  • Shy famless
    Shy famless Month ago

    Being that they, kinda, busted that cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis myth, and because I don't see you popping up for such topic, are you following me?.?. ;-) ;-) ;-)

    • Shy famless
      Shy famless Month ago

      Please do a video on leading causes of arthritis, I'm sort of trying to skip all that.

  • Im On Da Web
    Im On Da Web Month ago

    I have migraines all the time

  • Hayleycm Gaming
    Hayleycm Gaming Month ago

    When I get migraines I can't do anything

  • Recklessly Arrogant

    Wait em I having a stroke..

  • Shane Erz
    Shane Erz 2 months ago

    I had 2 in 3 weeks and threw up 4 times...why am i so messed up?

    J_J_DUBBS 2 months ago

    Migraines are soooo painfull😭 i have been having them since I could remember

  • Nastassja Riemermann
    Nastassja Riemermann 2 months ago

    I have migraines that usually aren't that bad (rarely more than a 4/10 in terms of pain, with mild light and sound sensitivity and sometimes mild nausea), but OTC pain meds like Excedrin do nothing for them and without my prescription meds they last for as much as 72 hours. After someone finally convinced me that my headaches could indeed be migraines despite their mildness pain-wise, my GP referred me to a neurologist that put me on a beta blocker to prevent my migraines in the first place and rizatriptan to make them go away when I got them anyway.

  • Ginger Breadman
    Ginger Breadman 2 months ago

    Silence and darkness just make it worse for me because then I have nothing to think about except pain. I have a really dark "migraine" setting for my computer, and it helps to watch or play something to distract myself.

  • Ilovecupcakes5000
    Ilovecupcakes5000 2 months ago

    So you mean to tell me that when I get a very bad headache that comes with sensitivity to light, noises, smells and, nausea it is probably a migraine?

  • MutantCreeper
    MutantCreeper 2 months ago

    I easily got rid of my migraines because I would go to sleep. I only had two and they would only show little blotches for a small while until the migraine started.

  • God Has Disconnected
    God Has Disconnected 2 months ago

    I had one during a math exam

  • Soulplexis
    Soulplexis 2 months ago

    mine is cigarette smoke but it takes a LOT and it also has to be hot for some reason, like in the summer when my aunt is puffing away i'll get a regular headache but if i breathe too much i get migraines

  • Nicolai Veliki
    Nicolai Veliki 2 months ago

    I got really bad migranes when I was also suffering from depression... a possible link to Serotonin, perhaps

  • Toaster Pc
    Toaster Pc 2 months ago

    Migrains the ISIS of the brain.

  • jay
    jay 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who's migraine, the pain wasn't the most memorable part? I've had two migraines in my life (I think) but they were in the space of 2 days. It wasn't how I thought they were, it started with no pain, I suddenly couldn't see properly out of one of my eyes and it quickly got worse and it felt like someone just flashed in my face and it lasted for about 10 minutes, then I had this headache on one side of my head that yes; was more painful than my usual headaches, I had to squeeze my head and sit in pitch black room. The pain wasn't as bad as some others must deal with but I think the aura I experienced scared me so much more! I experienced it both times too, same order. I realised I couldn't read the second time, I was out and then put my card number in wrong, few minutes later the one sided headache started and I had to run home

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 2 months ago

    Yaaaas, I'm super sensitive to both sound and light and all I need to is stay in a dark room away from people.

  • Backyardmech1
    Backyardmech1 2 months ago

    Sounds like a hangover that can last for days

  • ghostko1235
    ghostko1235 2 months ago

    I used to get a few migraines with aura but after a while they disappeared and i never got them again. I have yet to expierence another migraine with the last one being years ago due to dehydration. Are there any reasons why my migraines just disappeared and aren't periodic anymore?

  • shadowthetwisted
    shadowthetwisted 2 months ago

    Step 1: begin to lose vision in my left eye, a spot forms that's kinda like a blind spot, but it' "flashing" for lack of a better word.
    Step 2: vision loss enhances, the amount lost determines how bad the migraine will be
    Step 3: vision returns, pain in the right frontal lobe, and the back of my eyes begins to pound, this last hours, 6 minimum.
    Step 4: constant pain goes away, but residual effects last a couple days, any thing that raises my heart rate will cause a pounding pain in my head.

    The worst one I've ever had actually caused the entire left side of my body to go numb, that one lasted a solid 12 hours. with residual effect lasting for nearly a week.

  • Steve Ware
    Steve Ware 2 months ago +1

    Very common sources of migraines (in addition to those mentioned) for me are also:
    -disturbances in my eating/sleeping schedule (sleeping more or less or later or sometimes even earlier than usual, same for eating except for the "more" part)
    -fatigue (mental or physical)
    -long,bumpy car/bus/ship rides
    -hot weather (I live in greece...)
    -too much excercise
    -lengthy exposure to strong sunlight (summer at the beach)
    -lauging/crying too much or generally experiencing very strong emotions like after a fight(yep I know it sounds like I'm joking but trust me I wish I were)
    Damn I'm weak af xD please tell me I'm not the only one. Granted sometimes the trigger doesn't work if I'm generally healthy, but if two or more triggers happen together or a trigger combined with an allergy or flu then I'll probably get a migraine. The more triggers coincide the worse the migraine. Two and it's ok with a pain killer and a short (half/one hour) nap. Three and I need a strong pain killer and a long nap in a dark quite place. Four+ and I'm bedridden till the next morning and I also need a couple of strong painkillers and can't eat anything except soup.

  • bloodman kiiler
    bloodman kiiler 2 months ago

    i get them for 8 to 9 days at a time 😭😵

  • TheRainingIranian
    TheRainingIranian 2 months ago

    I guess that I have on right now.

  • Felix Frank
    Felix Frank 2 months ago

    When i start seeing lightning i know im fucked

  • Bruno Cerri
    Bruno Cerri 3 months ago

    But it's MY grain!!!

    Said the old farmer🍞🍞

  • Chloe M
    Chloe M 3 months ago

    for me it feels like I have lots of pressure in the top of my head and it feels like someone is pressing down on the top of my eyes as well as becoming sensitive to light. I also sometimes get a stiff neck. I've only had the vision thing and been nauseous once in 8th grade (I'm in 10th). I'm also currently on day two of one and have to miss half a day of school

  • Raisha Zahra
    Raisha Zahra 3 months ago

    When your having a migrane right now but you can't control it and it's just getting worse

  • RachelRose__
    RachelRose__ 3 months ago

    I has migraines like every month luckily it's been a few months and haven't got one. They're miserable 😭

  • jansaeipathy
    jansaeipathy 3 months ago

    My migraines happen when I'm in school where everyone is so noisy and people will not leave me alone then they get mad when I scream at them. Just imagine being in school for 7 hours with migraine.

  • Frost Night
    Frost Night 3 months ago

    My mom got these as a teen. She always got annoyed when people would get bad head aches and call them migraines

  • Joseph Morigeau
    Joseph Morigeau 3 months ago

    Who also came here from TØP's Migraine

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve 3 months ago

    I used to get migraine headaches brought on by pressure changes until I got into amateur boxing. Never got them again. I had TMJ that it resolved for me too. :D My sister had her upper palate relocated and my mother had her jaw re-set to fight TMJ and my older sister has suffered from migraines all her life.

  • Farsgokkejern Andreasen

    I have it all :( and i was tested for all

  • Christopher Solares
    Christopher Solares 3 months ago

    I hate migraines. Lights are hell, my vision is distorted, I get nauseous, etc. It's fucking hell

  • 000snow000
    000snow000 3 months ago

    I find that if I take painkillers as soon as I feel the first symptoms I can sometimes stop it in its tracks. sometimes.

  • cocoshpee
    cocoshpee 3 months ago

    i have a migrain almost evry day

    • cocoshpee
      cocoshpee 2 months ago

      no i dont sorry i get bad headaches evryday

  • Alfredas simply
    Alfredas simply 3 months ago

    For all of you that gets migrenes, USE "CPILIAR" (it really helps) or some other medicine for capillary vessels!!!!!!!!!

  • Pixel Heart
    Pixel Heart 3 months ago

    When people ask you how you're so tired after sleeping through a migraine and you have to explain why migraine sleep isn't real sleep. 😂

  • Elle Frostever
    Elle Frostever 3 months ago

    Is it possible to get a migraine without the headache? I have most of those symptoms accompanied by dizziness at times.

  • Ilikegames
    Ilikegames 3 months ago

    Sharing this video to show everyone's pain that I have to go through every piece or twice a month

  • Ilikegames
    Ilikegames 3 months ago

    I have had all the symptoms listed and the some including muscle spazums, hallucinations, and flashbacks I get complex migraine which tend to be really bad

  • Bad Gift
    Bad Gift 3 months ago

    migraines suck.

  • Vegas Tan
    Vegas Tan 3 months ago

    I wish I could give a simulation of migraine effects to people who say they have migraine when all they have is just bad headache. Like fuck! Don't you fucking compare a headache with a migraine! Go drive a car when you have a migraine and tell me if its NOT THAT BAD! Fuck you "headache" people!

  • rjjj05
    rjjj05 3 months ago

    I thought it was just a song

  • Kenma Kitten
    Kenma Kitten 3 months ago

    neither of my parents get migraines but here I am with chronic migraines

  • Robin McKee
    Robin McKee 3 months ago

    Can you do a video on Cluster Headaches? I have them and would like to know more.

  • SxcLibrarian
    SxcLibrarian 3 months ago

    I used to get migraines but I stopped eating food with MSG and went to a chiropractor for a few months. Didn't work for everybody but it worked for me.

  • Sarah Brower
    Sarah Brower 3 months ago

    I once asked my brother to be quieter, he said tough it up cus his thighs were chaffed... I almost vomited on him in retaliation.

  • josh owens
    josh owens 3 months ago

    my doctor prescribed me a medication for my migraines cause I would get them chronically and it would kill it within an hour. best discovery in the world!

  • Cameo Shadowness
    Cameo Shadowness 3 months ago

    This happens to me often.

  • Daneesh
    Daneesh 3 months ago

    thank you for this, just sent this video to my family coz sometimes they just don't understand

  • Maggie Wolff
    Maggie Wolff 4 months ago

    In high school one of my teachers got a lot of migraines, especially during the last few hours of school. I always felt so bad for her. She would always put her head down on her desk before class started, and you could tell she was in a ton of pain. I offered her ibuprofen, but she had a blood condition and couldn't take it. My family never bought any Advil, so I couldn't really help her besides lowering my voice. Despite the pain she was in, my teacher would always teach the class. She was awesome.

  • Dominique Mayer
    Dominique Mayer 4 months ago

    Does anyone else see black spots when they experience migraines?

  • Luke Burr
    Luke Burr 4 months ago

    I actually get so furious when you get a migraine and someone is like "oh yeah lol I get those too they're not nice" like no... they're worse then "not nice" they're a week of torture and suffering and another week of not being functional

  • spange bab
    spange bab 4 months ago

    My vision was blurry and I couldn't hear properly

  • spange bab
    spange bab 4 months ago

    I had a migraine in public and I had to sleep and we had to leave the pub early it was so bad 😭

    ANNETTE TABI 4 months ago

    Ohhhh ......this man!!! i just love to listen to you. Very interesting and funny!!!

  • SnipingPipe
    SnipingPipe 4 months ago

    Who else has sneezed during a migraine?

  • The Chaotic Phoenixx
    The Chaotic Phoenixx 4 months ago

    I've always had migraines when I wake up and it is the awfulest shit.Especially on school days.
    So bad that days I have migraines I actually miss school because basic actions like getting out of bed, walking or eating, are just impossible to do because of the severe nausea i get.I have to hold onto the walls to get anywhere, try not to fall down the stairs, all while my head feels like it's going to explode and I try not to throw up with every step.
    Laying down and accepting this nightmare is my only relief from it.

  • Brett Olivella
    Brett Olivella 4 months ago

    I've never had a headache and can't find a reason why..pleeeeaaasssee explain why

  • Hunter Belch
    Hunter Belch 4 months ago

    they feel like needles in your nerves. like someone sank a thousand needles through your skull and into your undisturbed brain. and the brain is so rarely disturbed it doesnt know what to do. complete overload of the senses. a physical shut down of the body because the only thing the brain can think about are these fucking needles being pushed deeper. and deeper.

  • PeriKoala
    PeriKoala 4 months ago

    My migraines get so bad that I puke, and I know the horrible heaving is coming every time the pain kicks in T~T

  • Tayah Flint
    Tayah Flint 4 months ago

    With migraines I usually have aura that blocks part of my vision and I have to close my eyes. I also get nausea.

  • Tayderr
    Tayderr 4 months ago

    Ha finally us men don't have to bad end of the deal

  • Mary Nauta
    Mary Nauta 4 months ago

    I had a weird migraine once and I was convinced I was having a stroke.

  • Colin Byrne
    Colin Byrne 4 months ago

    I watched this because I was at a birthday party today and someone had to leave because they got a migraine. I felt so bad because I have only gotten one in my life and that was when I was really little so I didn't understand🙁

  • Chel Tsunami
    Chel Tsunami 4 months ago

    Isn't anyone gonna talk about twenty one pilots?? 😐

  • James Mallinson
    James Mallinson 4 months ago

    you can tell this is old because of the shitty green screen

  • Lily_the_ Aussie_girl
    Lily_the_ Aussie_girl 4 months ago

    I just sleep and it goes

  • Ginelle The Loremaster
    Ginelle The Loremaster 4 months ago

    I have chronic migraines from bad genetics! Yay!

  • Ayenate' Lawson
    Ayenate' Lawson 4 months ago

    I take an SSRI and if I miss a dose or am late, I get an insane migraine. I can't even look at my phone or listen to music.

  • Zara Hoffman
    Zara Hoffman 4 months ago

    I get migraines and THANK YOU for giving me a link to direct people to now when they call it a bad headache.

  • Past Monster
    Past Monster 4 months ago

    It really helps me to take a shower for a migraine

  • Lana
    Lana 4 months ago

    I do get occasional migraines that are triggered by sleeping in and have never been severe. More of an annoying headache that is sometimes accompanied by mild nausea. Typically just popping an excedrin will take care of it, otherwise it'll last about a day. I've known people that have had severe migraines so I've seen the effects they can have and have to consider myself lucky.

  • K9 YLVA
    K9 YLVA 4 months ago

    I sometimes have migraines at school when I am in the lunch line, so it usually only happens when I am hungry. Don't ask. Yes I'm weird like that. :)

  • Friday We Are Awesome
    Friday We Are Awesome 4 months ago

    soundslike the guy from crash course

  • J Black
    J Black 4 months ago

    You know when you close your eyes really hard or rub them really hard, you see colors and shapes? I get that during migraines when I close my eyes so it's extra miserable because it makes it hurt worse

  • Brandon Burchatz
    Brandon Burchatz 4 months ago

    I go practically blind. Then I can see again. Then the PAIN sets in.

    Much fun! Such ow.

  • Thoughtfull Oreo
    Thoughtfull Oreo 4 months ago

    my hands get numb whenever I have a migraine

  • *Mare Gryff*
    *Mare Gryff* 4 months ago +1

    My first migraine i had was in school when i was 11, i was to weak to even hold a pencil.

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