The MMA Hour: Episode 373 (w/Bader, Werdum, Manuwa, Gastelum, Edge & Christian, More)

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  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 24 days ago

    shut up

  • John O'Neill
    John O'Neill 1 month ago

    Ariel Helwani loves MMA and few if any love the sport as
    much as he. And I include even Bas Ruten in that assessment - and yes I know by
    the sound of his voice that Bas truly loves the sport and that he is a former
    MMA fighter.

  • Antonio Abarca
    Antonio Abarca 3 months ago

    The reason UFC didn't sign Lorenz Larkin is cause he black. Trump buddy and supporter Dana white is following trumps agenda building white power America he trying to build white power UFC

  • Oisin O'Regan
    Oisin O'Regan 3 months ago

    Larkin starched Magny...whos like no. 7....and they let him go? bizarre....should have held onto Bader too....they must have the $

  • Christian D'Amore
    Christian D'Amore 3 months ago

    Duffy hasnt looked the same since Poirier

  • Germaine De Randamie
    Germaine De Randamie 3 months ago

    Ariel "Cokenose" Helwani. Stay off the powder

  • sanmiol
    sanmiol 3 months ago


  • Dave Strong
    Dave Strong 3 months ago

    Bas Rutten always starts yapping about his training regime. What is wrong with the little baldy peckerhead? Say something funny Rutten...... You shaved monkey!

  • Jeffery Maina
    Jeffery Maina 3 months ago

    Studio in your mother's basement

  • Colm F
    Colm F 3 months ago

    The reaction for Duffy was nothin to do with the UFC promotion but rathreactiofantastic Irish support

  • Ben Burnside
    Ben Burnside 3 months ago

    Ariel mentioned Tito's name without Tito's permission, yet another reason for Tito to hate him lolololololololololololololol

  • Ruben Toder
    Ruben Toder 3 months ago

    It's actually so sad and hilarious how the ufc are letting so many fighters go. I really think we will look back when Bellator is bigger than ufc and remember these little moments when Rory left, when Larkin left etc. UFC will happily have a roster consisting of Conor, Ronda and Brock.

  • GT COE
    GT COE 3 months ago

    Kelvin "100%" Gastelum

  • Seamus Gameus
    Seamus Gameus 3 months ago

    @MMAFightingonSBN someone should tell Ariel about Twitch IRL its not just video games on Twitch IRL

  • RawLu
    RawLu 3 months ago

    \m/ Bas Rutten \m/

  • U Tuber
    U Tuber 3 months ago

    BAS :D

  • kopxpert
    kopxpert 4 months ago

    How much is Bellator charging for PPV for that card?

  • gold3n rul3
    gold3n rul3 4 months ago

    LOL "fat bastard"

  • canadian aussie
    canadian aussie 4 months ago

    im in australia how the hell do I watch belletor

  • tegg02
    tegg02 4 months ago

    Turn down saturation setting on the camera. Colors are comically bright and rich.

  • JohnnyGstaks
    JohnnyGstaks 4 months ago

    Loooooooooooool @Arnold Allen talking about his mum. 1:29:30 #MissingTeethAnEverything

  • er4se1
    er4se1 4 months ago

    manuwa w/ that KO... hot damn!

  • k m
    k m 4 months ago

    wtf!??why not skip to the start of the video, or even some music ffs

  • Kris Cerrone
    Kris Cerrone 4 months ago

    War Machine should have the easiest defense ever. Christy Mack had a "Property of War Machine" tattoo. Pretty sure you can do whatever you want with your property.

  • Larry Fisher
    Larry Fisher 4 months ago

    I want to see Cain vs Josh Barnett.

  • Mark Lines
    Mark Lines 4 months ago

    All you yanks who criticised this london card are not at all educated on british fighters in the ufc,cant you see weve been taking over in the last few years!!

    • Kieran O'Sullivan
      Kieran O'Sullivan 3 months ago

      so one champ and an up and comer who may or may not ever be champion lol...theres only one person taking over the ufc and thats conor whos irish not british

    • Mark Lines
      Mark Lines 3 months ago

      Kieran O'Sullivan what about manuwa next lhw champ.

    • Mark Lines
      Mark Lines 3 months ago

      Kieran O'Sullivan bisping has already taken over

    • Kieran O'Sullivan
      Kieran O'Sullivan 3 months ago

      thats the problem with you brits ye try to claim everyone...conor is Irish not british...the only legit brit is bisping and although hes a good fighter hes not taking over anything

    • Mark Lines
      Mark Lines 3 months ago

      Kieran O'Sullivan bisping is legit,conor is british,manuwa future lhw champ,diakase future champ,we run ufc,what about europe with joanna champ,gus,randieme..

  • Ciaran Humphreys
    Ciaran Humphreys 4 months ago

    New York Ric is, for me, often the most interesting part of the whole show. So many of the fighters have such dead ass personalities and offer no real insight, at least Ric lets Ariel open up to speak and analyse, and offers something interesting himself! Although I'm the kind of guy who much prefers the MMA Beat and Luke Thomas' stuff to this show so there may be a bit of bias here.

      BOMBTRAK R.A.T.M 4 months ago

      Na I agree with you, I like the bit wer rick coms in with his opinion n dicusses up n coming fights n ricks picks etc with the bettin odds  n him and ariel bat n ball so to speak.  I think ther should b at least 45mins of the show jus for that part alone, I don't kno why rick gets so much hate his opinions r often valid and even if I don't agree fully he def has some fair points, I  think hes a good part of show

  • Don Juan Bob Jovi
    Don Juan Bob Jovi 4 months ago

    who has most upside Larkin a top ten welter weight Bader top five lhw probably deserves a title shot or Danis Connors friend hmmmmm I'm gonna say Danis

  • Jane O' Neill
    Jane O' Neill 4 months ago

    but yeh i am sick of hearing it i thing coner can hurt m bigger stronger and hits likeca truck twards maynot weather and the standing count no way will he stop coner with them 16 oz pillows .but floyd is so great so great its goingvto b good intresting to c again a 4 billion $ fight itsvgoing to hsppn

  • Mark Lines
    Mark Lines 4 months ago

    The conor mcgregor vs joe duffy rematch will never ever happen,conor would destroy duffy in the octagon and even more so in the build up,i think joe should go to bellator,thats about his level!!

  • Frank S
    Frank S 4 months ago

    Needs more Edge and Christian!

  • BIN6H4M
    BIN6H4M 4 months ago

    stopped watching once you said edge and christian

  • slicvm
    slicvm 4 months ago

    Can't wait for Conor to retire. A so-so skilled UFC that was made a star by the UFC by allowing him to skip lines to title shots.

  • Girth Brooks
    Girth Brooks 4 months ago

    UFC dropped the ball by not respecting Lorenz Larkin's talent. These new owners aren't fans at all. He's one of their of the best fighters. Much respect to Bellator for their cerebral aptitude. #Monsoonseason

    • Eddie LM
      Eddie LM 4 months ago

      They'll look even more foolish if Masvidal beats Maia and upsets Woodley.

  • Arkhzeus
    Arkhzeus 4 months ago

    Ariel and Arnold great interview

  • Trip the Deuce
    Trip the Deuce 4 months ago

    I can't stand Werdum. I loved it when Stipe turned out his lights. Long live Stipe!

  • Xeph
    Xeph 4 months ago

    We get it Ariel - you'd suck Conor, let's move on please

  • Conor McNigger
    Conor McNigger 4 months ago

    Actually, that would be a fight I'd be interested in seeing - Bisping v Gastelum.... Yeah, very interested.

  • Christopher Clark
    Christopher Clark 4 months ago

    Edge & Christian on the show! Wow good job Ariel! Great to hear from them again, and they're doing a podcast.....I'll be listening to that one

  • Mr Strong
    Mr Strong 4 months ago

    vitor vs punk. fight of the goats.

  • Conor McNigger
    Conor McNigger 4 months ago

    Jimi "And-that" Manuwa

  • luckyfrank562
    luckyfrank562 4 months ago

    Werdum poppin bottles when Rockhold got dropped 😂😂😂

  • dssagg gggiihc
    dssagg gggiihc 4 months ago

    how hard is it to put time stamps on these episodes MMAFightingonSBN. How lazy.

  • OGjimbo
    OGjimbo 4 months ago

    Goddamn, whoever titled this one failed miserably. How could ya feature Bader in the title while leaving out Bas Rutten and even Edge and Christian. The title makes it seem like it must be one of the worst MMA Hour's ever.

  • Nawf Side Reviews
    Nawf Side Reviews 4 months ago

    Thank GOD Joe Duffy answered that McGreggor/Mayweather without bias.

  • Justin Davitt
    Justin Davitt 4 months ago

    Duffy is definitely going to bellator, Bt sports didn't even show his fight and that's a clear sign the ufc aren't behind him.

    • Kerr Hamilton
      Kerr Hamilton 4 months ago

      Justin Davitt they only showed the main card

  • gold3n rul3
    gold3n rul3 4 months ago

    I'm a big fan of Gastelum since his fight against Kennedy. I really had no idea who Gastelum was since the news about his last scrapped fight (205), but seeing him fight twice now I'm a fan. He has a really interesting frame to be fighting at 185. I do wonder what would happen if he fights someone with elite grappling (which he may have before). He's great on the feet. Looking forward to what comes after Silva (don't really care for anderson anymore)

  • Death Mwauthzyx
    Death Mwauthzyx 4 months ago

    Wow...struggling for the guests these days huh?

    • Death Mwauthzyx
      Death Mwauthzyx 4 months ago

      Citing Bas as evidence the whole lineup was good creates a strawman. Bas was one guest of how many? Yes, Bas was and is awesome but the show is over four hours long and his interview was what, 15 minutes? Take out his interview and it's still four hours...

    • Santiago Denegro
      Santiago Denegro 4 months ago

      I like this lineup. Bas was terrific.

  • Richard Mullen
    Richard Mullen 4 months ago

    Joe duffy is all class, a more realistic notion of an irish ufc fighter.

  • kopxpert
    kopxpert 4 months ago

    I think Duffy's gonna ended up in Bellator. I don't think UFC will be willing to match whatever Bellator will be offering to Duffy. We'll see....

  • Vincent Rolandelli
    Vincent Rolandelli 4 months ago

    Bas Rutten is the man!!!

  • The Urban Shaman
    The Urban Shaman 4 months ago

    Ariel, you should add fighter stats and other information while you interview them to engage and inform the audience more

  • connplayer22
    connplayer22 4 months ago

    Leever keeck

  • Gladiator
    Gladiator 4 months ago

    Werdum is likable, when he's not making that stupid face.

  • Vegeta Barrett
    Vegeta Barrett 4 months ago

    Anderson is my favorite fighter despite the fact the I disliked him for 6 years but as much as I love Anderson,I like Kelvin G. And I hope both men fight to the best of there abilities and let the best man win.

  • Steini V
    Steini V 4 months ago

    Why Gunnar Nelson not on the list ?

  • iblinkk1
    iblinkk1 4 months ago

    khabib time vs the scale😂😂

  • Vince Marino
    Vince Marino 4 months ago

    Floyd beats Conor by humiliation. "Pop..pop..pop...Hey Conor, you ready to quit yet?"

  • warcraft100688
    warcraft100688 4 months ago

    werdum is the man

  • Ronald Hobbs
    Ronald Hobbs 4 months ago

    best segment today definitely Edge and Christian good stuff great personalities. and then Bas also great personality and great stories and memories

    • Renato Laranja
      Renato Laranja 4 months ago

      Those two clownfaces can suck my galo sujo brasileiro

  • Greg Hollman
    Greg Hollman 4 months ago

    Ariel 'Mr Gesticulation' Helwannnnni

  • Andy Makwan Johnson
    Andy Makwan Johnson 4 months ago


  • Nick Stewart
    Nick Stewart 4 months ago

    +19:30. I'm happy Brad Pickett got a chance to say goodbye but he was lucky to get his last 2-3 fights, let alone this one. It was stopped perfectly.

    I hate this narrative that this is a fighter going out on his own terms. Your own terms is calling it before it gets bad. Your own terms is going out on top. Your own terms is beating the game. This was a man lucky to get a chance to say goodbye. This is not his terms and if he could he would still be fighting, trust me. It's not your terms when you'd be cut otherwise.

  • Nick Stewart
    Nick Stewart 4 months ago

    "This is my welcome back?" Ric

    Yes, welcome back. Now we get another pointless last hour every week once again. Great.

    • Renato Laranja
      Renato Laranja 3 months ago

      Eddie dats where you are wrong brother. As soon as the ink drys on my contract, Ariel is the co-host. It will be the Laranja hour.

    • Eddie LM
      Eddie LM 4 months ago

      Renato Laranja Master Renatch should take NY Ric's job and also be more of a co-host.

    • Renato Laranja
      Renato Laranja 4 months ago

      New York Ric needs a pair of cement shoes. Porra!

  • xmikex902x
    xmikex902x 4 months ago

    I started off very intrigued with Floyd vs. Conor but I just couldn't care less. I'd be much more excited to hear about Conor's next MMA fight

  • Ramon Vasquez Jr.
    Ramon Vasquez Jr. 4 months ago

    It's hilarious and ironic (to regular people at least) that he says he's "the best he's ever been" but he's going to Bellator. He belongs there. Even he agrees, it seems.

  • PJ
    PJ 4 months ago

    Kelvin "Eddie 100% Alvarez" Gastelum

  • Euryale Music
    Euryale Music 4 months ago

    Hola amigos, me gusta escuchar este show cada semana de mi deporte favorito.

  • ToasterBurner35
    ToasterBurner35 4 months ago

    Ariel and Eric always my favorite part of the show

  • Trevor Harris
    Trevor Harris 4 months ago

    lmao werdum wants to fight ya right

  • Conley Rasor
    Conley Rasor 4 months ago

    Everytime Kelvin says "100 percent" you take a drink.... GO!! ***(Plastered in 3 mins)

  • Hohum
    Hohum 4 months ago

    Lorenz Larkin is a loser for picking Bellator over ufc.

    • dxburner222
      dxburner222 4 months ago

      Hohum so what have you accomplished in life?

    • Hector Rodas
      Hector Rodas 4 months ago

      yep get in get rich and get out

    • Allen Goldwin
      Allen Goldwin 4 months ago

      Hohum lol. He is getting more money you idiot.

    • Hector Rodas
      Hector Rodas 4 months ago

      Hohum he's a good fighter I'll watch him anywhere

  • Derek Shelby
    Derek Shelby 4 months ago

    Hey, i'm a mma fan and i think Conor should defend his belt, i want a cookie for this, he's holding up the entire sport and i'm about to cry. Its a sport and a form of entertainment but i take it as serious as governmental law

  • Adam Coyne
    Adam Coyne 4 months ago

    who is steep o chip?

  • Kenny Battle
    Kenny Battle 4 months ago

    show starts: 1:22
    joe duffy: 29:03
    Lorenz larkin:53:01
    Arnold allen: 1:14:19
    Jimi Manuwa: 1:35:43
    Edge&Christian: 1:57:20
    bas rutten: 2:27:45
    kelvin Gas: 2:49:57
    Ryan Bader: 3:11:15
    Fabs: 3:31:20
    the other guy: 3:55:08

  • Adam Coyne
    Adam Coyne 4 months ago

    i dont understand how kelvin would think he is even close to getting a title shot at either weight class.he is behind romero,jacare and rockhold.and he cant even make 170.he just fought an old belfort and now an old anderson.he is a long way from deserving a title shot.

  • Jim Fearo
    Jim Fearo 4 months ago

    Edge & Christian V Diaz Bros
    Table, Ladders Chairs Hell in the Cell match @UFC 220.
    Make it happen uncle Dana!!

  • cody davis
    cody davis 4 months ago

    my god arlonds dogs got a pair of nuts lmao that was to funny

  • Drop the Bassline
    Drop the Bassline 4 months ago

    Ariel has some of the best questions and some of the most cringy questions, not sure If I am the only one who feels this way..

  • tevie84
    tevie84 4 months ago

    Ariel is such a Conor fanboy. Enough with this WWE crap

  • ImBenWhatsYourName
    ImBenWhatsYourName 4 months ago

    Kelvin seems like a cool dude

  • Larry Fisher
    Larry Fisher 4 months ago

    Gastelum is smart. He's calling out all the old has beens to make a name for himself. Even though Silva got the win in his last fight, the stats don't lie. It was obvious that he lost. Vitor hasn't won or even looked good in his last few fights. Everybody thinks that Derek Brunson beat Anderson & that is who Kelvin should have called out. No an old fighter. A fighter who hasn't looked the same since he was caught using PED'S.

    • Larry Fisher
      Larry Fisher 4 months ago

      Brunson lost yes. But you and I know that he really didn't lose.

    • Jordan Hoyt
      Jordan Hoyt 4 months ago

      Larry Fisher I think Silva is the right move for him. Fighting Brunson does nothing for kelvin though. Moves him up the rankings almost the exact same with less recognition. Plus, officially Brunson lost to Silva.

  • Swazi Prince
    Swazi Prince 4 months ago

    I can't believe Larking is out of the UFC wtf?

  • Shadowboxe
    Shadowboxe 4 months ago

    How could the UFC let Larkin go? Bizzare.

  • jfloyo11
    jfloyo11 4 months ago

    If Conor fights Floyd...and there is a ufc we are also dealing with two separate rings for one venue...explain how that happens. Two separate locations...not so fast my friend who would go to the ufc ring venue

  • Rant Man
    Rant Man 4 months ago

    Grandpa bas

  • Christopher Lundgren
    Christopher Lundgren 4 months ago

    Say what you want, but the UFC is making some really dumb decisions letting go of these great fighters.

    They should be standing behind their amazing talent; making them feel wanted.

  • Chris Demetroff
    Chris Demetroff 4 months ago

    1:35:50 jimi

  • Russell Salazar
    Russell Salazar 4 months ago

    4:10:00 - I got into Twitch watching people play online poker. The difference there from video games, is that they are playing at a higher level than me, so I can see the types of plays/decisions they are making and the cards they are holding, and try to learn from that.

  • Backwoodznorth
    Backwoodznorth 4 months ago

    Nice call with Edge and Christian!

  • Ciaran Fox
    Ciaran Fox 4 months ago

    Jimi Manuwa calling out David haye hahahaha , get a grip of your self

    BIG NICK DIGGER 4 months ago

    NY Ric pees sitting down!

  • Christo vimal
    Christo vimal 4 months ago

    Werdum vs francis would be lit af

  • Berto
    Berto 4 months ago

    Fabricio "I don't know, you know?" Werdum

  • TimmiSilver
    TimmiSilver 4 months ago

    Kelvin "100%" Gastelum

  • flippyhambone
    flippyhambone 4 months ago

    I've tried... I've really tried since TUF to be interested in Ryan Bader... I just... I just can't.

  • Dawg
    Dawg 4 months ago

    hell yeah getting WWE guys. those guys are great athletes and know a lot more than mma fans give them credit for. bring more please

  • Joel Salazar
    Joel Salazar 4 months ago

    Please Kelvin just stay at 185. You look like a stone cold killer at that weight. No need to kill yourself making 170 and having sub par performances. Whoever is in his ear that keeps telling him that 170 is still in his future is doing him a disservice.

  • Berto
    Berto 4 months ago

    Kelvin "100%" Gastelum

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