Tucker Carlson Free Tuition For Black People

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  • Michael at KY
    Michael at KY 14 days ago

    Fact; more white people have been enslaved than blacks

    Fact #2 more blacks have held white slaves than the other way around through out the world.

    Fact 3 a black man is the one mostly responsible for slavery becoming legal in America in the first fucking place! I will
    These leftist retarded snowflake commies need to get out of the country. If you feel discriminated against in America then please get the hell out of here! It's simple you're responsible for your life not anyone else if your an adult you are 100% resposeble for your own actions and your own life and outcome! Furthermore there's alot of white folk where I live that cant go to college! Lmao this is a fucking joke. I need free college because I have dark skin. What a fucking joke.

  • Dark Swim
    Dark Swim Month ago

    She accused the "whites" of "capturing, enslaving, importing and forcing into communities" Africans but doesn't she know Africans did that to Africans and still do present day?!?!?!

  • Dark Swim
    Dark Swim Month ago

    My ancestors freed the slaves and abolished slavery, what do black people owe me?

  • Eric Weiler
    Eric Weiler Month ago

    you think you should get free tuition cuz your black are you f****** joking me if that's not racist I don't know what is and you don't deserve free tuition because you in slavery should Jews get free tuition from Germany. should you be consequence that your own people sold you to the British that a black man hunted you down and sold you for money

  • texas worm man
    texas worm man Month ago

    Lincoln was right, we should've shipped them all back.

  • Windy Windy
    Windy Windy Month ago


  • ColieK A
    ColieK A Month ago

    Screw her. We can all speak uniquely‚Äč on this topic. My ancestors came here from Ireland with NOTHING. They were even forced to change their last name, which was O'mera,
    to a more American name, Mahar, because of the discrimination they faced. I could tell her my story and she would deny me the chance to free tuition because of my skin color. This is racist and it is completely based on favoritism and entitlement.

  • Rick B.
    Rick B. Month ago

    I'm sick of all blacks that say give me, pay me. Fuck that shit! Earn your money by getting a job. Get a good job by getting an education. Get an education by studying instead of hanging out on the corner selling your fucking drugs to buy your Air Jordans. Get your shit together and quit asking white people to pay for your welfare monkey asses to get everything free.

  • Muddy Witch
    Muddy Witch Month ago

    My ancestors were invaded by the Romans as well, should I approach the Italians for reparations? My ancestors were also invaded by vikings so do i also need to approach Denmark for reparations? And my ancestors lastly were invaded by the Normans so I also need to approach the French for reparations? It's lunacy, right? This girl makes about as much sense as as me expecting reparations.

  • Denis Carp
    Denis Carp Month ago

    Go fly to Africa and demand reparations from them since that's where it started. And talk to them about the slave trade that is very much alive there today ūüĎć

  • She 3
    She 3 Month ago

    What about Native Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Scottish, Irish, and yes the poor, widowed, and orphaned & MORE...All of these people were also enslaved to work for nothing, raped, tortured, murdered, wiped out in some sects, and endured racial discrimination throughout all of human history!!! You are essentially talking about back pay for the atrocities of human nature for a time in which you did not exist!  Every people group has endured, survived, or participated in horrific events in human history b/c of race.  Just b/c someone looks white doesn't mean that their history reads only White American...America just isn't an old enough country for that kind of insane thought process.  My grandfather is 1/4 Native American and looked every inch of it my grandmother European origin on the other side Scottish & French directly.  I took after my European grandparents while the rest of my maternal family took after my Native American Grandfather.  I stick out in family photos.  You don't know ppl and their stories based on a glance.

  • chris882211
    chris882211 2 months ago

    No the welfare the liberals keep many black Americans on that they are effected by slavery..How after 150 years are you still on a give me give me mode? My ancestors weren't even here before the civil war. worked damn hard

    • chris882211
      chris882211 2 months ago

      Worked their way passed poverty. How can you say you cannot make it because of slavery when we had a black president? How can you possibly say slavery form 150 years ago is still bringing black Americans down? there are plenty of black Americans who think this is ridiculous ! Stop the gimmy ,gimmy, gimmy and show some pride for Christ sake... Enough

  • Man on phone
    Man on phone 2 months ago +1

    She says her parents were African immigrants, so she has absolutely no ties to slavery and even yet keeps on mentioning like it's the main reason black people should be given free hand outs. She does realise her parents weren't faced with discrimination when they were handed citizenship to live in a free country and not the African country they couldn't bare to live in.

    It's fucking shameful she makes black people out to be little peasants grovelling for a free pass because they're poor black people who's ancestors were treated shit. They themselves weren't treated like shit though, so chin up, if you're looking to buy your way into a college, recognise not all white people are strolling around in tuxedos, raybans, smoking a pipe and constantly reading the time off their rolex. I'm white and I've barely got two pennies to rub together, so go fuck yourself ungrateful cunt.

  • 4ustein
    4ustein 2 months ago

    What a rubbish!

  • Kris Stab
    Kris Stab 2 months ago +1

    0:33 I already know she has something retarded to say .

  • Techno Rogue
    Techno Rogue 2 months ago +2

    My country Yugoslavia was destroyed by the West, my grandfather and father were killed by muslims, i had to flee my homeland when i was 2 years old.
    Who do i seek reparations from?

    fucking cucked snowflakes, you know nothing about life. your safe spaces and sh1t. reality will hit you liberals so hard....

  • Jim the Painter
    Jim the Painter 2 months ago +1

    You can put a student in the classroom but you cant make them respect the teachers let alone make them learn

  • Junior forthewin
    Junior forthewin 2 months ago +1

    "I am alive. Give me free shit."

  • Charles Hill
    Charles Hill 2 months ago

    Because some work a lot of blacks won't, they're just like you they want everything free

  • Charles Hill
    Charles Hill 2 months ago +1

    You weren't captured b****, if you were you'd know it.

  • Charles Hill
    Charles Hill 2 months ago +1

    Well I have descendants that were Indian, I want some free land, and free college. now damn it

    • Charles Hill
      Charles Hill Month ago

      The American Indians get all that in Canada, hell they get a check every month weather they work or not, free health insurance their setup in Canada Indians are stupid for staying the United States, they live free in Canada.

    • chris882211
      chris882211 2 months ago

      If anyone should be bitching it should be the American indians

  • Charles Hill
    Charles Hill 2 months ago +1

    She's full of s*** and she knows it, and she's one that's most likely not from Africa look at her. Don't try to b******* your way in to something free.

  • Charles Hill
    Charles Hill 2 months ago +1

    It's not a small detail, you're not from Africa your ancestors were not slaves forget it, lost cause.

  • Charles Hill
    Charles Hill 2 months ago +1

    It has been proven that most blacks in the US are NOT descendants of slaves from Africa through DNA, and if any blacks doesn't believe it check your DNA, most are checking and so far they are not from Africa so forget it not happening.

  • Cody Lawson
    Cody Lawson 2 months ago +2

    We captured the Africans and enslaved them? No we bought African slaves from Africans. "The Slave Trade"

  • Silentnanner overwatch
    Silentnanner overwatch 2 months ago +1

    Fuck this fat bitch, reperations were already paid and what did they use that money for? all black schools, and black bussinesses. Now they want more. I say no, you are not going to suck off the teet of real working peoples hard earned money. Howabout this hypathetical, their will be an increased tax bracket on the race that commits more crime per capita? Hows that make the fat bitch feel? These sons of welfare bitches need to think long and hard on what they are trying to do because im sure a lot of people look at it the same way, they are only in it for themselves and will bitch and complain until they can make a buck off of the idiotic cancer that spews from their cock suckers. And done venting.

  • Bony sorsbin
    Bony sorsbin 2 months ago +2

    What's the difference between a black man and a pizza?
    A pizza can feed a family of four.

  • Bony sorsbin
    Bony sorsbin 2 months ago

    >1965: Just a few immigrants. Chill.
    >1980: Cheap fruit, bro
    >2000: Your country is fine don't be racist
    >2017: HAHA Whites are gone.

  • Den Kiwi
    Den Kiwi 2 months ago +2

    I would like to see the BLM have a THANKYOU march to all the white people that fought/ died  in the civil war to end slavery

    • chris882211
      chris882211 2 months ago

      Yeah People forgot about that!... My ancestors weren't here for slavery or that. But were brought to the North... poor as hell.Why were my ancestors no longer or if ever on any kind of welfare? Only for most of us to work hard and get screwed because we are middle class or above that mark?

  • Webchez
    Webchez 2 months ago

    This woman could not answer any questions because the questions themselves showed how ridiculous the idea of educational reparation actually is....

  • c20995
    c20995 2 months ago

    Wow, he actually went easy on her. He could have totally destroyed her argument, especially when she revealed her parents emigrated here and she was not a decedent of slavery or Jim Crow laws. I thought he was going to pounce on her, but he let it go.

  • General Caeser
    General Caeser 2 months ago

    I have never had a raciest thought in my life but good God if I had to be around this woman for longer then 5 minutes, I'd be looking for some rope and would be dragging her to the nearest tree!

  • Mark Shaw
    Mark Shaw 2 months ago

    Aaaahhhhhhh....when this POS came up with the line.....to spread the wealth that's when her argument made sense...,,fucking racist idiot.

  • Karl Moody
    Karl Moody 2 months ago

    Free tuition? NO! Free boat ride back to Africa? YES!

  • sunshizzleyou
    sunshizzleyou 2 months ago

    I wanted to find this proposition ridiculous of giving free tuition based on race alone but It does seem to be (at least somewhat) relevant. Relevant in that racial based slavery, albeit 150 years ago, did have significant systemic affects on wealth distribution in society and created a disparity that's been passed on from generation to generation. So in looking at this from a socioeconomic perspective, it seems to be understandable (regardless of whether you agree with the proposal or not).

  • sunshizzleyou
    sunshizzleyou 2 months ago

    Another interesting part of this is that there's colleges in the U.S. that offer free tuition to Native Americans and it seems like this is just given as an understandable and accepted thing.

  • Elena Brio
    Elena Brio 2 months ago

    Free tuition will not help blacks. Dumb is dumb. Most of them still in primates phase and cannot absorb any knowledge exept "women study and black study" Do we need them?

  • willard schoeffling
    willard schoeffling 2 months ago

    Stupid bitch !

  • John Peter
    John Peter 2 months ago

    She is ill prepared for this conversation. In other words quite ignorant on the subject she's there for. Don't ya think?

  • deirdre hastings
    deirdre hastings 2 months ago

    black people already get free f****** tuition

  • Choco Latte
    Choco Latte 2 months ago

    Small details?!?! I think having no logical basis for a program like this is no small detail.

  • Richard Neal
    Richard Neal 2 months ago +2

    1. less than 1.3% of white people in the USA had a slave.
    2. Not all African Americans in the USA today descended from slaves.
    3. Many so called African Americans are just as Caucasian genetically as African
    4. why can't white people who are descendants of indentured convicts also get free tuition.
    5. why are 96% of the US tax paying population paying for something they neither gained from or had anything to do with even from a historical context ie what about the Chinese US citizens etc.

  • Sooner Dude
    Sooner Dude 2 months ago

    They should give reparations to anyone, black, white, native american, hispanic etc., who was a slave in their life time in the United States. Reparations because no one I ever new was a slave and I am black, is BS.

  • jay park
    jay park 2 months ago

    America has a lot of black millionaires and billionaires compared to other countries like Africa. notice a country with black leaders has the poorest blacks. almost as if our country's affirmative action gives black people more chances at becoming rich

    FAST HANDS 2 months ago

    *Native Born Americans, Glad to here the Truth! NATIVE: Associated to a place by Birth, BORN To The free world*

  • Abu Afak
    Abu Afak 2 months ago

    some are more privileged than others
    some are more equal than others

  • Abu Afak
    Abu Afak 2 months ago

    this wouldn't hurt anybody! white people can't be hurt; they're indestructible

  • Abu Afak
    Abu Afak 2 months ago

    small details like, y'know, who qualifies

  • Eirexeyes
    Eirexeyes 2 months ago +5

    There are so many dumb people on the earth..

  • CallitHowISeeIt
    CallitHowISeeIt 2 months ago +7

    They weren't 'captured' by Whites they were sold by Blacks

    They don't teach that part

  • jesperFrost
    jesperFrost 2 months ago +1

    Once my country was occupied by the Germans ..........( you can make the rest of the sentence your self)

  • maxpolaris99
    maxpolaris99 2 months ago +1

    I never captured and pushed anyone into slavery in my life.
    I've never even met an ex-slave before.

  • Adam Skinner
    Adam Skinner 2 months ago +1

    Asking folks to pay for some students based on race is racist and evil. Reparations for past injustices is only fair if the people responsible are making them to their victems, not if you are asking those not responsible to pay to those who weren't victims. Then it just turns into extortion based on social guilt and feelings of entitlement. I fear this is the opposite to what our education system teaches our youth who then perpetuate it.

  • Lala land
    Lala land 2 months ago

    No wonder stupid black people well more like gorillas always trying to ruin people life with their liberal agenda !!!

  • combatjj forlife
    combatjj forlife 2 months ago +3

    white people didnt capture and inslave black people blacks captured other blacks and sold them to whites or whoever had money

  • holleyman1970
    holleyman1970 2 months ago +1

    What a waste of protein

  • Anthony Cloud
    Anthony Cloud 2 months ago +10

    "I'm fat; I'm black; I'm female, or 'non-binary'; I'm lgbtqfui; you should give me shit."

    • Techno Rogue
      Techno Rogue 2 months ago

      Did you just assume "ze" has a gender?

  • steve bolton
    steve bolton 2 months ago +2

    According to her ( IF I UNDERSTAND THIS CORRECTLY) is that no matter when you came to the USA, if you're black, you should get a free education. That is wrong on so many levels.

  • Blutteufel
    Blutteufel 2 months ago +1

    I thought he said her name was 'Ham-Bomb.'

  • Tripper Harrison
    Tripper Harrison 2 months ago

    Well,if certain groups say that they are discriminated against when they come here, then don't come here. Pretty simple stuff. Or , get out. Also, ever notice that these mouthbreathers begin an answer with the word "so" almost every time . It's a characteristic of ignorance, and unpreparedness.It really displays a solid argument. Lol. Also, where's my free tuition? I need reparations for having to deal with black people like this bug catching mouthbreather for most of my years. Where my money?????

  • daarkside
    daarkside 2 months ago +1

    Horrible place, horrible people, racists, bigots, islamophobes
    And yet you cant even pause to flood our homeland with you 3rd worlders even for a minute.

  • x00p3
    x00p3 2 months ago +4

    So she wants people who never owned any slaves to have to pay money to people who were never slaves as a reparation for slavery? Hmmmm...

    • cj spicy
      cj spicy 2 months ago

      haha sounds about right

  • Dustin Thibodeaux
    Dustin Thibodeaux 2 months ago

    niggers have enlarged stink glands

  • Statts63
    Statts63 2 months ago +9

    she is a dumb, stupid bitch

  • Carson Park
    Carson Park 2 months ago +1

    Canada does this for our natives. Very mixed results. Some take advantage of the system and fill spots they have no intention of advancing through, just an excuse to be praised for stagnation being registered in post secondary school. Those who do take advantage don't return to their communities to improve them nearly so much as they'd be improved had they never left and become small business owners and community leaders. Sometimes even prevented from returning home because of the ethnicity of the person they happened to fall in love with isn't allowed to live in certain regions, at the demands of the natives in those regions.... Brain drain blows. Helps a few but not the community. Helps a few escape the community presented as though it helps the community.

    TONY HAWK 2 months ago +10

    My great-great grandfather had to tie his shoelaces before going to work.

    Where's my raparations?

  • Mike W
    Mike W 2 months ago +1

    I hate when he does this. Is bringing some 20 or 21 year old who's been inundated with a fuckload of progressive politics for the past three years is really the formula for a thought provoking conversation? It is certainly, not a fair fight. This girl's parents are likely far more intelligent, far more reasonable, and far more realistic than she is. And Carlson is a smart guy with a team of people who destroy poorly thought out ideas for a living. Do you really want to go to your four year old friend's birthday and have a political debate with the birthday girl?

  • Dyl Brody
    Dyl Brody 2 months ago +3

    They "disenfranchise" themselves with their behavior and attitudes.

  • Nicholas Zounis
    Nicholas Zounis 2 months ago +4

    They are just exercising their black privilege.

  • Tyler Kirk
    Tyler Kirk 2 months ago

    This is a really good conversation to have and I hope TC can revise it with this woman.

    • Tyler Kirk
      Tyler Kirk 2 months ago

      Wow great insight! So glad you chimed in!

    • cj spicy
      cj spicy 2 months ago

      No it's a dumb conversation to have

  • Mags chann
    Mags chann 2 months ago +1

    ''so these are important questions'

    and I don't really have an answer to any of them, but I can run my mouth till you give up.

  • Mags chann
    Mags chann 2 months ago +2

    My maternal Grandfather was Greek. The Italians owe me reparations BIG TIME

    • Mags chann
      Mags chann 2 months ago

      eventually we get to cro magnon man and a gene pool so small the money gets redistributed to EVERYBODY I guess

    • daarkside
      daarkside 2 months ago

      Which you will transfer right to the Iranians and they to every single one of their neighbours.

  • Jvq
    Jvq 2 months ago +21

    I am a slave to my job... where are all my freebees? Fucking idiot!

    • Jvq
      Jvq Month ago

      Okay, so i go another job and i am slave to it. Whats your point?

    • Nicholas Zounis
      Nicholas Zounis 2 months ago

      Actually, your not a slave to your job, we are all slaves to central banks. You can always leave your job and get a better one, but we can't leave the central bank apparently.

  • Deborah Reed
    Deborah Reed 2 months ago +22

    My Daughter is mixed Chinese/White and the only racist comments she has ever received has been from blacks.

    • Patriots Legend
      Patriots Legend Month ago

      Jim the Painter yeah, I'm sure the Chinese and Japanese weren't hating each other for centuries....moron. You're ignorant like the people you criticize.

    • Jim the Painter
      Jim the Painter 2 months ago

      Blacks are the most racist. Have you ever heard someone of another race make racist comments towards their own race. No. Only black people do that. They are so racist that they are even prejudice towards their own.

    • cj spicy
      cj spicy 2 months ago

      +jay park  It's the same with BLM, they only care when other blacks are killed by white police. Never mind the disproportionate high murder rate per capita of black on black crime..
      Btw I went to a high school with a majority of the students around me being Korean (like 62%) and I never once heard any of them cry about being an oppressed minority either.. They worked hard in school and did good in life.

    • jay park
      jay park 2 months ago

      I'm Korean and when I lived in a ghetto I had racial slurs yelled at me and al Sharpton never went on tv for me to get justice from racist blacks. I feel like al Sharpton only gives a shit about other blacks

    • cj spicy
      cj spicy 2 months ago

      Buut, but,  black people can't be racist don't you know this?

  • Douglas Hill
    Douglas Hill 2 months ago +18

    I grew up in an all white, farm community where only a few of my classmates were able to go to college. We didn't even qualify for loans. After years of hard work I wanted to start a business, and asked for a Small Bus. loan. I was turned down because 1. I was not a woman, 2. I was not Black, 3. I didn't have a Black partner. Now 2017, they want it free, without payback, and NO qualifiers?? What is this, The United States of Africa??

    • duh
      duh 2 months ago

      Poor Europastan... May KEK have mercy on their souls.

    • jesperFrost
      jesperFrost 2 months ago

      Douglas Hill the united state of bat shit crazy!

    • daarkside
      daarkside 2 months ago

      The Untied States of White Guilt. The #2 ranked place on White Guilt. Only outdone by the mother of colonialism and the holocaus itslef. Europe.

  • Daniel Febrizio
    Daniel Febrizio 2 months ago +5

    I don't think she directly responded to any of his questions.

    • Joe Geraci
      Joe Geraci 2 months ago

      the radicals just cycle through talking points. they dont believe in conversation

  • 111voodoo
    111voodoo 2 months ago +4

    Yup my family who came here from communist Yugoslavia in the 1970's owe minorities money because blacks were enslaved by people in a completely different part of the world400 years earlier. Yup, makes perfect sense.

  • 111voodoo
    111voodoo 2 months ago +2

    The idea that I'm gonna have to work even more hours away from my family so minorities have the "right" to something that my fuckin ancestors had NOTHING to do with slavery is behind fuckin immoral. COLLEGE IS NOT A RIGHT FOR ANYONE REGARDLESS OF SKIN COLOR MOTHER FUCKERS!. you don't have the right to reach in my wallet to make you feelBetter about something that YOU had nothing to do with. fuckin sick people

  • 111voodoo
    111voodoo 2 months ago +3

    I was born in America but I'm ofAlbanian decent, and according to this woman's idiotic logic, Albanians, Serbs, Macedonians, Armenians, and several others are all owed compensation from what the Ottoman Empire (modern day turkey) did to my ancestors 600 years ago. Oh and on top of that, pretty much everyone owesJews something since they are historically the most enslaved/oppressed people on the planet! Oh and about 40% of African nations owe black People compensation for the same reason, since they enslaved and traded their own people. How fuckin retarded is this woman? And as far as "provelge", you wanna see privelge? Please someone name me one college that would turn away Sasha and melia obama! Give me one! Provelge??? Or how about this, as a "white man", if I apply to Harvard with the same exact credentials as a minority student, guess which one they take? And why? Yes, simply becusse they are a minority. According to the lefts logic. I wannna see this, if the left really is a bunch of their word, I wanna see the push to allow anyone the opportunity to go to any college they desire regardless of merit. Because however, again according to the logic of the left. There are many of us out there who aren't PRIVILEGED to have a scholarship! Therefore my son is at a disadvantage because he's not as talented as the one with the scholarship. Or how about this, I demand that every student be granted an A, in all their classes because my son or daughter or someone else's wasn't born with the ability to solve complicated math problems. Or wasn't born with the ability to read and comprehend as well as others. Please someone tell me what's the fucnin difference? Tell me WHY THR FUCK SHOULD (acccording to this woman) EVERY BLACK KID HAVE THE RIGHT TO COLLEGE DUE TO PRIVILEGE, but. Not my son have the right to better grades or the right to any college he wants because he's at a disadvantage over ability to read well or solve tough math problems. Please tell meWhy one is ok and not the other?Why is it fair that Lebrun James gets to be 6'8 and play in the NBA, and my dream is crushed because I'm 5'6 which is out of my control! Isn't LBJ privileged? The left is truly out of their fuckin mind. Ask any left wing student if they would ok with every other student having a 4.0 GPA regardless of effort, and work ethic and time put in! Ask them, see how truly dedicated they are to EQUALITY! Fuckin losers

  • verve92
    verve92 2 months ago

    I've had debates with black people about this and they are bitter that my family, as Jews got reparations for the Holocaust. Like genocide conflates with slavery-basically a work for food and shelter exchange. To be clear only a small percentage of slaves were abused. The Japanese families got reparations as well for the interment camps of WWII. Again not an equal situation.
    Moreover, another difference in the case of the Jews and Japanese is that like every other group who settled in America: Irish, Italian, Indian, what have you, are all successful representatives of American life. I challenge anyone to find Jews, Asians, or Indians in prisons in any significant number.
    I grew up in Philly as a kid and our neighborhoods were clean, while the black ones were not. The free public housing projects were in disgraceful shape. I understand the schools in bad shape in the city, but how come Asians can come here and learn the language on their own?

    • juscurious
      juscurious 2 months ago

      Jews got no reparations for the holocaust from US taxpayers. German tax payers, yes but not US. Only those Japanese directly interned got reparations, not their offspring.

  • Chris C
    Chris C 2 months ago

    What shit this is.. school is more accessible than it ever has been. the greatest historical impact is the history of your study and it's impact on testing and paper writing or the impact that your participation impacts wether you pass or not.. This chick shouldn't be debating Tucker.

  • Nazi Brown Shirt
    Nazi Brown Shirt 2 months ago +7

    When your begin every conversation with "So..." you're reading from a script and have no thought process.

  • Nazi Brown Shirt
    Nazi Brown Shirt 2 months ago +12

    Where does this shit end? These animals are lucky their ancestors were brought over. if not all of them would be in fucking Nigeria or Kenya.

  • RapidRay01
    RapidRay01 2 months ago +14

    More Free Shit , for the " Free Shit Army ! "

  • EriolTolkien
    EriolTolkien 2 months ago +59

    My ancestors were invaded and conquered by the Romans, Danes and Normans, and we were enslaved by the (african) Barbary Slavers.

    Who do I seek reparations from?

    • Techno Rogue
      Techno Rogue 2 months ago

      You're a fucking white male!

    • mongster
      mongster 2 months ago

      i mean i don't know about any of that slavery shit, but my swedish ancestors conquered dublin before they got butt raped by englishmen

    • jesperFrost
      jesperFrost 2 months ago

      EriolTolkien you don't because you moved on and live your free life. These cry babies know nothing, people are still enslaved in Africa but they don't address that. They are stuck in the past carrying it around like a burden that prevent them from take responsibility for their own life and they are blaming everyone else for their own shortcomings.

    • cj spicy
      cj spicy 2 months ago

      You don't cuz this is an oppression contest which states that you weren't oppressed enough (cuz you're white)

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray 2 months ago +25

    thank god for fox look at these stuttering fool can't even state
    her case. I'm third generation
    Irish American my grandparents
    came over here on a boat steerage
    dirt poor spent every time
    they had getting here owned
    no slaves me and people
    like me don't owe you shit
    get over it!

    • Chad Mower
      Chad Mower 2 months ago

      The first member of my family (paternal) who came here in the late 1600s - came as an indentured servant.

    • Man on phone
      Man on phone 2 months ago

      Michael Gray I'm just plain Irish from Dublin and I never understood the huge generalisation, that "white people are privileged because there's no system of oppression towards them" or some bull like that. But is that all whites, or are they just saying Americans? like, if I went to America tomorrow would I instantly be racist when I get off the plane, because I'm white and the system favours my skin than theirs? even though I have absolute proof my ancestors never owned slaves, either by talking or passport.

    • Joe Geraci
      Joe Geraci 2 months ago

      really moving poem

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