Alien Attack Cold Open - SNL

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  • Skyelar EmeryEagle
    Skyelar EmeryEagle 13 hours ago

    One alien talking to another alien

  • Leah Kartsonakis
    Leah Kartsonakis 13 hours ago

    Comedy is relative so why does everyone have to argue about if it's funny or not. Are you trying to convince them or do you just want everyone to know you don't think it's funny BECAUSE WE DONT CARE

  • Dalton Patnode
    Dalton Patnode 19 hours ago

    Is this a skit??

  • KrystalM
    KrystalM 3 days ago

    He portrays Donald in a Negative way. Not cool

  • Joseph Torres
    Joseph Torres 3 days ago

    Spot on with Trump faces "now here's the deal we are going to beat these aliens cause we have the best military"

  • Storm Day
    Storm Day 4 days ago

    I support trump and these skits are hilarious.

  • Mark Twain
    Mark Twain 4 days ago

    after the thousand times of lampooning Trump it gets boring.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • PokeDude011
    PokeDude011 5 days ago

    "I started off in the Draco solar system. My father gave me a small loan of a million space dollars."

  • Andrew Feurtado
    Andrew Feurtado 5 days ago

    Is that the best they've got? If you really are worried about the influence of Alex Jones just stop talking about him, his haters are his best advertisers.

  • Cheesoos Kryst
    Cheesoos Kryst 5 days ago

    These are funny but then there is the real life...

  • 103CiHD
    103CiHD 6 days ago

    BREAKING NEWS: New fracking process to use liberal tears!

  • Colin Keiser
    Colin Keiser 11 days ago

    That was hilarious and I apologize for my fellow Trump supporters who can't take a joke.

  • Herpeslip Herpeslip
    Herpeslip Herpeslip 11 days ago +1

    It's a skit. You can be a fan of Trump and still enjoy. I laughed my butt off every time Kate did a Hillary skit. I laugh my butt of every time Baldwin does a Trump skit.

  • Yavor Kapitanov
    Yavor Kapitanov 11 days ago

    That is not funny really.

  • LordOfTheCats
    LordOfTheCats 12 days ago

    Libtards are insane, regressive Trump supporters are insane. BOOOM Nuclear comment section!

  • ronald perry
    ronald perry 12 days ago

    3:39 Good job Trump, you found one of em!

  • ronald perry
    ronald perry 12 days ago

    3:39 Good job Trump, you found one of em!

  • Yukita Kimahara ゆきた きまはら

    Love the Hmmwv intro

  • Wuncler Laufenbum Cornelius Ulysses Albrecht LVX

    I'm not even going to reading the comments, but I know a bunch of edgy Internet political people are upset, and that makes me happy.

  • KekLordGrey
    KekLordGrey 17 days ago

    gotta love the "fake" canned laughter.....
    i do love these.... but i do have a question. where is "Pat"?
    Where is Pat? Where is Pat? Where is Pat?

  • Tuba YILMAZ
    Tuba YILMAZ 18 days ago

    I love u AlecBaldwin..U'r amazing actor. Love from Turkey :)

  • MrLeviNielsen
    MrLeviNielsen 18 days ago

    I don't get it.

    No seriously, I don't.

  • Laz N
    Laz N 19 days ago

    How the fuck u morons elected trump?whats wrong with you? The world is mesmerised by his stupidity YOUR STUPIDITY

    MIE MIE 20 days ago

    why they faced to the camera when they talk to eachother

  • 이명후
    이명후 20 days ago

    real alien is trump but he hand on president

  • John Shields
    John Shields 21 day ago

    Ridiculous: no one can kill Arnold.

  • Quang Nguyen
    Quang Nguyen 21 day ago

    so funny

  • Nintendonian
    Nintendonian 21 day ago

    this skit was doing so well until the racist thing I agree trump is a fuckin idiot but hes not rascist

  • Geno Jr
    Geno Jr 21 day ago

    I'm a trump supporter! and i love his impersonations of him! awesome!

  • Dan Williams
    Dan Williams 22 days ago

    It's okay I guess.

  • Tomas Lopez
    Tomas Lopez 22 days ago

    Lol if Trump was president in Independence Day 😂😂

  • Kyroe 217
    Kyroe 217 23 days ago

    I support trump, but I got to say this is hilarious

  • Jim Newlands
    Jim Newlands 23 days ago

    this is so fucking stupid

  • Slim Jim
    Slim Jim 24 days ago

    Im a trump supporter and this is honestly hilarious, Why are there so many people saying that we're mad? Its comedy. why would we be mad

  • flisko
    flisko 24 days ago

    3:40 he is right thats an alien, ugly fukin skank, roids gone wrong, gender switch gone wrong

  • Kon Tiki
    Kon Tiki 25 days ago

    SNL could have twice as many viewers if they were not so bias. Jay Leno made fun of both Dems and republicans. The media today only takes aim at Republicans. So I don’t watch any late night any more.

    The biggest buffoon ever in politics is Joe Bidden(aka Clark Griswold). Where is Chevy Chase when you need him. Bring him on SNL. Let him a piece on Joe Bidden every week just like Alec Baldwin.
    Joe Bidden Quotes;

    “When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened.”
    Thanks for the history lesson crazy Joe.
    Roosevelt died April 12, 1945, The first TV stations started up in 1948. Just facts.

    Another famous Joe Biden Quote. Talking trash about Donald Trump.
    “No, I wish we were in high school — I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish,” the 73-year-old said to roaring applause. Is Joe still in the 5th Grade?

    My personal favorite was telling a crowd “Go Giants” in San Francisco right before the 49ers played the NY Giants in an upcoming NFL game. He which he was booed.

    Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) worries that Guam may tip over if the military sends more troops to be stationed there. He says: “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.” Give credit to Admiral Robert Willard, Commander of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet, for keeping his composure, saying “We don’t anticipate that.”

    Nancy Pelosi quote
    "But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy."

    In remarks earlier this month in Inglewood, Calif., Waters went after the Tea Party, telling a group of her constituents (many wearing purple SEIU T-shirts): “I am not afraid of anybody. This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell.”

    Then there is Elijah Cummings; Hillary and Obama cheerleader in the Benghazi hearings. Pom Poms and all. What joke he was at those hearings defending the Dems at every step. Why were there? That was one of the questions asked that has never been answered.

    There is plenty of people on both side of the Isle. I guess NBC and SNL don’t want more viewers. It’s brilliant strategy for broadcasters. They certainly have convinced me that Obama giving guns to the Mexican Cartels was great and noble thing, just cause he doesn’t Americans to have fire arms. Also; giving friends of Syrian(aka Al Qaeda and Isis) weapons was a great strategy creating the Syrian Refugee Crisis. That Obama was terrific president. Transgender restrooms that was awesome too.

    Keep up the great work NBC and SNL!

  • Tim Andress
    Tim Andress 25 days ago, the acting was gawd awful. I was really hoping for a win here...but again it's the Left hoping for victory and they can't even shoot their way to top

  • Hackiesacker007
    Hackiesacker007 27 days ago

    Alex Jones is a nimrod and snake oil salesman, but he is not a racist. This one was just wrong, SNL.

    BLACK MOON PACK 27 days ago

    The ratings show that snl is not funny unless they talk about trump

  • Melanie Mars
    Melanie Mars 28 days ago

    Why does Donald Trump sound like boss baby? And when he came in I couldn't take my eyes off him. NOT LIKE THAT,DOE.

  • Arnaldo Manigat
    Arnaldo Manigat 28 days ago

    shapeshifting topics on again look out

  • Mr. Negi Generation 3000

    This is comedy gold

  • Tzen-Chuen Ng
    Tzen-Chuen Ng 29 days ago

    Wait! This means that Trump was not impeached by 2018! Oh no.

  • TheH3000
    TheH3000 29 days ago +1

    Very funny, but it's propaganda people, it's based on government lies.

  • 최진욱
    최진욱 1 month ago


  • bartdpa
    bartdpa 1 month ago

    YES !

  • Georgia Furr
    Georgia Furr 1 month ago

    What color are aliens if they come from the moon. Do they come to earth to get sun?????

  • Caroline Stevenson
    Caroline Stevenson 1 month ago

    I take it SNL knows nothing about our military?


    Am I the only Trump supporter that finds this funny?

  • Melissa Garnier
    Melissa Garnier 1 month ago

    Cold Christian fresh knowledge individual exclusive broken venture orange Palestinian.

  • Zachary Robinson
    Zachary Robinson 1 month ago

    Lonely portray available ghost sound walk warn satisfaction

  • puffalump76
    puffalump76 1 month ago

    he does a funny Trump lol

  • Paul Cavigliano
    Paul Cavigliano 1 month ago

    SNL sucks ass. What's dad is at one time this show was great. But that was a long time ago.

  • Splugen pass
    Splugen pass 1 month ago

    Baldwin is making me love Trump!!!

  • HotSauce753
    HotSauce753 1 month ago

    There are literally no Trump supporters complaining and the libs in here seem to still find a way to try and embarrass us. Lol.

  • LPSTurtleCat
    LPSTurtleCat 1 month ago +2

    I can't wait till 2018

  • Jaffa T
    Jaffa T 1 month ago

    The only thing good about Dumpy being President is these SNL sketches. If Dumpy wasn't such a moron, SNL wouldn't have so much material. I wasn't a fan of Alec Baldwin until he started doing these Dumpy sketches. Melissa McCarthy as Spicer are brilliant too.

  • Expired Cereal
    Expired Cereal 1 month ago

    "...One nacho, under Bob..."

  • Max O'Neill
    Max O'Neill 1 month ago

    Ayyyy Delaware still going strong!

  • RMJ1984
    RMJ1984 1 month ago

    I would seriously watch a movie or TV series with Alec Baldwin as trump. This is PURE comedy gold :D

  • Bhelle Feion
    Bhelle Feion 1 month ago

    Fantastic indeed!!!

  • greyrounds
    greyrounds 1 month ago

    this is hilarious 😂😂

  • Attaboy311
    Attaboy311 1 month ago

    Well would ya look at that, looks strangely close to the status of the Army when I left in 2011....over weight out of shape force with zero appreciation/respect for dress and appearance regulations. Otherwise hilarious video.

    • Attaboy311
      Attaboy311 1 month ago

      And yes, before the bloggers attack...I understand it is a skit, just saying without even trying, they are right on the money with it.

  • rkamazed941
    rkamazed941 1 month ago

    Useless rotting turd of a human being. Self serving, self involved greedy turd. I love how the fucktard redneck idiots love him and its them that he will place all the burden on. No healthcare, no snap food program, no unemployment for life, no wall, I repeat there will never be a wall you morons. HE LIED, HE LIES, HE CHEATS. He will get richer and you will get poorer. Watch your tax bill in 2 years.

  • Rembrandt
    Rembrandt 1 month ago

    Alex Jones getting tons of free press.

  • random dude
    random dude 1 month ago

    they put all that alien makeup on for 10 seconds of screen time. SNL is hardcore.

  • David S. Pumpkins
    David S. Pumpkins 1 month ago +4

    Silly SNL, Trump will be impeached by 2018!

  • katy clasen
    katy clasen 1 month ago

    love SNL. i was never really a fan before, but the have captured the stupidity of Trump so well.

  • matchesburn
    matchesburn 1 month ago

    "They just vaporized California! Everyone in California is dead!"
    I, for one, welcome our alien benefactors.

  • Chris Sallen
    Chris Sallen 1 month ago

    who love trump not me😂😂😂😂

  • ALEX J. Scher
    ALEX J. Scher 1 month ago

    Why would aliens be in the U.S. army?

  • YM/ Private First Class

    Covers inside? *Triggered*

  • jgacquindo
    jgacquindo 1 month ago

    People should pay attention to the fact about alien invasion. They have been showing this and many others about aliens attacking us. Fake alien invasion to issue a NWO. Its coming sooner than you think to a neighborhood near you.

  • Meena Shehri
    Meena Shehri 1 month ago

    Boll shit foolish fucker

  • Peter Dacey
    Peter Dacey 1 month ago

    "We don't know they're from Zorblat 9". Ironically, that is actually much more of a line from President Obama's playbook, not Donald Trump's.

  • dan gant
    dan gant 1 month ago


  • Ben Middleton
    Ben Middleton 1 month ago


  • dbtwiztid
    dbtwiztid 1 month ago

    I'm not sure if I hate Trump or Saturday Night Live more.
    But probably Saturday Night Live.

  • odalis gonzalez
    odalis gonzalez 1 month ago

    If only aliens would take Trump away..then again the aliens may not want him

  • Lars De Vos
    Lars De Vos 1 month ago

    salt up south spend should politically approach capital

  • Keaton Smith
    Keaton Smith 1 month ago


  • Chase Collazo
    Chase Collazo 1 month ago


  • Izzy So
    Izzy So 1 month ago

    Hahaha Alec Baldwin makes people actually like Donald Trump....

  • SwankeyMonkey
    SwankeyMonkey 1 month ago

    The funniest part...
    was seeing all these Beta-males trying to pass themselves off as any of our fine Soldiers and Commander in Chief.

  • partygirrafe 178
    partygirrafe 178 1 month ago +2

    shut the fuck up with the politic shit who cares who won or lose the election this video is for comedy,not for butt hurt kids complaining and disliking it cause of trump and no I don't like trump or Hillary so yea fuck u if u disliked

  • Jacob Cleveland
    Jacob Cleveland 1 month ago

    guys dont worry trump loves everyone with a 7 figure income dont worry president pence is about to get his turn so how about all those jobs our president is more worried about people being mean to him an posting to twitter cant believe how much golf obama played taking trips to Florida every weekend playing golf hell the guys own wife doesnt wanna touch him only thing I like about him is we both wanna sleep with his daughter.

  • No Name
    No Name 1 month ago

    This is what passes off as comedy these days? Now they don't even hide the fact that they are trying to force feed their propaganda brainwashing.

  • Nomadcreations
    Nomadcreations 1 month ago


  • Deadstockjayz
    Deadstockjayz 1 month ago

    Alex jones > SNL

  • HCAZz1224
    HCAZz1224 2 months ago

    1:40 we are going to build a wall to separate us from the aliens

  • Patrick Laurent
    Patrick Laurent 2 months ago

    we are going to bring coal bacc lol.nbc been very unfair to me lol

  • Crisp Cuts Landscaping
    Crisp Cuts Landscaping 2 months ago

    "One nacho... under bob... for bimbnity... and bubness... beebol." I fell off my chair.

  • Elizabeth Øtt
    Elizabeth Øtt 2 months ago

    I think Alec Baldwin does a really good impression of Trump. It's on point.

  • JustInTime2Play
    JustInTime2Play 2 months ago

    Alec Baldwin you suck! Actually the whole SNL cast is trash now.

  • E-MAN
    E-MAN 2 months ago

    He gets his info from Fox News

  • E-MAN
    E-MAN 2 months ago

    I thought he would have said we need to build a wall

  • TheWard1ne
    TheWard1ne 2 months ago

    Gigi hadeed lol

  • Joseph Stefurak
    Joseph Stefurak 2 months ago

    A possible Alien Attack is no joke ! Their has been many Alien Spaceships sighted recently in the skies over Israel ! Many channelers have received communications from outer space Aliens that Aliens are indeed very concerned over the near future welfare of humanity on Earth ! In fact in Christianity it is taught that not only will their be an soon to arrive Apocalyptic Thermonuclear World War Three but that outer space Aliens are going to participate in this future War with advanced Alien weapons ! It is very much believed that World War Three will be between Russia vs the United States ! Clear evidence has been gathered that Aliens will be on the side of Russia ! American citizens need to start waking up and in a much more active fashion become much more responsible ! Americans need not put themselves in a position of enemy attack and retaliation in the first place ! Americans need to greatly build up the U.S. Military and Americans need to prepare in the way of self defense for a very possible soon to arrive Military Attack from Alien Spaceships ! A good place to start is the massive development of the Wilhelm Reich SPACEGUN ! It has shown itself to be very effective ! Best Wishes -- Joseph Stefurak

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