Gordon Finally Impressed with Cocky Chef - Gordon Ramsay

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  • flow
    flow 2 days ago

    where is this place? i want to eat here

  • Aayush peace
    Aayush peace 2 days ago

    The title got shortened on my mobile and read 'Gordon finally impressed with cock' xD

  • alimar marsar
    alimar marsar 3 days ago

    Blowing the fire with his mouth is a NO NO

  • Dooshie Games
    Dooshie Games 4 days ago

    Did he buy him a car?

  • Cnupoc
    Cnupoc 5 days ago

    recently i stumbled upon videos of Gordon actually being impressed by chefs and i'm impressed that he's impressed. Impressive eh?

  • sanoy aw
    sanoy aw 6 days ago +1

    I got slapped by ma mom.She cooked me some food and I said it's Fucking Raw.Cook me Some real Food goddamit.

  • KyroBass
    KyroBass 6 days ago

    The comment section has the biggest gordan dick riders😂😂

  • Robby Shane
    Robby Shane 7 days ago


  • tigurius555
    tigurius555 7 days ago

    all it takes to get his approval is spaghetti with meatballs, goes to show what terrible food all these restaurants serve to fuck up and piss him off

  • dagangsta101
    dagangsta101 8 days ago

    Does anyone else wonder who the hell it is Ramsay is looking at? YO BRO THE CAMERA IS OVER HERE

  • aziz abk
    aziz abk 10 days ago

    Gavin is wimp lol

  • Derp Derpington
    Derp Derpington 11 days ago

    Whats the episode name?

  • mellowdd
    mellowdd 12 days ago

    Never blow on the food

  • Chrls Stotz
    Chrls Stotz 14 days ago

    Why does the thumbnail look so weird

  • bong donkey
    bong donkey 14 days ago

    Yeah, because Spaghetti and Meatballs is authentic Italiano food! lol!!!

  • Valbuz
    Valbuz 15 days ago +1

    Meat ball on pasta an italian food? ARE YOU F*****G KIDDING ME!?

  • bam fitz
    bam fitz 15 days ago

    If you turn off the volume you can tell exactly what Gordon is saying by the expressions on the folds on his forehead, remarkable. As he gets older the folds will become more floppy/presentable which increases his skills in the kitchen and works as a sort of exhaust like you would find in a car.!

  • Jaden J
    Jaden J 16 days ago

    Hell I'd be shaking my legs too

  • Cheecho By Dream
    Cheecho By Dream 18 days ago

    The world almost ended

  • David Goldfeld
    David Goldfeld 18 days ago +1

    1:24 as soon as my parents leave the driveway

  • Kayleigh W
    Kayleigh W 18 days ago

    hi. I'm depressed 😀😊

  • Kayleigh W
    Kayleigh W 18 days ago

    hi. I'm depressed 😀😊

  • Quicky
    Quicky 18 days ago

    How come it's the small restaurants that have the bet food?

  • Alexey Shalom
    Alexey Shalom 18 days ago

    Good job yang sheff

  • Gabriella faks
    Gabriella faks 20 days ago

    gordon drives an e46 m3

  • rgiq
    rgiq 20 days ago


  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves 21 day ago

    I can't understand them anyone know what the fuck happened at the end?

  • 山内淳カイル
    山内淳カイル 21 day ago

    Woah was that an E46 M3?

  • stan marsh
    stan marsh 22 days ago

    nowhere near as good however... AS NINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!

  • Postmodern Condition
    Postmodern Condition 23 days ago

    He speaks like in 1.5x speed

  • FahudieGamer04
    FahudieGamer04 23 days ago

    he sound like jacksepticeye without screaming

  • Max416188
    Max416188 24 days ago

    Anyone else on their phone see the title as "Gordon finally impressed with cock"?

  • D Tomic
    D Tomic 24 days ago

    this man goes and sells him a 40000£ car for 3000£ and says im in the shit help me out wtf

  • vip878
    vip878 25 days ago

    Dude meatball spaghetti is an American dish, not italian

  • Grant Kunimura
    Grant Kunimura 25 days ago

    Fuckin hell captions,yes Alex you are an a.1 shit

  • P1N3 _Apple
    P1N3 _Apple 25 days ago

    I am so hungry right now

  • SammySlamma92
    SammySlamma92 26 days ago

    2:55 I think Ramsay broke the dudes hand

  • Hyperion
    Hyperion 27 days ago

    your a dirty backstaping greedy money making son of a bitch Ramsay and u deserve to burn in hell for real BURN !

  • Wolfics
    Wolfics 27 days ago

    Anyone else binge watching anything that has to do with Gordon Ramsay?

  • Carlos Mejia
    Carlos Mejia 27 days ago

    I'll take a csl m3 thx chef

  • Anthony Scarfo
    Anthony Scarfo 27 days ago

    I don't deserve to eat Italian food come to my neighborhood and try to insult the chef

  • Bing! Bong! Bing! Bing! Bong!

    *Shakes hand* and Yells out while looking straight down at the floor, We did it fucker! We please we pleased!!! yeeeeeaaaaahhhh!!! 666 all the waaaayyyy bitch!!

    \m/*__ *\m/

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Joker

    "Gordon Ramsay finally impressed with cock" was all I saw in the title cause it was cut off😂😂😂

  • Terrance Yang
    Terrance Yang 1 month ago

    Guys don't you think Gordon is fucking picky eater

  • You May cry
    You May cry 1 month ago

    2:11 very noice XD

  • D T
    D T 1 month ago

    Gordon Ramsey on Man vs Wild

  • Daniel Portelli
    Daniel Portelli 1 month ago

    why is he calling spaghetti and meatballs real, rustic Italian food??

  • MetroVerse
    MetroVerse 1 month ago

    Imagine Gordon watching HowToBasic.

  • Asbjela Sulejmani
    Asbjela Sulejmani 1 month ago

    It's actually pretty good!

  • Shadow_ Gamer
    Shadow_ Gamer 1 month ago

    Holy shit. It's finally fresh

  • nadjer bora
    nadjer bora 1 month ago

    Fook meh

  • Papajuan 420
    Papajuan 420 1 month ago

    If the menu was Italian there shouldn't be meat balls in the spaghetti

  • Nathan
    Nathan 1 month ago

    Personally never understood the whole food hype. If it's not dangerous to eat and is cooked right. I'll put it through a blender and still not care what it's like. So I'd eat most of the crap these restaurants serve and not think twice about it. (unless as i said it was dangerous, ie rotten, smelt wrong , gritty etc)

  • Arkane Skye
    Arkane Skye 1 month ago

    i love how Gordon just says "fuck me" all the time even when the food is great

  • Mon Kay Man
    Mon Kay Man 1 month ago +1

    I want Gordan to try Mc.Donald's.

  • Glitchy Mountain
    Glitchy Mountain 1 month ago

    Should have been _cooky_ chef

  • Goku Superhero
    Goku Superhero 1 month ago

    Gordon is rude but he usually makes there places better

  • ZqueakerZ
    ZqueakerZ 1 month ago

    "My name's Gordon, how are you?"

  • keri caye
    keri caye 1 month ago

    His 22 bistros in England show what a great man he is in the kitchen. His wife and kids show what a great man he is with them....I like him!

  • Tyler Youngkrantz
    Tyler Youngkrantz 1 month ago

    Cleared all the debt in 2 months, nice.

  • Jack Mara
    Jack Mara 1 month ago

    What Gordon wants is just real cooked food not just scams in order to make a bigger profit.

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo 1 month ago

    The pasta is RAAAWWWWWW!!!!

  • Miguel Rivera
    Miguel Rivera 1 month ago

    How the fuck is he cocky?

  • Trevon W.
    Trevon W. 1 month ago

    Reech with tamaatas

  • Ryan Paige
    Ryan Paige 1 month ago

    and out the blue here comes

  • Sean Foo
    Sean Foo 1 month ago

    the title looks like a pornhub video

  • Kurohi Uchiha
    Kurohi Uchiha 1 month ago

    what ep is this ?

  • schwanzmeister 3000
    schwanzmeister 3000 1 month ago

    coke does wonders

    LOVE YOU 1 month ago

    a BRIT never puts down another BRIT
    brits mock americans and Ramsey is the example

  • Sommer Rayne
    Sommer Rayne 1 month ago +1

    *Gordon folds his arms and leans on the table in the dark lit room, saying something in a low raspy voice that catches my attention* "Fuck Me" *He leans back and watches my reaction*

  • Eric Larson
    Eric Larson 1 month ago

    i can see the passion you have with this business. And it really shows in Hell's Kitchen.

  • Jason Jalate
    Jason Jalate 1 month ago

    *Wtf was he negotiating in the end?*

  • Benjamin Barnabee
    Benjamin Barnabee 1 month ago

    It's almost scarier when he isn't yelling and yelling people to fuck off. You kind of expect it.

  • ???? ????
    ???? ???? 1 month ago

    so many beer commercials on these videos

  • Sam Clark
    Sam Clark 1 month ago

    tell him i say fantastic job

  • Prashant Samlal
    Prashant Samlal 2 months ago

    Cocky chef? He was incredibly polite and seemed very humble!

  • Mobi vd L
    Mobi vd L 2 months ago

    1:24 what i do at night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • vindelextreme
    vindelextreme 2 months ago

    this motherfucker looks like he's got a rat in his sleeve

  • MAD BUDDHA troy
    MAD BUDDHA troy 2 months ago

    I knew my life had taken a downward spiral when I ended up working in a kitchen..thank dog I got out

  • MAD BUDDHA troy
    MAD BUDDHA troy 2 months ago

    making raw fecal matter for a living...its sick..gross

  • OhZmax
    OhZmax 2 months ago

    at least he did not say fuck off

  • Robbie Westoby
    Robbie Westoby 2 months ago

    Gordon what do you think of  drunken dishes ? They do some good food and would you give it a go

  • Paul Bartlett
    Paul Bartlett 2 months ago

    I wonder how Gordon would react to a good olde fashion hot dog cart in a downtown city that makes a few hundred thousand $$ a year.

  • UnknownGamer 166
    UnknownGamer 166 2 months ago

    what ep is this

  • Liam EFC
    Liam EFC 2 months ago

    As much as I love it when he gets angry, I also like it when he is nice as well :)

  • AdiFury
    AdiFury 2 months ago


  • Roboartist
    Roboartist 2 months ago

    Dude acts like he's on crack

  • XVP Dubstep
    XVP Dubstep 2 months ago

    1:55 look at how the waiters neck dropped xD

  • KidOnTheNet
    KidOnTheNet 2 months ago

    If the restaurant was doing well, why did it close down?

  • -saro
    -saro 2 months ago

    Can someone tell me what that is at 0:53 looks amazing

  • Phenix Fire
    Phenix Fire 2 months ago +1

    2:27 Camera Man has a foot fetish

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan 2 months ago

    Fuck me

  • Bladabladabloo
    Bladabladabloo 2 months ago +1

    Pfft.... Nino could cook all of these great dishes and more while also greeting all the customers and cleaning the whole restaurant.

  • Dankster
    Dankster 2 months ago

    Am I the only one here not to see the food but to see the rage?

  • First name Last Name
    First name Last Name 2 months ago

    Bitch eat the food. Chill the fuck out.

  • Imgur Man
    Imgur Man 2 months ago

    I want to try some Italian food now

  • MLG Hize
    MLG Hize 2 months ago

    Pasta with meatball isn't an italian meal btw. I mean if you go in an italian restaurant and u ask for spaghetti with meatballs they will cook it for you but it isnt really an original dish

  • Babu Khan
    Babu Khan 2 months ago

    rustic rustic forking rustic that's all I hear you can't make bad food taste good by calling it rustic

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