Cooking in Disguise - Gordon Ramsay

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  • Hecci666
    Hecci666 7 hours ago

    I love how he's such a troll 😂😂

  • ClashTwo
    ClashTwo 1 day ago

    2:09 Sexual content, viewer discretion advised!!! So, where's my likes...

  • Samantha  Campbell

    Love how Ramsay tried to put on a Scottish accent wow 😂

  • James G
    James G 1 day ago

    I wonder if he noticed the cameras.

  • Classy Irish Kid
    Classy Irish Kid 1 day ago

    Mrs. Doubtfire or Johnny Knoxville style incognito.

  • Nobody Idontcare
    Nobody Idontcare 2 days ago

    Omg love the Scottish accent!

  • James Cummins
    James Cummins 2 days ago

    Is it ironic that there's a frozen food advert before this Video

  • Jack Castillo
    Jack Castillo 2 days ago

    What do they say about the cameras?

  • Mr Teddy
    Mr Teddy 2 days ago

    "Keep it on,you look much better"xD

  • TAME
    TAME 2 days ago

    Does Gordan Ramsay have his own cooking class? I would take that class in a damn heart beat

  • Brownie 36
    Brownie 36 3 days ago

    0:00 woah .○_○

  • DerpyChicken 365
    DerpyChicken 365 3 days ago

    I think this is fake because how did they get the cameraman in the kitchen.

  • Xiaxci
    Xiaxci 3 days ago

    got to love those italians.

  • Sam The Piano Man
    Sam The Piano Man 4 days ago

    That chef at the end really knows how to roast!
    "Keep it on! U look much better!"

  • hello Darkness my old friend

    I fucking love this guy lol

  • cracken lord
    cracken lord 4 days ago

    When you still have to said that you're an award winning chef..

  • Jason Patrick Briones

    these fucking British has no chill just spit a big fat fuck u to celebrities

  • Julian Hyde
    Julian Hyde 5 days ago

    He looks like Robin Williams in the thumbnail.

  • Chandler Morell
    Chandler Morell 5 days ago

    Why does every comment I see have over 1,000 likes?

  • Totally not fake Lol

    How the hell did he not notice when the camera is literally pointing at Gordon the whole time

  • Colin
    Colin 5 days ago

    The reaction I'd prefer to see is someone just walking in and thinking they saw someone ripping their own face off.

  • Hiimnew Blockheads
    Hiimnew Blockheads 6 days ago

    2:10 sexy

  • A Pimp Named Slickback

    Angry grandpas culinary cousin.

  • matthew bourgeois
    matthew bourgeois 7 days ago

    he looks like robin williams

  • Cian Gargan
    Cian Gargan 7 days ago

    It's probably fake. It's not like he wouldn't notice a camera crew in the kitchen

  • Song Yi Cheon
    Song Yi Cheon 7 days ago

    how I fuckin love the intro

  • ethanL337
    ethanL337 7 days ago

    Gods damn it, why can't I stop watching Gordon Ramsay videos!

  • Ave Vee
    Ave Vee 7 days ago

    He called him a cheeky little bastard. I'm dying.

  • Samuel Summers
    Samuel Summers 8 days ago

    Smurfs in csgo

  • animelover/ gamergirl

    gordon is ninja

  • Dragoon Z
    Dragoon Z 8 days ago

    notice me senpai

  • Bing Squid
    Bing Squid 9 days ago

    This camera crew must be so stealthy not to be seen in a kitchen

  • American Soldier
    American Soldier 9 days ago

    Disliked. No lamb sauce.

  • Kidd
    Kidd 9 days ago

    ngl this is kinda lit

  • Rick Sanchez Morty Smith

    my crush had a crush on me
    but we broke up months later

  • The Salty Ban
    The Salty Ban 9 days ago

    It's fake the camera was following him the whole time

  • Swag56456 Swag56456

    0:00 - 0:02, Not something you wanna if you break into someone's house.

  • ThomasTheLuckyGamer

    Kuddos to your make up guy, he did a damn good job

  • Julio Cornejo
    Julio Cornejo 9 days ago

    is simple....I see Gordon RamsAy and I click the video. ✌

  • Ángel
    Ángel 10 days ago


  • Athenic Cuber
    Athenic Cuber 10 days ago

    "He looks like Gordon Ramsey to me"
    If I heard that I would have fucking bolted out of the kitchen

  • Erwyn Ortiz
    Erwyn Ortiz 10 days ago

    Keep this comment on an even number of likes

  • Balooba
    Balooba 10 days ago

    Wow, Gordon an M9 Bayonet Damascus Steak and Karambit Lamb Sauce

  • Robinhood Ryoku
    Robinhood Ryoku 10 days ago

    Gordon ramsay is disguising like a different guy but sounds like Gordon ramsay

  • Chum-chum
    Chum-chum 10 days ago

    Cameras everywhere and the person cant seem to be noticing this

  • Karishma Patil
    Karishma Patil 11 days ago

    Dont the chef notice camera

  • 213213yoyo
    213213yoyo 12 days ago

    Cooking courses are too much goddamn.

  • Cris Labadlabad
    Cris Labadlabad 12 days ago

    Gordon ramsey, you're the best cook in the universe😀😀😀😉😀😉

  • Harry Bond
    Harry Bond 13 days ago

    Why is the bloke from cold feet there

  • Dhruv Bhatnagar
    Dhruv Bhatnagar 14 days ago

    Hahaha fucking love Gordon 😂😂 he can't even pretend to be modest. "Will he spot the award winning chef" "will he spot the Michelin star winning pasta" !

  • Shah Amin
    Shah Amin 14 days ago

    The mask is fucking *RAW*!!!

  • 2salzig2spucknapp
    2salzig2spucknapp 14 days ago

    so there comes this weird looking old man in your restaurant with a whole camera crew

    totaly not suspicious at all

  • 2salzig2spucknapp
    2salzig2spucknapp 14 days ago

    weird looking old man comes along with a camera crew in your restaurant

    totaly notsuspicious

  • unknown channel
    unknown channel 14 days ago

    2:09 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Prasad Bankar
    Prasad Bankar 15 days ago

    when global elite plays on nova 3

  • Scorehound
    Scorehound 15 days ago

    Loved it.

    "I learned fuck all." Brilliant. :-)

  • scatlink sean
    scatlink sean 17 days ago

    When Gordon's a troll

  • Santanu Phukan
    Santanu Phukan 17 days ago

    Right and there is just a random cameraman there.

  • Priya Harripersad
    Priya Harripersad 18 days ago

    it's a F out plan

  • Lorraine Doheny Draws

    He sharpens knives like a murder, I tell you.

  • Ziyan Prasla
    Ziyan Prasla 18 days ago

    do they not notice a camera

  • FGames !!!
    FGames !!! 18 days ago

    How did the chef not realise the cameras?

  • Bikram sran
    Bikram sran 19 days ago

    not suspicious of the camera crew,,, surreeeee

  • primo
    primo 19 days ago

    so why the fuk would a cameraman walk about in the kitchen for no absolute reason.. It's Gordon ramsay fkin dressed as an old man of course, why fkin else would that happen

  • Matias Luna
    Matias Luna 19 days ago

    "I've learned fuck all"

  • Swagi has more swag than you

    how did they film this

  • sylvia ㅤ
    sylvia ㅤ 20 days ago


  • DavennGamin
    DavennGamin 20 days ago

    idk i feel sorry if someone looks like chef ramsey and died

  • Sir Gus the Mighty
    Sir Gus the Mighty 20 days ago

    I thpez thiS whirv my facw

  • Delta3Gamer Gaming And More!

    That Scottish accent tho

  • Alexander Daughtry
    Alexander Daughtry 21 day ago

    You are a fucking cool guy Gordon Ramsey

  • Sir Turkey
    Sir Turkey 21 day ago

    This is how you do prank vid's people.

  • Winschlat I
    Winschlat I 21 day ago

    Those fake face costumes are damn uncomfortable.

  • Venancio Tano
    Venancio Tano 21 day ago

    Can he teach me how to cook.

  • hot ice
    hot ice 21 day ago

    is this really ramsay's account?

  • Colin Stynes
    Colin Stynes 21 day ago

    i came today to learn something..... iv learned fuck all haha what a hero

  • John Ruiz
    John Ruiz 21 day ago

    I dint see that comming

  • Awesomeninjaka 2
    Awesomeninjaka 2 21 day ago


  • BritishBr0
    BritishBr0 22 days ago

    Nearly 8 years ago! Christ, I miss the old telly

  • eat milk
    eat milk 22 days ago

    did gordon ramsay get younger looking

    LUCY HUANG 23 days ago

    Who else loves the sound at the beginning

  • Monkey Derp
    Monkey Derp 23 days ago

    Bro calm down it was a prank

  • Raven Wiliama
    Raven Wiliama 24 days ago


  • Myles P.
    Myles P. 24 days ago

    He just slapped Gordon Ramsey

  • Doctor. SHL
    Doctor. SHL 24 days ago

    He he he very veryinpresive chef XD

  • I will drink bleach!!!

    how did the camera man took a video inside isnt that obvious?

  • Feeling my big pussi


  • Still_Reflection 19
    Still_Reflection 19 25 days ago


    FISHANCHIP 25 days ago

    Prank gone wrong

  • Kerch Demata
    Kerch Demata 25 days ago

    "I think you remind me of Gordon Ramsey"
    "Ah fuck"

  • Douchey Plays
    Douchey Plays 25 days ago

    so why the fuck he did not see the camera man?

  • Marvelman 2522
    Marvelman 2522 25 days ago

    Illusion 100

  • xX_ouchzii_Xx madafaka

    Gordon must have some self/anger-controlling problems or he is just a psycho

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 25 days ago


  • Jimmy C
    Jimmy C 26 days ago

    that was awesome

  • Refusetodefuse
    Refusetodefuse 26 days ago

    His old man's voice helped him allot.

  • Josh Bell
    Josh Bell 26 days ago

    what goes better on that marshmallows? S'more chilly on that hod dog!!!

  • Jefferson Oppong
    Jefferson Oppong 26 days ago

    the best chef in the world only has 3mil suscribers???

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