history of japan

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  • Doctor Wrecks
    Doctor Wrecks 10 minutes ago

    Hey this is the good shit, right here, thanks Wurtz~

  • elias s
    elias s Hour ago

    Lol seen this like 4 times already

  • Reece McArdle
    Reece McArdle Hour ago


  • DatGuyBlake
    DatGuyBlake 3 hours ago

    Do history of England or Scandinavia

  • Wolfie 'The dead inside' weirdo

    we watched this in class..we were in 5th grade.

  • Arjan Vroom
    Arjan Vroom 5 hours ago +1

    4:18 yes my country is loved <3

  • FireDragon239
    FireDragon239 5 hours ago


  • Pokemon ash pikachu Rider Nagano

    1:57 hire a samurai

  • a rainbow Fishy
    a rainbow Fishy 9 hours ago

    I couldn't vote on my phone

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson 12 hours ago

    So modern Japan is basically an American social experiment.

  • Destinee Ellis
    Destinee Ellis 14 hours ago

    So this is where the"Hire a Samurai" meme came from!

  • Starbucks Coffee
    Starbucks Coffee 15 hours ago


  • Natalia Díaz Vásquez
    Natalia Díaz Vásquez 16 hours ago

    Would you do one about Korea?

    • nowgaku
      nowgaku 14 hours ago

      It's waste of time.
      Bill is busy.

  • Joe Hudson
    Joe Hudson 17 hours ago

    Has someone stole your meme

    *Hire a samurai*

  • SophiaCantadia 14
    SophiaCantadia 14 18 hours ago

    this is messed up it hurts my eyes😝😝😝

  • Alex Wang
    Alex Wang 20 hours ago

    倭 is pronounced wo not wa.

  • AndyDoodles
    AndyDoodles 21 hour ago

    The history of MEXICO or CANDA

  • ミームちゃん かわいい

    Japan:こんにちは ディップヒット America: wut

  • Alex Kenderian
    Alex Kenderian 22 hours ago +1

    2:16 is my favorite part

  • Juliana craps
    Juliana craps Day ago

    make brazillllll

  • Timi Path
    Timi Path Day ago

    Should do history of Russia next.

  • Lamborghini Bottle
    Lamborghini Bottle Day ago +1

    Japan then *サムライを呼び出す*

  • Sam Vodopianov - Самуил Водопьянов

    The map at 6;57 is not right. By the end of the war ukriane, Belorus and others came under commie rule.

  • Petru
    Petru Day ago +1

    I fucking died with "painting with less color", as an Asian, I also wonder how the hell this kind of art takes more place than colorful painting lol.

  • Kevin Hall
    Kevin Hall Day ago

    We can make a religion outta this
    Wait wrong video...

  • Amanda Chapone
    Amanda Chapone Day ago +2

    When you have a history test over Japan and you didn't study but school starts in nine minutes

  • Towable License
    Towable License Day ago +1

    Russia rushes in

  • RedFueled
    RedFueled Day ago +1

    this video game looks legit.

  • RaiichuGaming 12
    RaiichuGaming 12 Day ago +1

    7:15 XD

  • SophieZanyToTheMax •

    "And they stole China's alphabet and wrote a book about themselves." 😂😂

  • Jai is cool
    Jai is cool Day ago

    This is actually educational

  • Manny Leonard
    Manny Leonard Day ago

    Knock knock it's the United States 😂

  • Michael Fantauzzo

    This Chanel is like every geography teacher in the world, hopped up on enough performance enhancing drugs to make an MLB player jealous.

    SPUTNIK. Day ago

    Of course bill wurtz doesn't joke about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings for being "too serious," but nothing stops him from joking about the Holocaust and 9/11 in history of the entire world, i guess.

  • Rootin Tootin Putin


  • RSRG
    RSRG Day ago

    You needed to go to the year here hentai was made

  • Rizan ::::::
    Rizan :::::: Day ago

    I'm kurdish
    i love japan ♥️
    long live japan🇯🇵

  • Brave Gallade
    Brave Gallade Day ago

    *H I R E A S A M U R A I*

  • Galactic Cannibl

    Your videos give me seizures. And I don't have epilepsy.

  • Roberto98ultra
    Roberto98ultra 2 days ago


  • Mikoraptor Entertainment

    let's go to the store in peace


  • The Gaming Object Spartan

    When you realize tokyo is kyoto but with the "to" at the end

  • J.O.Y.
    J.O.Y. 2 days ago +1

    Taste the sunrise land

  • Cursed the Critic
    Cursed the Critic 2 days ago

    Knock knock.

  • uiwi 7828
    uiwi 7828 2 days ago

    Japanese are facists.

  • What ?
    What ? 2 days ago

    And then hentai.

  • Gabriel F
    Gabriel F 2 days ago

    I found this video on pornhub

  • Ben Webb
    Ben Webb 2 days ago

    What if the atom bombs were duds?

  • Darcy Snowden
    Darcy Snowden 2 days ago

    Do a history of Britain

  • Ishmael Williams
    Ishmael Williams 2 days ago +1

    I love Japanese

  • SuperHammy3
    SuperHammy3 2 days ago

    hi china, can you call us something other than dipshit?

  • Cheese
    Cheese 2 days ago

    I learned more than what I normally learn in History class

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D 2 days ago +1

    History of China? Maybe?

  • Temmie Flakes
    Temmie Flakes 2 days ago

    what you'll say about history of poland? (poland has interesting history (my opinion))

  • グレースジェイコブ

    Lol; I remember watching this the day this video came out xD

  • Japan Ball
    Japan Ball 2 days ago


  • EpicGamingNL
    EpicGamingNL 2 days ago

    This is kinda interesting :D

  • Mauricio Sepulveda
    Mauricio Sepulveda 2 days ago

    How bout i do anyway:: best part of the video xd

  • Tigerloverme
    Tigerloverme 2 days ago

    h i r e a s a m u r a i

  • Mý Fàñđöm Ĺífé

    Where were u during my school days..this is the best...:) <3

  • The Meepz
    The Meepz 2 days ago

    Let me translate this to spanish please!! its so funny to watch, but not everyone can understand :((

  • burningknight7
    burningknight7 3 days ago

    i guess everyone in japan never wanted to hurt emperors

  • Egriff123
    Egriff123 3 days ago

    I don't know how I was brought here but I am so glad I was

  • roblox gaming
    roblox gaming 3 days ago

    0:55 Anybody heard the air horn sound

  • frogs have feelings 2

    i wish i had a friend that made me a little less scared of russia

  • MicroKORGI
    MicroKORGI 3 days ago

    So is your electric piano FM? It really sounds like it.

  • Ashur Felesky
    Ashur Felesky 3 days ago


  • ElectricPlugProductions

    *knock knock. it's the United States.*

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta 3 days ago

    7:53 why isn't all of Florida colored in?

  • Ezequiel Favela
    Ezequiel Favela 3 days ago +1

    The sun is a deadly laser.... Japan is the land of the rising sun... Japan is the land of the rising deadly laser... Does that mean they're charging their laser, but then America was all like, "got -milk- nukes"?

  • •H҈o҈n҈e҈y҈ •

    Why can't school be like this

  • Keep It up Bro
    Keep It up Bro 3 days ago

    hire a samurai is the best meme

  • The_Animated_Gamer
    The_Animated_Gamer 3 days ago

    history class would be so much more fun with these videos

  • The_Animated_Gamer
    The_Animated_Gamer 3 days ago

    Fans after they watch this: do more countries
    Bill Wurtz: how bout I do the WORLD

  • RagingGear
    RagingGear 3 days ago

    Me in my room playing with myself
    My mom:Open the door,stop having it be closed

  • BeautyofDisorder
    BeautyofDisorder 3 days ago


  • Gamerel tv
    Gamerel tv 3 days ago

    Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker

  • Nicolas Mojica
    Nicolas Mojica 3 days ago

    Lol the U.S. arriving at Japan part was funny.

  • Jay Edwards
    Jay Edwards 3 days ago

    great video, thank you!

  • ViBe Shock
    ViBe Shock 3 days ago

    Watching this made me thankful for what I got

  • Normy
    Normy 4 days ago

    "open the bobs never let it close" said the united indian

  • Midnight
    Midnight 4 days ago


  • Vosloff
    Vosloff 4 days ago

    Make Nippon Great Again!

  • Lahmacun
    Lahmacun 4 days ago

    Do history of Turkey!

  • Luna Midnight
    Luna Midnight 4 days ago

    Friend:So, it's like a YouTube video?.. Me:*Chuckles darkly* It's better than a YouTube video (Friends name).. *EEEEEEEEEEEEIIITTTT'S FROM JAPAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!*

  • ThatYoutuber 177
    ThatYoutuber 177 4 days ago

    So I searched up ukiyo, not fun...

  • TGMinnieeMee
    TGMinnieeMee 4 days ago

    He said, and failed, and also died.

    *WELL SHIT!*

  • Eril Burgos
    Eril Burgos 4 days ago

    Dude, you're my new hero!! #bestyoutubevideo

  • 小町
    小町 4 days ago


  • 神楽
    神楽 4 days ago


  • GodzillaTales
    GodzillaTales 4 days ago

    wheres godzilla?

  • Paul Ritter
    Paul Ritter 4 days ago

    This is how history should be taught if you want kids to become interested in it.  Good job!

  • mvrn music
    mvrn music 4 days ago

    8:33 lmfaooooooooooo

  • Mitch Ross
    Mitch Ross 4 days ago

    You should make one for Italy

  • Stunning Studios
    Stunning Studios 4 days ago +1

    @,least it was funny XD

  • Skull 6
    Skull 6 4 days ago

    This is actually more popular than history of the entire world I guess

  • M3G4 T3RR4
    M3G4 T3RR4 4 days ago


  • chama sklar
    chama sklar 4 days ago

    I love your videos! Please make more history videos

  • Anthony Olander
    Anthony Olander 4 days ago

    you forgot the part where people are paid with boxes of rice and then they make gold coins and say "hey this is as good as rice" and everyones like yah shure and still uses rice but realizes that they can make fake gold things for rice and do but the gold costs more than the rice and almost destroyed japan because of counterfits

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