Curious Little Weasel!

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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote gets up close with one curious little Weasel!

    The Short-Tail Weasel, which is also known as a Stoat or an Ermine, cover a vast territory spanning from North America to Eurasia. They are famous for their spunky and ferocious personalities as well as their extremely energetic mannerisms…one thing is for sure, Weasels are always on the move!

    Get ready to get up close with one of the smallest Weasels in the world!

    HUGE THANKS to Steve Kroschel and his amazing team for hosting the Brave Wilderness crew and making this video possible. Want to see Steve’s wildlife center for yourself? Please visit his website for more information -

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  • baracoota101
    baracoota101 8 hours ago

    Is it worth stepping in huge puddles to get those shots?

  • Rozzer Duck
    Rozzer Duck 10 hours ago

    you have to think what the weasel thinks when it meets such titans like humans, compared to its size of course

  • You say What!
    You say What! 15 hours ago

    Im a weasel

  • Lishadra
    Lishadra Day ago

    I love mustelids so much aaaaaah

  • ÇrünçhyÇårrött

    3:06 he looked constipated

  • Lisa Harvey
    Lisa Harvey 4 days ago


  • Strikurr
    Strikurr 4 days ago

    At the beginning you could make it a iDubbz meme

  • max schröder
    max schröder 7 days ago

    Omg your life is so awesome😍 I'd love to travel like you

    BAGUETTE 8 days ago

    weird dog, give it a 10/10

  • nickass54
    nickass54 10 days ago +4

    You fooking weasel

  • swift 04
    swift 04 10 days ago

    0:03. "HI VESAUSE HERE

  • fun family vlogs
    fun family vlogs 11 days ago


  • Supa Blank
    Supa Blank 11 days ago

    The way you treat animals is a shining example for the youths, great video as always and very informative, great work team.

    • Supa Blank
      Supa Blank 11 days ago

      also ha 2:25 "i dont want to twitch my fingers here" then proceeds to do exactly that, made me laugh.

  • Xifihas
    Xifihas 12 days ago

    Anyone that wants one as a pet should look into getting a ferret. Same family, but domesticated. Of course, it takes a lot of preparation before you get one, they get everywhere and love stealing things.

  • Drawing Mellon
    Drawing Mellon 13 days ago

    So cute

  • Mayra Haroldsen
    Mayra Haroldsen 13 days ago

    ron weasely

  • Elevyn Patricia
    Elevyn Patricia 13 days ago

    That's my favorite animal!!! I watch Joseph Carter's YouTube videos all the time because he has a mink he raised and takes out to hunt for muskrats! Ugh why are they so cute.

  • Yoshira 123
    Yoshira 123 13 days ago

    That was soo cute! ❤

  • Nightmare The Panther
    Nightmare The Panther 14 days ago

    Go see a pine marten or a wolf and if you've seen a wolf and got up close with one then go up to a wild polar bear

  • Radioactive Pony
    Radioactive Pony 14 days ago

    no one saw the skull when he was crossing the river

  • IAG Investment Group
    IAG Investment Group 15 days ago

    My dad saw a weasel in the golf corse

  • Wanderer
    Wanderer 15 days ago

    3:04 ...Hilarious taken out of context.

    Sorry Coyote, had to point it out. Easily one of the best channels on YT, thanks to you and the crew for all your hard work!

  • Shogun Nilsson
    Shogun Nilsson 15 days ago

    Pop goes the weasel! around 5:00

  • Rita Drullinger
    Rita Drullinger 15 days ago

    Can you try playing Animal jam or roblox?Plz talk to me in the next vid

  • CoolCathudson
    CoolCathudson 15 days ago

    It's 13.3 beats a second

  • CoCo Jiang
    CoCo Jiang 15 days ago +1

    Goes up to a snake...
    With only a little fear

    Goes up to Weasel

  • Julio P
    Julio P 16 days ago

    A humans bite stregth far exceeds 80psi dont misinform. Average human adult bite strength is 170psi with certain individuals and races surpassing 330 PSi. anyways weasels are amazing animals!

  • Joanne mine is to have all games


  • loaded lauded loathed loved

    my patronus is a weasel

  • Superminerxman
    Superminerxman 17 days ago

    0:04 HEY Vsauce Michal Here

  • Cuckoo Kid
    Cuckoo Kid 17 days ago

    Sub to my channel

  • Dil Haque
    Dil Haque 17 days ago

    He is brave

  • Lazy Rex
    Lazy Rex 17 days ago

    This is buks species

  • Lazy Rex
    Lazy Rex 17 days ago

    I like weasels I get them to annoy mom

  • Gabriele Spakauskiene
    Gabriele Spakauskiene 17 days ago

    Omg it is vishios uh so cute tho hu

  • Bracken Miller
    Bracken Miller 18 days ago

    I have ferret and she takes everything as small as here like shoe insoles I wandering if she thinks it's food and tries to eat it idk

  • AK47 Eason
    AK47 Eason 19 days ago

    I had a weasel kill my chickens

  • Terraria Master820
    Terraria Master820 19 days ago

    Well, don't want a weasel pet anymore. (searches: "are ferrets dangerous?" on google)

  • Stacey Peace
    Stacey Peace 19 days ago

    If I was there I would of ran and not stayed still

  • Golden Cookies
    Golden Cookies 19 days ago

    1:51 it bit him

  • NeuroParadise
    NeuroParadise 19 days ago

    He forgot to say that these animals are not pets and belong in the wild

  • Joshua Davila
    Joshua Davila 19 days ago


  • Imma Gophermine
    Imma Gophermine 20 days ago

    Those things are monsters! of that species the honey badger frightens me the most wolverine close second.

  • Damius Hodges
    Damius Hodges 20 days ago


  • Cameron Buttorff vlogs


  • William Scanlon
    William Scanlon 20 days ago

    I still think otters are cuter

  • M1cha3l Sm1th
    M1cha3l Sm1th 20 days ago

    0:00 hey guys scarce here

  • Scrappy Pop pop
    Scrappy Pop pop 20 days ago

    Don't let his cuteness fool you

  • Lalika Perera
    Lalika Perera 20 days ago

    5:01 pop goes the weasel

  • Snowball girl9
    Snowball girl9 20 days ago

    I have seen a wild weasle becouse my grandpa cought it for killing our chickens.

  • MrToastyMuffins
    MrToastyMuffins 21 day ago

    One of the most vicious mammas 2 seconds later *squeak*

  • Avel123
    Avel123 21 day ago

    I've met a wild baby weasel but then I Got Ants in My Pants literally

  • predator 2520
    predator 2520 21 day ago

    Buck. comment if you know who I'm talking about

  • Firox
    Firox 21 day ago

    so adorable, so fast, and playing with my ferret I thought was tough enough
    when I saw it, first thing in mind "real life fast moving fighting weasel - Mienfoo"

  • JGS Bassin
    JGS Bassin 21 day ago

    Anyone ever wonder why all the animals he catches are clean?

  • Bubble Blume
    Bubble Blume 22 days ago


  • Capt RockcodAK
    Capt RockcodAK 22 days ago

    I thought that it was gonna be an ermin

  • Dumb Fuck
    Dumb Fuck 22 days ago

    You should do an episode of the honey badger!

  • tristen troutman
    tristen troutman 23 days ago +1

    Bruh I kept thinking my doorbell was ringing because of the background music around 5:00

  • Farhad Khan
    Farhad Khan 23 days ago +2

    Never knew the showtime president was here

  • Popslove Gigpops
    Popslove Gigpops 24 days ago

    I 💖💖 WEASELS

  • nerdburger
    nerdburger 24 days ago

    I'm sorry...That little guy is so cute....I can't believe it's vicious..

  • kawaii lama
    kawaii lama 24 days ago

    I would have never guesed that a weasel was a vicious animal ( i dont know how to spell i know )

  • SimpJr
    SimpJr 25 days ago +5

    He looks like showtime executive Espinoza that little fookin weasel

  • Sownheard
    Sownheard 25 days ago

    15 inches can do allot of damage

  • Almighty So
    Almighty So 25 days ago +3

    Fooking weasel

  • LlamaFaceTV
    LlamaFaceTV 26 days ago


  • FIlip Macatangay
    FIlip Macatangay 26 days ago

    That weasel is so cute!

  • Blimmo D. Clown
    Blimmo D. Clown 26 days ago +1

    One time we spliced a weasel and an anaconda.
    We called it the Squeezle(tm)

  • Panda Plays
    Panda Plays 27 days ago

    This little weasel is like pat and Jens kitten cloud

  • Catty Angels123
    Catty Angels123 27 days ago

    This is much more better than science!Litterally!Its like a animal party!!!!

  • Steve McGee
    Steve McGee 27 days ago +1

    0:00 Hey, Vsause!

  • GRShadowGamingVideos
    GRShadowGamingVideos 27 days ago

    i have seen one out in the wild !! it was curious at us and we threw him a fish to feed him and he got scared

  • Jasper Jazz Zeus
    Jasper Jazz Zeus 27 days ago

    "It is so fast, it is like a little ninja." XD

  • Illyanna Pustulka
    Illyanna Pustulka 27 days ago

    brave wilderness do you want to go with me to the cutter

  • NTLG NadthidaTheLovelyGirl NTLG

    Rain drop.. Drop top..
    get this comment to the top top!!

  • Fitzjohn Enriquez
    Fitzjohn Enriquez 27 days ago


  • Who Dunn'it
    Who Dunn'it 27 days ago

    from weasel to mink to pine martin: the adorably tiny assassin trilogy

  • Emoji Time
    Emoji Time 29 days ago

    When the weasel was popping its head out of the rocks i was like " pop goes the weasel "

    Its a song ok!? 😅😅😆

  • BicepsIsDie
    BicepsIsDie Month ago +6

    Nice to see you doing a collab with Stephen Espinoza

  • dominique grainger
    dominique grainger Month ago

    Do a vid with a ferret please

  • calvin nikko garcia
    calvin nikko garcia Month ago +7

    Im here because of Mcgregor 😂😂

    • Tony Chen
      Tony Chen 3 days ago


  • Dragonball101
    Dragonball101 Month ago +6

    It's Steven espinoza

  • ahmad saleh
    ahmad saleh Month ago +6

    Stephen Espinoza The Fooking Weasel!

  • grace castillo
    grace castillo Month ago

    So cute

  • DuSt Vortex's Personal Assistant

    why isn't everyone on this Earth subscribed to this guy?

  • O Thunder O
    O Thunder O Month ago +1

    What if it bit off Coyote's pen-

  • The Punching Bag Nick

    5:15 pop goes the whesle

  • Cassandra D. Watson

    Pop goes the weasel!

  • FoxFury
    FoxFury Month ago

    Coyote: "one of the most vicious creatures on the planet"
    Me: lol, more like the cutest!!

  • chefjimmie1
    chefjimmie1 Month ago

    I guess that's where we get the familiar "POP goes the weasel", from. 4:58

  • SM Grady
    SM Grady Month ago

    Pop goes the weasel more like chirp goes the weasel

  • Cameron Montaño
    Cameron Montaño Month ago

    also related to ferrets

  • User1294939 Anonymous

    5:07 And pop goes the Weasel!

  • The Random Channel chillie pepper

    It's a fuzzy snake!!!!!!

  • James Eslick
    James Eslick Month ago

    he looks like a mini otter

  • Penny Gwen
    Penny Gwen Month ago

    I have such a huge crush on you Coyote! You are adorable! Thanks for doing what you do!

  • MrMaestroMan101
    MrMaestroMan101 Month ago

    That thing? Dangerous? Hah! I've seen teddy bears that were more intimidating.

  • Yamila Luis
    Yamila Luis Month ago

    So cute!!!!

  • Now Bow
    Now Bow Month ago

    dude if that weasel bit you it would feel like a nail gun.

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