Future - Stick Talk

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  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin 55 minutes ago

    I love future muzikkk 4 real!!

  • starlight11041
    starlight11041 15 hours ago +1

    Who else said shit talk

  • bigspliff56
    bigspliff56 20 hours ago

    Five hundred and forty seven thousand thumbs up her butt

  • erick Johnson
    erick Johnson 22 hours ago

    Ill fuck the pussy but not the butt 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

  • Hasanreza Moradi
    Hasanreza Moradi 1 day ago

    Why is future always talking about Taliban.

  • Master Chris
    Master Chris 1 day ago

    trap king

  • Hi
    Hi 1 day ago

    i thought this song was called new tron

  • Hunter Williams
    Hunter Williams 1 day ago

    is he trying to say he did murder

  • diligentuser2
    diligentuser2 2 days ago

    *ima my thumb in her butt*

  • KendrickCamaro
    KendrickCamaro 2 days ago

    Btw the spider brought me here..

  • Rico Lewis
    Rico Lewis 2 days ago

    started sippin' syrup
    I been GEEKED URR SINCE! 😵

    SUGEN ENT 2 days ago

    Future mask off remix featuring Classic Buck$ https://www.reverbnation.com/sugenbucks/song/28290325-future-mask-off-remix-feat-classic

  • Google User
    Google User 2 days ago

    How do people support these cartoon rappesr? Especially black people? I mean do you hear what this guy is saying? If you read this lyrics, he is basically asking you to go kill your neighbour? As a black person, i think that its sad that black children have to use this person as a source of "inspiration". Only to find out that following the life advice of these guys usually makes you a billable product of the prison industrial complex. Why isn't he rapping about things that promote a positive life style?

  • Rico Lewis
    Rico Lewis 2 days ago +1

    not the biggest Future fan... but this song is killing it..

  • HighClass.
    HighClass. 2 days ago

    best future'a song!!!!! like if you agree

  • Melvin Chapman
    Melvin Chapman 2 days ago


  • Rudy Miranda
    Rudy Miranda 3 days ago


  • Berkant Aksoy
    Berkant Aksoy 3 days ago

    Çabuk ege fitnessdan geldik diyenler gelmeden

  • king durant
    king durant 3 days ago

    Legend says that his parents created the non closed caption for a reason

  • 99 cent unum
    99 cent unum 3 days ago

    check out my freestyle
    "future stick talk freestyle unum"

  • miriam nababi
    miriam nababi 3 days ago

    Fuck that shit commas that pussy

  • XxSavage BeastXx
    XxSavage BeastXx 3 days ago +1

    It only took me two times to listen to this song to memorize all the words he says xD

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 4 days ago

    I understand what Future, Fetty WAP, and Desiigner say

  • Bla-bla-bla dead
    Bla-bla-bla dead 4 days ago

    2000$ 0 ami frein

    XxSINTESHISxX 5 days ago

    Real Trap <3

  • Jayonn Griffin
    Jayonn Griffin 5 days ago

    My shirt

  • San Diego Bodyboarding and Adventuring

    Ew, a Panamera

  • Bla-bla-bla dead
    Bla-bla-bla dead 5 days ago +1

    Boom cool!!!!!!

  • Guts No Glory
    Guts No Glory 6 days ago


  • Jayonn Griffin
    Jayonn Griffin 6 days ago

    Call me 414 739 2337

  • Brianna Desimone
    Brianna Desimone 6 days ago

    Still listening in 2017❤️

  • Malarie Lissie
    Malarie Lissie 7 days ago

    That bass 💕

  • Rob Nelson
    Rob Nelson 7 days ago

    That Porsche...sweet ride Future.

  • Kenza Rivière
    Kenza Rivière 7 days ago


  • tezzy h
    tezzy h 7 days ago


  • sarfaraz sk
    sarfaraz sk 8 days ago

    love from kolkata also

  • Susie Wells
    Susie Wells 9 days ago

    Imma put my thumb in her butt😜....okaaaaay

  • Whoonga Goat
    Whoonga Goat 9 days ago

    sha sha

  • Seismic Pvp
    Seismic Pvp 9 days ago

    he said you cant understand us cause you too soft yall softies

    DESIIGNER FAN 10 days ago +1

    only true Future fans know exactly what he says

  • Xavier King
    Xavier King 11 days ago

    omfg future can't dance for shii 😄

  • Mr. Perfect
    Mr. Perfect 11 days ago +1

    can't rap

  • ol305stunna
    ol305stunna 11 days ago

    S/O Miami FLORIDA

  • born toknow
    born toknow 12 days ago +2

    Future is the beginning of the future... he the first that paved the way to this newwave.. haut

  • Csollán Márkó
    Csollán Márkó 12 days ago

    iam from future! who's to? like the music in 2069

  • Toke6n6croak sony4life

    trash.. his shit all sounds the same. wtf is happening in the world that makes people think this is music.

  • ViVi SouZa
    ViVi SouZa 13 days ago +1

    Future ❤️
    Lil wayne❤️
    Kodak black ❤️

  • Horizon Error
    Horizon Error 13 days ago

    1:00 im gunna put my thumb in her but?!

  • و و
    و و 13 days ago


  • Anonimus 13
    Anonimus 13 13 days ago


  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez 14 days ago

    good music

  • joao vitor
    joao vitor 14 days ago

    nosss stopp te theu you now now thois netshoes !!!!!!!!!!!! entendedores entenderão........

  • Alexis Alex
    Alexis Alex 15 days ago


  • Alyssa Olson
    Alyssa Olson 15 days ago

    I luv it I kno exactly wat he saying and he is beautiful. Renée Lemke

  • V Washington
    V Washington 16 days ago

    wtf wrong with you - u fucked in the head

  • Xolisa Situkutezi
    Xolisa Situkutezi 16 days ago

    "I can see it in your eyes you going broke"...this jam is the shit!

  • Hacker Yun :3
    Hacker Yun :3 16 days ago


  • alaznist
    alaznist 16 days ago

    I'm a put my thumb in her but has to be the best line ever put in a song

  • Shyanne Finney
    Shyanne Finney 16 days ago

    I love your songs and I am nine I have like 10 freinds that listen to songs like this also Migos too love it

  • Tristen Kid
    Tristen Kid 17 days ago

    I'm a put my thumb in her but!!! I'm shleep!!😂😂

  • Guy
    Guy 17 days ago

    they can't understand us cuz they too soft

  • Bestman Ville
    Bestman Ville 18 days ago

    late july

  • Jerome Kuhlenkamp
    Jerome Kuhlenkamp 18 days ago

    plzz :*

  • Jerome Kuhlenkamp
    Jerome Kuhlenkamp 18 days ago

    makeme a chil futre

  • Jerome Kuhlenkamp
    Jerome Kuhlenkamp 18 days ago


  • Jerome Kuhlenkamp
    Jerome Kuhlenkamp 18 days ago

    lol good one

  • Raww Dawgg
    Raww Dawgg 18 days ago

    What I understand from this is #Future has no respect for a slut, n he will stick his thumb n her butt.... #MaNigga

    DiGiTaLGrAvEDiGGA 18 days ago

    This track is hard ass fuck! Future got some flows!!!! I got this track on repeat!!!

  • Brian Rading
    Brian Rading 18 days ago +1

    To hell with all this bullshit! Future is hot...we loved pac , biggie an the rest of these niggas but you have got to keep up with the times

  • KanoTv _
    KanoTv _ 19 days ago

    this nigga future goes to the hood dressed like that his dumb ass gonna get robbed 😂

  • Austin Barney
    Austin Barney 19 days ago +2

    DS2 confirmed a trap classic

  • Kari Dansby
    Kari Dansby 20 days ago +3

    it would be lit if this song was at the BETawards😎😎

  • Mauryea Allen
    Mauryea Allen 20 days ago

    this my shit ayeeeee

  • Barbara D . White
    Barbara D . White 20 days ago

    I Like Your Music 😎🍎🍷😎🍷🍎

  • Lamelo Ball
    Lamelo Ball 20 days ago

    When's the English Version Coming

  • Charles Saunders
    Charles Saunders 20 days ago

    35k people don't stick talk lmao

  • John Romero
    John Romero 21 day ago

    Who plans on listening to this in 2018? :)

  • Tim b
    Tim b 21 day ago

    this the song u play all day to hype urself up to rob the plug👀👀🔫💊💉💰💵

  • Tibia Action HD
    Tibia Action HD 22 days ago +1

    I feel you fams

  • Alex Chant
    Alex Chant 22 days ago +2

    its funny if you grew up around this music you understand everything hes saying.

  • Latina Lopez
    Latina Lopez 22 days ago


  • Deidre Hamlin
    Deidre Hamlin 23 days ago

    im put my thumb in her butt WHAT

  • Mr DANK
    Mr DANK 23 days ago

    Like and reply if you want me to bass boost this and put it on my channel

  • Latisha Roberson
    Latisha Roberson 24 days ago

    no wow u funny but ooookkk LMBO 🤔😆😆

  • The Best TV
    The Best TV 24 days ago +2

    Summer 2017

  • Catherine tt
    Catherine tt 24 days ago

    Who is here because of Michal Phelps angry face!!!      Apparently this is what he was listening too.

  • DeathDragon305
    DeathDragon305 24 days ago

    aye future i love ur song am only 10 But i still watch all ur songs i love ur videos keep the work

  • JaCoreana Hunter
    JaCoreana Hunter 24 days ago

    love ur music

  • Jeff Moore
    Jeff Moore 24 days ago

    this song made me think????!!! money over you know what

  • Lloyd Griffin
    Lloyd Griffin 24 days ago

    he's the future til he meets the past!

  • Raymond Garrett
    Raymond Garrett 25 days ago

    bro in the game

  • Phunky Diva
    Phunky Diva 26 days ago

    is Future really Haitian or naw?! or half even?!

  • Fat Retro Kid
    Fat Retro Kid 26 days ago

    0:26 fucking ninja

  • Rashad Ordway
    Rashad Ordway 26 days ago

    brah you go hard!! this how you bop brah!? Word! 🎧

  • Creative Cassy
    Creative Cassy 26 days ago

    Still listening in 2k17

  • Nikki Wiggins
    Nikki Wiggins 26 days ago

    that concert last night was so lit future your the best

  • Tatiyana Thomas
    Tatiyana Thomas 26 days ago

    Iam in love wyth that coco 386

  • LaShay Lyons
    LaShay Lyons 27 days ago

    I love this song

  • Clay . . .
    Clay . . . 27 days ago

    why his belt censored

  • SoulBaron
    SoulBaron 27 days ago

    This is good L ride music

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