Tom Brady talks about Giselle and his family

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  • aSickSpartan _
    aSickSpartan _ 3 months ago +1

    And then he went on to win two More fkng rings

  • bouncebak41
    bouncebak41 4 months ago

    My belt fell out the closet

  • Ford Golsen
    Ford Golsen 4 months ago

    Get those dang teeth fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 01tonyde
    01tonyde 6 months ago

    goat in football married with the goat of models

  • Howard Koor
    Howard Koor 6 months ago

    We love you Tom!

  • Derp Derp
    Derp Derp 6 months ago

    Dem green eyes

  • Mason Moore
    Mason Moore 6 months ago +1

    I'm a pats fan who has lives new England and always wondered why everyone hates tom

  • Jv Castillo
    Jv Castillo 6 months ago

    he kinda has a boston accent . KINDA

  • Flutter Bize
    Flutter Bize 6 months ago +2

    Praying for his Mother!

  • TBear300
    TBear300 6 months ago +2

    Anyone who thinks he isn't a nice guy is crazy!

  • Trevor De La Rosa
    Trevor De La Rosa 6 months ago +6

    i hate listening to him talk bc then i don't hate him so much haha

  • Claudia Bolaños
    Claudia Bolaños 7 months ago +2

    I love you Tom!!!

  • Tiny Tiny
    Tiny Tiny 7 months ago +1


  • RealityHurts923
    RealityHurts923 7 months ago +3

    Confident in his own skin for being a cheater

  • Luiza Mello
    Luiza Mello 8 months ago +23

    he is the luckiest guy ever.

    • peter oneil
      peter oneil 6 months ago

      Luiza Mello agree. And he's like Elvis, he can't go anywhere without being mobbed. Esp with the wife he has !

    • mrkackerwacker
      mrkackerwacker 8 months ago

      Luiza Mello 6th round pick who told advantage of his situation

    • mrkackerwacker
      mrkackerwacker 8 months ago

      Luiza Mello lucky? He's modest, but he's EARNED ALL OF THIS.

  • Klecia  Reis
    Klecia Reis 9 months ago +4

    Ele parece ser calminho

  • Bryon Letterman
    Bryon Letterman 10 months ago +65

    Tom seems like a genuinely nice guy

    • The Cabba
      The Cabba 7 months ago

      Bryon Letterman he signed my ball when I was younger going to my first Pats game, he was so nice about and appreciated that I supported him and the team... One of the best moments of my life :)

  • Gunnar
    Gunnar 10 months ago +27

    nailed the handshake at the end

    • Azayak-
      Azayak- 7 months ago

      hahahah I was thinking the same thing the man's good bro

    • asfvadf
      asfvadf 7 months ago

      Lol, looks like Tom's about to pull his hand back, twice, but then just so smoothly goes along with whatever bro-shake Strahan wants him to do.

    • Mitch Allen
      Mitch Allen 8 months ago

      that's when you know he's a homie

  • Jolly Jokress
    Jolly Jokress Year ago

    Dont like him

  • TaurusReborn
    TaurusReborn Year ago


  • Sergio Parker
    Sergio Parker Year ago +4

    It's funny how Tom Brady is sitting in front of one of the guys that coast him a perfect season I like him but I was rooting for Strahan in them Giants that year

  • Jon Luisi
    Jon Luisi Year ago +9

    His response to you the man is "yeah", Tom Brady is the best

  • Alicia Yeager
    Alicia Yeager Year ago +5

    my mom loves you

  • Piriathy
    Piriathy Year ago

    Brady and his wife are health nuts, I hope they're not anti-vaccers too T_T I know it's a weird thing to think about but I super hope they got their kids vaccinated.

  • Beez Kneez
    Beez Kneez Year ago

    As much as I hate the patriots, I couldn't imagine tom Brady not playing QB for NE.

  • Yotto O.
    Yotto O. Year ago +16

    He's hot.

    • Yotto O.
      Yotto O. Year ago


    • Jeff6742Cp
      Jeff6742Cp Year ago

      +Yotto O. He really is. And I'm a guy, so.

  • gabrieltavares18
    gabrieltavares18 Year ago +3

    When he smiles it looks like he's going to cry.

  • Cae Rule
    Cae Rule Year ago

    he and avicii have the same voice

  • Brandon S
    Brandon S Year ago

    Fuck this guy

    • Brandon S
      Brandon S Year ago

      what an unusual attempt at an insult lol I'm sure he does live much better than me. He is filthy rich

    • Brooke Letting
      Brooke Letting Year ago

      +millie rodgers yaaaas. my thoughts exactly.

    • itsmilliebitch
      itsmilliebitch Year ago

      Who wouldn't?

  • John Lennon
    John Lennon Year ago +67

    Tom Brady is a chill and awesome guy. just speaking truth, anyone who says he's an asshole don't know shit.

  • Caocao8888
    Caocao8888 Year ago

    I love to hear star athletes trying to express themselves.

  • hutchbeartrap22
    hutchbeartrap22 Year ago +1

    GOAT !!

  • Bretheren Lee
    Bretheren Lee Year ago +3

    the main thing is for tom and Giselle do not let the world tear them apart

  • Brad Beasley
    Brad Beasley Year ago +21

    Two bro's. Just bro'in it up.

    • Brad Beasley
      Brad Beasley Year ago

      +Low Dose yeah you're probably right. He sure as fuck wouldn't wanna come into my humble o' dump. Hahaha!

  • MrSf66
    MrSf66 2 years ago

    Nobody likes you Brady.

  • J. Muller
    J. Muller 2 years ago

    That's because your team did it and won, now if it had been the other team and you lost  you would say  it  was a big deal... right?

  • J. Muller
    J. Muller 2 years ago

    The NFL says he cheated      we are know he did it, wake up. If it was a team you didn't like  would you still feel the same way?

  • Risingofthephoenixx x
    Risingofthephoenixx x 2 years ago +5

    He looks like Dexter!

  • J. Muller
    J. Muller 2 years ago

    What is really sad is that people know he cheated and they sill side with him.

    • 23dlc
      23dlc 2 years ago

      Where's the proof that he did cheat and if you don't know brady appeal the nfl in court, I just think people are upset that they won again. You can say I'm biased but either way biased or unbiased we still haven't seen any proof just saying

  • leo marcucci
    leo marcucci 2 years ago +43

    He seems to be a great guy, and Giselle of course is the most beautiful woman in the world!

  • Ryan Hart
    Ryan Hart 2 years ago +2

    I am a DIE HARD Patriots fan and Tom Brady fan! Is he the best QB in the NFL as we sit here today?...Obviously the argument can be made, but I am not one of the kool aid drinkers who doesn't recognize the talent of qb's such as Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Andrew Luck. Football is a game of inches, Tom Brady has made most of his opportunities count. Rather than hate on him for his success, he should be embraced as every athlete who goes out and gives their all!

    • George Garcia
      George Garcia Year ago

      +jordan martin how is that possible manning and brady are not on the field at the same time. What you meant was manning defeated new England's defense 2 times in the SB

    • 23dlc
      23dlc 2 years ago

      +jordan martin still has two more than eli though

    • jordan martin
      jordan martin 2 years ago

      No eli manning shame you he beat the GOAT 2 times in the biggest game lol

  • Brian Oneil
    Brian Oneil 2 years ago

    He's a great player and a chill dude. Glad he won another ring! -eagles fan

  • Eddie L. Rosado-Nieves
    Eddie L. Rosado-Nieves 2 years ago +1

    It would be pretty cool to meet Tom. He doesn't seem like a douchebag.

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee 2 years ago

    tom brady as green eyes 0.o

  • KPJ113
    KPJ113 2 years ago

    :19 - Strahan "Take me NOW, Tom!"  :D

  • Tarik Baynard- Scott
    Tarik Baynard- Scott 2 years ago

    Tom the G.O.A.T

  • koiu e.g
    koiu e.g 2 years ago

    I'm in love with that man

  • John Jacobs
    John Jacobs 2 years ago +2

    I'm so sick and tired of these Tom Brady and Patriot haters that won't ever admit that Brady and the patriots are the best ever. They sit there and say they cheated or they got lucky. Or how bout when they say Manning and Rodgers are better lol so fucking stupid. But I don't want these assholes to stop cause that's what this team and Brady thrive off. Brady loves it when he's doubted it just gives him that extra push to go out and win another. So keep hating please cause I love watching Brady and the patriots beat all your sorry asses every year. I'm already making reservations for super bowl 50, you think Brady will let winning a super bowl in his home state pass him by? Haha no fucking way so count on it bitches cause it's happening. 

  • Gregory Post
    Gregory Post 2 years ago +16

    The fact that anyone hates on Brady is beyond me. He's such a genuine and humble guy. Is he super competitive? Absolutely. You shouldn't be playing in the NFL if you aren't that way. It may rub people the wrong way when they see him getting fired up on the field, but that's only because he isn't your QB and he's probably beating your team. And now after this season and having won his fourth Super Bowl having appeared in a record setting six he's cemented himself as the greatest QB to ever play the game. Some will still argue for Montana and it is understandable, but when you break it down and factor in what Brady has had to work with and truly look at his career there is no question Brady is the greatest to play the game.

  • r d
    r d 2 years ago

    Is Michael Strahan Transitioning? 

  • Jess B
    Jess B 2 years ago +4

    Omg look at his package. He's so beautiful

  • 46dc9er
    46dc9er 2 years ago

    Ah the perfect marriage between a dumb dumb and a Nazi

  • Fyre Man
    Fyre Man 2 years ago

    Any "great" list that brady is on Eli Manning should be at least 1 notch above him... we all know why ;) 

    • KPJ113
      KPJ113 Year ago

      +Fyre Man Eli who? Does he still even play? We never hear his name mentioned anymore. I guess that's what happens when you're irrelevant. ;-)

    • sub angelico
      sub angelico 2 years ago

      Not in a thousand lifetimes...

    • Rich L
      Rich L 2 years ago

      Not really...

  • Fyre Man
    Fyre Man 2 years ago

    The New England Pigtriots Sewer Mouth spoiled punk QB, he needs to publicly apologize to his mother for not learning learing the morals she tried to teach him as he was growing up... oh wait he isn't grown up yet.

    • KPJ113
      KPJ113 Year ago

      +Fyre Man Hater tears are deeeeeelicious! ;-)

    • Drew Binder
      Drew Binder 2 years ago

      +Fyre Man it helps that entire steelers defense in the 70s were on steroids. also bradshaw was good, but he wasnt thaaat good alright hahaha. Best team?? no. Successful and short lived time of supiriority, yes. Patriots have been dominant for MORE than six yeasrs, but to be able to stretch out super bowl wins and to be a contender for 14 years is far more impressive. just sayin. also bradys obv the goat, and four rings is still four rings, so theyre tied on that front (not counting the completely different team led by ben rapelesssburger), and brady went to two more SB's than they did, losing on two fluke plays in games that couldve gone either way. patriots>whatever ur team is 

    • Boondock
      Boondock 2 years ago


    • Fyre Man
      Fyre Man 2 years ago

      The Steelers of the 70s are the best team ever.  They were 4-0 in superbowls and they did it in 6 years. The patriots are 4-2 in superbowls and it took them 14 years to get their 4th win, which they should have lost if seattle hadnt screwed up. Plus the 2 patriots loses in the SB were to mediocre Giants teams with 10-6 and 9-7 records, one was even a wild card team. So without just arguing someone explain how 4-2 is better than 4-0, and how taking 14 years is better than taking 6 years to win 4 SBs.

    • Cole Scannell
      Cole Scannell 2 years ago

      Patriots are the best team ever. Brady has never had any good 1st round receiver other than moss. Welker, branch undrafted Brady made both of them. Edelman didn't even come in as a wr

  • mark224
    mark224 2 years ago +1

    He's such a boob

  • Lion Rose Music
    Lion Rose Music 2 years ago

    What an awesome person he is.
    Tom Brady radiates light.

  • Alex d
    Alex d 2 years ago +1

    Notice Michael was wareing his 2007 super bowlring .. ouch lol

  • kickyerass
    kickyerass 2 years ago +10

    How weird is it that another video on youtube states that Tom Brady is the least liked QB in the NFL... even though he's probably the VERY NICEST man in all of sports on the planet. How can people not like this guy??? BTW, I'm a Pats fan, and I love the crap outta Michael Straihairn!! 1st ballot hall of fame superstar and another FANTASTIC guy! It's GREAT to see these guys luvin on one another = respect.

    • Kidd Dynomite
      Kidd Dynomite Year ago

      Killing people with kindness is the best way to make them mad lol. Like when Terrell Suggs tried it and all Brady said in return was that he is a great player.

  • Tonika Robinson
    Tonika Robinson 2 years ago +7

    Tom Brady best Qb ever ring4 coming this season baby! Stand up Pats fans!!!! #12

  • English Nutt
    English Nutt 2 years ago +29

    I don't know what I'll do when Tom retires

    • Sam The Whiteorican
      Sam The Whiteorican 10 months ago

      eclectica1 exactly. That's what a true fan is, loving your team no matter what

    • eclectica1
      eclectica1 2 years ago

      You'll carry on living your life, and if you're a true Pats fan, you'll support the guy who comes after him, along with the rest of the team.

    • neversayneverjc
      neversayneverjc 2 years ago

      Same. :(

    • Rich L
      Rich L 2 years ago

      Having beaten the hawks I'm getting to a point where I'm beginning to feel ok with that. Belichick is young enough still and healthy enough that he can continue to coach, and it will be interesting to see what he can do without his figurehead around, who I hope will be happily retired on a beach somewhere, or showing up to Pats games in a suit. Truth be told I can't picture him that way cuz he's such a competitor, but it will happen relatively soon it has to. 

    • kickyerass
      kickyerass 2 years ago

      WHAAAAAT??? You start rooting for Jimmy Garopolo, fercrissakes!!!

  • Matty Couming
    Matty Couming 2 years ago +2

    Such a good guy. Thanks tom for all these great years

  • MrChessnuts
    MrChessnuts 2 years ago

    You know strahan was dying on the inside to just stand up and sack him.

    • kickyerass
      kickyerass 2 years ago

      As a Pats fan... that was HILARIOUS dude!!!

  • BillsMafia2514
    BillsMafia2514 2 years ago +6

    Aside from all the stats and records It's one thing to not be a fan but when they say tom is cocky or talk shit about him , that's what I truly don't understand . He's one of the most respectable, honorable , calm, cool , nice , good sportsman ever to play the game , he always shakes hands at the end and is nothing but respectful at the podium , he's a class act and the best qb ever to play , 3 rings about to be 4 . Best playoff percentage ever , best win percentage every, and the consistency of his playing and his ability to lead his team to winning records and playoffs every year is absolutely amazing . I LIVE IN BUFFALO NEW YORK AND IVE BEEN A PATS FAN SINCE I WAS 4 YEARS OLD GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!

  • Adriana Lima
    Adriana Lima 2 years ago +1

    Gisele is spelled with only one "l", what a ridiculous mistake

    • Adriana Lima
      Adriana Lima 2 years ago

      Yes, because I'm Brazilian.(I don't get why you mentioned about "Brazil" btw, I've never seen it spelled with two "l" but whatever) And again, there's only one "l" in gisele's name.

    • kickyerass
      kickyerass 2 years ago

      Nope. It's Brazilian. Did you notice there's also only one "l" in Brazil??? hehe. Don't be ridiculous.

  • whitesox162
    whitesox162 2 years ago


  • Sean Patrick
    Sean Patrick 2 years ago +2

    In an League filled with Gansters and thugs Tom Brady is one of the Good guys. Thanks Tom! Now go get number 4!! Rooting for ya from Chi Town.

  • weykmanfr
    weykmanfr 2 years ago +4

    WOW nice package Tom

    • kickyerass
      kickyerass 2 years ago

      Funny..... THAT is exactly what Gisele said.

    • acammtt
      acammtt 2 years ago

      LOL i thought i was the only one looking at

    • weykmanfr
      weykmanfr 2 years ago

      Duuh yeah

    • acammtt
      acammtt 2 years ago

      So you were looking at it?

  • Christian P Schneider
    Christian P Schneider 2 years ago +1

    Love both these guys.  And that's as a Pats fan who had to deal with Strahan and his boys ruining our perfect season!  But they're both class acts and great players.

  • daboss000
    daboss000 2 years ago +5

    I always liked Tom Brady and his winning presence with him he is a beast

  • manny leonardo
    manny leonardo 2 years ago +7

    The derek jeter if footbal! Love this guy 199th pick to this The goat!

  • DT2Master
    DT2Master 2 years ago +106

    The New england patriots will win the superbowl, and tom brady will become the best quarterback in nfl history without an argument. He has done more than peyton manning and joe montana in his career with less. Not to mention he has the best playoff record in history, the highest regular season win percentage in nfl history and has more superbowl rings. and he held the record for the most passing touchdows in a season for 6 years, and broke dan marinos record for most passing yards in a season. He has 5 Championship Rings and 3 Superbowl rings, he is also a 2 time superbowl MVP and he WILL be the only quarterback in history to appear in 6 superbowls. Hate on that, bitches

    • Kos Juludo
      Kos Juludo 3 months ago

      DYNASTY PART 2!~!

    • Robert Snell
      Robert Snell 3 months ago

      Fyre Man uh. That's because there was only 1 football 2PSI under, the rest were "Barely" under the limit.. Like .1 to .4 tenth a of a PSI.. Furthermore! Both teams footballs fail under the legal limit..

    • ReyJorgeJr 2Official
      ReyJorgeJr 2Official 5 months ago

      DT2Master I have major respect for Tom Brady but actually, Drew Brees broke Dan Marinos record. - Saints Fan.

    • TheOfficial FelypeLimas
      TheOfficial FelypeLimas 6 months ago

      DT2 you were right!!!! lol

  • LornaShoreForever
    LornaShoreForever 2 years ago +11

    When he sucks, he'll retire. He won't suck for a long time.

  • Billy32210
    Billy32210 2 years ago +1

    Great QB and a great overall person.  Outstanding QB even to this day.  He can still sling the ball with pinpoint accuracy.  

  • Alex Sosna
    Alex Sosna 2 years ago +68

    Broncos fan and I like Tom Brady. I love watching him and Peyton face off every year. It will be sad when they retire. Also I've been a fan since Jake Plummer was QB

    • onenikkione
      onenikkione 2 years ago

      +C A S Jake "The Snake" Plummer

    • Alex Sosna
      Alex Sosna 2 years ago

      +d pacman How do you know I'm not a Tebow bandwaggoner? Nah I started getting interested back in middle school when they were in the playoffs a lot. I remember the AFC championship game against the steelers and all. I still have a John Lynch jersey.

    • d pacman
      d pacman 2 years ago

      +C A S Sounds like hes trying to convince us that he has liked the broncos since before manning era by naming a previous qb lol.... sounds like he is a manning bandwaggoner..

    • H1TMANactual
      H1TMANactual 2 years ago

      Offense don't face each other. Please try again retard.

    • kickyerass
      kickyerass 2 years ago

      When their teams play against one another, you stupid assfuck. #howdopeoplegettobesofuckingstupid
      Made you look, you dink. LMAO

  • Malo 7X
    Malo 7X 3 years ago

    Weird how Brady didnt smile once saying that he was happy with his life

    • kickyerass
      kickyerass 2 years ago

      Are you blind or just stupid? I saw him smile. Maybe you need him to contort his face completely out of shape to designate pleasure to your WEIRD mind.

    • jupiter giove
      jupiter giove 3 years ago

      When family is "sacred",we don´t smile, we cry...

  • Karen Hinkle
    Karen Hinkle 3 years ago +16

    He seems like the perfect husband and father! ;*)

  • kingofallwhites
    kingofallwhites 3 years ago

    Let me tell you about my home wrecker wife...

  • Terry Barr
    Terry Barr 3 years ago +1


  • projectNERV
    projectNERV 3 years ago +148

    I never understood why some people hate Tom Brady. I like his competitive spirit and his personality. COOL DUDE. 

    -49ers FAN

    • Maximus Meridius
      Maximus Meridius 7 days ago


      I only hate him because he plays for The Patriots.

    • Kai223noa
      Kai223noa Month ago

      So hating TB because of what fans are doing? Makes no sense.

    • Nicklas Wiborg
      Nicklas Wiborg 3 months ago

      Really you don't know why people hate Brady? Ever had a conversation with a Patriots fan about him? That's why people hate him.. "GOAT, GOAT, GOAT! LOL YOU'RE QB IS SO BAD COMPARED TO BRADY LOL! DOES YOUR QB HAVE 5 RINGS?". You get the point.

    MIKE JONES 3 years ago +5

    for those who hate on my Tom Brady please kill yourself....GOPATS

  • martha jane
    martha jane 3 years ago +1

    He and his wife (minus their kids) remind me of Lance Rentzel and Joey Heatherton of yesterday.  Strahan, this was not a good interview, perhaps it's because you are a yes man, boring.

  • floxpsm
    floxpsm 3 years ago +7

    he is adorable... God bless his path.

  • hpnc
    hpnc 3 years ago

    No rings since Giselle. Could she be a curse?

    • Raymond Nolan Scott
      Raymond Nolan Scott 6 months ago

      2 more Super Bowls rings after marrying her
      obviously not

    • KPJ113
      KPJ113 Year ago

      +hpnc Evidently, not! :)

    • projectNERV
      projectNERV 3 years ago

      3 Super Bowl Rings and 5 Afc titles isn't bad either. 

    • martinoblond
      martinoblond 3 years ago

      shut up. read what she does for brands when they hire her. the sales begin increasing. Read forbes about it. she has her own stock index. EVERY company she reps for, the sales suddenly begin increasing once they hire her. Its her legacy in the modeling world. Its called age + no dynasty team anymore.

    • MrMferg240
      MrMferg240 3 years ago

      no, gronkowski always hurt when the patriots needed him the most is the curse.

  • GonzoDuke
    GonzoDuke 3 years ago +2


  • Himaini Ramóna Sharma
    Himaini Ramóna Sharma 3 years ago +13

    He speaks so forcefully....

  • tonyx8862
    tonyx8862 3 years ago

    Tom Brady also forgot to say he blessed to be a future Hall of Famer

    • manny leonardo
      manny leonardo 2 years ago

      I cant believe he was 199th pick overall and now mentioned as one of the goat if not after this season the goat! Letsgo NE

  • dmblongwood
    dmblongwood 3 years ago

    I bet Tom wishes he was with Bridget Moynahan now......

    • martinoblond
      martinoblond 3 years ago

      no he doesnt. He would have married her. Come to think of it, shes still unmarried. weird...wifey material gets snatched up, she must be a biotch.

  • jess slegr
    jess slegr 3 years ago +2

    So nice to hear that. 

  • Fernanda Tralala
    Fernanda Tralala 3 years ago +15

    Gisele is so lucky!

  • Zaham Nur
    Zaham Nur 3 years ago +5

    Top notch sports stfu cuz u know tom brady is a much better qb then Eli I mean who has been to more Super Bowls and has more rings. And u don't beat the hell out of Someone if the game was close stupid. Plus giants just get rlly lucky at times and luck is the only thing that saves them.

    • Top_Notch_Sports
      Top_Notch_Sports 3 years ago

      Nahh I gave tom Brady the ultimate respect and got hate for it

    • Matt Adams
      Matt Adams 3 years ago

      Zaham Nur that is the most correct and logical comment I've seen

    • Top_Notch_Sports
      Top_Notch_Sports 3 years ago

      Also, GOAT stands for greatest of all time bc I know u were to dumb to understand that too

    • Top_Notch_Sports
      Top_Notch_Sports 3 years ago

      *if u watched the games

    • Top_Notch_Sports
      Top_Notch_Sports 3 years ago

      Zaham whatever the fuck ur name is I'm just seeing this now and ur a dumb as fuck I just praised ur qb saying he was the best ever and ur stupid bc obviously if I watched the games I would see how the giants d line was in on brady and putting brady in the turf honestly astonished at how dumb that comment was

  • Top_Notch_Sports
    Top_Notch_Sports 3 years ago

    *i am

  • Top_Notch_Sports
    Top_Notch_Sports 3 years ago +21

    I'm a giant fan and i respect this guy a whole lot.we beat the hell out of this guy and he still nearly beat us twice.i think he's the goat

    • kickyerass
      kickyerass 2 years ago

      You're a great guy to say that. I just don't get how fools can harbor so much HATRED for their foes - especially in sports!! Oh I know that it's pure jealousy, but why aren't they bright enough to realize that they are just damaging themselves and looking stupid and childish?? I mean at least once they are a grown-up! I am a bit of a WHORE when it comes to sports!! I'm a Boston area sports fan, but I've always admired, respected, liked ANY great athlete no matter from where they reside/ whom they may play for!! Of course when I started watching football Green Bay and Bart Starr was all the rage, so... But Then I loved Lenny Dawson, Johnny Unitas, Fran Tarkenton, Terry Bradshaw, Dan Fouts, Ron Jaworski, Joe Montana, and a shit-load of other QBs and players at every position - from all over the place. And I rooted for Stefan Edberg over my own countrymen because I liked his style of play. Same with Alexis Arguello. And Oksana Baiul and Gordeeva and Grinkov. And Fedor. And Anderson Silva.  And now Manny Pacquiao. I'm a friggin' SLUT!! hehe

  • SparkyXP3
    SparkyXP3 3 years ago +8

    Tom Brady is in the Illuminati

    • SparkyXP3
      SparkyXP3 3 years ago

      i agree wit everythng you just said hopefully we get dat #1 seed and tbh we shud be 12-1 right now if it wasnt for the refs robbing us @ NY Jets and @ Carolina but it is wat it is ut the way things are looking right now Pats are going to the SuperBowl this year i can feel it

    • pat442389
      pat442389 3 years ago

      i am too and i thought last year was the year... then gronk goes down. he kills teams like the ravens too because being physical with him at line doesnt work against him the way it did / does to welker. if they had a healthy kelly, wilfork, mayo and talib id say theyre the best team in the NFL.... even without Gronk, thats how good Brady and Belichick are. but without them, Gronk, Volmer and Talib + Dennard beaten up idk if they can beat Seattle. i think they can beat the 49ers... i never was impressed with keapernick. and the Broncos D sucks and Belichick is 10x the coach jon fox is. if we play the broncos in foxboro were going to the SB.

    • SparkyXP3
      SparkyXP3 3 years ago

      lmao finally thank you i got exactly what i wanted from this ignorant comment i posted lol but on the real ima die hard pats fan bruh and this is our year to win his 4th ring with all the clutch wins brady has led them too hes also havin a mvp like season hope he wins it

    • pat442389
      pat442389 3 years ago

      yeah hes in charge of the football wing of the illuminati. peyton manning is def a mason. thats why they hate each other. both scheming to take over the world. i think the rockefellers back brady and JP morgan backs manning. you know the Super Bowl in 2007? it was a Eli / Peyton Manning conspiracy to steal away Brady's perfect season and 4th SB ring. i still rewind the tape and go frame by frame like the zapruder film trying to spot the 2nd QB in the grassy knoll. its also really cool how a super secret organization is so easily detected by you. perhaps you could find bigfoot, tell us whats going on at area 51 and who really killed JFK?

  • Peace
    Peace 3 years ago

    anyone claiming this and that about the giants-pats superbowls should watch this, might calm them up a bit lol

  • Nike Man
    Nike Man 3 years ago

    Anyone see Mariota being the next Tom Brady?

  • skbwolverine
    skbwolverine 3 years ago

    Brady-the last round draft pick is now saying, "Look at me now". MVP's, rings, beautiful healthy family, lovin' life-he has it ALL.

  • xboxie1
    xboxie1 3 years ago

    Although I don't care that much for the Patriots franchise as a whole, I personally like Tom Brady, and see him as one of, if not THE best quarterback to ever set foot on the field. He's a very tough football player. The persona that he gets as being a "whiny bitch" is because he acts like the hit was late or unnecessary, and if that ref throws a flag because of it, that's an extra 15 yards he doesn't have to drive his offense. It may seem bitchy, but it's smart, and he wins games. LOTS of games

  • Eddie Ah Kuoi
    Eddie Ah Kuoi 3 years ago

    Brady a whiney bitch? Haha no, how bout u tell his receivers to take the butter off there hands and try to catch a fuckin pass

  • Kristof Szabo
    Kristof Szabo 3 years ago

    he is a dumb motherfucker

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