King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Review (2017)

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  • Did director Guy Ritchie do the legend of Excalibur justice?

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  • GamerX705
    GamerX705 5 days ago


  • Smithies 03
    Smithies 03 6 days ago

    I loved the movie gin has there heads up their arses

  • ViralXToxic469
    ViralXToxic469 6 days ago

    Wtf ign tbh I would rate this at least a 7

  • 은하수다방
    은하수다방 11 days ago

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  • Péter Tunner
    Péter Tunner 18 days ago

    I enyoied the hell out of this piece, clearly better than they say it is.

  • Osvaldo Santana
    Osvaldo Santana 19 days ago

    wtf this movie was lit

  • Jake Rollingson
    Jake Rollingson 20 days ago

    its a guy ritchie movie, i loved it

  • Dinu Varghese
    Dinu Varghese 21 day ago

    it was an enjoyable movie, not every movie has to match documentary standards

  • huy hoang Vu
    huy hoang Vu 1 month ago

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  • Dovakhiin Dragonborn

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  • Tuwshuu Tuwshuu
    Tuwshuu Tuwshuu 1 month ago

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  • Alokin
    Alokin 1 month ago

    why did i even click on this video...

  • Sauce 87
    Sauce 87 1 month ago

    This movie will me fixed with future DLC!

  • G.H.ChristoFascist
    G.H.ChristoFascist 1 month ago

    Terrible review without any reasonable points. This film was near perfect, and you guys are idiots.

  • Project See My Penis Again PSMPA

    I feel like the movie felt rushed I have a feeling guy Ritchie's film was around 240 250 minutes but like all movies the studio probably wanted the film to be around 120 minutes

  • On The Trail with Rob and Luz

    This guy is Not a Guy Richie fan, obviously. Ignore this review. This movie is a rock'in roller coaster!

  • brandon ashe
    brandon ashe 1 month ago

    Ign tries to ruin every movie

  • Bruno Carrasqueira
    Bruno Carrasqueira 1 month ago

    my review is 8 out 10 !! yes has flaws but is great to watch!

  • Jordan Isle
    Jordan Isle 1 month ago

    a 4 really ign your company opinion  is just stuipid u wouldn't know a brilliant  movie if it hit u in the but

  • Jordan Isle
    Jordan Isle 1 month ago


  • Will How
    Will How 1 month ago

    I swear ign employees have actually got autism.

  • Joshua Carchi
    Joshua Carchi 1 month ago

    Watched it today, it just shows how critic's are unreliable and too harsh on some movies. King Arthur: Legend of the sword was freaking awesome. The excalibur fight scenes are the best I've seen this year, I would easily put this over Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

  • Daniel Pallotta
    Daniel Pallotta 1 month ago

    I absolutely loved the fact that they didn't show the trials. Takes a ballsy filmmaker to do that. Not every story needs to be spoon fed to its audience.

  • DedSec
    DedSec 1 month ago

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  • Yarby20
    Yarby20 1 month ago

    thought the movie was good. it would of worked a lot better as a show. so it could be stretched out. went too fast.

  • LemonXP
    LemonXP 1 month ago

    I honestly really enjoyed this movie don't see where all the hate is coming from

  • Kenny Gold
    Kenny Gold 1 month ago

    My gf reeеally loves this film. We found full mooovie heere =>

  • Amestris Square
    Amestris Square 1 month ago

    what the hell why are so many people defending this really bad movie

  • TheFlyingTv 11
    TheFlyingTv 11 1 month ago

    Don't watch IGN reviews! They are bullshit! He said the movie was great, but then gives it a 4.5?! REALLY IGN?! EVEN I WOULD HAVE GIVEN THE MOVIE A 7.8 BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN IT

  • Billy Kolnsberg
    Billy Kolnsberg 2 months ago

    That movie was badass! IGN = IDIOTS GIVING NEWS

  • zihuang thong
    zihuang thong 2 months ago

    i think IGN should stick to games reviewed and released == .. it would be much reliable .

  • Jorge A. Echeandia Canales

    I saw it and I enjoyed it so much, this review is rubbish, personally, I give a 7.8 out of 10, go, sitting down and enjoy it, it IS a really good movie.

  • Jesse Palmateer
    Jesse Palmateer 2 months ago

    I refuse to believe this movie is bad. Go watch Chris Stuckman's review. It was far more enlightening. I have a feeling I'll love this.

  • MineCraftDadnSon
    MineCraftDadnSon 2 months ago

    Horrible blender mess of a review.

    disgusting 3.5 out of 10 for effort.

  • Dena Mullaly
    Dena Mullaly 2 months ago

    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2017

  • Soda Le Rennetel
    Soda Le Rennetel 2 months ago

    Movie_Full King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

  • LazarusDangerfield
    LazarusDangerfield 2 months ago

    Bullsh*t IGN..went to see it the other day and thought it was enjoyable nonsense. Imagine Snatch/Lock Stock mashed up with Lord of the Rings - if you like the sound of that then this is a winner.

  • japango1
    japango1 2 months ago

    Here we go, critics over analyzing again. It was a huge
    different perspective on the Arthur mythology. There are 8 Batman and Fast
    & Furious movies but people aren’t complaining about that though. Was it
    perfect? No…but was it horrible? HELL NO. It is a fun and enjoyable action movie,
    just good entertainment. Guy Richie put his spin on it and it worked. Just
    seems like the critics didn’t like Guy.

  • Michael Hixson
    Michael Hixson 2 months ago

    Show what is happening? It has nearly zero exposition. Did you watch the movie? There's no narrator. It doesn't show you the plan five seconds before showing the plan. Is that your problem? You need to know exactly what is going to happen before it happens? Shove off

  • Patrick Stevens
    Patrick Stevens 2 months ago

    the reviewer, john lasser, really is a piece of shit

  • Fabio Sousa
    Fabio Sousa 2 months ago


  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel 2 months ago

    Called it

  • gamevalor
    gamevalor 2 months ago

    How can you give the shitty feminist movie Ghostbusters 2016 a 6.9 then? This movie deserves a higher grade in that case.

  • J. Rambo
    J. Rambo 2 months ago


  • J. Rambo
    J. Rambo 2 months ago

    This PG13 GARBAGE flopped hard

  • Bozena Ausonia
    Bozena Ausonia 2 months ago

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      Tucker Bruce 1 month ago

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    • Ellis Tina
      Ellis Tina 2 months ago

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    • Montgomery Patricia
      Montgomery Patricia 2 months ago

      Thanks +Bozena Ausonia For 𝐅𝐮𝐥𝐥-𝐌𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐞 [𝐇𝐃] good thank you

    • Garza Joan
      Garza Joan 2 months ago

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  • Andrew Golis
    Andrew Golis 2 months ago

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  • Lily Tooth
    Lily Tooth 2 months ago

    FULL_MOVIE!!!! King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2017

  • jazzi losekoot
    jazzi losekoot 2 months ago

    okay ..... my opinion; i hated gotg 2 and i fk loved king arthur !!

  • Bill Howard
    Bill Howard 2 months ago

    You are far too generous with your rating of 4.5. This movie is a 1. There are visual, audio and story problems with this movie that make it unwatchable. Half the people in the theater were walking out. I wish they all asked for a refund, my group of 6 did.

  • FlLM B0X
    FlLM B0X 2 months ago

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  • Lazy win Mystical
    Lazy win Mystical 2 months ago

    Damn, this is even worse than snatched...

  • Swift Cynter
    Swift Cynter 2 months ago

    This movie was amazing i don't understand why it's getting bad reviews

  • isaacwillreturn patino

    it's still a good movie

  • Radek Náprstek
    Radek Náprstek 2 months ago

    I saw this movie today And it was good. At least 7.5

  • Hector Adriano
    Hector Adriano 2 months ago

    4.5 is for those who don't get cinema and can't watch a movie between 90 minutes and 120 minutes. *cough* IGN *cough*

    It's a solid 7.5 if you can appreciate the acting, cinematography, landscapes, some good cgi, and the story. Also the writing was spectacular and witty. If you thought those were "confusing" you didn't do that great in school then.

  • Havic
    Havic 2 months ago

    This is just my new favorite movie. Just watched it and it was AMAZING. The story, sountrack, visuals... just AMAZING. if you're not gonna watch because IGN gave it a bad score, i say give it a shot.

  • The Jacqmeister
    The Jacqmeister 2 months ago

    I saw this movie last night and it was brilliant, it was enjoyable and very well directed. I would definitely give it a 8/10. It's a definite must see in theatres

  • The RED Samurai
    The RED Samurai 2 months ago

    I have to say I loved this movie

  • cfbcfbcfbcfb99
    cfbcfbcfbcfb99 2 months ago

    anacronic wardrobe...sounds legal.

  • Sébastien Deveau
    Sébastien Deveau 2 months ago

    I think i ve never seen anyone happy with an ign review. How come so many people are still watching em?

  • riham alhajturky
    riham alhajturky 2 months ago

    the movie was well made for me .. and i got imursed to it

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 2 months ago

    isn't there suppose be like 5 more movies in this series?

  • Giles D'Souza
    Giles D'Souza 2 months ago


  • kaimelis
    kaimelis 2 months ago

    this review is very badly made and i dont thinks its objective.

  • Ak Ash
    Ak Ash 2 months ago

    Terrible review I just watched it and I loved it don't know why you hate it the story telling, direction, acting all was great. Didn't expected this from you ign

  • Doon Stone-Wigg
    Doon Stone-Wigg 2 months ago

    FULLMOVIE [King Arthur: Legend of the Sword]

  • MightyManotaur22
    MightyManotaur22 2 months ago

    wow, the score seems extra harsh considering the content of the review.

  • Jade mustang
    Jade mustang 2 months ago

    i like turtles

  • Tush Alurkar
    Tush Alurkar 2 months ago

    Seriously terrible review..!! your wordings dont match the review rating

  • Rufaro Name
    Rufaro Name 2 months ago

    I'm going to watch it today

  • Ashton Gleckman
    Ashton Gleckman 2 months ago

    4.5. IGN. (sigh).

  • Samuuu!
    Samuuu! 2 months ago

    i think this movie is awsome and not so bad as 4,5 i give 8,5. It is not the best movie ever but is still very good and cool

  • Tereza Kovačić
    Tereza Kovačić 2 months ago

    This movie is awsome
    9/10 for me.

  • H3llixo
    H3llixo 2 months ago

    Atleast the movie features a really big guy........... FOR YOU!

  • TheWegea
    TheWegea 2 months ago

    My friends forced me to see this movie today as I was very hesitant cause it didn't look interesting, but I have to say I was throughly impressed with the extremely entertaining editing and very creative and funny(but not silly, but rather very artistic) script.

    A solid 7.5/10 for me

  • Eugene Shchigolev
    Eugene Shchigolev 2 months ago

    IGN blows , if you want to see a refreshing action movie with refreshing cinematography go see it

    • J. Rambo
      J. Rambo 2 months ago

      No its PG13 and lame

  • fαмιℓιαяя ѕтяαиgєяя

    So you telling me Jax faked his death and visited Ireland and joined Kings of Anarchy?

  • robert rice
    robert rice 2 months ago

    Odd how this is sitting at a 7.2 on IMDb, I trust their reviews more than IGN.

    • robert rice
      robert rice 2 months ago

      J. Rambo I am sorry, but what am I accepting? I mean this is just one person's opinion so there's nothing to accept here. I will go watch the movie and make my own review.

    • J. Rambo
      J. Rambo 2 months ago

      Nobody goes on that shit site anymore even to vote, it will drop to 5/10 soon, it has 12% on RT, all big critics said it was crap accept it

  • HA-R00N FA-HA
    HA-R00N FA-HA 2 months ago

    For me it's a 7

    • J. Rambo
      J. Rambo 2 months ago

      7/20 which is 3.5/10 hahaahahaha

  • J. Rambo
    J. Rambo 2 months ago

    12% on ROTTENTOMATOES HAHAHAHAHA glad this PG13 TRASH will flop

  • J. Rambo
    J. Rambo 2 months ago

    Why are some of you surprised its garbage?? PG13 was a sign it was a huge cash grab, go watch game of thrones instead

  • ThatOne Sir
    ThatOne Sir 2 months ago

    This score is... don't know what to say
    Horrible IGN

    • ThatOne Sir
      ThatOne Sir 2 months ago

      +J. Rambo RT is Horrible too and Metacritic

    • J. Rambo
      J. Rambo 2 months ago

      Actually this review is spot on, this trash has 12% on RT too

    THUNDER LAGER 2 months ago

    Awful awful review. No wonder this site is now a laughing stock

    • J. Rambo
      J. Rambo 2 months ago


      THUNDER LAGER 2 months ago

      J. Rambo it's not the actual film score I have an issue with, it's just a bad review

    • J. Rambo
      J. Rambo 2 months ago

      Actually this review is spot on, this trash has 12% on RT too

  • Vince TX
    Vince TX 2 months ago

    Your score completely surprised me compared to the score you gave it a 4.5? that's tough

    • J. Rambo
      J. Rambo 2 months ago

      Actually this review is spot on, this trash has 12% on RT too

  • kezzaman
    kezzaman 2 months ago

    shouldn't a 4.5 be appalling?

  • Otiloppi
    Otiloppi 2 months ago

    People need to stop freaking out about IGN review scores, especially those who haven't even seen the movie or played the game they reviewed.

  • Ken The Black Reaper Kaneki

    Confused he praised the movie the entire time yet gave it a 4.5.

    IGN are the worst reviewers in existence.

    • J. Rambo
      J. Rambo 2 months ago

      Action is too soft hence the low score

  • treyart1
    treyart1 2 months ago

    I'm sure the movie is bad but we don't need a nerd to tell us that.

  • WinnyJ1
    WinnyJ1 2 months ago

    it's a popcorn movie and the score shows it.
    myself and my friends discussed​ more or less the same things the reviewer mentioned.

  • Matrooper
    Matrooper 2 months ago

    Bradley James is the only Arthur for me

  • J. Rambo
    J. Rambo 2 months ago


  • NfamousShirley1
    NfamousShirley1 2 months ago

    Jeez please stop doing movie reviews. You're terrible at it.

  • Lego Moviess
    Lego Moviess 2 months ago

    What a 4.5? I thought you would give something like a 6

    R3DTIGERZZ S 2 months ago

    what?? 4.5?? I thought It would be like a 7 or something.

  • Martha C. Alford
    Martha C. Alford 2 months ago

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  • david gouyaie
    david gouyaie 2 months ago should stick to indie game reviews...

  • Lord Jesus
    Lord Jesus 2 months ago

    4.5/10 - The sword is not legend enough

  • William Hill
    William Hill 2 months ago

    Stick to video games.

  • Japan has the best games

    another shit in review

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