Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) 2017 E3 Gameplay - Review

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  • O'Neil Benjamin
    O'Neil Benjamin 6 hours ago

    Lol wtf man of course we wanna see you talk more about Games.

  • Nick Di Marco
    Nick Di Marco 7 hours ago

    Nice McFarlane Torment t shirt

  • Justin Tomko
    Justin Tomko 22 days ago

    Hey jeremy i thought u loved zelda right wheres breath of the wild review ?????????????

  • carlos salazar
    carlos salazar 26 days ago

    I'm still waiting for the legend of zelda breath of the wild

  • ShaishDAx3
    ShaishDAx3 Month ago

    You were in my dream? ?? And we were recovering zombies running around in a group at SDCC playing games/video games, like crawling through wall spaces and square shaped air duct looking holes and what the heck

    GRIMSICK Month ago

    I need spider man in my life but I have an Xbox :/

  • The Templar Order
    The Templar Order Month ago

    You could turn off the "spidey sense" in Batman

  • SnakeEater866
    SnakeEater866 Month ago

    As another exception to a movie review, can you review a particular TV show?
    Spectacular Spectacular Spiderman

  • ultra 101 productions

    guy pls sub to me

  • illWillienumber31
    illWillienumber31 Month ago

    QTE-Man look like the last few lame Spider-Man games only prettier. I'm not impressed yet

  • Flashbulb Memory
    Flashbulb Memory Month ago

    i liked the ps1 game as a kid too! i actually found a PC copy of that game a d i played it on my laptop for a night. not as entertaining as it used to be

  • Ryan 136
    Ryan 136 Month ago

    I hate that it's only exclusive on PS4

  • Booker Dewitt
    Booker Dewitt Month ago

    if someone else says this is like the Arkham games I'm going to lose it!!!!!πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ

  • boredXsomethingXIDK

    People need to chill with The Arkham games shit... there wasn't anything original about The Arkham Series.. literally not *one single thing!* ..they stole from everybody..
    Soooooo hop off that bandwagon you fucktards lmao.

  • Jason unroe
    Jason unroe Month ago

    I've played most of the Spider-Man games but this ones looks to be the possible best one

  • Oil Straight
    Oil Straight Month ago

    great review spiderman rocks

  • A Rochon
    A Rochon Month ago

    still to game facts.

  • A Rochon
    A Rochon Month ago

    Cool vid. but don't bash batman you're. a marvel fanboy. batman's sense is his karate Judi sense. did I dumb it down enough for ya

  • Alexander Cromwell
    Alexander Cromwell Month ago

    It reminded me of watch dogs meets arkham city.

  • Billy Gordon
    Billy Gordon Month ago

    This game looks amazing and I love spider-man.. but can we get another superhero game besides spider-man and bat-man.. there are so many big names in marvel and D.C. And great story's.

  • OneToughCookie
    OneToughCookie Month ago +1

    *Batman's always depressed*

    Well if your parents were ruthlessly murdered right in front of you when you were a child, you'd be constantly depressed too

  • Masci0
    Masci0 Month ago

    That spiderman game for the ps1 was my favorite game until the original xbox came out. Literally one of the best games

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard Month ago

    Xbox win E3.

  • sn4ke47
    sn4ke47 Month ago

    Venom DLC playable character.... that's all i want

  • Ben Zombie
    Ben Zombie Month ago

    I love those old PS1 Spidey games. Can't wait for this one.

  • ilvpowerrangers
    ilvpowerrangers Month ago


  • Jake Brookes
    Jake Brookes Month ago

    subbed and I don't regretit

  • Timppa 3
    Timppa 3 Month ago

    I'll level with you, I'm extremely hyped for this game, but the reaction to the gameplay has been suprising to me. Considering the amount of people who hated The Amazing Spider-man on PS3, I thought people were going to hate this. Yet, people are praising things in this they the last two games for.
    Sure, this is more polished game and has nicer grapics and more gameplay elements, but it's a PS4 game.
    People hated that TASM game had Arkham combat, yet are praising it when this had the same? I mean, the combat (both active and stealth) was pretty much exactly the same (only with no quicktime events).

    I mean, I really like The Amazing Spider-Man (although I didn't even buy the sequal due to the amount of bugs it had), but if you like the way this looks, I'd recommend checking it out. Sure, it's supposedly a tie in product to the TASM movie, but it follows it's own story and the Spider-man in it is just as witty as this one seems to be.

  • Broken Squidz
    Broken Squidz Month ago

    The spodermang game on ps1 was my shit

  • Demonic Wolf
    Demonic Wolf Month ago

    plz a lot of black cat~!

  • Joel Rolston
    Joel Rolston Month ago

    After I get an apartment, I'm getting a PS4 just to play this game!

  • SadisticSultan
    SadisticSultan 2 months ago

    This flaming faq loves to suck DC's cock. Flamer is a Batman fangirl......he pretends like he's even interested in Marvel......just a front to make himself look unbiased.

    ALLABOUTBEEATS 2 months ago

    the only reason you liked it was because it was all cinematics !

  • TheRealEND
    TheRealEND 2 months ago

    A day and night cycle would look sick af

  • david santana
    david santana 2 months ago

    tone down on the editing, Jeremy.

  • raymanx runer
    raymanx runer 2 months ago +1

    no when I was kid I fucking loved batman

  • jordanmonaghan8
    jordanmonaghan8 2 months ago

    Awesome vids, review more games?

  • Todd Sheridan
    Todd Sheridan 2 months ago

    Can you go back and do some reviews of the older Spider-Man games like Shattered Dimensions, Edge of Time, or Friend or Foe? Those were the ones I grew up on and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

  • Anthony Delorme
    Anthony Delorme 2 months ago

    Spider-Man: Fractured But Whole

  • Space Llama
    Space Llama 2 months ago

    the amazing spiderman 2 game was arkham styled

  • victoria giralt
    victoria giralt 2 months ago

    Jeremy you ever play Ultimate Spiderman? That's the game that got me into spiderman and comic books πŸ‘

  • PalN1CK
    PalN1CK 2 months ago

    Saw you at e3 Jeremy jahns when I was getting an iced coffee lol didn't notice you were behind me in line

  • JBAG
    JBAG 2 months ago

    I love how Jeremy apologizes if we aren't interested in vids like this yet we are like the most excited by content exactly like this, please more of these game speculation vids!!

  • Mr. Negative
    Mr. Negative 2 months ago


  • Eric Warner
    Eric Warner 2 months ago

    I would love game reviews by Jeremy upon release such as Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Battlefront 2.

  • Daniel McConville
    Daniel McConville 2 months ago

    I love how you can get these views and especially the LIKES for simply being passionate about something. I love all your videos because you translate your passion so well. Please post more of these when the inspiration strikes. Got me interested in a game I normally wouldn't think about.

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 2 months ago

    Honestly, It looks like every other Spider-man game but I like those soo It's fine.

  • wes beuning
    wes beuning 2 months ago

    American Gods

  • This is a load of barnacles

    Wheres the Order of the Pheonix review JEREMY?

  • Dalton Burchett
    Dalton Burchett 2 months ago

    what about a review of the fx tv series Legion?

  • Dalton Burchett
    Dalton Burchett 2 months ago

    what about a review of fx TV series Legion?

  • Cheeky Monkey Studios
    Cheeky Monkey Studios 2 months ago

    The game looks amazing, but it just kills me that it's going to be a PS4 exclusive.

  • Comic Book Kid
    Comic Book Kid 2 months ago

    you didn't talk about miles Morales at the end of the trailer

  • Robertson Singarajar
    Robertson Singarajar 2 months ago

    Can u review telltale the walking dead season 3

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas 2 months ago

    You gonna do Flash season 3?

  • Derek Thrasher
    Derek Thrasher 2 months ago

    I don't have a ps4 because I don't play videogames a lot but I might just get one just for this game.

  • Jackson Hill
    Jackson Hill 2 months ago

    When's the transformers review comin?

  • cody gossett
    cody gossett 2 months ago

    That spider man for the PlayStation shout out was truly epic. What a game, what a Legacy.

  • big quints new chair
    big quints new chair 2 months ago

    whers the "all eyez on me" and "it comes at night" review?

  • Harold Tan
    Harold Tan 2 months ago +1

    seriously when are you dropping that Order Of The Phoenix review?

  • Woofy58
    Woofy58 2 months ago +1

    I love how sonys doing pretty awesome, I love Xbox and will always be an Xbox gamer, but I love the fact that Sony is doing amazing

  • TYLER ourada
    TYLER ourada 2 months ago

    tbh, while I will probably rent this game, it really doesn't look any different than the numerous open world spiderman games that already exist. I mean The Amazing Spiderman the game had Arkham style combat, nothing about it really seems new or different to me.

    • TYLER ourada
      TYLER ourada 2 months ago

      doesn't really look like anything special to me. gonna need a lot more than the name of a company to sell me on this game

    • SicParvisMagna123
      SicParvisMagna123 2 months ago

      TYLER ourada But being by Insomniac Games it will be 10 times better.

  • sandile13809
    sandile13809 2 months ago

    why doesn't sony do us a favor by remastering spiderman 2

  • It's a trap!
    It's a trap! 2 months ago

    Jeremy my man, there are many people who would be interested on your thoughts on video games. look around on YouTube, video game channels are larger than movie related channels. I will probably not even play this game but I would watch any of your videos

  • Dominick Griffin
    Dominick Griffin 2 months ago

    please do a transformers 5 cause when I see it in want to remember what u say

  • Dominic Mallano
    Dominic Mallano 2 months ago

    Please talk about Mario Odyssey!

  • SuperJYLS
    SuperJYLS 2 months ago

    The Superman Spider-man transition was in reverse for me

  • marco sas
    marco sas 2 months ago +1

    Fuck Batman SPIDERMAN all DAY EVERYDAY !

  • Paio Councillor
    Paio Councillor 2 months ago

    can you do a review on the documentary called the red pill

  • Rezblade
    Rezblade 2 months ago +1

    A "The Thinning " review

  • Adarsh Raikwar
    Adarsh Raikwar 2 months ago

    Please review Resident evil vendetta

  • Jacob Okerlund
    Jacob Okerlund 2 months ago

    Do you have plans on reviewing the Captain Underpants movie. I want to hear your thoughts on it.

  • chris hayes
    chris hayes 2 months ago

    I'm the dude who got the ps4 for fallout 4 and uncharted and insomniac said bitch listen

  • Mateus Rabaneristo
    Mateus Rabaneristo 2 months ago

    Does anyone else gets bothered by the white spider on the suit. That's so fucking ugly...

  • NerdOverlord
    NerdOverlord 2 months ago +1

    U should do funny skits and rants like back in the early days

  • jacob mayer
    jacob mayer 2 months ago

    Favorite Spider Man games:
    1) Web of Shadows
    2) Shattered Dimensions
    3) Edge Of Time
    4) The Amazing Spider Man

  • Guap Guap Pop Pop
    Guap Guap Pop Pop 2 months ago

    Do the tupac movie

  • Pimp named Slickback
    Pimp named Slickback 2 months ago

    No all eyes on me review ???

  • Psyclonus
    Psyclonus 2 months ago

    You visit family with a portable green screen?

  • Jacket Valdes
    Jacket Valdes 2 months ago

    I hope they let you choose multiple Spiderman suits, I want my Toby Maguire suit.

  • DaStrangeMan
    DaStrangeMan 2 months ago

    This has to live up to Spider Man 2 film tie in. best spider man game ever

  • Live Mastered Productions

    Spider-Man 2 on the PS2/XBox. Brings back memories. You ever played it?

  • jordan williams
    jordan williams 2 months ago

    can't wait for him to review the last knight

  • Static
    Static 2 months ago

    Tupac movie???????

  • The Stuff of Nerdz
    The Stuff of Nerdz 2 months ago

    You ever played Spider-Man Web of Shadows and thoughts if you have?

  • SiCk SkOoBiE
    SiCk SkOoBiE 2 months ago

    Definitely gonna buy this game when it comes out! The fight mechanics did kind of remind me of the Batman Arkham games and the other gameplay reminds me of God Of War, so needless to say I am super excited!

  • Janeen Curay
    Janeen Curay 2 months ago

    Review Arrow season 5 please? Supergirl and Gotham then Flash...pretty please??!

  • Ismael Adamulduren
    Ismael Adamulduren 2 months ago

    are you gonna talk about God of War to?

  • Unknown 47
    Unknown 47 2 months ago

    2Pac Movie Review

  • MrVideoman619
    MrVideoman619 2 months ago

    Please do an ALL EYEZ ON ME review!

  • Captain Hans Geering
    Captain Hans Geering 2 months ago

    Witcher Netflix series hipe

  • Alex Ross
    Alex Ross 2 months ago

    It looks just like the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game. With more quick time events.

  • TheNorkeKnight
    TheNorkeKnight 2 months ago

    The one thing that bugged me was the lack of proper wall-crawling in the footage. It was either zipping between pillars a la Arkham games or running across the walls. For me it took some of the Spider-Man flavor out of it and made it seem more generic. Gameplay still looked really awesome though! I hope it has a good story to go along with it.

  • koban4max
    koban4max 2 months ago

    You're gay as fuck. Review 2pac movie

  • Austin Cole
    Austin Cole 2 months ago

    when are you going to review arrow and flash?

  • Freddie Martinez
    Freddie Martinez 2 months ago

    u better do transformers

    BANSHEEE Be 2 months ago

    THE FLASH SEASON 3 review, still waiting

  • Jose Colon
    Jose Colon 2 months ago

    That Spiderman game made my childhood cry with joy

  • Wannabe_Baby
    Wannabe_Baby 2 months ago

    I thought the game looked awful. I know the head of Marvel's game development wanted games that would mimic the success of the Arkham games ... but this is just an Arkham game with a Spider-Man skin. Why? Do something fresh and different. Spider-Man should feel more free and not the restrictive "press R1 to swing to this ledge" that this game was. And then there's the Quick Time Events ... it's not 2006 anymore and those were shit even back then. I want to PLAY the game, not watch a game and then prompt the next part of the cutscene.

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