Rick Ross - Trap Trap Trap ft. Young Thug, Wale

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  • Caleb Bechwa
    Caleb Bechwa 1 hour ago

    ROZAY You my Nigga Mannnn

  • Jhakeece Stokes
    Jhakeece Stokes 3 hours ago +1

    Wale ate dat shit💪💪💪💪💥💥💥

  • Corey Jones
    Corey Jones 11 hours ago

    Rick Ross You Killded it

  • fidza
    fidza 14 hours ago

    i actually didnt believe that "thugger thugger" cud rap like that, he shud stick to this type of rapping lol

  • Josh silverman
    Josh silverman 18 hours ago

    I only read the lyrics and I know I'll like this already.

  • Sahyun Kim
    Sahyun Kim 22 hours ago +1

    씹돼지도 좆간지가 될 수 있다는걸 증명해주는 뮤비

    HERMANDAD OSIRIS 1 day ago

    foodkiu black

  • Nancy Julmiste
    Nancy Julmiste 1 day ago

    This is a good song the beat sounds cool round part is my favorite part

  • John B.
    John B. 1 day ago

    Why carry cash money for over a decade by himself!

  • Nick Lewis
    Nick Lewis 1 day ago

    FIRE @ 3:20

  • James Jonsin
    James Jonsin 1 day ago

    Thug MURDERED it that's the reason this song is good!!!!! MURDERED

  • JamariT2000
    JamariT2000 1 day ago

    Which is better, this or Dead Presidents? Fuck it, they both hard af!! 🔥🔥

  • dieuriles Pomzin
    dieuriles Pomzin 1 day ago

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Anddres Uzi Vert
    Anddres Uzi Vert 1 day ago

    nice BIG SMOKE

  • Jakeeh Williams
    Jakeeh Williams 2 days ago

    Don't fux with bitches trap trap trap trap

  • zachary singh
    zachary singh 2 days ago

    Trap trap trap trap

  • 123
    123 2 days ago

    this is fukn cancer

  • Levron Gray Mango
    Levron Gray Mango 2 days ago

    Trap trap

  • MaskedKnight & Yukina Komau

    Star Wars : "Its a Trap!"

  • kingkalel
    kingkalel 3 days ago

    Idk HOW...this doesnt have over 30 Million views...? lol like huh...this is a fucking ANTHEM.
    Easily top 10 hardest rick ross songs....and yall know there are like a billion lol.

  • Stereotype Official Professor.K

    I mean I kind of do bag dimes!

  • KeVinELDeMoLeDor XD
    KeVinELDeMoLeDor XD 3 days ago

    Anuel AA y Bad Bunny lo hacen mejor
    Ok no

  • Ian Loo
    Ian Loo 3 days ago

    on God I thought my ankle monitor was going off was gonna dip back to the krib

  • Blake Arthur
    Blake Arthur 3 days ago

    Young Thug looks decent here

  • Bec _Blessings
    Bec _Blessings 3 days ago

    Ross lost beautiful weight go on my son

  • Jason Kelly
    Jason Kelly 3 days ago

    The Vaseo Apartment complex in Phoenix, AZ is a trap city. There is a secret kingdom where weed can be sold on the street as long as you ask the court for permission.

  • Juan Lopez Huertas
    Juan Lopez Huertas 3 days ago

    Basura = trap

  • Zay Beats
    Zay Beats 4 days ago

    Draco got a lotta led homie, ya dig!!!!!! 😱😱🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Thembelihle Socata
    Thembelihle Socata 4 days ago

    rick Ross kill my soul

  • -Elaina- -Kutz-
    -Elaina- -Kutz- 4 days ago

    I'll rub more than that nixxa beard lol who scared #Traptraptrap

  • SuperWinter1987
    SuperWinter1987 4 days ago

    FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!!!!


  • SuperWinter1987
    SuperWinter1987 4 days ago





    🇧.🇴.🇩.🇾 👁👁🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tyler The GOAT
    Tyler The GOAT 4 days ago

    Geez thug goes hard

  • mark waugh
    mark waugh 4 days ago +1

    Who else here listening this song while reading comments slowly give me a like
    i heard JB used *authentic hits d0t c0m* now a days

  • marco Garvey
    marco Garvey 4 days ago +1

    at 1:45 Wale n rozay dropped with the beat like.....

  • TightMoneyGripp813
    TightMoneyGripp813 4 days ago

    Shout out to Wale, that was a dope verse.

  • Wunmmie Adesunloye
    Wunmmie Adesunloye 5 days ago

    wale is on fire

  • Wunmmie Adesunloye
    Wunmmie Adesunloye 5 days ago

    wale is on fire

  • Jamere Metts
    Jamere Metts 5 days ago

    ok ross

  • Yeriel Súper Star
    Yeriel Súper Star 5 days ago

    duro duro duro

  • Vince Cartier
    Vince Cartier 6 days ago


  • Long Live L'A
    Long Live L'A 6 days ago

    Best Young Thug Verse ever

  • Damon Harrison
    Damon Harrison 6 days ago

    Great verse Wale

  • Scrude Le Fantassin
    Scrude Le Fantassin 6 days ago

    Trap Trap Trap Fire ! Congrats RICK ROSS.

  • Bailey Akan
    Bailey Akan 6 days ago

    went the first round 😂😂

  • Gülnaz Tengic
    Gülnaz Tengic 6 days ago

    ribs crips lade

  • Gülnaz Tengic
    Gülnaz Tengic 6 days ago

    fske gangster

  • Domineke Shead
    Domineke Shead 7 days ago

    that dose not sound like young thug

  • Domineke Shead
    Domineke Shead 7 days ago

    he finally lost weight

    ABF MUSIC GROUP 7 days ago


  • Jazzy Roblox and more

    2:35 is one of the best parts

  • Zaria Imani
    Zaria Imani 7 days ago

    need lilwayne in this me

  • Marijuana- Freedom Italy

    Le mie orecchie stanno sanguinando, che merda

  • s s
    s s 7 days ago

    say rare lie

  • Nickie Thorp
    Nickie Thorp 8 days ago +1

    all she want is good dick and advice lol

  • My Precious
    My Precious 8 days ago

    I like this song

  • Na-il Moses
    Na-il Moses 8 days ago

    move move move! hardest song for the year so far / besides free smoke ..

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams 8 days ago

    the hardest song Rick Ross came out with next to war ready

  • gEt mOnEy
    gEt mOnEy 9 days ago

    Rick Ross always went hard that's why 50 fked wit him, Ricky a threat

  • anouar hakim
    anouar hakim 9 days ago

    yo nigga you got a wale up in this track!!!

  • Gomes Gabriel
    Gomes Gabriel 9 days ago +1


  • Saniyah Chery
    Saniyah Chery 10 days ago


  • Steven Howard
    Steven Howard 10 days ago


  • Panda Gaming
    Panda Gaming 10 days ago

    1:23sounds like he said " anal fuckboys allowed"

  • Sp Acosta
    Sp Acosta 11 days ago

    esta chingon

  • Cyrus Boykin
    Cyrus Boykin 11 days ago

    he said nothing about lemon peppered wings

  • Haicim Chase
    Haicim Chase 12 days ago

    This song so fyre...like the beats on my page. Check 'em out.

  • Headspace Traveler
    Headspace Traveler 12 days ago

    Is ja peinlich

  • Oshay Henderson
    Oshay Henderson 12 days ago

    Thugs verse the best on god 😂😂

  • Jerion Washington
    Jerion Washington 12 days ago

    shout out to the producer...this shit hit hard

  • Roz
    Roz 12 days ago

    arms on fleek, Rick

  • Sbulele Nxumalo
    Sbulele Nxumalo 12 days ago

    Young thug

  • Seph Sakem
    Seph Sakem 13 days ago


  • Listenthrough theweed
    Listenthrough theweed 13 days ago

    Yo guys, check my instagram account out if y'all likes this kind of music. I'm posting atleast two videos and songs per day with the links in bio!
    @INSTAGRAM: Listenthroughtheweed

  • G. Sanchez
    G. Sanchez 13 days ago

    Trap! Trap! Trap!

  • Rashad Brandon
    Rashad Brandon 13 days ago

    Check out our remix to this https://m.soundcloud.com/810rashad/trap-trap-trap-remix-rashad-ft-dre-the-messenger

  • Dedron Neal
    Dedron Neal 13 days ago

    An thug went in....his best verse I've heard

  • Dedron Neal
    Dedron Neal 13 days ago

    Would of been a good song for takeoff

  • lisa makibi
    lisa makibi 13 days ago

    Dats 1thing tho Ross can flow.

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M 13 days ago

    3:36 Best part: All she want is "GOOD DIIIICK AND ADVIIIICE!!!!!"


  • Ifox Arck
    Ifox Arck 13 days ago

    man did he lose weight so he no longer the fat f*ck ?

  • Beverly  Wilson
    Beverly Wilson 14 days ago

    young thug was on 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Pravin Sharma
    Pravin Sharma 14 days ago

    Fap fap fap fap fap fap🌊🌊🌊

  • KingKongBrodie Johnson

    thug sounds betta like this say thug "that's how you rap! from now on that's how you rap!" lol

  • KingKongBrodie Johnson

    young thug snapped!

  • Beat Kings
    Beat Kings 14 days ago

    That's a dope beat !

  • Darryl G
    Darryl G 14 days ago


  • Raul Macias
    Raul Macias 15 days ago

    wale still trash!

  • AMM
    AMM 15 days ago +1

    miqich normal erger lseq eli

  • AMM
    AMM 15 days ago +1

    shat apush erga

  • Bosco Bosco
    Bosco Bosco 15 days ago

    Move (boom) novembre​ (boom) move (boowith that smock spitted out !!!!!) bitch i'm richer than tom cruiz yeah. daaaaaaamnn now this a fuckin verse.

  • Emmanuel Cobb
    Emmanuel Cobb 16 days ago

    If thug snapped like this on the norm i would listen to him more often

  • Fönix Kaspersen
    Fönix Kaspersen 16 days ago

    Imagine being famous just because of stealing someone´s name... "Rick Ross the rapper... Who?"
    "There is a rapper calling himself Rick Ross?"
    "Is the rapper who is calling himself Rick Ross any good?"
    Only reason I know he exists is because The Real Rick Ross sued him for stealing his name few years ago. Take away the name and you have nothing left. Nobody looking up this rapper. Nobody knowing who this rapper is. Jay Z lost all my respect after decades of making it to the top. While fucking the most beautiful woman in the world, being one of the better rappers in the world. He goes around and shits all over himself by signing someone calling himself "Rick Ross". What an idiot.

  • Coneg 69
    Coneg 69 16 days ago

    Não consigo parar de ouvir/assistir #Viciei #TrapTrapTrapTrapTrap #Brasil

  • Emil Tingbjerg
    Emil Tingbjerg 16 days ago

    this my song now trap trap! in the jungle im naS 🏆

  • I amblackman
    I amblackman 16 days ago

    thug verse is basic af he just made it hype but yeah this song tho <3

  • bhas ccx
    bhas ccx 16 days ago

    All she wants is good dick and advice.....

  • Bosco Bosco
    Bosco Bosco 16 days ago

    Damn! 4 months later still trippin on Thug's verse! The best verse in the game ever, although i hated this nigga, he just killed it! Move move move bitch i'm richer than tom cruiz yeah....boom boom boom yo head hommie rest..... u dead... putain thug t trop balèze mec.

  • Onlooker from the UK my friend!

    That gay nigger young monkey thug snapped on this. Not bad. Would of preferred stitches eminem and bubba sparks in this! Trump 2018!

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