WONDER WOMAN "Lasso of Truth" Movie Clip (2017) Gal Gadot Superhero Movie HD

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  • Furious Trailer
    Furious Trailer  2 months ago +563

    Enjoy this Lasso of Truth scene from #wonderwoman compiled with other clips and trailers. And don't forget to share it with your friends :) And Now tell me the truth do you like this clip :)

    • Sophia  Maia
      Sophia Maia 3 days ago

      1:22 🔴 *[WatchNow] Wonder Woman (2017) M0vie Here* 🔴

  • William Stryker
    William Stryker 19 hours ago

    Why can't I have a woman like her

  • Asfand Yar
    Asfand Yar 3 days ago

    just saw all the movie

  • bambiyanna
    bambiyanna 9 days ago

    No one will understand how thankful I am they left out "Your daughter has a nice rack" 😂

  • Ida Lipszyc
    Ida Lipszyc 14 days ago

    I typed: "Why there is no wonder woman to be continued meme planecrash scene" But nope :/

  • Bernard King
    Bernard King 18 days ago

    Can't believe they didn't use "man your daughter has a nice rack" or "what does crap mean" in this scene.

  • Kelsey Carroll
    Kelsey Carroll 21 day ago

    I have seen my princesses from child hood, become generals. Thank you so much!!

  • Osric44
    Osric44 23 days ago

    So I've always thought the Lasso of Truth would instantly make the captive spill out the truth once a question has been asked. In this version (and I'm guessing) the truth of how the lasso really works, "The more you lie/hide the truth, the hotter it burns your skin."
    Does that sound right?
    By the way, this was a good film!

  • grease58
    grease58 27 days ago

    Meh- Lynda Carter will always be THE Wonder Woman.

  • Serena Tu
    Serena Tu 29 days ago

    At the beginning I thought he was going to say "My name is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise"

  • sally garama
    sally garama Month ago

    Hope if they ever do another wonder woman movie that they'll bring in Nubia woman.

  • Huy Hoang Bui
    Huy Hoang Bui Month ago

    Wonder woman 2009(animated) is better than this film

  • Ge@r&@rcher
    Ge@r&@rcher Month ago

    Could have been worst
    At least he didn't say Diana has nice rack.

  • T-ZER0
    T-ZER0 Month ago

    What is wrong with Diana's voice at 1:00?😂😂😂

  • Thrower Flores
    Thrower Flores Month ago

    So Captain Steve Trevor is the great great great grandfather of Captain James T. Kirk? 🤔🤔🤔
    I can see that since they both got a thing for women.

  • Sancheezy
    Sancheezy Month ago

    "You mean you were lying..." The way she delivered that line is so funny

  • Joan Ruiz Jacob
    Joan Ruiz Jacob Month ago +1

    The Lasso of Truth: I would like to have sex with you all, and I want the Queen to sit on my face...
    the amazons : -__-

  • Nerumir
    Nerumir Month ago

    a LoL music in this film xd

  • Hush Hush
    Hush Hush Month ago

    a FEMINIST movie in which a JEW actress kills NAZIS ! is Hollywood for real ???

  • Morgoth from Angband

    I love this woman, would have been better if her boyfriend hadn't died in the end.

  • Castiel Winchester
    Castiel Winchester Month ago

    sexy asf

  • Emp Effects
    Emp Effects Month ago

    more like lasso of a fucking neon strobe light some drunk chickn picked up off the ground from a mosh pit

  • karankenZ
    karankenZ Month ago

    Jim carrey did this better in liar liar.

  • Owen Miller
    Owen Miller Month ago

    Shore control along introduce competitive recognition itself pillow peak drop.

  • Jiang Lingke
    Jiang Lingke Month ago

    Why do so many believe this movie is so great? To me, it only shows tremendous disrespect towards humanity as a whole.

    • Jiang Lingke
      Jiang Lingke Month ago

      For one, WW1 is not simply a struggle between good and evil and could be easily resolved just by killing people, which is what Diana did. Every country that participated in the war held some responsibility as to the atrocity of that war, Britain Germany France the US regardless. The actual circumstance that happened is so much more complicated than what had been described in the movie, and due to the enormous damage of the Great War had done to so many, I would consider any over-simplification that overlooks the objectivity of the matter as offensive because it is simply unfair--which is precisely what this movie did clinging heavily towards the allies. The scene that I have found the most offensive was when Diana and her friends "saved" the entire village by killing a whole bunch of people and then celebrating at the night. It's just so ridiculous and weird that on one side Diana's being all god-like: "they are children! How can they do this? They are people and they are hurt I need to save them" and on the other side killing the same people without even a blink of an eye. How come they not understand that even though the Germans were not on their side they are still people? The same people that are just as rich emotionally and intelligently as who Diana was trying to protect.

    • kitty purry
      kitty purry Month ago


  • Raccoon Chipmunk
    Raccoon Chipmunk Month ago

    of course he is a captain

  • Lordofice 18
    Lordofice 18 Month ago

    if it was me I would think I want to fuck y'all long dick style

  • Jesse Jack
    Jesse Jack Month ago

    I loved him in this movie, when he dies "i love you" I just I cried so SO bad. Amazing movie!

  • caveman Versace
    caveman Versace Month ago

    I'm sorry but it's about time now they just make WW bullet proof. Make her imbued with magic or something, but the deflecting bullets with her braces is just too far fetched for me.

    • Fredo R
      Fredo R Month ago

      That's how it's always been from the start. And of all the crazy stuff in comics, you think wonder woman's deflecting bullets with her bracelets is too far fetched?? Yeah sure.

  • WAR Zylon
    WAR Zylon Month ago

    Is just me or is anyone else just a little bit sad in who they got for wonder woman. Personally think it should be a woman with more of a stronger build.

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby Month ago +1

    I can just picture Chunk from Goonies with that lasso around him, cry...CHUNK: Once I push my sister down the steps and I blamed it on the dog... LOL!!

  • Robert Paxton
    Robert Paxton Month ago

    I love steve Trevor Liz Gambill

  • Mark Barrowcliffe
    Mark Barrowcliffe Month ago

    so good

  • Rebecca Turner
    Rebecca Turner Month ago

    hes so hot.

  • Marianna Algida
    Marianna Algida Month ago +1

    31313 mi piace precisi... sembra fatto quasi volutamente!

  • Sara Carew-Smyth
    Sara Carew-Smyth Month ago


  • Maisam Abbas
    Maisam Abbas Month ago

    Steve Trevor is a spy.

  • adamshattuck1985
    adamshattuck1985 Month ago +1

    ww1 germans would have not fought this hard as most werent die hard warriors, just soldiers. ww2 germans may have thought of her as a valkyrie and submitted/surrendered. at least thats the feeling i get from history books and journals translated to english about the "common" troop. the SS though? woulda tried at every turn to kill her.

  • Johnny Sauceda
    Johnny Sauceda Month ago

    chris pine is soooo fucking hot 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💋

  • Darklurkr
    Darklurkr Month ago

    Haven't seen the movie, but 20 bucks Dr. Poison is Ares in disguise would be soo good

  • Alexander Pryce
    Alexander Pryce Month ago

    Ah, Feminism.

  • ya itsmerc
    ya itsmerc Month ago

    MEN scared of WoMEN 😂💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 when your literally a strong independant woman

  • Maisam Abbas
    Maisam Abbas Month ago

    Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor are in ❤️ love.

  • Hicham Ziane
    Hicham Ziane Month ago +1

    unlike the comic he's surrounded by ugly girls

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    백건우 Month ago

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  • The Potato called nexus

    It slightly upsets that they didn't add the "god your daughters got a nice rack" line
    Anyone else?

    • H J
      H J Month ago

      The Omni Nexus if they had it would have made him kind of a jerk which I'm glad they didn't do lol

  • Princesa Merlos
    Princesa Merlos Month ago +1

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  • Darth Gamer
    Darth Gamer Month ago

    I am taking you to the front, we are probably going to die, this is a terrible idea. 😂

  • ty kaka 123 gamer
    ty kaka 123 gamer Month ago

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  • Tori H
    Tori H Month ago

    this scene was funny

  • Kamikazekatze
    Kamikazekatze Month ago

    The soldiers are the best xD she jumps through the window and the poor german dudes go: "What's happening?!" - "Who (the fuck) is this?". I really enjoyed the movie.

  • Marlon Pasaron
    Marlon Pasaron Month ago

    I'm I'm a SPY I'M A SPY.

  • CJ Tydeman
    CJ Tydeman Month ago

    i love Chris Pine... he is like my celeb crush

  • Nadine Sarmiento
    Nadine Sarmiento Month ago

    I just finish watched the full movie of WonderWoman

  • Joshua LaPointe
    Joshua LaPointe Month ago

    Wonder Woman vs Stryker.

  • Elena Maes
    Elena Maes 2 months ago

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  • macmaasi79
    macmaasi79 2 months ago

    Stupidest power ever...

  • Thinh Ngo
    Thinh Ngo 2 months ago +1

    Don't worry, not gonna be a spoiler, as they were all in trailer.
    The movie is good overall, only a little disappointment in the final battle
    Diana was trained with sword skill, bow, etc. aka a true fighter and not really depend on super power
    Since Ares is God of War, he should display his skills with weapon, like an experienced veteran.

    And yet the battle between 2 is like who got more super power, what's the difference if instead of fighting Ares, Diana vs Zeus.
    Imo, still the same as all Ares did in the battle is punching and throwing lightning. This battle would be better if there was a sword showdown mixed within.

    I didn't say anything about Diana's sword as it will a big spoiler. I know what happened in the movie.

    Done ranting.

  • Paat Senkara
    Paat Senkara 2 months ago +2

    1:10 Wonder Woman Online HD plus.google.com/+LucindaEllistonStaring/posts/9khwApD1kyM

  • Nessa Gorneth
    Nessa Gorneth 2 months ago

    Oh man, I just have to scrape together enough money to go see this in theaters.

  • Jillian Savannah
    Jillian Savannah 2 months ago

    I was waiting for Thewlis. i forgot he would be the ultimate spoiler.

  • hilmi seif
    hilmi seif 2 months ago

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  • bargot got
    bargot got 2 months ago

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  • Vitou Chea
    Vitou Chea 2 months ago

    I havent seen the movie yet but Wonder woman can fly in this movie, right?

  • Esme Torres
    Esme Torres 2 months ago


  • gifford lee
    gifford lee 2 months ago

    Thank god Females never get this lasso of truth bc its a myth. Just imagine if this rope was real. Alot of dicks are going to be chop off... woohoo for us MEN

  • Philipp Flipper
    Philipp Flipper 2 months ago

    poor germans

  • Lil' Ham
    Lil' Ham 2 months ago

    A god beats people in mushroom caps.

  • kaguth
    kaguth 2 months ago

    I thought they were going to go for that Dave Chappelle joke: "Tell us the truth"..."I really like your breasts".

    INSANE_BANANA 2 months ago

    I'm tired of this... like bro... 75MM high explosive and shrapnel and no wounds.? then I think.. this is only a movie...

  • Space Asian
    Space Asian 2 months ago

    dam she is hot

  • friky en todo
    friky en todo 2 months ago

    Que mala pinta tiene

  • eviad vs
    eviad vs 2 months ago

    i hope there will be french dude during their WW1 or i tear the movie screen in anger

  • Deodorant Nugget
    Deodorant Nugget 2 months ago

    I love this movie way too much 😌

  • vin dicated
    vin dicated 2 months ago

    i wish they also get some line in the animated movie when steve was tied by the lasso of truth there.

  • Tk Ooo
    Tk Ooo 2 months ago

    Bit spindly for a wonder woman no?

  • Rafik Adam
    Rafik Adam 2 months ago

    Although she is Israeli, she nailed the role. Makes me interested to watch. Although we kind of hate some Israeli. I believe a good acting skills kind of nullifies the hatred abit.

  • phantasmo9998
    phantasmo9998 2 months ago

    What a dumb idea for a movie. Lasso of truth, that is so god damn stupid.

  • priya sarkar
    priya sarkar 2 months ago

    power is hypnotic..

  • JB pedring
    JB pedring 2 months ago

    this lasso should work well for lying leftist terrorist democrats like HIllary, Rice, Lynch and Obama and Yes Comey or All of them mFckers.

  • Sonja Gottschalk
    Sonja Gottschalk 2 months ago

    Ah, Germans. "Was ist denn hier los. Wer ist das denn? " (What's going on here? Who's that?") --> Third clip

  • pirate princessTM
    pirate princessTM 2 months ago +1

    "Your daughter has a nice rack"

  • InvictuZ
    InvictuZ 2 months ago

    Gal was the perfect cast but I feel like the script didn't suit Wonderwoman because it was a little over the top.

  • Mark Marsh
    Mark Marsh 2 months ago

    BOYCOTT THE BRUTAL APARTHEID STATE OF ISRAEL BY BOYCOTTING THIS MOVIE! .... The very idea that a soldier in Israel's IDF Terrorist Army who enforced the Illegal Occupation Of Palestine should play a "Hero" is TOTALLY OBSCENE AND DISGUSTING!

  • Help
    Help 2 months ago +1

    This movie was really good. Definitely recommend it.

  • Gracinator
    Gracinator 2 months ago

    CGI looks hella bad

  • E Hall
    E Hall 2 months ago +1


  • Yenni Ernauli
    Yenni Ernauli 2 months ago

    wondor women hebat

  • Roee Koffman
    Roee Koffman 2 months ago

    i watch this movie and this good movie

  • WB movie clip
    WB movie clip 2 months ago +5

    🔴 Wonder Woman FuIIMᴏᴠɪᴇ plus.google.com/111519370258890706501/posts/4B2KPrfD9ji

  • Eng
    Eng 2 months ago +3

    Lasso ?
    MMmmm, oh yeah...how about some whips and chains, mistress, and shackles to a four poster bed ......

  • Solsist Roblox
    Solsist Roblox 2 months ago

    So if the Amazons ever need a man to help populate, count me in. No need for clay if you have a man. ;)

  • Hector Madrigal
    Hector Madrigal 2 months ago

    Wonder Woman can beat Captain America, hands down. How are the avengers a match to the Justice League?

  • Derek Strohm Vlogs
    Derek Strohm Vlogs 2 months ago

    Hi. Im a comment that isnt linking the full movie. have a good day!

  • pooldacman
    pooldacman 2 months ago

    If they made that sword fight not cringy I would have loved this

  • Promotheus Ninja
    Promotheus Ninja 2 months ago

    That movie looks like shit

  • A Doozer
    A Doozer 2 months ago

    we have xmen folks star trek folks titties with no cleavage on WW. I'll skip this flick, seems kinda wimpy and childish.

    • A Doozer
      A Doozer Month ago

      You're most welcome.

    • kitty purry
      kitty purry 2 months ago

      cleavage, okay thanks for sharing what's inside your brain.

  • Cindy Mendoza
    Cindy Mendoza 2 months ago

    He looks like tony from 13 reasons why

  • Mshakil Hassan
    Mshakil Hassan 2 months ago

    one thing shes was beating those soldiers like flies then up the commander is too tough for her what the hell

  • berlina
    berlina 2 months ago +2

    16:53 [[HdRip 1080p]]Wonder Woman 2017 plus.google.com/u/0/+CindyCazorla/posts/XyFknecB8Y8

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